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  1. Australian wildlife coins are nothing new, particularly silver ones, but there’s always room for something well done and a little different. We think Downies latest issue fits that bill perfectly. Australia has a quite extraordinary range of species found nowhere elese on Earth, perhaps none more so than the strange platypus. Hardly a rare subject on coins from the region, this one is easily one of the best to date. Finished in black proof, much like several recent CIT issues, the coin depicts a silver platypus in an aquatic black proof background. The design is quite beautiful and does a great job of showing the platypus in its natural habitat. There are inscriptions present, but they’re kept off the main artwork and placed near the rim in negative space. The obverse mirrors the look of the reverse face with regards to finish. The effigy of Queen Elizabeth is also kept in clean silver, with the rest of the coin finished as black proof. The coin is struck from one-ounce of fine silver and is issued for Niue. Packaging looks very nice with a coloured outer shipper holding a gloss-black coin box that seems quite appropriate for the subject. A certificate of authenticity is included for each of the 1,000 being minted. Available from Downies Australia and selling for $169 AUD, this looks to be a fine example of the genre, if not a particularly cheap one. It looks like it’s the first in a series, so one worth keeping an eye on if this first coin is an indicator of the quality on offer. Available to order now from Downies and others like our sponsor Powercoin. SPECIFICATION DENOMINATION $1 Australia $2 Australia COMPOSITION 0.9999 silver 0.9999 silver WEIGHT 31.107 grams 62.213 grams DIMENSIONS 40.6 mm 40.5 mm FINISH Bullion Bullion MODIFICATIONS None High-relief MINTAGE 50,000 1,500 BOX / COA No / No Yes / Yes
  2. The Royal Mint is increasing its presence in the international gold and silver bullion coin markets with yet more new issues. Uncharacteristically for the mint, the last couple of years has seen a much bigger range of choice from the usual Britannia and Sovereigns that have served them well for many decades. Neither of these new issues is particularly unexpected or ground-breaking, but both are decent designs and very welcome. The first of the two new issues is a gold version of the recently released Two Dragons bullion coin. Making its first appearance barely two months ago, the silver version was a very cool mix of Welsh and Chinese dragons – a clever amalgamation of the Royal Mints location and the intended market. The gold variant is copy of the same design and also weighs an ounce. No other sizes are available at present and the mintage on this one is capped at just 5,000 units. The Landmarks of Britain coin is the third in the series and depicts Trafalgar Square. It follows the earlier Big Ben and Tower Bridge issues. These are bullion copies of a proof set released in mid-2014, so expect the last of the four to depict Buckingham Palace. Again, just a single format up for grabs and it’s the classic one-ounce silver and with a mintage of 50,000 pieces. Like the Two Dragons coin, this one has the guilloche finish to the obverse that looks pretty good. Available to order now from Royal Mint Bullion directly or from dealers worldwide like LPM and APMEX.
  3. Sadbuttrue2


    Noticed this! 2018 Australian Emu 1oz Silver Coin - Total (inc. VAT):£54.95 WOW! What a price
  4. Sadbuttrue2

    Another Perth Bird

    After decades of issuing bullion coins in their Koala, Kookaburra and Lunar Animal ranges, the Perth Mint has considerably expanded its offerings over the last couple of years, with the rate of diversification seemingly gathering steam. A few of the new issues have captured collectors imaginations and shown impressive appreciation in a short amount of time. The Australian Swan coin from last year is a noteworthy example and that series is clearly hugely desirable given the frenzy around the 2018 entrant, and the Australian Emu was another recent highlight. Never one to abandon a good thing, the mint has launched another Australian Wildlife themed bullion coin series and if the first coin is an indicator it will be one worth watching. Called Australian Bird of Paradise, it depicts a Victoria’s Riflebird perched on a branch and calling out with its wings outstretched. A very pretty design by in-house artist Jennifer McKenna is surrounded by a border carrying title and composition inscriptions. Available in one-ounce gold or one-ounce silver formats, the design, apart from the obvious inscription differences, remains fundamentally the same. The silver coin has a mintage limited to 50,000 pieces and the gold 5,000. All come encapsulated but without other packaging, just as you’d expect of a bullion coin. The coins are distributed in partnership between Auragentum and LPM-HK and can be purchased from these companies today. A great debut for another fine Perth Mint bullion coin series with a nature theme. They do seem to be rather good at them. Proof versions should be available in late 2018/early 2019.
  5. Sadbuttrue2

    Niue Double Dragon 1oz silver (and 5 oz)

    I would like to know how long the dies last for with the honeycomb affect!
  6. Scottsdale have been issuing some great limited run bullion coins over the last few years, such as the Cayman Islands Marlin and Hokusai, The Great Wave and with this new announcement there’s confirmation that Scottsdale will continue to do so for some time. Starting with this new release, a programme of precious metal coin issues linked to the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) countries will begin. Eight island nations are included in the programme – Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent & the Grenadines. Some of these nations have never had a gold or silver bullion coin issued for them, but Scottsdale will change that with a unique design for each state being released throughout the year. It’s a great concept and as someone who worked on Anguilla for over a year, one of great personal interest. In addition to the bullion coins, there will also be proof variants with tighter mintages and a higher quality finish, although priced much higher, of course. The first issue is for Antigua & Barbuda, a beautiful place (although it redefines torture to try to sleep when the tree frogs are having a noisy night…) and one with a strong colonial history. Piracy and rum-running was common and Scottsdale has chosen the latter as the subject of this issue. Depicting a sailing vessel offshore with some barrels of rum on the beach, it’s a decent debut and quite atmospheric. The obverse will likely be a common one for the series as each coin is legal tender in all eight places. The bullion coin is available as a 1oz 0.999 silver (25,000 mintage) or 1oz 0.9999 gold (2,500) variant, and in addition to those there are a pair of proof commemorative versions with similar weights, but far smaller mintages. The proof coins have some selective colouring on the reverse face, something we’d prefer wasn’t there, to be honest. The proof coins will come boxed with a certificate of authenticity. This is a very cool idea for a bullion series – something not done anywhere else at the moment and we hope it’s a success for them. We’re especially looking forward to the Anguilla release which is shown in the video further down, but there seems to be plenty of variety in the designs, so most will find at least one they like. Available to order now.
  7. Sadbuttrue2

    New Swan Coin incoming?

  8. It was early last year that the New Zealand Mint brought its flagship Disney licence to the bullion coin market when it launched its Steamboat Willie range. Depicting Mickey Mouse in his 1928 movie, the coin seemed pretty popular and was followed up later in 2017 with a Mickey Mouse lunar bullion coin. Third time out it’s the turn of a hugely appropriate character to adorn a bullion coin – Scrooge McDuck. Created by Carl Backs way back in 1947, Scrooge McDuck is described as an elderly Scottish Pekin duck and is a super-wealthy business magnate, super-tight with his money, and Donald Ducks uncle. Often pictured diving into vaults filled with gold coins, the character is a perfect choice. His image on the coin, holding a huge bag of money, is typical of Scrooge, so there’s no confusing who this is. As the coin is issued for Niue, the obverse carries the effigy of QEII by Ian Rank Broadley, so no surprises there. Two formats are on offer, both a troy ounce in weight. The silver variant is struck in 0.999 fineness silver and the gold in 0.9999. There are no design changes between the two versions outside of the obvious denomination and composition inscriptions. The silver coin is sold in themed monster boxes containing 250 coins (10 tubes of 25 coins), although picking up smaller quantities shouldn’t be a problem. The gold is sold individually encapsulated. Both coins are available now and should be easy to pick up worldwide.
  9. Just spotted this on https://aurinum.de/2018-South-Africa-1-oz-Silver-Krugerrand-Proof This is the second year the South African mint will offer the Proof Silver Krugerrand. This beautiful proof coin has a mintage of 15,000.
  10. Sadbuttrue2

    Royal Mail Signed For - warning!!!!

    Even with Special Delivery they do there best not to pay up & find some reason! I know! been there:)
  11. Sadbuttrue2

    BNT - Do not use - Bunch of cowboys - Please read

    I Would not trust them! Bad Company!
  12. Sadbuttrue2

    Queen's Beast Series

    silvertrader.uk have them & is a really nice person to deal with! No problems with this Guy
  13. Sadbuttrue2

    DHL / UK Mail Issue

    Have a problem at the moment with a silver order DHL posted from Germany 27.11.17 & hasn't arrived yet in U.K! It's a bit crap - there tracking website is a waste of time
  14. Sadbuttrue2

    Bhutan lunar "series"

    Hi there, If you are based in the UK! You can purchase this coin from https://www.silvertrader.uk/product/2017-bhutan-lunar-rooster-1-oz-silver-bullion-coin/ Trusted dealer!