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  1. I was trying to dig up what affiliations Prof Neil Ferguson, our chief pandemic crystal ball gazer has – you wouldn’t believe it: He holds research grants totalling £5 million in the areas of [...] (f) Mathematical modelling of emerging and deliberately released pathogens.
  2. Since we seem to have some medical frontline staff in this thread: does anybody know why there is a worldwide shortage of PPE? How come there is no stock? Is that supply chain disruption – it can’t be that all was manufactured in Wuhan or is everything just on demand and a pandemic leads to a complete breakdown of the supply.
  3. Here are European figures and even 65+ in Italy doesn’t peak the 2018 flu pandemic
  4. Currently various factors are being considered and probably vary regional in impact: high population density and great mobility in large cities accelerate the spread kissing as a greeting and various generations under one roof as in Italy and Spain can increase the virus load (severity/rapid progression of Covid-19) Hysteria and budget cuts on healthcare can lead to a quick overrunning of hospitals with not severe cases Allegedly a football match of the Atalanta (Bergamo) is blamed as start of the wave [i must say that is rather a conspiracy theory by the mayor of Bergamo as either a super spreader was at the gates or something more sinister] In Spain a mass demonstration of 120,000 for women’s rights was carried out when everyone else had banned large events. There is also s conspiracy theory that the US delegation at the Wuhan military games infected hotel staff first before the outbreak at the food market. China has been pointing fingers but this is hard to prove and verify and should be taken with great caution.
  5. But the worldwide pandemic response is based on his calculations ‘flattening the curve’ An Oxford study is seriously questioning these assumptions and thinks we could have almost reached herd immunity lockdown of the fit and healthy will prevent completion of this.
  6. Those who are awake: The world is basing its pandemic action plan rollout on the predictions of the Imperial College and recommendations of Prof Sir Roy Anderson. This very same person was responsible that the UK government wasted £1.2 Billion on preparation for the Swine Flu Pandemic which turned out far less lethal than seasonal flu He himself shows close ties to pharmaceutical industry and the omnipresent Bill & Melissa Gates Foundation. He clearly is no independent advisor!
  7. I particularly like the part in the smart print where they can hold back mail and parcels you can only open in the presence of a guard... @BackyardBullion I hope you are still silently following this thread. We could do at some point with a bit more of a platform.
  8. I think you misunderstood my post. I referred to worldometer and looking at the surprisingly low figure for the 25th it seems that the cut was made early and some deaths were passed on to the figures of the 26th. The average of both would be 81 deaths/day and in line with the figure of the 24th (87). However it is a bit early to make a call and we need to wait at least for today’s figures. I trust everyone on here can do the maths and thinking for themselves. However: with the possibility now that nurses issue the death certificates and doctors certify the cause of death without seeing the bodies as well as unclear criteria as to when a death is a Covid-19 death, there is a lot of room for ‘manipulation’.
  9. To be honest: numbers are totally up for manipulation: currently only the sick with symptoms are tested. That should lead to a “death rate” similar to Italy. Unless deaths by Covid-19 are distinguished from deaths with SARS-CoV-19 (e.g. death by septicaemia by MRSA (antibiotic resistant hospital germs) but positive test for SARS-CoV-19). Edit: Actually IMHO the UK should manipulate the death rate down to avoid panic and rather only include mainly those that actually died by Covid-19 alone as the current practice of including deaths with Covid-19 is not scientifically sound. Last time I checked my local hospital (London) they were still waiting for the wave to arrive.
  10. WARNING ⚠️ Anybody who participates on this thread will be reported to the government as a Russian Agent and could face serious consequences. Be aware of this prior to posting content outside the accepted mainstream!
  11. Bravo 👏 you clearly show your true colours. Don’t forget to report the UK government, too who classed this as a low consequence infectious disease
  12. The bacterial flora of the intestine forms a crucial part of our immune system and well being. Antibiotic use kills a large proportion of “good bacteria” in our intestines. Attempts to replenish the flora via supplements usually fail as the new inhabitants get killed off by stomach acid. Therefore pro-biotic lactobacillus are acid resistant strains that have been survived the stomach passage (pooped out) or harvested from the vaginal flora. However there are rather mixed results on the success. The suppository is a way to literally introduce the bacteria through the back door, avoiding the stomach passage. However there is the risk to introduce harmful bacteria and to upset the biotope and one should be very certain about what one wants to introduce.
  13. This article clearly puts you in a position silverpirate 007 (double O agent) ”Covid Deniers” as in “Holocaust Deniers” Terrific Journalism when questioning sound scientific facts with a bunch of esoteric methods! Also thanks for laying open the strategy to control opinion and generate distrust and fear. This is the first useful information you have provided! This is Phase One of “Disinformation Dissemination Control”, Phase Two “Censorship” via the Social Media is to come after Easter and nice that it is openly admitted that we are expected to denounce family members and friends – welcome to Nazi England. The deliberate spreading of false information about Covid-19 could have serious consequences,” said Julian Knight, Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee chairman. "Much of this is happening on social media through private channels, putting the onus on friends and family to identify whether the information they are seeing is misleading.
  14. Together with Gordon Brown we have now two Labour ex Prime Ministers demanding a “temporary” World Government?! Is there any politician left on our side? Also: similar demands from any other country known? Found on the quick only a German opinionated article (apparently the headline was toned down from the original)
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