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  1. You can rent large boxes but they are a bit pricey for storing silver, I rent a smaller size box for gold only, you can get a good amount inside.
  2. Safety deposit box for me, just for the peace of mind. It's also insured with the company.
  3. It must be true, scientists said it, after all, they don't do alternative facts. Pump up the volume it's budget renewal time!
  4. Xander

    Where should I start?

    Atkinson are quite good. Free delivery.
  5. Xander

    Where should I start?

    Bullion Sovereigns, easy to obtain, easy to sell.
  6. This ones a bit more than £100.00. Not as old as yours though.😎
  7. If it's cleaned I wouldn't bother sending it to NGC, Looks good though.
  8. Left wing journalists appeal to prejudice rather than logic in order to fool the gullible.
  9. Xander

    Bullion by post

    I bought a gold Brit from them once, it wasn't up to the description, I called them and they refunded me, no problem. The guy was actually very helpful. give them a call.
  10. Last time I was in Ballina I had the good fortune of sampling a 1/2 bottle of Poitin, pure pot still whiskey, that my friend found under the floorboards of an old cottage he bought, he reckons it was there for about 40 years...nearly blew the gums off me.
  11. Xander

    E bay sovereign

    The die crack across the 2 in date looks the same as your Sov die crack.