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  1. Little pickup for 10% below spot: i don’t believe we have featured 20 Pesetas on here yet.
  2. Looks authentic and like a proof: the fields are polished, the design is frosted and bolder than the one on the circulation issue. If any it is a bit hazed up – you could have it conserved and graded but bear in mind that the cost for that is quite high (£60+). However, if it is a proof, you should NEVER EVER attempt yourself to doctor the coin. So either leave it untouched or have it professionally treated if you think the increase in value is worth the investment.
  3. augur

    Russian Gold Coins

    It depends a bit what size you are after: 1901-1904 5 Roubles are plentiful and can be had at a decent grade (MS64-MS66!) for very little extra in a slab for your own reassurance. 1899 10 Roubles are the most common year but usually quite worn. Due to the portrait design they remain still very recognisable. I happen to have a spare one of this year, if interested. 7.5 and 15 Roubles are a one year issue only based on the LMU standards (20/40 Franc), highly sought after and very expensive, in particular the 7.5 Roubles coin. In general genuine coins are struck extremely sharp (letters and legend pattern) with residual lustre around the lettering. Also the edge inscription is very clear and deep with “lustre”. If size and weight match the expected values, you should have a genuine coin in hand.
  4. Can you get a sharp picture of the edge lettering? it looks proof like but there was a series of “restrikes” of rare Gold Mark and the edge lettering is usually the giveaway
  5. Da hat das Übersetzungsprogramm wohl versagt: Bevor hier die ersten Unkenrufe kommen: ich hatte bewusst nach der am schlimmsten mit „Milchflecken“ befallenen Münze gefragt. Ich möchte anhand dieser meine Theorie über die Entstehung dieser „Milchflecken“ prüfen (und vermutlich scheitern) und welch zweckdienlicheres Exemplar könnte man dafür verlangen...? Diese weißen Flecken sind ein massives Problem bei modernen Silbermünzen und ich hoffe, dass keines Deiner wunderschönen Exemplare je diesen derzeit irreparablen Defekt entwickelt.
  6. Before crying out loud: I specifically asked for the worst milked monkey 🐒 I want to try out my theory about milk spotting and what better sample to try (and fail) could I ask for...?
  7. Received my milked to perfection monkey 🐒 The Royal Mint has clearly outdone themselves here and great service from morezone for picking this prime example.
  8. Could I have the worst milked-up coin for scientific studies?
  9. augur

    Red spot disaster!

    NCS (NGC) e.g. via Numistacker. DO NOT ATTEMPT YOURSELF with a proof coin!!! Added 0 minutes later... ... and no disaster – will clean without a trace, so no rush.
  10. Numbers in news articles are more of symbolic character than an accurate description of the events. 13 has a high significance in western cultures while 2,6,8 are lucky numbers in eastern cultures
  11. Lovely pickup! The 1887 probably depends on the graders’ mood: either MS or Details but if it isn’t deep rather MS Interesting question: neither NGC nor PCGS make a distinction in the census; I suppose Gadoury does not make this distinction either. In theory no 1879 coin should bear the mark of Albert Désiré Barre (died December 1878) but the one you show below of his brother Jean Auguste Barre. They clearly used the dies they prepared already in 1878 but with the low mintage of the 1879 vintage they probably didn’t make many with the new mark; at least that is what I would conclude from your difficulty to obtain one.
  12. Numistacker did a very comprehensive video on this: Since the introduction of the plain rim/privy mark/matte finish in 2017/2018/2019 the job of the graders has been substantially easier. Prior to that the depth of the strike (relief) for the different minting qualities would give a hint or the degree of frosting applied.
  13. Numistacker is already on the case and yes, most likely it has left NGC and needs to be sent back. I would have thought they would confuse it with the proof as the design is identical and only the frosting is slightly weaker (as 2017 Quintuple Sovereign proof/BU). But happy with the grade!