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    Queens Beast Bullion and Proof Ag/Au
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  1. augur

    Ebay 15% off

    Bought a proof sovereign for bullion prices and a few bits and bobs to utilise the maximum £50 discount. (roughly £333.33 maxes out this offer - there are some MS64 sovereigns and proofs that are in this territory)
  2. augur

    Silver Mein Kampf book at auction.

    I don't see anything special here, just typical symbology on a silver book case: rising sun, eagle and swastika on the front are the stately symbols of the Third (Roman) Empire and fist and ring (sometimes depicted as a snake) are old germanic symbols. What would make this special is the proof that this really belonged to Göring. It also still puzzles me that Katherine (now Duchess of Cambridge) was staying in the Hotel Goring (yes, Göring) of all places before her wedding to Prince William.
  3. augur

    Grading Question - Proof/Uncirculated

    In general you only grade high value coins (gold, platinum or high value (rare in this condition) silver coins). You should ask yourself why you want to grade your coins: presentation/protection of proof coins, possible increase in value for circulation issues e.g. Queens Beasts 1/4 oz gold in MS70, ability to sell abroad without worrying that the buyer can switch the coin and claim it as defective... Some grade worthless coins (e.g. myself because I want to put the coins into a context together). As long as you are aware of the cost and it's worth it for you to "loose" the money on grading, you can grade anything.
  4. augur

    wanted Queens Beast Dragon 1/4oz gold MS70

    For a "self graded" dragon plus crash I would also consider to trade a MS70 Griffin.
  5. augur

    withdrawn For Sale in Germany

    I am going to be a few days in Germany and can bring some higher value items for insured shipping: Folgende Artikel stehen zur Verfügung: Queens Beast 1/4 oz Gold Drachen und Greif in NGC MS69/70 365€-440€ Gold Sovereign verschiedene Jahrgänge in NGC MS64 325€ Preußen 20 Mark Wilhelm II. NGC MS63-MS64 325€-365€ Silberbarren 1kg Metalor 515€, weitere Liebhaberbarren vorhanden (inkl. 100oz Johnson & Mathey geprägt) Gold Sovereign halb/voll Bullion (sämtliche Porträts inkl. Victoria Schild) unterhalb des marktüblichen Preises Bei Interesse bitte bis heute Mittag per Nachricht melden.
  6. augur

    How do you guys protect you bars

    @StackSellRepeat I will have to burst your oxygen bubble: @sixgun is right in that we use up a oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. But your empiric experience that silver tarnishes quickly in the bedroom is correct: we release high quantities of sulfides in our sleep. Meaning we are farting our silver black in our sleep. Only place worse to store silver open is therefore the bathroom.
  7. I was trying to watch Numistacker's latest grading video and the first thing I get presented is this ad: Not what I was expecting. While many things can be said about Israel and its neighbors, I just wanted to remind of the Kosovo War, which was the first time that a sovereign nation (Serbia) was attacked on "humanitarian grounds" without any UN mandate. (The humanitarian crisis in Kosovo was not real and the German Defence Secretary provided the lets say questionable evidence). China protested and their embassy in Belgrade got hit by a tomahawk (the US apologised – wrong address). The Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (SACEUR) during that time and 9/11, Five Star General Wesley Clark later made his famous "seven countries in five years" statement and Iran is the only country that has not been ticked off, yet...
  8. Congratulations on your find! Hard to make out the overstruck 7 or the condition on your image, though.
  9. augur

    Certificate error

    Mr Elliott will not be amused... last year he had to sign all 1817 Pistrucci SotD certificates again because they put "proof" instead of "brilliant uncirculated" on them. This year they put the mintage of the Saphire SotD instead of the 750. Teaches you: always read the small print! edit: before you sign
  10. augur

    Certificate error

    Nothing unusual here, perhaps the inside or back?
  11. augur

    Certificate error

    Can you post a picture of your certificate?
  12. augur

    Today I Received

    My first attempt to grade some sovereigns turned out quite successful, the little beasts did ok, too. (The 2018 is the plain edge SotD, in case you wondered)
  13. I suppose the meaning to everyone is different. To me it means to be able to see/feel all my seven chakras and have them aligned and energised. That way I am in harmony and balance with myself. If the energy levels/flow is imbalanced, your projection will be imbalanced and prone to be affected by external energies, positive but more worryingly negative ones.
  14. What if the spirit could be harmed and the suffering was eternal, can you exclude that for certain? I don't know how to explain this to you but don't you want to get to know your spirit first before you let it wander around?