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  1. Yes. But I bet he wasn't lying there half an hour before Boris arrived. Immediately after the set up the parasite journalist runs to (mummy) the left wing Guardian. Propaganda with a capital P.
  2. I wonder what constitutional crises the British media parasites who masquerade as journalists will concoct in an attempt to mesmerize the gullible public in the coming months in order to save their inane jobs. This is all becoming tedious.
  3. Talking about queues. Remember this clown, Brexit will take the UK "back of the queue" for trade talks. And they criticize Donald Trump for sticking his nose in.
  4. over the passed few months I bought 10 oz gold, AAAHHHhh!!
  5. £34.96 per gram, keep going please
  6. How long do we hold off buying?
  7. Out of that 4 million votes the snp received 977,569 votes 35 seats. Conservatives, 757, 949 votes, 13 seats. Labour, 717, 007 votes, 7 seats. I make that 2,452.525 votes. Yep, UKIP, definitely robbed!
  8. Maybe this is worth a watch
  9. Xander

    How to clean Gold

    I heard Brillo pads work a treat.
  10. Xander

    How to clean Gold

    I didn't clean them and they looked EF, even under the loupe, NGC decided they were cleaned. That's why I said I wouldn't clean coins. As far as I know cleaning devalues the coin when it comes to serious numismatic collectors. I was fortunate though, the dealer gave me a refund.