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  1. Shoba

    stacking goals 2018

    I just started stacking back in May. (Not my first time stacking got out back in 2009) I ended the year at 97oz’s. I would like to end 2018 with 300oz. I think I want to keep going with weight and balance out with semi numi and few numi pieces to feed the collector in me.
  2. I do the same with my slabs. I also put Silica Gel packets in my premium box along with anti-tarnish strips. I even put my capsule coins in smaller bags I found from local store to keep my capsules from being all scratched up!
  3. I would just hold onto it. Toning isn’t going to kill the value by any means but may attract a specific customer! Some people will pay more for a toned coin. Its a natural process so kinda hard to fully avoid it.
  4. If anyone has any leads where I can get some dog proofs please let me know! Im in the US by the way. Good call! I haven’t heard anything on them milk spotting.
  5. What about the dog? goldsilver.be? They ship to us correct?
  6. Im in the US is there anyway I can get my hands on a silver proof? If so what are they running?
  7. Thank you I understand the AGE's concept, how they weight more but are only 22k I just didn't understand that when you say .2345 oz of gold you actually are referring to 24k even though they are made of 22k. I unserstand now. Thank you.
  8. Yeah I saw that but that is 24k then?
  9. Why does NGC Coin melt value of a Sov say $311? When I use a gold calculator and do 7.32 g of 21.6k says $279. Just curious thanks!
  10. Well today I bought/traded my first slabbed coin. A 2016 Pr70 dcam Koala 1/4 oz. Very beautiful coin! As I am new to slabbed coins I had a few questions. First how important is it that the slab remain in the best condition as possible? I notice the one I recieved today isn't horrible but far from how I like to keep my things. Is it worth getting the coin put in a new slab or leave it as is? Not sure if a scratched slab will affect any value. My next question and the million dollar one is, what do you feel the value is? I did some research and came to my own conclusion, but wouldn't mind some other opinions! thx in advance.
  11. Hello and Wecome! I don't look at buying PM's as an investment but more as a savings for myself. When I buy Silver bullion I get the satisfaction of "buying" something that I enjoy but in reality I really just bought and saved wealth. I look at it like this I can easily go to Wal-Mart, local bar, ect. and drop $100 without thinking twice about it, but if my money is tied up in PM's it's much harder to take a piece of silver and just spend it as there is a process to turn it into fiat, not that I couldn't but makes me think twice about why I actually need the $. So long story short its a fun way to create a savings for myself and my family! Hope this helps.
  12. I agree! @sovereignsteve