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  1. The B.P. is a giveaway. False as a nine bob bit.
  2. Cheers. Logged in and they still had my original order of 3. Ordered another 2. here's hoping.😊
  3. It could be something like a disclaimer. I would say within 5 days is not too bad. I have seen me waiting 3-5 wks at times. with another well known company.
  4. I bought a set of the antique scales off E bay, I didn't trust them, they were also a bit rough. I ended up with a set of digital scales plus the MDP coin card, not too expensive but they work. It was @HighlandTigerwho put me onto them.
  5. When were you last in prison? It's Game boy and Flat screen telly's nowadays.😎
  6. Does that not mean you have to accept best offer?
  7. I don't like that eBay charge you a % to put a reserve on the item. the higher the item costs the more they charge.
  8. You complained the" Taxpayer funded them" if that's the case, they fund me also sees as it's them I can claim it from. You still haven't given me an alternative,
  9. I work away from home and claim tax on accommodation. I also get free TV😋 I also get free transport and travel time from when I leave home until I return.
  10. Recently 28 EU member states elections took place for a parliament with limited powers. Secret dealings will now take place about who will take the unelected positions from which the chosen elite will exercise real power over the people in the EU. The "People" will have no say in the matter. These positions are, the president of the European Council, the president of the European Commission, 27 commissioners and the president of the European Central Bank. Does anyone know any of the new guys names?