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  1. Another thought is that many dealers sell direct on eBay, including APMEX, Pinehurst, Bullion Exchanges, and MCM. Of course they all mark up for eBay fees, but an eBay gift card would allow purchases from these dealers' eBay listings.
  2. Yes it does! I had low expectations of the coin, but not the folder 🙂 They really are tremendous though when it comes to customer service....it's just too bad that the quality control makes it necessary.
  3. Here is a Trial of the Pyx 1oz unicorn as received. It had absolutely no wrapping or packing materials, and was loose in the box. To their credit, they replaced everything that was damaged quickly, and without questions or additional cost.
  4. Yes....love the old school black and white 😊
  5. A silver Aztec calendar round....huge thank you to @h103efa!!
  6. For just the outer box and the booklet, I would also ask the Royal Mint. The are very good about replacing damaged boxes and booklets, and have mailed me both for the unicorn, so they keep extras in stock. Of course there is a good chance they no longer have lion materials available, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  7. I agree with @Panda82 's post above, and have a couple MS69 griffins that I graded myself looking for an MS70. I view the grading costs of these MS69s as the price I paid to get the MS70. My initial plan was to upholder the MS69s, but I haven't done this yet just in case I turn out to be wrong about demand for MS69 vs. raw bullion.
  8. I'd like to reserve my numbers from last year as well. Thank you!
  9. 1.5oz of diseased magical goat bullion😊 Edit: Meant in the most endearing way possible, as I do like these very much!
  10. @itslikegolddust Here is a link to BYB's sales post:
  11. It looks like the lower mintage is having an impact. Both the 1/4oz gold and 5oz gold are now sold out, and the 1oz silver is 85% sold. This is the first time I remember the 5oz gold selling out this quickly.
  12. Lr103

    UK reverse proof coins?

    They've produced reverse proof Britannias for APMEX each year since at least 2016, but these are the only ones that I know of... https://www.apmex.com/product/96550/2016-2-coin-silver-1-oz-britannia-proof-reverse-proof-set
  13. To clarify, US based buyers are not charged VAT. If I log into the Royal Mint website for example, the prices of items which include VAT are reduced to account for the removal of VAT.
  14. I think this is a dealer handling issue. When they come from the Royal Mint, they arrive shrink wrapped to these cardboard sheets, sized to fit inside a monster box. If you buy in multiples of 3 when they are newly issued, they will usually send them this way. These came from SDBullion, and as far as I can tell the capsules are in great condition.