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  1. GrahamDiamond

    Royal Mint Proof Coins

    I think BT refers to Bank Transfer, for payment option.
  2. GrahamDiamond


    I Love Turkey Me!!!, Bodrum, Gumbet Hisaronu, Ovacik, Olu Deniz, Fethiye, Kayakoy, Kabak, Kusidasi.
  3. GrahamDiamond

    2018 Full Set Beatrix Potter Silver Proof 50p Coins

    I have Purchased and sold all the Beatrix Potter Coins I have owned, my 1st Full Set in 2016 was taken to Australia for my friends Grand Daughter. I think they are 23 Characters in the Peter Rabbit books, so another eleven maybe to go. The prices for last years coins are cheap on the Secondary market, this years designs however are much better, so we will have to see what happens, I am holding on to one Full Set this year, but if the price is right , my Coins take flight. I Love Coins Me !!!!!
  4. GrahamDiamond

    New Member Hello

    Welcome on board dicker, I Love Coins Me !!!!
  5. GrahamDiamond

    Junk, Gold and Hand Poured

    It Is not easy to make these Vids when you have outside influences happening. I try to make Coinster,s enjoy and have a chuckle at my Amateur Vids, while showcasing the odd Nice Coin, Very Nice Indeed. Or showing that some coins are Cheap as Chips. I Love Coins Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. GrahamDiamond

    Junk, Gold and Hand Poured

    Making these Vids will make you feel better and I for one appreciate you going to the trouble of showing us at SF your latest coin pick ups.
  7. GrahamDiamond

    for exchange Four 1/4oz Queen's Beasts for trade

    I have a one ounce Gold Britannia 2012 to trade if you are interested MGCardello.
  8. GrahamDiamond

    Greetings !

    Hi and Welcome JimmyStack, I Love Coins Me !!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. GrahamDiamond

    Hello fellow stackers

    Hello and Welcome new Coinster. I Love Coins Me !!!!
  10. GrahamDiamond