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  1. Without seeing it in the hand, I would probably give it a PR62, though there appears to be some scuffing on the Obverse which may affect the result. My advice is always to check your coins with a 5 x loupe which is what the graders use. That way you see what they see.
  2. SovTracker

    Red Spot Gone

    Nope - 100% Bicarbonate of Soda. I also got a yellowish tinge to the water and a very nice clean coin (apart from the spot which wouldn't shift). I've managed to remove dirt, fingerprints and oil marks from Proof Gold Sovereign's.
  3. SovTracker

    Red Spot Gone

    I've tried it a couple of times on Gold Sovereign's, Proofs and Bullion and it didn't work for me though it might be down to the type of spot or marks they were. The rest of the coin was unaffected. After trying this method I then washed the coin in hot pre-boiled water, then after cooling, I washed again in deionized water to avoid contaminates then dabbed with a quality lint free microfiber cloth (similar to a lens cloth but best quality). Always hold the coin by the outer rim only.
  4. Help needed. Looking to complete my Modern Sovereign date run. I am happy to buy a raw 1996 Proof coin if you believe it will grade a 70. Please PM me. Thanks in advance. Peter
  5. Not all "Received Today" but seen for the first time together today... now on the way back to the Bank. Apologies for the quality of the pictures (taken by hand with my Mobile) that don't do the coins justice. Any marks you think you might see are on the plastic cases as the coins are 100%. I've also got all the Boxes and Certificates for all of these coins. If anyone has either a 1979 Proof or 1996 Proof Full Sovereign that they no longer need that they feel would Grade as a perfect 70 (or if you have one already graded 70) please get in touch as that would help me complete my 1979 to 2019 date run all in Proof 70 Grade. All of my set are PCGS except for 2 which I will get Crossed Over to PCGS.
  6. Now that's what I call a Sovereign!! I can manage a PCGS PR66CAM but not UCAM!! and on your it really shows. I started off collecting older Sovereign's 1838 onwards, don't ask me why, I never got into the early King's but loved the Victoria Young Head and Shield back so started there. I went mad on grading 2 years ago and have over 90% of my "Keeper's" graded now. I'm after a 1996 Proof Sovereign PR70DCAM or PF70UCAM to complete my 1980 to 2019 all in 70's holder's. Also a 1979 Proof in a 69 or 70 Holder. Then I think I'll pack in collecting the new Sovereign's and just concentrate on adding / upgrading my collection where I can.
  7. After collecting Sovereign's for many years I'm just about at the point of no return. I am seriously considering giving up buying the new "Proof" issues because I believe that from this point on you will most likely lose money? Why? The Mint marketing tactics are profit driven and their attempt to squeeze every penny from collectors is becoming a joke. Proof, then Plain Edge, then Privy Mark, Matte why not do a coloured version, Red, White and Blue. Regarding the Piedfort, at £870 for half and ounce of Gold is a joke. Yes polished blanks, pressed 6 times but that only takes about a second and poor quality control for a premium product. A 2018 NGC graded PF70UCAM Piedfort sold this MONTH for £703 including shipping, £122 cheaper than at issue!! You can buy an 1850's MS62 for the same price as the new issue and will have scarcity built in. So I'm voting Sovexit - who's with me?
  8. £1126 @ $1.27 USD to GBP or $1430 in USD
  9. An interesting coin. The holder is incorrectly marked as S-3867 Small Spread JEB but the Population Report is correct as it states the coin is S-3867A 1st Obverse Angled J. Not as scarce as the S-3867 but a very nice coin with only 2 Graded higher.
  10. Hi Wolves and if you are a fan so am I. Collecting Proofs PR/PF70's in modern coins can be done two ways. Grading yourself or buying already graded. I have a database of comparing PCGS and NGC and in general (different coin releases vary from the Mint dramatically) you have about an 80% chance of getting a PR70 with PCGS but a 95% chance with NGC. Why the difference? NGC give more credence to "eye appeal" and so tend to give about 20% more 70's. Collecting MS grades are far more hit and miss due to the very nature of the Minting process. I've seen a few Queens Beast Proofs graded PF70 sell at Auction for just about the Royal Issue price - crazy I know. As to profitability - more people will buy an old pre 1930's Sovereign MS64 than a modern MS70 and will pay less for it already Slabbed. A few appear to "chase" modern 70's just to have it in their collection. I try to look to make money over the longer term. Modern MS68/9's can go already Slabbed for not much more than Spot, making the whole process expensive and futile IMHO. More people appear to be grading Modern coins and this appears to lower the value. If you have say a PCGS 2015 5th Portrait where 17 Proof Sovereign's are graded with 12 PR70. Now take a 2017 Proof where 119 have been graded with 90 at PR70. Are there more people after the 2017? Yes because of the design of the 2017 and a rapid sell out. But only 12 of the 2015 are graded 70's - a lot less and the mintage is nearly 20% less than the 2017. Figure that one - more "one off" collectors after the 2017? So to sum up, you pays your money and takes your chance!
  11. Already been posted on the this Forum. Seek and ye shall find
  12. The Tail on the 1920P was the first thing I noticed and as the technique for striking the coin had advanced somewhat since early Victorian times - I doubt if there should be many, if any overstamping. The 1853 however is not that unusual for the time. I've had a number with either one or two letters overstamped (misaligned same letters) or virtually the whole of one side - usually the Obverse. One from the 1860's comes to mind with the rotated RIA in VICTORIA - an example was in the Bentley collection and I have one also and I've seen a few about. I blame the Industrial Revolution.