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  1. @Numistacker Very happy with these 3. Nice to get two scarce coins towards the top end of graded - well chuffed. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the update @Numistackerwhich is much appreciated. I didn't think you had run off with the coins as I'm sure I saw some of your shoes for sale on ebay!! I blame NGC in London, if only they took the same care as you do.
  3. Hi Rich. It's a Half Sovereign but your price appears based on a full Sovereign. The PCGS Database shows it as a Half also. Your honesty with the "mark" is commendable and an example to all budding stacker's.
  4. The results for 5841042 have just been released but I only know my two sorry.
  5. I was videoing Tyler prodding said snapper because it was moving. Unfortunately I stopped before he tried to rip its claw off. Talk about revenge. Snapper 1 - Tyler 0 I had a great day out at TSF Lounge and great to meet some old friends and make new ones and see all those lovely coins. I also had the privilege of witnessing some magnificent coins going for grading. The best was saved for the afters and three uninvited guests witnessing the latest welcome member of TSF - Snapper!!
  6. Generally most dealing at coin fairs is cash. You get the best deals for cash though I remember seeing a couple of terminals about. Also some will allow you to do a Bank Transfer because they are virtually instantaneous nowadays and show up in an account "normally" withing a minute although it can take up to 2 hours. Hope that helps
  7. If you are under cover you will stand out. Most of us wear normal clothes and are not under a Blanket!!
  8. It's at the Holiday Inn Coram St, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1HT, United Kingdom Closest Train Stain is Euston and Underground Russell Square.
  9. As previously stated I would like to hire a full table and will be bringing about 40 Graded Sovereign's to sell and a few other Boxed / Raw.
  10. Doors open at 9.30am. Generally open until 4pm but many dealers start packing up at around 2.30pm. Hope to see you and many other TSF members there.
  11. Well I've booked my ticket and I'll be there and bringing around 50 Sovereign's for sale.
  12. The earliest I can remember for Gold Sovereign's is 1979 Proof NGC PF70UCAM only 1 Best PCGS PR69DCAM 1980 Proof PCGS PR70DCAM 2009 NGC MS70 2015 PCGS MS70
  13. @Numistacker Some you win and some you lose!! Submission 5840975 produced some great results for me. Many thanks for all your help. Happy 2020 stacking.
  14. If Germany are doing it how long before it becomes enshrined in EU Law? The UK stance might be to hold off doing anything to become the "Gold Centre of Europe". It's good when you can make your own policies without EU intervention. Time will tell.
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