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  1. They certainly do especially for newer issue bullion, however APMEX does have a much larger selection of items, so I find myself using both. I would also look at SDBullion. In my experience, they have an even more narrow selection, but sometimes better prices than Bullion Exchanges. They do ship to the UK, and I believe you need to create a basket of items to determine the cost. https://sdbullion.com/international
  2. This coin comes with the original mint capsule, and has never been opened. $250 postage included within the USA, $280 posted internationally. Delivery by USPS Priority Mail.
  3. @Xander As a more helpful reply, it looks to me like they do not ship internationally, assuming this is the company you mean: https://bullionexchanges.com
  4. I assume you mean to the UK, so I can't help with that. For me, it's free shipping.😉
  5. Yes, I've used them plenty of times. They usually have good prices, and I've not had any bad experiences.
  6. Remember though the that global population has also increased at between 1 to 2% per year, and 1% of 7.7 billion is still a huge number. Neither the population growth rate, nor the rate at which gold is mined, is likely to be linear over time, however it must be factored in when trying to determine an inflation (or deflation) rate for the price of gold. https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/
  7. I've had good experiences with buying and selling on the forum, and it would certainly be nice to get the USA trade section more active, so I would encourage you to give it a try!
  8. This is a Royal Canadian Mint box meant to hold the 2018 20th Anniversary Silver Maple Leaf, and the 2019 40th Anniversary Gold Maple Leaf 1oz coins. It is very well made, and the felt lined tray can be removed. There are slots such that the coins can stand upright, or lay flat. It is 22cm in length, or just under 9 inches It was sent to me by a coin dealer by mistake, and they told me to just keep it rather than send it back. Free to anyone willing to pay for your choice of postage. I'm happy to post internationally, but the postage is expensive.
  9. Since I purchased my first gold coin around 6 years ago, the only bullion gold coins that have done very well for me are the 1oz Queen's Beasts. At this point even some of the dealers will buy them back for a large premium and sell them for an even larger premium. I do wonder what will happen in the future, and it will be interesting to see if these premiums hold up. I can make an argument either way, and don't have a strong opinion My own anecdotal example aside, if I were looking to maximize return I would go with the 1oz size. While the market might be smaller, when you look to sell to a dealer or otherwise, most of us will need to post these coins. Postage is a much higher percentage of value with smaller coins, so when you calculate your proceeds net of postage, it is more difficult to make a profit with the smaller coins.
  10. This is actually a very important distinction. While many might know the identity of the dealer based on a history of reading the forum, by acting in this manner @BackyardBullion is among other things preventing this thread from getting picked up by Google etc. when the name of the dealer is searched. My own first exposure to this forum came from a Google search researching Queen's Beasts 🙂
  11. ...and as a counter-example to my post above, I sold some of the Landmarks series bullion and the dealer paid spot+5 cents (they sell them for spot plus $8). I certainly don't want to create the impression the all series will work out the way the Queen's Beasts have. My point was that if I could "re-start" my buying, I would focus on bullion that has a chance to development a premium at some point in the future, as long as they can be purchased inexpensively at the outset.
  12. For me (also in the USA) ASEs were the very first silver I purchased, but I've now switched primarily to Queen's Beasts. You can buy the new issue bullion at a lower per oz premium than an ASE, and there is potential for premium increase. In my opinion the downside is the same between these two choices (spot price of silver), but a series such as the Queen's Beasts have the potential for upside beyond the price of the metal as a premium develops. Of course there won't always be Queen's Beasts, but the concept is the same with other bullion silver and gold. I've sold some of both on eBay and back to a dealer, and even though they won't give you anywhere near the the enormous premium they now sell older versions of these coins, silver was a few dollars higher when I bought them, and when you buy the new issues in the $15 to $20 range, and even dealers are paying $45, you can see the appeal relative to generic bullion. When I sold griffins and lions recently, I rolled the proceeds into new issue Yales and Falcons. I'm happy with the silver sales, but I do actually have fairly substantial regrets about selling some of the gold griffins. I think I got attached to them as I really do enjoy the designs, and this is a downside of buying any kind of non-generics. You can end up making irrational and non-economic decisions more easily 🙂
  13. I'm just now seeing this thread, but I can verify that the buyer is indeed very happy with this gold bar!! 😊 @BackyardBullion kept me well informed the whole time, and did give me several options including rework and resale. But I told him I'm still happy to have it. Think of what we're (some of us anyway) willing to pay in premium over spot for proof coins. I paid spot plus his labor, and I still I think it's a great looking bar. It really is a one of kind piece given the ripple pattern, and now YouTube videos. I understood the risks and I could have ended up with much worse than a nice looking bar that cannot be hallmarked. In my mind @BackyardBullion went above and beyond, and while the end result could have been better, I'm still a happy customer.