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  1. I wonder if this is just a knee-jerk reaction, soon they may go back to a more realistic price. Then we can bag one.😉
  2. The pure gold content is 7.32240 grams.
  3. One mile to get the best Special Fish Supper with two large silver-skin onions, mmm!...I wish I hadn't said that now.😉
  4. Bullion sovs if you just want to collect for quick sale later.
  5. Extinction Rebellion slipped up and stated that their movement was the best way to " bring down Capitalism" their true agenda is no longer hidden. The Greta Doomberg movement is also simply a front for this political dogma.
  6. Or the future depending which way you are standing.😎
  7. I see some LGBT groups have decided to drop the T. Interesting.
  8. I found it wasn't worth the hassle or the cost, which is a pity as there are lots of great buys in the States.
  9. Throw this scum in a cell for one hour with a dozen mothers who also identify as "8 year-old" girls.
  10. I take it you mean the seller🤑
  11. Some Sovereigns just keep going up£££
  12. If nothing ain't worth nothing it will cost you nothing to buy it.
  13. Well, at least half the population won't like it.😋
  14. Not if it's bank transfer payment.