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    augur reacted to kimchi in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    I understand NGC's dilemma to some extent when related to other monarchs, but who on earth wants to see yet another Sov or 1/4 with Elizabeth's effigy on the front of the slab? There have been so many issues during her very long reign I think we all know what a coin with her head on it looks like by now.
    Fair enough (if annoying for me) if they decide to put the obverse on the front, always. And they may have a problem deciding what to if Charles accedes. However, the consistency is the problem because they don't (always put the obverse on the front). The Beasts have the reverse front and centre as should be/imo one would want, so why don't the rest? It's inconsistent and pretty poor imho, and I'd be sending them back as mechanicals too.
    I only have a few PCGS but they seem more consistent - reverse on the front.
    The elephant in the room for me is the new grade protection. Fine for modern, but now when grading historic coins I'll have to grade twice. Once raw, and again with conservation and grade protection so if the cleaning reveals details it doesn't affect the original grade. It's a complete farce imho and undermines the integrity of the grades. I will only trust such coins that I have slabbed myself.
    Silly NGC.
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    augur reacted to Numistacker in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    Latest NGC result video release....
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    augur reacted to terakris in Today I Received   
    Gold bear to join the silver one.

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    augur reacted to Bullionaire in Today I Received   
    The great captain voyaged his way through my letterbox today. I don't think my love for this coin will End, eavour!

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    augur reacted to Rat in Half sovs   
    @augur has some for sale. 
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    augur reacted to Shinus73 in Today I Received   
    Actually from a week or so ago, but worth a late entry.

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    augur reacted to MrGeorge in Today I Received   
    Another one in the pension pot. 

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    augur reacted to erd in South Africa Sovereign   
    This little guy wandered into my home today. Darn Numistacker and getting me interested in Sovereigns

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    augur reacted to JCRJM in Today I Received   
    Got to say the royal mint upped the packaging for this one. Came in a box with all the little foam cushions. Looks great  

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    augur reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received   
    Received this yesterday.  Thanks to all who offered sound buying advice to me.  Beautiful coin.

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    augur reacted to Gildeon in Today I Received   
    High Relief Kangaroo 2014. Recently discovered high relief proofs and find them really interesting.

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    augur reacted to Roy in Quadrum Trays for Lidl case   
    It's ideal for bars @SILVERFINGER!
    Maybe a pistol or two too 😉
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    augur reacted to BackyardBullion in Was buying this Gold coin a HUGE mistake?   
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    augur reacted to JunkBond in Today I Received   
    1932 Indian Head Ten Dollars for my little "half oz or there abouts" collection.

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    augur reacted to Oystonout in Today I Received   
    2oz Lunar 2 Monkey - Been after one for a while and great price also

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    augur reacted to PansPurse in What to do.   
    I actually disagree on this one (my opinion, but not based on nothing). Silver is one of those industrial materials that is preferable, but not absolutely necessary. Like gold, which is better than copper for use in electronic circuitry, but the high cost mean it's only used a small number of components where its better performance justifies the cost.
    There was a point a few years back where China supplied almost all industrial rare earth materials. The country tried to leverage its position but to little effect because companies switched to alternative materials.
    In particular, advances in carbon nanomaterials could be disruptive to silver's use in industry (a recent study looking at the available literature concluded that carbon nanomaterials could potentially fill the role of pretty much all rare earth materials, apart from the jewelry sector).
    In industrial terms I actually think platinum has much more growth potential because it's so useful as a catalyst for lots of applications beyond just catalytic converters on cars.
    Just my thoughts, feel free to disagree 🙂
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    augur reacted to Amazing in My cat Bella turned 7 years today. 😍   
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    augur reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Today I Received   
    Photos of my bargain Gairsoppa bar. See the nick they took out of it.

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    augur reacted to mustynewb in Today I Received   
    Picked up a 1914 half sovereign from Atkinson today, another lucky dip coin.
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    augur reacted to dixiesilvergirl in Today I made.....   
    I took the pictures but my husband made this piece, it is part of a table art piece but this part is done

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    augur reacted to kimchi in In case you are looking for a new past time...   
    Those Tesco value 'beef' burgers could be worse for us than they've admitted...
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  23. Haha
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    augur reacted to SILVERFINGER in What would you buy   
    Unless you can buy a slabbed from a trusted source then buy a raw one from a trusted source and send it off, I have seen quite a few fake slabs kicking around lately, looks like they are faking those now too, and it means you cannot check the coin is real either if it is sealed up.
    Also means you can spread the cost of the purchase and maybe send several items at once to be slabbed to save a bit on postage at a later date.
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    augur reacted to JunkBond in Today I Received   
    Second pickup was a 2014 Gold Buffalo.
    The depth of strike on this coin has to be seen in the flesh!
    Turned into an expensive Sunday!