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  1. Just received this with the help of a great forum member; small 20th century date run.
  2. Portugal tried to remain neutral at the outbreak of World War I despite the German incursions in Africa, since their colonies were bordering each other. But the greatest source of conflict was the German U-Boot blockade of Great Britain, the largest export market for the Portugal economy. Portugal eventually seized German merchant ships on British request and Germany in turn declared war on Portugal in March 1916. While only committing 12,000 troops to the Western Front the largest commitments were in Africa to get the revolting colonies back under control. Portugal 1916 Escudo (MS 63+)
  3. Bulgaria entered as the final ally of the Central Powers World War I on the 11/10/1915. This might be peculiar since, as a Sachsen-Coburg, he was related to King of England and Belgium and by marriage to the King of France. But Czar Ferdinand Ist wanted to build up Bulgaria as a dominant power on the Balkan and recover territories lost to its neighbours during the 2nd Balkan War; entering on the side of the Central Powers seemed like a perfect opportunity to recover those territorial losses. With the defeat and surrender of AustroHungary and Germany this gamble didn't play off. Bulgaria 1913 (MS62+) – last issue before entering the war
  4. San Marino, the oldest surviving republic, declared herself neutral, much to Italy's dislike who suspected spies to be harboured in San Marino. Austria on the other side became aware that a handful of citizens from San Marino run a small military hospital and declared war. Since this state of war never was resolved during the Treaty of Versailles, Germany and San Marino remained at war when in 1939 the Second Work War began. Notably San Marino harboured 100,000 Italian Jews during that time, probably 10 times the native population. 1906 San Marino 2 Lire (MS64) – no coins were minted until the entry into WW I
  5. Italy also initially declared neutrality despite being allied in a defensive union with Austro-Hungary and Germany. While the left (Mussolini and the socialist party) and the right (Masonic networks) pushed for war against Germany, the Government negotiated with both sides and concluded that the London Treaty would leave Italy with the juicer slices of the spoils of war. The economic sacrifices were too high and the destabilised country, despite victorious in the final battles of 1918, was left with less than the political leaders had bargained for. The country drifted to the fascist regime of Mussolini and the war debt wasn't paid if until the 1970s. 1915 2 Lire (MS62)
  6. China might seem unusual in this thread since no Chinese Troops ever saw action; this has more to do with the unwillingness of the other powers (mainly Japan) to allow the Chinese to retake Quingdao from the German Empire. Despite its initial "neutral" position China soon sent a workforce of a hundred thousands to Europe to dig trenches, repair tanks and assemble shells or haul ammunition to the front line. Casualties are hard to establish but some 500 died when the French Athos was sunk by a U-Boot. Eventually China declared officially war on Germany in 1917 but continued to send only a workforce. This should prove fatal as during the Versailles Treaty the Chinese contribution was overlooked by the European Nations and Japan was allowed to continue to occupy large parts of China. Disappointed China turned away from the West and took to communism, waiting for its moment in history to rise again. 1914 Republic of China 1 Dollar (MS63) "Fatman Dollar"
  7. I think this wraps it up nicely. The rest is his story, as they say.
  8. I had a look at the official release from Ecuador: https://www.presidencia.gob.ec/ecuador-retira-asilo-diplomatico-a-julian-assange/ What we are seeing is Assange being escorted out of the Embassy by the Diplomatic Service of the Metropolitan police. "El señor Assange ha abandonado la Embajada escoltado por la Policía diplomática inglesa." The arrest must then have taken place outside the embassy. Ecuador is not aware of any extradition requests. "El señor Assange [...] no tiene al presente ningún pedido de extradición del que tenga conocimiento el Estado ecuatoriano.
  9. This aligns with my understanding that the powers that must not be have to play along their own rules. Yet the Metropolitan police made this arrest on Ecuadorean territory. With dozens of cameras ready to shoot the arrest, it will have been an act creating false leads. The real Julian Assange will be rotting in some CIA torture prison if he hasn't already withered away already. In the meantime Pamela Anderson and the bearded imposter create some diversion from Brexit and daytime politics. In any case 2.4 billion is not too shabby for the inconveniences caused to Ecuador.
  10. If it was just traces in the mould chances are that the bar has absorbed them and remains above 998. Maybe Baird can wash it for you? At the same time you could delight us with a video from the visit at their facilities...
  11. Silly question: can't you just wash this bar in HNO3 to get rid of the surface silver and represent the bar for hallmarking? And I concord: Lr103 is indeed a great forum member!
  12. Can't keep up with the news nowadays... indeed, they stripped him off his Ecuadorean Citizenship the day before his arrest due to "irregularities in the paperwork". They clearly tied up loose ends. He should have seen it coming but then again, it might not be him anymore.
  13. There was a moment in 2016/2017 when the police cordon around the embassy was withdrawn for a few hours a van with several man arrived who allegedly abducted Assange. Notably the public and Wikileaks demanded some proof of life from him for months. During this time Pamela Anderson and Julian Assange became an item and she was hIs proof of life confirming that she had seen him. Eventually, after months he showed on a life stream and started growing a beard. Hence my initial query if this even is Julian Assange any more. While I still find it strange that the Met can arrest someone on foreign ground (instead of the Embassy security forces putting him on the doorstep) based on violations of his bail for charges which have since been dropped; he is still Ecuadorean. So even if he "revoked" his entitlement for protection by asylum due to unguestly behaviour, he should still have the full protection of his state as an Ecuadorean national!?
  14. 1880 Venezuela 20 Bolivares 2nd year of issue since Venezuela joined the LMU in 1879. There were 3 variants: 18 apart, 18 clos and 88 tight. This one is probably 18 close and 88 tight? And it is also a 1 over 1 and 8 over 8 but that seems to be standard for this year.