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  1. Bravo! Thanks Marc.
  2. Thanks all, just to confirm this has now sold to @Marc Sadly the tags do not work so I cannot mark this as completed.
  3. Hello! I had posted this on eBay which has now been removed. I did request this be taken down 1 hours after I posted it to eBay at 9:20pm on Monday 16th July. Marc had made me an offer shortly after that. Sorry for any confusion with this sale. Sincere apologies!
  4. @Marc Always a pleasure! Sold!
  5. Not sure I’ve seen another one, complete 5 coin sovereign set gold proof ALL PF70 £2750.00 including postage. Bank Transfer / PayPal.
  6. Harry

    2018 Piedfort Sovereign Design

    Gutting, keep the 2017 to the only Piedfort. Make it a rarity!!!!!!!!
  7. Harry

    Ebayer Tosser - CMAPCHARTS

    Do not use this person on eBay if you know. Let me know please if you have dealt with this person before! Goes by the name of Mark - but postal name H GRUNSHAW! Have sent a gold proof £5 Sovereign, changed address after I sent it and now claiming funds back! I’ve given him ample opportunities to call me and resolve. No communication just straight to opening a case. I wish to share with you all, makes me feel better.
  8. Harry

    wanted Capsules screw top.

    Please would anyone be so kind and send me 2x plastic coin capsules to fit a £5 gold Sovereign and a £2 gold Sovereign. Will pay for any additional costs / time / postage etc. Much Love!
  9. Harry

    Virginity lost, Piedfort sovereign

    Stunning coin, the first ever piedfort Sovereign. Less not forget. I paid £950 for a PF70 in this which I don’t regret at all Imagine her value in 20+ years. COR!
  10. Hey all, I am selling my personal watch which has only been worn a few times and has been sitting in the box in my safe. This is a Cartier Santos 100 XL Looking to move house to free up some space and cash which is the reason for sale. Its a lovely piece and I am asking a very little price for it at £3995.00 inc postage, Retail new £6000! I am so happy for a cash on collection (based in Buckinghamshire) as understand you may want to try this on first. Based on this excellent condition. Bought from new in 2016 one owner, as a birthday gift comes with Box, Certificate and outbox. Immaculate condition. Strap is black alligator leather. Any questions, please do let me know. Best, Invented in 1904, the Santos was the first ever men's wristwatch, originally invented for aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont to make it easier to check the time while flying. The watch was a game-changer in the industry thanks to Santos-Dumont's huge popularity and fame, and to celebrate the origins of the timepiece, Cartier produced a wonderful series of Santos watches called the Santos 100. Modern Santos watches still maintain the classic hallmarks of the original, including the rounded square case, Roman numeral hour markers and fully incorporated lugs.
  11. Harry

    Today I Received

    This rocked up also and I’ve sacked off the Royal Mint as Coin Connection are much better / and cheaper!! They just get it, top marks
  12. Harry

    Today I Received

    Thanks @Skelator88 Only 150 notes over RM price and it’s a 70 so a very fair price. Would love hear peoples thought on this one. Double Thickness, should it be double the price in the secondary market? Who knows....... 🤷🏻‍♂️🤤 I’m keeping it anyway
  13. I’ve never seen RM hard sell on the tube before? The graffiti was better “Bear For Life”
  14. Brand new with seal 2002 Golden Jubilee Sovereign with box and certs. £250.00 including postage