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  1. Xander

    πŸŽ… Christmas Prize Draw πŸŽ…

    ...or would it be possible to do a swap with another forum member?
  2. I only buy a coin if I like it. There is a danger of becoming a slave to coin series collections, result, instead of enjoying collecting you become frustrated.
  3. Xander

    North Dakota

    Sorry, I was being colloquial. Our wales population in the UK are outnumbered by about 3/1 sheep per person.πŸ˜‹
  4. Xander

    North Dakota

    Did that include the sheep?🀣
  5. Xander

    πŸŽ… Christmas Prize Draw πŸŽ…

    Just thought I would keep it in the family. 100g BYB bar.
  6. Baseball boots 1970s...five Bob.
  7. Xander

    Old 3p coins

    Sure was.
  8. Xander

    What's your standard vetting / fake-detection method?

    Not sure about that. Not long ago a forum member received a gold coin from an accredited dealer and it was fake. He got a refund but I always make sure just in case of a genuine mistake.
  9. Xander

    3D printers

    I think this is just another gadget that will end up in the garage collecting dust with all the others.πŸ˜‹
  10. Let's just hope they don't reverse it and give gold the same status as silver.🀣
  11. 2 Rounds for me. Thank you. Any numbers.
  12. As long as old leather-face isn't on the reverse.😁
  13. Xander

    Local Elections

    Totally agree. Voting here is a joke. There are some areas in the UK where children take adults who don't speak English into the polling booth and show them who they have been instructed to vote for, polling staff turns a blind eye. As for students double voting, that was TM's fault for not waiting until the universities closed for the holidays, all they did was a vote were the uni was then vote when they went home. Of course, they voted for the Duplicitous Corbyne because he told them he would abolish university fees. After the election, he was challenged where the money was coming from, his reply, oh, it was only a suggestion, he had no intention of abolishing the fees. Hopefully, they will remember that.
  14. Xander

    Gold to silver ratio.

    I bought my first 1oz gold coin last year it cost Β£1,030. recently I could have bought the same coin for Β£930. Seems to be a pattern here.
  15. Xander

    Boycotting GS.be

    I wouldn't mind paying a little extra for a safe secure transparent professional service. As they say, if it costs you peace of mind the price is too high.