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  1. An interesting coin. The holder is incorrectly marked as S-3867 Small Spread JEB but the Population Report is correct as it states the coin is S-3867A 1st Obverse Angled J. Not as scarce as the S-3867 but a very nice coin with only 2 Graded higher.
  2. Hi Wolves and if you are a fan so am I. Collecting Proofs PR/PF70's in modern coins can be done two ways. Grading yourself or buying already graded. I have a database of comparing PCGS and NGC and in general (different coin releases vary from the Mint dramatically) you have about an 80% chance of getting a PR70 with PCGS but a 95% chance with NGC. Why the difference? NGC give more credence to "eye appeal" and so tend to give about 20% more 70's. Collecting MS grades are far more hit and miss due to the very nature of the Minting process. I've seen a few Queens Beast Proofs graded PF70 sell at Auction for just about the Royal Issue price - crazy I know. As to profitability - more people will buy an old pre 1930's Sovereign MS64 than a modern MS70 and will pay less for it already Slabbed. A few appear to "chase" modern 70's just to have it in their collection. I try to look to make money over the longer term. Modern MS68/9's can go already Slabbed for not much more than Spot, making the whole process expensive and futile IMHO. More people appear to be grading Modern coins and this appears to lower the value. If you have say a PCGS 2015 5th Portrait where 17 Proof Sovereign's are graded with 12 PR70. Now take a 2017 Proof where 119 have been graded with 90 at PR70. Are there more people after the 2017? Yes because of the design of the 2017 and a rapid sell out. But only 12 of the 2015 are graded 70's - a lot less and the mintage is nearly 20% less than the 2017. Figure that one - more "one off" collectors after the 2017? So to sum up, you pays your money and takes your chance!
  3. Already been posted on the this Forum. Seek and ye shall find
  4. The Tail on the 1920P was the first thing I noticed and as the technique for striking the coin had advanced somewhat since early Victorian times - I doubt if there should be many, if any overstamping. The 1853 however is not that unusual for the time. I've had a number with either one or two letters overstamped (misaligned same letters) or virtually the whole of one side - usually the Obverse. One from the 1860's comes to mind with the rotated RIA in VICTORIA - an example was in the Bentley collection and I have one also and I've seen a few about. I blame the Industrial Revolution.
  5. There are a number of Australia Sovereign variations for the 1870's and 1880's, some listed and some not and this looks like a good spot. Shall we call it "Rounded 3" and "Dodgy 3"?
  6. Well the results are in and I think it has proved a point in my eyes. Regarding the 2018 India Sovereign's from the same batch of coins, 20 were submitted to NGC and 20 to PCGS. NGC results 15 X MS70, 5 X MS69. PCGS result 5 X MS70, 15 X MS69. I also bought 12 coins from exactly the same batch and I would only have graded a maximum of 2 as MS70 - even those two are not perfect. Having recently bought a few of recent issue Sovereign's graded MS70 by NGC (which were no way MS70's), I no longer trust NGC on new issues - sorry but those are my findings and don't put NGC in the best light in my honest opinion.
  7. It's all about timing. What about if you had bought Stocks in 1999 or 2007 just before the last 2 downturns? I'm a firm believer that gold will have a good few years if there is a downturn in the stock market, which I believe is imminent. Also I would not be buying "ordinary" gold but Numismatic Gold such as scarcer Sovereign's, some of which have more than trebled over the last 10 years or so. The chart attached is 31st December 1999 to end of 2015 and the results are quite eye opening. Conclusion - spread your investments and just because something is out of favour, don't think it will be like that forever. City people talked down Gold in 2018 and talked up Stocks. It looks to me like 2018 was the year to sell Stocks and buy Gold - only time will tell. In my view if Gold breaks through $1,365, the sky could be the limit using historical charts - again time will tell but I believe $1,800 an ounce will be broken in the next 3 years. That is just my view and should not be considered as investment advice!!
  8. Not sure due to scratches on Reverse. My immediate thought was PF62.
  9. India Sovereign Mintage s. I thought you might like these official numbers I got from a contact at The Royal Mint. Sovereign 2013 69,950 2014 64,500 2015 55,000 2016 40,000 Half-sovereign 2014 62,000 On the Silver Forum @westmintrel had kindly posted similar numbers except for the 2013i. The reason was that 60,000 where minted in Certicard's and the balance sent to NGC for gifting to dignitaries at the launch in 2013i and labelled up by NGC as GEM UNCIRCULATED. I understand that the number above is the correct one, not the 90k+ previously shown elsewhere and after talking with @westminstrel we came to the same conclusion about the 2013i and NGC's involvement. I actually spoke to one of the production team at PAMP when the coins were first struck and he confirmed the initial figure of 50,000 to be put in Certicard's. About 2 months later that figure rose to 60,000 due to demand. I'm told that 2018 could be the lowest mintage yet as interest is waining a little and it isn't as popular as it was in India. I'm told the 2017 mintage numbers won't be available until next year. I hope that helps anyone who is interested.
  10. The ones I listed are all purchased from various Auction's, Fair's and Dealer's. They were all purchased "Slabbed". Striving to upgrade my collection and finding good "raw" coins is not so easy. Bought a few "raw" from the Baldwins Auction - Wander Collection and we will see how they grade. It's getting more difficult to get good quality coins at the right price - still managing to fill a few gaps though. I would say that 80% of my "keepers" plus are graded now. I only grade decent or extremely rare coins. I'll put up a few pictures when I get time.
  11. It's been a busy few months with a few nice arrivals......
  12. I would agree to some extent but having gone through a right rigmarole to get my hands on some there aren't too many of these coins west of Dubai. I paid a premium to the dealer because I couldn't pay "cash", then there where FedEx charges - not cheap fully insured - then the dreaded Import VAT, although we quoted the correct codes. I too spoke to UKBullion a few weeks ago and they were struggling to get them at last year's price due to tax changes and charges. The 2013 India Sovereign was the "mass" produced one with 69,950 minted. Each year subsequent to this has seen the mintage reduce. Apart from the 2013 and 2014 India Sovereign, try and buy the last 3 years! How easy is it to but a UK Bullion Sovereign from 2015,16 and 17? Here are a few pictures.