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  1. SovTracker

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    You often get very close, very slightly raised parallel lines from the blanks. These do not appear to be such marks and you would see them in pretty much all of the "fields". The Canada 1910 is not an easy coin to find in better than AU58. I thought mine was a MS61, both PCGS and NGC gave it an AU58. Take NGC for example, the most common grade is AU58 - 32 coins are graded AU58 and only 34 coins grade better than that. So unusually, AU58 appears to be the benchmark on this coin. Funny how some coins catch you out!
  2. SovTracker


    Are you collecting the Proofs or the Bullion - seems like the Bullion offer better value than the Proofs?
  3. SovTracker

    2018 Piedfort Sovereign Design

    If the date your referring to is on the outer box with a Bar Code, I queried it a few weeks ago with The Mint as one of my two Sapphire Jubilee SotD was dated 1 day after the SotD. They told me it was the packaging date and not the packaging date. Sometimes they have the coins and not the packaging and not the coins so shows out of stock - also vice versa except for SotD which they tell me MUST be Minted on the actual day. Also the Certificate numbers are a joke - you can get the first coin of the "press" and get a high number or number 1000 could be Cert No 1 - quality control heh.
  4. SovTracker

    2018 Piedfort Sovereign Design

    As an update, as of yesterday afternoon The Mint had sold just over 300 Piedfort and 500 Prince George. Neither appear to be smash hits and the Piedfort looks like it could be a disaster - not unexpected IMHO. The Mint are just producing too much and need to stop these silly - "we've sold out on this in one day" marketing ploys when the 2018 Piedfort is entirely different to the "first ever 2017 Piedfort Sovereign". Am I right in thinking that looking at this coin it looks exactly the same as the 2018 Proof Sovereign - it's just twice the thickness? If so why buy it - other than there's twice the Gold - at an inflated price based on Spot.
  5. SovTracker

    2018 Piedfort Sovereign Design

    I personally think The Mint might have shot themselves in the foot with this one and the George SOTD but I might be wrong. A mintage figure of 1,500 would have been about right in my eyes but I'm not sure this one will even be a one month sell out - just my gut feeling after two quick fire SOTD's. I think The Mint are bleeding the Sovereign to death and it might come back to haunt them. Hell hath no fury like a Sovereign collector scorned ....... Why pay £500 for a BU SOTD with 750 minted that will probably stagnate like 85% of SOTD's, when you can buy a nice slabbed Queen Victoria Sovereign MS63 for under £500 where good condition numbers are measured in 10's not 750 and the coin is over 117 years old already. £800 (Piedfort price) will buy you certainly an 1860's MS62 or MS63 - probably 10 or 20 graded this high and 150 years old. This new issue lark is getting out of hand IMHO.
  6. SovTracker

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Well I don't want to get anyone excited but my Mechanical Error I sent back via the Heritage submissions has been corrected and in the last 24 hours the Sovereign count has gone up by a few more than I sent in - but I might just be dreaming!! SovTracker
  7. "632 so quite late in the production run" My understanding from The Mint is that they produce all the coins and then they are sent for inspection and boxing. Inspection is a bit hit and miss I'm afraid!! The Certificate Number bears no relation to when it was stamped. So 632 could be coin number 001.
  8. SovTracker

    Strike on the day is back

    Well on this occasion The Mint have actually not copied the Sapphire Jubilee Strike on the Day as the Privy Mark is missing but it still has the Plain Edge. I personally think it will sell out but nowhere near as quickly as the Sapphire Jubilee - but we shall have to wait and see. I'm getting a bit fed up with these SotD produced for "minor" reasons.
  9. Two Plain Edge SotD coins listed on Ebay - 1. Bidding starts @ £575 2. Bidding starts @ £600 I don't think there are any £1 Seller deals on at the moment - they normally finish Monday midnight. It will be interesting to see how many out of 650 get re-cycled - flipped. I'm keeping mine boxed for now!
  10. SovTracker

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Just watch the edges of the coins please - the gold doesn't seem to stick to well to Milled Edges. Also keep well clear of magnets and Speakers!!
  11. SovTracker

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Hicccc - Like a good Gin and Tonic - once you've had one good one ............................ Until June last year, although I had bought some graded coins, about 30% of my collection was graded - now after this next lot it's nearly 70%. Will I get to 100% - no way as I don't generally get my Proof or Modern (post 1979) coins graded. Now where's my SA Membership Card - Slabbing Anonymous!!
  12. SovTracker

    New series of Piedfort Sovereigns

    I don't think Prince Charles would be described as a "Plain Edge"? Any suggestions - maybe have a " Prickly Edge"? Or change the Obverse initials to PC?
  13. I am not a Mint employee so can't be certain exactly how the process works but I would think that the Internet orders are allowed to come in "just in case" postal and phone orders don't materialise. I think the problem is when there's a fast sell out. There is no system you can create that after just 36 hours can cater for the Royal Mail and the Mints telesales department where they cannot get hold of their loyal customers. Sods law some will lose out in ALL areas of the Mints sales areas.
  14. To be fair, many of the Mints collectors are pre internet and rely on Mint contact either by post of phone. So Numi does a YouTube video that goes viral amongst us techno Smartphone types and between us we buy the lot via Internet orders. Is that fair on the loyal Mint customers of 25+ years who still buy either by post or phone? We have to live in a society where the older generations get a look in - its only fair. I'm 60+ but can use a Smartphone but still have a phone contact at the Mint. If all the "deals" were done online, like ticket tour's, 65% would go there and be sold at a "premium" to us mortal collectors. For me, I'm glad the Mint are a little behind the times!
  15. Anyone who had an order cancelled online is due to the Mint allocation process. Apparently the internet orders went way ahead of expectations. Understandably the Mint put aside so many for orders by Post and Telephone and bottom of the pile are internet orders. Apparently Dealers get Family and Friends to place extra orders on popular issues like this. If you have had a Mailer from the Mint it might be worth sending it in. They are in a different category and "may"? not be sold out - who knows? Good luck