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  1. augur

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Don't forget NCS offers grade protection for NGC-holdered coins
  2. augur

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    You wait until crown finds out... 😗
  3. augur

    Today I made.....

    Would you think that 925 silver is easier to work e.g. you don't have to heat it as many times as a 900 gold American Eagle?
  4. augur

    Mint Packaging, or Supplier Packaging?

    Good question, the group order came just in shrink foil, 20 together in the capsule. So this must be from a distributor rather than the mint.
  5. Those combibars are a real bargain! Valcambi makes pretty much any minted gold bar for all the other European LBMA Mints & Refineries
  6. augur

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    That black feather fluff cleaned of well from the 2005 double sovereign! Lovely to see a Santa Maria without capsule damage on the sail. Did you receive the Endeavour yet?
  7. Welcome to the forum and stacking/collecting. There is no easy answer to this and nobody knows for certain. Apart from knowing which coin to get you will also need to know how to get rid of it. You seem to be mainly referring to modern coins: In general coins from the Royal Mint are overpriced and can be gotten for less a few years after release on the secondary market. Occasionally there are exceptional coins like the 2017 sovereigns that should do well due to their exceptional design. Silver proofs, in particular 5oz and larger, have very little potential; only exception seems to be the 2014 Britannia, which has done well so far (and again the arguably best design made the difference). If you want to get silver close to spot with potential, try to get some Queens Beasts VAT-free from Europe – the first designs are starting to demand a premium. Mintage seems to be the new bait from the mints but they make up the lower mintage by creating more similar products to maintain the production volume and/or increase the premium so that there is little room for gain on the collectors side.
  8. The Pistrucci SotD came in the proof presentation packaging with a screw type capsule. Don't own any other Sotd, though.
  9. augur

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    i think you just answered your question
  10. augur

    Price Drop

    Wouldn't that favour market manipulation though, as theses want to be renewed as cheap as possible?
  11. augur

    Today i sold

    I thought this topic might be useful to give a general feel of the secondary market for coins of interest.
  12. augur

    Today i sold

    2017 1/4 oz platinum Britannia 40% above issue price (profit 35% after grading)
  13. augur

    Today I Received

    Why the big flips for the small coins? Or is it because they fit the slots in the slab boxes?
  14. I know the Royal Mint is recently doing a lot of "first ever" but what about the 2007, 2008 and 2017 Britannia 1/4oz platinum coins?
  15. augur

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Not worth loosing the grade (MS65) of the 1914S Sovereign for crossing over to NGC. Might attempt to conserve with PCGS before having another go. Anyone with a PCGS account on here who is planning on restoring a batch of coins?
  16. augur

    Coin Rings

    Yes, that nail varnish came out nicely, indeed 👍
  17. augur

    Worst-looking 1oz gold coins

    Not gold, only gilded but i think you refer to this coin from Belarus
  18. augur

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    $390 is a great price for any gold kiwi! The mintage has come down to a very healthy 500 and only connoisseurs are able to pick them up on release. Well spotted! Your were able to work the fact that the US market doesn't appreciate anything below 70 (and probably that the attendees weren't very knowledgeable about gold kiwis) very well to your favour. And NCS has laid a nice golden egg for your birthday 🎉 Well done as many of the coins of the great spotted kiwi are, well, spotted. Maybe you want to ask NGC no to correct the spelling from greated to great!
  19. augur

    Hello from Germany/ London

    Wilkommen im Silberforum, although it actually has become more a goldforum recently.
  20. augur

    Today I Received

    Courtesy to @screamingeagle something to balance the stack after the SOTD
  21. augur

    Queen's Beast scratched, what would you do?

    It would be unusual for the Queens Beasts not to be scratched on the queen's neck or cheak. The ones that aren't get graded and go for a high premium. You are rather lucky that they aren't milk spotted (yet). I think @kimchi is the Kooks admirer and they are usually much better quality. Even if the oriental border looks fine, you will probably find bits of frosting missing and little dings on the rim or coin surface on closer inspection. So expect for the Kookaburra, this is unfortunately Royal Mint bullion standard.
  22. Bidding on eBay starts at £575, offers below £660 - these guys must have £1 offers available to them to make it worthwhile.
  23. augur


    Zuiko Digital ED Glass and Bodies
  24. augur

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Thanks to Numistacker this error is now rectified. Curious that it is the larger gold coin that has a £5 face value (but it follows the specs of a five sovereign) while the 1/4 coin follows the spec of Britannias.
  25. Arrived today: surprisingly solid packaging for the UK, too: