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  1. Hello to all Silver Forum members. I am a brand new collector (within the last several months) and I still learning a lot...soaking it all up. I live in Chicago, IL and it is great to be exposed to so many of the great coins from around the world. So far I am really liking the South African Krugerrand and the British Gold Sovereigns. In fact, thanks to the heads up I got from Numistacker, I was able to bag a "strike on the day" of July 1, 2017 gold Full Sovereign and a 2017 five pound Gold Sovereign. Very much looking forward to sending both off to be graded. I also bagged a 5 lb BU (1886) and a 2 lb proof (1988) gold sovereign - each in unopened sealed packages from the mint (on ebay from well established highly rated sellers). Also looking forward to opening these and sending them to NGC. Glad to be part of your group and hoping to learn as much as I can....