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  1. Lr103

    Oriental Britannia launching soon

    I bet the 325 is the "limited edition presentation" (the wooden display), and MCM was given 175 for the "graded presentation". This is how it works with the Queen's Beasts...the graded presentation has a different COA and a graded presentation mintage. With the Queen's Beasts, If you add the MCM graded mintage with the Royal Mint limited edition mintage, you arrive at their number for total mintage.
  2. Lr103

    BRITANNIA 2018 oriental border 100 box?

    These limited edition bullion coins (Oriental border Britannia, Landmarks etc) from the Royal Mint that come from the mint already in plastic capsules do not come in tubes/monster boxes. They come in plastic rolls/cardboard boxes. If you buy 20, you get a plastic bag, and 100 you get 5 bags in a box. It's not the prettiest way to store them, but you do get a nice plastic capsule. Here is what 100 will look like:
  3. Lr103

    Today I Received

    APMEX has already emailed me a pre-paid label for return postage in response to a photo of this bar. So at least they did the right thing, and without any hassle🙂
  4. Lr103

    Today I Received

    I agree with all the comments above, and will attempt to get a replacement. I purchased it from APMEX via presale for $1,506. So $15.06/oz is good, but I would expect more from a brand new bar. Thank you all for your input!
  5. Lr103

    Today I Received

    I received this very substantial 100oz bar today. I think the design is great, and I was surprised by the thickness (other 100oz bars I've seen are longer and flatter). The 1/4 oz dragon is there to illustrate the thickness of this bar. Unfortunately it has a dark blemish on one side, and a large gash on the other. It was a very low premium, but I still might ask about an exchange. I really do like the bar itself though!😊
  6. Lr103

    QB Falcon BU

    It is the same for the other non-mythical beasts as well. Look at the tails of the bull and the lion, and extrapolate the length (I hope this doesn't ruin them for you! 😉)...there's some degree of artistic license in all the designs. To me the dragon's tongue looks too large, but who am I to say how big a dragon's tongue should be, and even so that's still my favorite design so far.
  7. Lr103

    Today I Received

    A 10oz Britannia bar. I don't know yet if it will come out of the sealed plastic pouch... 🙂
  8. I just saw this was in my email from a few hours ago...probably a good indication a coin will do well. (this was needed because there was a 1 coin limit per household)
  9. Either the Mint is overwhelmed, or they sold out in 6 minutes!!
  10. Lr103


    In terms of the sellout, this was the lowest mintage of the 1oz gold proofs at 445. Although the bull and dragon, like the falcon, each had 400 sold by the Royal Mint in the "limited edition presentation", it means MCM had less to sell in the graded presentation. So it could be some of these Royal Mint presentation proofs were purchased for grading given that only 45 of the falcons will be part of the "graded presentation" (edit: there were 100 each of the bull and dragon, so a total of 500).
  11. Lr103

    Bullionvault platinum offer

    I think these are nice, but not marketed much by the Royal Mint: https://www.royalmintbullion.com/Products/Platinum-Bars
  12. @*tada* If you are interested, I noticed Bullion Exchanges and APMEX have the graded version of this coin available on a pre-sale basis. I purchased the bullion version of this coin in the MS70 format last year using one of these pre-sales. APMEX has either sold out, or possibly hasn't gone live with it yet, and Bullion Exchanges has 3 left at the moment: https://www.apmex.com/product/152863/2018-w-1-oz-proof-palladium-american-eagle-pf-70-ngc-er https://bullionexchanges.com/2018-w-1-oz-proof-palladium-american-eagle-ngc-pf-70-er edit: I have no idea if this graded price is good or not. The US mint pricing guidelines say that at the current price of palladium, the ungraded proof if released today would sell for $1,387.50 vs. $2,100 for this PF70.
  13. Lr103

    The Queens Beasts

    I agree completely with this. Had I known in advance they would continually ask for more and more personal data right down to scanning a (notarized?!) utility bill, I would certainly not have applied for my account. However, at each stage I thought they already have so much data, and I don't really trust them to delete it, and there can't be much more they want....😬 Don't worry, with the exception of these occasional pricing anomalies, there is not much you are missing because of all of their products are available elsewhere, usually in a more timely manner. The main benefit I see for RM bullion vs. other vendors for US customers is if you are hoping to grade bullion, as I've found quality is slightly better, probably because there is less chance of coins rubbing together during shipping to another bullion dealer (and of course if that bullion dealer also grades coins, they will probably sell you the one they don't want first).
  14. The more I see this design, the more I like it. My first impression was negative (although not to the point I wouldn't buy it), and I didn't think the pose of the falcon was flattering. However, it does make sense to me that a protective stance is a reasonable design choice, and it's just difficult to make a falcon look as good as a Dragon, Griffin, or Lion. These proof coins also look very different depending on how light reflects. In my opinion, the picture on the Royal Mint website shows off the coin and design better than the initial post, which was probably from MCM.
  15. Lr103

    1oz Gold Britannia Bar

    I like it, and will probably get one. I see it's listed other places as well such as APMEX. It is not unusual however...these other dealers have had the Queen's Beasts bullion coins, the oriental border Britannia, and the two dragons coins in some cases weeks before they were listed on Royal Mint bullion. I'm sure we'll see it listed there soon.