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  1. Have a leesa foam mattress - Its bit firmer than most, I love it! Its best mattress I have ever had It was awarded Which best buy, so not just me who likes it. They they offer a free 100 night trial (not sure if some catch like you have to pay postage etc though)
  2. I think deal no deal,stay or leave etc will make little difference in itself to the prices. The one factor that could cause a crash or least a marked decrease would be if interest rates increased substantially, it's been historically low for a while now and is also a contributing factor to high house prices. Granted that a rise could be a side effect of brexit stuff (among other things).
  3. I think there is very little chance of a house price crash, the worst may be a slight dip or a period of very low growth and some regional variation but as above its supply vs demand. Looking at the official statistics from the ONS its seems very unlikely that supply will keep up with demand so possible the prices could rise further even. They say: "In mid-2017, the population of the UK was an estimated 66 million – its largest ever." "The UK population is projected to continue growing, reaching almost 73 million by 2041." "Sustained UK growth results from births outnumbering deaths (by 148,000 in 2017) and immigration exceeding emigration (by 282,000 in 2017)." And even if we do leave the EU, "net migration of non-EU nationals in the year to June 2018 was 248,000 - the highest total in 14 years." So roughly they need to build the housing stock equivalent to the city of Bristol every year.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZt1xKtPbUQ I enjoy this Etta performance.
  5. keep at it - I Just completed order - got 2 x silver - that was frustrating. Now off to bed at last
  6. ha ha so now I have a gold in my basket that I don't want from clicking stuff in frustration - can I delete it - Nope! - ARHHHHHHHHHHH
  7. I a bit in front of you - 1716 in queue 6 min wait (so it says)
  8. It would seem the silver is going to sell out if the queue numbers are to be believed.
  9. no mine not moved either - time to wait increased to over an hour now ☹️