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  1. I would also draw the geographical line for this thread South of Mexico. Coins of the Central American Republic (República del Centro de America) are very attractive and unfortunately also quite dear. As the thread operator I am also focusing on South America (here Caribbean) for the time being.
  2. Really annoying on a new coin! However your choice was good and NCS will certainly clear the haze (don’t try to clean proofs or proof-like coins yourself). Grading will likely increase the value if they both come out as 70s but certainly not an expected expense.
  3. @ilovesilverireallydo those Alfonso XIII are great for a portrait run since they had to change them so often due to him growing up (funnily enough 13 is also the number representing Osiris)
  4. It’s a fantastic book even if you are not into French coins. Just the introduction about the preparation of the dies and punches is worth the purchase
  5. Decided to dodge Apple Pay and use more cash again and look what I got straight away in my first transaction:
  6. Thanks @Bullionbilly for organising the Raffle so excellent; I believe this year's was bigger than ever and judging from the happy posts quite pleasant for most. Definitely more Christmas Spirit than previous year. Also thanks to all the participants and in my case special thanks to @Jimmock who gave me a silver shower this year. Happy Holidays to everyone!
  7. AH: anno hegirae refers to the starting point of the Islamic Calendar AD622 and AH1293 equates to ADD 1876. The second number refers to the 32nd year of regency of Sultan Abdul Hamid but since the Islamic Moon Calendar does not exactly match the Christian Solar Calendar, the result is 1906 (not 1876+31=1907).
  8. AH1293/32 (1906) 1293 on the reverse and 32 on the obverse
  9. On the Hungarian 8 Forint the initial obverse was that of the younger emperor with fuller cheeks, a lower hairline and most notably the laurel wreath or “triumphal crown” had only 3 berries instead of 6. The Austrian 8 Forint used the updated portrait from day one. Double berries in the laurel wreath means Austrian 8 Forint or second Portrait Hungarian 8 Forint (1880-90) Single berries in the laurel wreat is the early Hungarian 8 Forint (1870-80)
  10. Maybe the person encapsulating thought the shield was so nice, it should be upright... I had coins in NGC slabs moving during transport (usually soft 24K gold so i guess they are a bit less firmly gripped) but a sovereign spec coin shouldn’t move, hopefully 🙄
  11. Complete forgot to mention the 2020 Kiwi that walked through the door earlier this week courtesy to Numistacker
  12. You must be using an interesting source: my Cyrillic deciphering is a bit rusty but to me It looks like Slovenia is named last rather than first: Александар краљ Срба, Хрвата и Словенаца 😉 And @whuamai pointed out to me that this “united kingdom” has actually three variants with differing mint marks positions.
  13. Received a nice 1912 20B with struck through material imprint. Struck through grease (e.g. blocked up letters in the legend) seem quite common but does anybody have another struck through piece from the Monnaie de Paris? In hand under the loupe you can even make out the threading of the piece of string but on the pictures only the fibres are visible.
  14. Today I received an early Christmas Present with the help of @Lr103 some additions to the World War I Collection and a few bits from South America. I particularily like this ‘struck trough’ coin where you can still make out the fibres of the material that got wedged in.
  15. It is always difficult to judge a coin through cling film: the coin could be anywhere between MS63-64; however there is a strange area in the legend ‘ЗОЛОТНИКЪ’ and maybe the coin should be sent for restoration first (NGC/PCGS) before auctioning it off. For that you should research where there is the best market for roubles, which grading company is preferred for this section of the market and usually the whole process takes half a year and more. It seems a very nice piece but if the aforementioned area is damaged it could equally be very detrimental to the collector value.