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  1. @BackyardBullion @CadmiumGreen I will second an endorsement for this company. They make all these items themselves, and do a great job! Here are some black stands I use for 10oz Queen's Beasts bullion, and 5oz proofs (same stand fits both):
  2. Welcome to the forum! Which lion do you already have....the oldest (Lion of England) or the newest (White Lion)?
  3. Lr103

    White Lion

    I agree! To me this coin shall henceforth be known as The Werelion of Mortimer.
  4. These look great! Consider interest expressed for the 5oz round. 😊
  5. That's an important point. In the case of the Queen's Beasts the bullion does have a completely different look with the chainmail background.
  6. I've wondered about this, as I sold some 1oz gold beasts recently, and was given higher buy price bids from a dealer for bullion than for a proof. The proofs were listed on their site for more than 2x what was offered, and the bullion only a couple hundred dollars more. My conclusion, especially when looking at the dealer prices as shown above, is that the proofs are much less liquid and therefore have a higher bid/ask spread, like an illiquid stock or bond. Due to supply and demand, the dealers expect the bullion to sell quicker than the proofs. When buying a proof, the dealer might have money tied up for a very long time because there are less buyers of proofs relative to bullion. During this time gold can decline, but more importantly the money cannot be reinvested in the purchase of new inventory. This is not good for a dealer when higher turnover means more profit. Also, you are comparing your 2017 proof buy price, to the 2019 bullion price. There are less data points, but when these proofs do sell, they often do go for more than the bullion (higher bid/ask spread). The last 1oz proof to sell on eBay was a lion for over $3,000, and I noticed that APMEX had a Unicorn listed earlier today for $3,800 which seems to have now sold (I just happened to take this screenshot to monitor changes in the price).
  7. Thanks! Yes, they are very hardy plants, and should grow in Scotland from a climate standpoint, but I'm not sure if there is anything they wouldn't like about the soil etc. They grow wild in harsher locations such as Maine and Nova Scotia (these have very small berries), and the cultivated varieties like mine above grow there as well. I also found this below, so it looks like at least some are grown locally in Scotland: https://www.gov.scot/news/scottish-blueberries/
  8. I collect these as well, in the 5oz bullion form. There are still some I need to backfill, so I do that whenever there is a deal available, and otherwise I've been buying them as they are released.
  9. This weekend the blueberries were ready! Before and after....
  10. I have 11 of these 1oz silver British Trade dollar rounds for sale. They are for sale at Provident for $19.12 for cash purchases for 20 or less pieces (subject to spot fluctuations). https://www.providentmetals.com/1-oz-silver-round-british-trade-dollar.html I will sell the full lot of 11 for $17.50 per round ($192.50) with tracked postage included to a US address, or $18.50 per round ($203.50) with international tracked postage included. If this is one of the first 10 sales in August, it will qualify for the Silver Forum cash back offer!
  11. 2019 1/4 gold Queen's Beasts Yale PF70 w/ box and COA Graded by NGC through Numistacker, with Great Britain label and scratch resistant holder $750, and I will pay for tracked postage delivered to either a US or international address. If one of the 1st 10 sales in August, this will qualify for the Silver Forum cash back offer!
  12. 2010 Proof Full Sovereign with box and COA This coin is being offered as bullion below the spot price of gold due to spots on the surface (see pictures). Price $340 delivered within the US. International postage add $10. This purchase might also qualify for $5 cash back from the Silver Forum if it is one of the 1st 10 sales in August!
  13. It could be just a US dealer tactic, but typically whenever a new coin such as the next Queen's Beast comes out, the first few weeks they are listed as pre-sale. At least with this series of coins, I've found that during this time the premiums over spot are the lowest. The newest beasts can be had for a lower per oz premium than Eagles, Britannias, or Maples (the Yale is still less per oz than a silver Eagle for example). After this period of time, the premium increases a little, and then after a year or so it increases again. After the mintage period ends, supply and demand for the coin controls the premium. Here is an example...although this is a higher premium coin to begin with, we'll likely see the premium over spot increase from this amount once the pre-sale period ends: https://www.apmex.com/product/193324/2019-tuvalu-1-oz-silver-black-flag-queen-annes-revenge
  14. I agree and haven't bought any gold recently, only platinum and silver. However, I will come to terms with gold prices probably within the next month when the next beast is released! 😊 The pre-sale premium is very low with the new releases, so at least that part of the price can be managed.