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  1. The closest I could offer in this respect is a 100 Bolivares Sorry, no good light this time of year; the reverse is actually quite lustrous but this greenish gold mined in Guyana is not the most photogenic anyway.
  2. Looking closer at it there is also some delamination at the rim near ESTADOS so most likely the metal of the planchet was flawed in several ways. But then there are some people who embrace flaws since they were less common in those days
  3. Could be a planchet flaw where two strands of metal were cold fused. Never seen it so boldly expressed, though. I don’t think you can fade it without damaging the coin.
  4. I might have my finger on the bidding button 😂 and maybe checking my own pulse whilst at it In the end it is @Cornishfarmer‘s thread and it has made quite a transformation since its humble beginnings: more and more forum members have outed themselves as collectors of coins of the Union Latine and more specifically its convention on the 20 Franc and the associated and derived gold coins. @Kookaburracollector I believe you have a date run on Géniè and Marianne, @whuamai has quite a bit of everything and I got a few Bolivares. We could also start a little 20 Franc convention wiki thread. Maybe we should open a poll thread?
  5. So we got Christ and/or Osiris (13) and a lot of emphasis on Trinity. Do they ever get bored to spell it out?
  6. Very nice! You even got a mini date run (1917, 1918, 1919)
  7. The length of the sentence is indeed symbolic Is this a Freudian Slip? i sometimes wonder if 7, 13 and 33 are the most common numbers in headlines
  8. Yes @Toshunya86, it’s the José Martí. It was also issued as 2, 4, 5 and 20 Pesos. In good condition the smaller ones are actually more expensive than the 10 Pesos which I acquired.
  9. Today I received a truly amazing stash of silver that would make any collector proud as a🎅🏻 Christmas Raffle Santa🎅🏻 prize some lovely 925 silver medals (old head on one, young head on the other side) and Australian sixpence and my first ASE, 999 medal/bar and 999 £20 5 portrait coin This is one truly amazing and generous price that @Jimmock put together so please put your likes on his post here
  10. Wow, never seen the 6 coin set out in the wild. Although the high relief 5oz is probably still the best. Congratulations and thanks for sharing! (I believe a forum member/dealer in Japan has access to some 5oz gold but the premium is exorbitant)
  11. Today I received my raffle prize. Little did I know that an entire .925 and .999 silver stash would come through the door. @Jimmock you have completely outdone yourself. I’m completely chuffed! .925 Victoria Medals £20 .999 of an even longer reigning monarch .925 Australian sixpence my first ASE the very nice rectangular bar and a nice swastika coin – good that some cultures still can embrace the overwhelmingly positive aspect of this ancient symbol. Thank you again @Jimmock you really made my day! Could you all please like Jimmock’s post if you like what you see here? I think he deserves some extra likes!
  12. @Kookaburracollector that 1968 is a stunner!
  13. The Sugar Barons in Cuba used slightly bigger coins for their daily shopping Not quite 100 soles territory, though.
  14. The obverse is usually more susceptible to scratches but if it is in the same good condition and you like the design you got yourself a good deal. Mind you other LMU coins carry far less of a premium
  15. They do carry quite a premium. If it is in mint state then the price is good.