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  1. "Strawman" ...an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponents real argument. "Statist victimhood, emotional, manipulation," oh dear, Straw man indeed!
  2. Someone else got what I earned, probably your Granada, I bet you he wasn't complaining.
  3. Millions of retired people continue to work and pay taxes on their pension and earnings. They have paid for their state pension may times over and are entitled to what they have earned. If you want people to "take 100% responsibility and ownership for themselves?" I suggest as by way of example you start with the younger generation.
  4. This is the Muppet who wants Unions in this country to go on strike in sympathy with Unions in other countries. The guy is a fruit and nutcase! The other have of the double act McDonnell says it would have been better if we lived under Stalin. What makes these people think we want to become a Communist country? Even the Soviet Union threw the towel in with that one.
  5. Tory think tank? With an election brewing, could this be a re-moaner Tory think tank out for vengeance?
  6. Hi, If you are not in a hurry to buy Gold coins take your time do lot's of research. When I started I rushed in a tad, I bought 4 1oz Gold Brits, not ling after I sold them and bought Sovereigns and in my opinion a far more interesting coin, much more flexible when liquidating. Well, that's my Tuppence worth.😎 All the best.
  7. If they did that there would be a State sponsored lawyer on their tail within days. This country is mental.
  8. Past tence irrelevant hearsay, we are discussing what is happening now not what could have happened in the past...nod if you understand.
  9. Who is in control of Western Europe. Think about it.
  10. They wonder why there is a drop in new teacher numbers and why more and more are resigning, delusioned with the whole debacle. These children are having there Psyche altered, there is going to be a lot of screwed up children leaving school in the future.
  11. Sovereign for me, fantastic variety and you will have no problem if you have to sell.
  12. The pupil ended up getting expelled for 3 weeks.