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  1. @Kman those cuts on the face and the split skin on the nose healed amazingly fast and without any scaring. And talking about scaring, those mental scars that such an event leaves are apparently also absent. If mainstream media peddle a story it is most likely staged. not saying that attacks on gay people don't happen but the it was probably more about the phone than a homophobic attack.
  2. Austrian Mint Restrikes: 100 and 20 Corona 1915 10 Corona 1912 8 Guilders/Florin or 20 Franc and 4 Guilders/Florin or 10 Franc 1892 4 and 1 Ducat 1915 10 Korona 1892 20 Korona 1895 100 Korona 1907/1908 Maria Theresa Thaler 1880
  3. @Caratacus if you are interested in possible fake sovereigns, there is a thread in the premium member section: Note: the 1925 sovereign is a restrike high rim and not a fake. I also did one on half sovereigns but can't find it right now.
  4. Listo. Más vale prevenir pero si has chequeado todo bien y estás satisfecho; y por una vez fotos con la manicura perfecta.
  5. I don't like the stars on the left between rim ding and torch: they are irregular shaped but that could be the light direction and inclination of the legend Bottom corner, you just cut off the image exactly on this protrusion on the rim.
  6. No wonder he complained that eBay was down 😂
  7. Not sure if it's the light and your photo device but there's something I don't like about this coin. In particular the ledge at 3pm makes me suspicious. Probably start checking the right starburst line and stars against the reference image as due to your picture quality this has to be in your hands Here's the PCGS reference image:
  8. £13.75 per ounce and still not gone?!
  9. A series of most unfortunate events. First your boating accident with your silver bars, then this. You won't believe it but something similar happened to me, too. All I'm left with is some worthless fiat money
  10. Usually the simpler struck copies lack detail and sharpness. Mind that large on the screen this is much more noticeable than in hand. What made me suspicious here was the date: usually the legend is centripetal while on this item the 8s are just offset to match the distance to the rim; also the beads between MARK and * just don't seem right and lastly a coin with wear shouldn't ha a ledge on the rim as visible on the left side: vs. Comparing side by side the font seems wrong etc. A good reference image is a good starting point if the coin looks suspicious but passes weight and dimension tests.
  11. How about a less familiar coin? I got this from a UK bullion dealer who after providing some reference images from the real deal took it back and refunded me the return postage. (There is a reference image in "today I received...")
  12. Yes, it's not a mushy photograph, the entire coin lacks detail. St. George's arm, hand, torso, horse, dragon. Writing and legend are always good to check. The obverse is more tricky by the e.g. the beads of the necklace are not defined.
  13. A prussian double crown in a rather impressive grade. 1888 is also the three emperor year with Wilhelm I marking the first Emperor to reign this remarkable year.
  14. This piece is indeed remarkable in its medal like depth and detail. Not less remarkable the is the disappearance of the culture that created the temple complex and how it has survived millennia in the jungle climate. Or was this temple city in use more recent than his story ans want us to believe...
  15. The same rules apply. Firstly dimensions. Any gold alloy leaves some room to play with tungsten cores but maybe not yet on fractional gold. But, and I suppose @sovereignsteve would agree, sovereigns are extremely precise; never oversized (in particular in diameter) and very close to the target weight. You will find plenty of Sydney Mint sovereigns that measure more than 22.05mm; I personally don't trust them. Plenty of sovereigns were struck with professional (stolen) minting equipment in Beirut a few decades ago and only if you are familiar with the design elements (hands, feet, boot, reigns, helmet, streamer, horse's tail, dragon's wings) of the respective year (since they were and are altered) will you be able to identify some copies. For starters: 1900 Old Head fake sovereign, what is wrong?