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  1. I personally think the quality is very good when it comes to bullion grade coins, but it could also be my expectations are not very high. In any case, I like them very much 🙂. It might be worthwhile to investigate the "mint sealed rolls" claim further. I've purchased many of these coins, and tubes bought direct from Royal Mint Bullion were not sealed in any way. I also seen a Queen's Beasts monster box (these boxes have very nice beast-specific labels by the way), and the box itself was sealed shut with plastic straps, and none of the tubes inside were sealed. The sealing of the tubes might be done by the dealer, rather than the mint...not that this is necessarily bad. I know APMEX sells some sealed tubes (called MintDirect), and does the sealing themselves. I personally would not pay more to have them sealed. Here is an example: https://www.apmex.com/product/171423/2019-1-oz-silver-american-eagles-20-coin-mintdirect-tube
  2. That's very good to know, or else I would have worried either I or @CadmiumGreen have a fake due to the inner felt color.
  3. The one above that @Notafront4adragon has found looks right to me (at least the box and COA, but who knows what's inside). It's interesting seeing the various COAs. It seems they had the card bulk printed, and then stamped the COA number on the card in red ink. This explains the smudges above the numbers...I had wondered about that. Each number is also in a slightly different location relative to the border of the COA. I've never seen the outer plastic (mine is from the Coin Connection), but the "Royal Mint" font lettering on the plastic is the same as the back of the COA.
  4. Here is mine (1989 Full Sovereign proof)....hopefully it's helpful as a comparison.
  5. 2018 MS70 Silver Incuse Maple Leaf. First Releases with NGC white core holder and special Canada label. The coin and holder look to still be in perfect condition to me. $35 with free shipping within the US, add location based postage for international sales.
  6. Ticket number 2 Feedback given and received.
  7. 2019 1oz silver Queen's Beasts Yale of Beaufort proof, with COA and original Royal Mint packaging. This coin does have a spot as shown in the pictures below. In my opinion the close-up pictures make it look much worse than it is...I didn't know it was there until I took the picture for the sale post. I think it's fair to say that you could buy this from APMEX for $110 and get the same or worse condition coin. Given the spot, the price is $75 with free delivery within the US. International delivery would need to add location based postage costs.
  8. When a bank wants to know where the money came from in this situation, it's first and foremost to ensure the new deposit is not from another loan. They need to make sure the borrower actually has a cash deposit and is not over leveraged. I can't see cash from PM sales being an issue.
  9. A fine assortment of @BackyardBullion bars!
  10. ModernCoinMart sells many of these certified rolls. Here is an example, and it has more detail on the GEM grade (essentially what you said....65 or higher). I have no way to prove this as accurate, but my assumption has always been that MCM sends in many coins to NGC, they slab the 69s and 70s, and the rest go in these tubes! https://www.moderncoinmart.com/certified-roll-of-20-2017-great-britain-1-oz-silver-britannia-20th-anniversary-trident-privy-2-ngc-gem-uncirculated-exclusive-britannia-label.html
  11. @BackyardBullion @CadmiumGreen I will second an endorsement for this company. They make all these items themselves, and do a great job! Here are some black stands I use for 10oz Queen's Beasts bullion, and 5oz proofs (same stand fits both):
  12. Welcome to the forum! Which lion do you already have....the oldest (Lion of England) or the newest (White Lion)?
  13. Lr103

    White Lion

    I agree! To me this coin shall henceforth be known as The Werelion of Mortimer.
  14. These look great! Consider interest expressed for the 5oz round. 😊