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  1. 😂🤣 Almost as good as watching the Germans get beat by the Mexicans!
  2. BU packs will do well! £10.00!!! Kew Gardens were also at this price now look at them. These sell out too.
  3. Wombles 😅 amazing
  4. Correct, buy the coin not the idea of what it will make. I do think 60k as an overkill for it to go on a make a profit in the future however the RM are very clear as the Peter R is in people minds to go and get a load in case they all get snapped up. They’ll sell out for sure but you’ll always find one floating about. I like the idea and the design of both coins.
  5. The second coin is also 60,000
  6. Paddington has gone up in the world! £60 for a pesky 50p (60,000) = £3,600,000 Royal Mint will pocket.
  7. The best investment is the £10 BU packs! Buy as many as you can, can guarantee they’ll be the ones making £100+ in the few years.
  8. Thanks, well ya learn something new everyday
  9. Selling 2x Royal Mint empty boxes to make some space, these are no longer needed. 1/2 - Emblems of Britain 2008 Box and Certs, lovely polish Wooden case, it's quite a nice size (£40 including postage) first 4 images. 2/2 - 2009 Five Sovereign Smart case (£20 including postage) last 3 images. Happy questions, please let me know.
  10. Sorry wasn’t aware. Let’s say £420!
  11. No idea sir, platinum isn’t my thing. I bought it thinking it looks nice and they sold it as the first ever proof Platinum. When they’re both dead and buried it may become more of a collectible coin? Don’t know. Just don’t have the space. The presentation for it is stunning though.
  12. Would anyone like this before I stick it on eBay? I feel it maybe more suited to EBay then SF but it’s worth a go! It’s the UK first ever 1/4oz platinum coin. The presentation box is spectacular just I don’t have room for it in my collection. Open to offers. RM Retail GBP 499.00! Mintage of 1275 maxium. This has low cert. cheers.