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  1. I will bear that in mind if I want to get a few early Queens Beasts. Here in the UK they command 25%+ premium in the secondary market
  2. I know it's just a weak strike but this 1912 20 Bolivares looks like an "open O" here for comparison a normal O
  3. Brace yourselves; some coins from @Numistacker but most reholder and a large shipment from @Lr103 containing some acquisitions of the last few months (all before the rise in spot 😊)
  4. Yes, it is the only bullion coin with a very good chance of acquiring a premium. Look what 1/4 oz lions and griffins are selling for now
  5. Fractured hyoid – most likely strangulation from behind, not from hanging oneself unless suffering osteoporosis. But we all new that already without even knowing the evidence.
  6. I might be wrong but most was probably molten down by the French
  7. 1866 Napoleon III 20 Francs and its plethora of Roman symbology
  8. Always wanted a spanish gold coin... And a French coin full of symbology
  9. Yes, very deflated relief. Same as the 2007/2008 ones. Does the Mint know something we don't?!
  10. Hard to believe that only 1/2oz or 1.5% was shot out. Gold must be quite cohesive
  11. That 1000oz silver bar is epic! When are you going to make a 100oz bar?
  12. Well actually there is (or was?) plenty of CCTV footage of the Nice truck attack... but then the French government ordered it to be destroyed.
  13. Happened already and it isn't even 9am
  14. My first circulation 20 Swiss Franc (bought at 30% below spot!)
  15. I wouldn't pay full retail either. Curiously on eBay are more expensive than from Peli directly; still expensive
  16. Isn't the suppressor the most serious part of the kit (in the US)? Taking lots of hoops to jump through to register one?
  17. Does anybody know which case stores sovereign tubes and/or air-tite tubes upright as per picture below? The 1500 case fits Britannia/Queens Beasts tubes perfectly (14 Beasts/25 Britannias max per tube) I appreciate that a monsterbox fits the 20 tubes also but this one is air tight and has a comfortable rubber handle for 500oz of silver.
  18. Brand new LG 49" 4K TV for 5$ (okay a 1912 5$ that I sold on eBay) That's when rise in spot price meets a 2018 discontinued TV model.
  19. I am noticing more interest in numismatic coins. I was trying to sell some surplus WW I coins for which I had acquired higher grades; I couldn't move them for probably a year but now suddenly within a week two went despite pricing in the higher spot price. Profit for sovereign-sized 20 Mark/Korona £70-£100 (£1 seller fees)
  20. I don't believe any of us can follow the logic behind because none of us is as deranged (monarch, paedophilia, satanism etc. pp.) But look at the facts in a case far more obvious: blood bath results in a white truck; the modus operandi is not always subtle.
  21. Never seen one in the wild. They must be going like arshimo2012 listings. What's the mintage?
  22. Very neat (and probably far more efficient) with the composite 100g and 2019 punches
  23. one of those unbeatable 1/10 Britannias from @Pete – proofs for less than bullion prices
  24. What about the 1/10oz Pt Britannias from the group order or gs.be?