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  1. augur

    for sale Nazi Bride 2oz proof

    Yes, indeed very controversial but while stating some facts, there is also some wrong assumptions in the mix: Yes the BoE and Wall Street financed the rearmament of Germany after WW I and Jewish Banks in Germany the rise of the National Socialist Party and Hitler in Germany. And yes, the British Crown resides on a German head since the House of Hannover. But this has not benefited Germany as the outcome of the two World Wars has clearly shown. In fact Rudolf Hess likely made a desperate attempt to reach out for peace with Britain but those pulling the strings behind the scenes prevented him from meeting the king. He died in British captivity (solitary confinement) aged 93 when he allegedly hanged himself; likely story if he couldn't even lift his arms above his shoulders due to arthritis. So I wouldn't think that QE II is a NaZi slave, if any of the (remove the "Na" and be called an antisemite).
  2. augur

    for sale World Gold Fractionals

    Fotos von 10 und 20 Korona Österreich-Ungarn, bitte
  3. augur

    20 Francs Advice Please

    Just an update to my restoration attempt: Left the demucked 1855 (II over H) Sardinia 20 Lire and right the 1891 (1 over 1) Italy 20 Lire. Overall colour is getting closer to the untouched coin. The obverse is more obvious but the 1891 has a more matte finish so that one should rather take the reverse as a reference when comparing the outcome.
  4. augur

    Today I Received.....

    Little treat from @Numistacker Grading Company (NGC): my avatar and favourite design so far (except for the 2014 maybe, which I haven't yet acquired) another piece for my 1927 proof set a triplet of older sovereigns and an India Sovereign with full score
  5. augur

    Today I Received.....

    A very nice condition Jubilee Head half and full 1887 London Mint sovereign can anyone remember when the full sovereign was up for grabs for £80?
  6. Could you also measure the diameter of the fake coin? It would probably tie in nicely with the 22.2mm Sydney sovereigns?
  7. augur

    I think I want to cry...

    Sorry, I didn't get my fingers on silver yet but with these pieces there's not much lost if damage should happen. As Fekh2001 suggested: Acetone, to dissolve the varnish. I would be careful with soaking as there are three metals/alloys involved: silver/copper in the Dollar, steel in the needle and the solder. The solder will likely corrode in the any ion-containing solution. you could soak up most of the solder with copperthread if you carefully heat up the coin to the melting point of the solder (probably 700 Degree Celsius). This would also allow submerge the coin for a longer time with less worries in different solutions. I like linked to another thread in the 20 Francs thread but you probably would have to run it through a translator.
  8. augur

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Very curious what's in the box since your YouTube channel hasn't covered my coins yet. You definitely deserve a little treat after this weekend! BYB goes for Indian, what will be your favourite dish?
  9. augur

    Fractionals and fakes

    It is very hard to get any committing statement from someone knowledgeable on sovereigns. Maybe the "unmighty crown"would be one but he has been banned for his "gentle art to abuse". I am certainly not knowledgeable enough but can say as much as all dies (and that should include the outer ring) were produced by the Royal Mint in the Tower of London. It would be surprising if only the Sydney Mint had a larger outer ring. Sydney Mint sovereigns do fetch a premium beyond 22 ct which could make it a worthwhile exercise. Maybe one of you wanted to contact the Royal Mint directly to pop the question?
  10. augur

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    The @Gordon tower looks rather impressive
  11. augur

    1/10 oz Britannia Capsules / Tubes / Storage...

    morezone sells airtites and tubes, just PM him
  12. augur

    20 Francs Advice Please

    That begs the question what you will be collecting next 😂
  13. augur

    20 Francs Advice Please

    so you have your red potion already... together with blue tape that should create a purple combo therapy. It doesn't get better than that.
  14. augur

    20 Francs Advice Please

    No potion but blue tape. Usually the m. scaleni on the neck tense up and impinge on the nerve or further down the path another muscle group tenses up. Blue MediTape on the cramped up area tends to works best in such cases. Maybe @kimchi's SCENAR device is also worth looking at.
  15. augur

    20 Francs Advice Please

    Interesting incomplete P in Premier also @eddi, would you be able to explain the Position A and B on the obverse of Belgian 20 Francs?