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  1. Xander

    Estonian E-Citizenship

    At least Iceland jailed their crooked bankers, here in the UK we reward them with taxpayers hard-earned cash.
  2. Xander

    Silver figurine?

    Hi, welcome to the forum.
  3. Xander

    Rumblings from Asia

    Hi, welcome to the forum.
  4. If you look in the mirror and your worst enemy is looking back at you, learn to hug yourself... you're worth it.
  5. Xander

    Hello There, Silver Forum people

    Hello Jack, welcome to the forum.
  6. The council where I live dropped the speed limit to 20 mph as of today, the problem I have is I spend more time watching the speedometer than the road. It could be they weren't making enough money from the 30 mph speed limit...£Kerrrrching!
  7. Xander

    Royal Mail daylight Robbery

    I had the same experience with UPS. I already paid the seller $49 for delivery then UPS added £43 for vat and handling fee. Maybe you got a bargain.😋
  8. Xander

    Libertad Photo Thread...

    One of my favourites.
  9. Xander

    Naughty boy

    The drummer and lead guitarist were on a roll. Value for money.
  10. Xander

    Naughty boy

    Those were the days, the band actually played their instruments, excellent, Ozzy sounded quite lucid. Maybe the bus driver was a Perry Como fan.😊
  11. Xander


    Where do you keep it then?🤤
  12. Xander


    That's a lot of Turkey.😎
  13. Xander

    Death of Cash

    You can't knock someone down with a Telly, 😉 Here, I know a Justice Minister who was caught driving with no insurance...Jail, I say!
  14. Would false advertising include selling a gold coin saying it was EF when actually it had been cleaned?