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    Gold Kiwis
    Queens Beast Bullion and Proof Ag/Au/Pt
    1989/2017 Quintuple Sovereign BU/PF
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  1. augur

    Trial of the Pyx

  2. augur

    Today I Received.....

    Big thank you to BYB for finally making making some nice buttons (or rounds) and the free silver (almost 1/4oz in one but most are pretty much spot on)
  3. augur

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Wouldn't say unlucky as poor prophet, just not successful to justify the grading cost this time.
  4. augur

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Grading (or rather finding good grade) half sovereigns seems more difficult than i thought. But the sovereigns all came out nicely and albeit the 1871 is plentiful, you won't be able to pick up a MS63 shield sovereigns for the price I paid.
  5. augur

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Impressive! All gold did achieve 70s (except for IOM but a 69 here is usually top grade) great grades for everyone! obviosly very happy with my gold kiwi!
  6. augur

    The war on cash

    Interesting that a company speaks of sin when their company logo itself (a bitten apple) symbolises the fall from paradise and their first product went on sale for $666.66 (the number 6 itself symbolises the fall from heaven and triple 6 needs no introduction, I suppose); thankfully these thoughts will be banned on apple platforms "because it is the rite thing to do"
  7. augur

    The war on cash

    No Louboutin's 👠 Blahnik's or Weitzmann's?
  8. augur

    The war on cash

    Imagine a sovereign for every pair of shoes... that's 6 monsterboxes
  9. augur

    The war on cash

    Oh dear, the matching accessories trap. How many pairs of shoes does she have? ... finding a matching backpack thingy ... priceless! For everything else there is 💳
  10. augur

    The war on cash

    I forgot to mention negative interest rates only hit you if you can't pull the cash out of your accounts
  11. augur

    The war on cash

    Data collection, profiling, data sale, commission on every transaction, there is much to gain for the payment processing companies. But is digital currency always available? A few years ago the local BT exchange had a fire. For reasons best known to BT and the relevant authorities traffic wasn't redirected but dead until the capacities were back up. No landline and no mobile phone (the phone masts didn't get a feed anymore). Obviously also no internet. Office workers on standby in the cafe where they couldn't pay because card payments were down. But no cash either because the ATMs had no network. Everything had to be put on a tab as otherwise the products would go off. It lastet only 4 days and wasn't anywhere remote but in W1 (Central London - Oxford Street). Similar outages have led to looting (hurricane Kathrina) because people needed things but ran out of cash and cards didn't work.
  12. augur

    Today I Received.....

    Sorry, autocorrect on the emoji... happy of course about your nice silver acquisitions!
  13. Lovely Christmas Tree 🎄 you have!
  14. The Trial of the Pyx means that your valued proofs went through some grubby hands and were likely tossed into some wooden bowl and bashed around in some bags before and after the Trial. For that privilege you would have paid last year double the issue price but the recent releases are at issue price. https://www.thegoldsmiths.co.uk/company/today/trial-pyx/ https://www.assayofficelondon.co.uk/about-us/trial-of-the-pyx I had the luck to handle with @Numistacker the 1kg gold proof lion, which was chucked into a money bag together with other coins; the estate was rather appalling and only one side of the planchet was polished and frosted, so that this one was probably not randomly selected.
  15. augur

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    That is really generous of you. As h103efa says, a true gentleman. Best wishes and good karma for you!