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  1. Well, if it is that easy for activists to hack google, it definitely was Russian hackers resulting Trump to become elected. I will get in touch with these activist to finally get some results on SEO (search engine optimisation) for business.
  2. augur


    You can use the Olympus EE-01 Dot Sight - fits into any hotshoe. Just align with your lens and you can have full view and just need to aim the dot at the subject. you can also try to adapt a weapons dot sight but if you find a cheap one in the bay, the Olympus one is pretty good.
  3. augur


    Have you considered a dot-sight for those purposes? Also a good video head or gimbal makes panning much easier
  4. augur


    Equipment is nowadays very capable. Unfortunately the few inches behind my camera aren't that much. Still struggling to paint with the light and even though coins do not fly away, they are hard to capture as intended...
  5. You know what is worse Xander? People not learning from the past and the millions of wasted lifes. The same groups who have been pushing humankind into wars in the previous centuries are still responsible for them now. And the biggest antisemites alive are the Zionists, who murder and displace Semites by the thousands. (Yes, Palestinians are Semites and closer to the Israelis than Arabs in provenience and Arabs are actually Semites, too.) So that joker that gets constantly pulled (antisemitism) is a completely unsuitable term.
  6. Mark Zuckerberg, a Jew with german ancestry, has not outlawed the so called "holocaust denial" on Facebook. He is now facing the full sh;tstorm of controlled media and society. If a Jew, who's family has been victim of the Holocaust, allows "denial" on Facebook (review of presumed facts and comparison with e.g. soviet atrocities), then this should make you wonder if history books, written by the victorious, may not always be accurate...
  7. augur

    Today I Received

    I am counting 9 likes plus mine. Shall we already order the silver shots while spot is down 😉
  8. augur

    Today I Received

    Nice pickups. Which one did you get – the Baccarat or Kiwis?
  9. augur

    Today I Received

    @richatthecroft initially beat me to it but it took only some golden arguments to dissuade him... Please only like if you also would want @BackyardBullion to finally start casting 1kg bars. I can perfectly imagine the little leaf stamp in the centre of the swirl 🍃
  10. augur

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Congratulations! Does that mean you can request your own special labels?
  11. augur


    4% on eBay for the next 48h
  12. augur

    Any questions for The Edinburgh Assay Office?

    How much would it cost for a member of the public to XRF analyse an item and provide an accurate quantitative analysis of the alloy components.
  13. augur

    .958 Johnson Matthey 1981 Royal Wedding Medallion

    Ok, now that you have been teasing us we want to see the cougar hallmark...