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  1. They were too quick to offer a deal, it was only last week they were all stabbing Boris in the back at every opportunity. They fast tracked this deal knowing full well they have had consultation with Bercow and the Rebel Alliance promising to put the boot into it, that leaves the EU blameless as Westminster collapses into chaos and they (EU) get another Referendumb.
  2. Why target trains? I thought the point was to get people to use public transport not prevent them. I wonder if these two guys will receive a bonus on top of their £400.quid.
  3. So far this year this is my best buy. 1818 5R Russian Gold coin. I took a chance and bought it raw on eBay from a guy in France, sent it to @Numistacker to get graded, great relief when it came back genuine.
  4. Tell them to take from the EU payout, it's them causing all the trouble.
  5. I have been watching some 1oz gold coins for the past 3 weeks waiting for the price drop and when it did drop slightly they were immediately gone. How long do you wait? Some people are impatient.
  6. Best ignore. She is in the last chance saloon.
  7. As long as you don't insult anyone.😉
  8. There are over 700,000 private gun owners in England and Wales and 1.8 Million firearms. You can also own a 50 cal. You see what happens when disinformation is allowed a free reign.
  9. Educating children regarding the danger guns present in the wrong hands is totally different from indoctrinating them to despise the previous generation based on scientific studies which, when exposed under the spotlight do not stand up to scientific scrutiny. We need balance not hysteria.
  10. To be honest what I find sad is the sociopaths who control and exploit this you girl to do their dirty work, she should be enjoying her youth, instead, she is being filled with hatred and resentment against the older generation.
  11. They EU are stirring the pot, it's a ploy to get the UK fighting among themselves. They should see through this obvious skulduggery.
  12. No doubt when Greta grows up and learns the truth she will say to her parents, you "lied" to us. If you want to know who is orchestrating this fraud look no further than the wealthy families who originally transferred their wealth from the oil industry to the climate change carbon industry. According to them there is money to be made from climate change.