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  1. Lr103

    Today I Received

    These rounds were on sale on APMEX last week, so I grabbed a few. The US government dumped silver into the open market in 1980 and 1981 to drive down prices after the Hunt brothers tried to corner the market, and these were supposedly minted using the silver sold from the strategic reserve. In any case, not bad looking for over 35 years old!
  2. Looks great, and I like the new stamp! I'll take my same numbers as last year.
  3. Lr103

    Today I Received

    Some bullion bulls 😊
  4. My initial assumption with these globes was that you would not make more this year, but would in the future. However if it does turn out that you never make these again, as a buyer I would be more likely to pay an even larger premium if you developed a reputation for single mintage items (assuming of course I also liked the design). In any case, as others have said, I would be supportive of however you determine it's best to run your business....higher volume, lower margin, or lower volume with a higher margin. I can see logic in either, and as long as you let customers know your intention in terms of mintage, and as you said don't play games with privy marks or special boxes to then inflate the stated mintage, you will be fine. If it were me, I wouldn't destroy the mold though (...however it might be good for YouTube views 😊)
  5. Lr103

    US Mint : More Ugly Coins

    Just to clarify, these are not US Mint coins. These are issued by the Native American Mint, and are part of a series that features a state, a tribe associated with that state, and an animal integral to the tribe. http://www.nativeamericanmint.com
  6. Lr103


    While this seller is newer to the Silver Forum, I use them for everything I get from the Royal Mint. I've never had issues with preorder items such as this (I bought one of these as well).
  7. No worries, and thanks for clarifying.
  8. Thank you for letting me know! If it did sell out so quickly, that's very impressive. However, I do completely agree with @augur....the buyer one of these coins must receive substantial non-economic benefit for the purchase to make sense. Like expensive artwork, but with a melt value 🙂
  9. Out of curiosity, I tried to find this kilo coin on the Royal Mint website, but it's not listed. Do you think something like this would sell out, or do they just not have it on the website? There are other kilo gold coins listed, but I would find it very surprising for it sell out so quickly. It is a very low mintage, but I wouldn't have thought the demand would be there...
  10. Lr103

    completed Hi from NH

    I figured you would notice! I haven't climbed Chocorua yet, but will eventually. So far I've only hiked to the peak of Monadnock, which is probably a bit easier.
  11. Lr103

    Britannia proof COA without number

    @kimchi's suggestion is what I had in mind...just ask them if non-numbered COAs were ever issued for this coin. For example, the limited edition presentation for this coin was 600, but the maximum mintage was 1,350. It could be that in 2014 these were the non-limited edition COAs and it was included with your raw coin by mistake. I've learned that the the Royal Mint does in fact have different COAs for the limited edition presentation, and the mintage above this number, as I have one from each group for some of the Queen's Beasts. They all have numbers however.
  12. Lr103

    Britannia proof COA without number

    Unless someone else from the forum has seen a card like this, then if I were in your situation I would contact the Royal Mint and ask about it. I've used the "Contact Us" button on their website many times, and they have always been responsive. I asked a different question about this same coin, and they referred me to someone from the Royal Mint Museum who was very helpful. It might also be a good idea to ask the seller. If everything else looks good, I wouldn't know how else to assess the legitimacy of the card. There have been instances of mistakes by the Royal Mint with these cards, such as with the Strike on the Day sovereign last year.
  13. Lr103

    Britannia proof COA without number

    That doesn't look right to me, but there is a chance it's an error. I would compare the back, including the hologram in lower right. Here is mine for comparison.
  14. Lr103

    Today I Received

    A pair of Backyard Bullion seashells, regular finish and antiqued.