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  1. Two Plain Edge SotD coins listed on Ebay - 1. Bidding starts @ £575 2. Bidding starts @ £600 I don't think there are any £1 Seller deals on at the moment - they normally finish Monday midnight. It will be interesting to see how many out of 650 get re-cycled - flipped. I'm keeping mine boxed for now!
  2. SovTracker

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Just watch the edges of the coins please - the gold doesn't seem to stick to well to Milled Edges. Also keep well clear of magnets and Speakers!!
  3. SovTracker

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Hicccc - Like a good Gin and Tonic - once you've had one good one ............................ Until June last year, although I had bought some graded coins, about 30% of my collection was graded - now after this next lot it's nearly 70%. Will I get to 100% - no way as I don't generally get my Proof or Modern (post 1979) coins graded. Now where's my SA Membership Card - Slabbing Anonymous!!
  4. SovTracker

    Moderators Wanted: Apply to be a Moderator

    Hi Chris. TSF not working via Tapatalk and only accessible via a browser which is working but not as easy as Tapatalk. Please advise - I didn't want to start a new thread!
  5. SovTracker

    New series of Piedfort Sovereigns

    I don't think Prince Charles would be described as a "Plain Edge"? Any suggestions - maybe have a " Prickly Edge"? Or change the Obverse initials to PC?
  6. I am not a Mint employee so can't be certain exactly how the process works but I would think that the Internet orders are allowed to come in "just in case" postal and phone orders don't materialise. I think the problem is when there's a fast sell out. There is no system you can create that after just 36 hours can cater for the Royal Mail and the Mints telesales department where they cannot get hold of their loyal customers. Sods law some will lose out in ALL areas of the Mints sales areas.
  7. To be fair, many of the Mints collectors are pre internet and rely on Mint contact either by post of phone. So Numi does a YouTube video that goes viral amongst us techno Smartphone types and between us we buy the lot via Internet orders. Is that fair on the loyal Mint customers of 25+ years who still buy either by post or phone? We have to live in a society where the older generations get a look in - its only fair. I'm 60+ but can use a Smartphone but still have a phone contact at the Mint. If all the "deals" were done online, like ticket tour's, 65% would go there and be sold at a "premium" to us mortal collectors. For me, I'm glad the Mint are a little behind the times!
  8. Anyone who had an order cancelled online is due to the Mint allocation process. Apparently the internet orders went way ahead of expectations. Understandably the Mint put aside so many for orders by Post and Telephone and bottom of the pile are internet orders. Apparently Dealers get Family and Friends to place extra orders on popular issues like this. If you have had a Mailer from the Mint it might be worth sending it in. They are in a different category and "may"? not be sold out - who knows? Good luck
  9. Who has had their order cancelled with the Mint for the Strike on the Day Plain Edge?
  10. I believe the Mint Mark is the same as the 2018 Proof Sovereign. The "biggie" on this for me is the Plain Edge which, to my knowledge has only ever been on 1 Brilliant Uncirculated coin before now.
  11. Its interesting that so far today Numistacker's "Alert Video" has had 470 views. Now let's say the Mint sold say 250 yesterday to their "loyal customers" and say 50 went to Dealers that just leaves 350 today to sell. I bet a few like me bought a couple because of the "Plain Edge". It's interesting to note that my so called "Account Manager" at the Mint didn't bother to phone me on this one. I think there was accelerated buying throughout the day and I honestly believe his video tipped this one over the edge several days early. Well done to all those who got in.
  12. That's what I've been telling the Mint for a year now - make the SotD unique to avoid these issues. The only problem will arise IF the Mint do another SotD AND use the same design this year - similar to 2017. We wait and see.
  13. Thanks for the video Numi because I missed the Plain Edge right at the bottom of the description. I read the blah, blah, blah, blah initial "bullet points" and they are the same as the 2018 Proof. The Mint hid the "Plain Edge" at the bottom of the description - silly billy's. I'm making this my "tip" of 2018, so I bought a couple.
  14. Mmmmm. I collect all Sovereigns but I think I will give this a miss. If you look back at all the Strike on the Day Sovereigns where there is no difference to the Normal Issue Sovereign the price has not moved. Why pay £500 for a Brilliant Uncirculated Sovereign? Now if it had some distinguishing mark that made it unique, then fair enough. I will bring this up again with the Royal Mint.
  15. SovTracker

    Today I Received

    You are finding some nice rarities in great condition!! This is the infamous and very rare OMG "Open Mouth", Squeezed Cheeks, Long Legs Variety. I wouldn't be holding it like that though as fingermarks might cause a downgrade. What holder will NGC use?