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  1. Lr103

    Where to sell

    It's still worth asking the dealers, if you haven't already, so you can be prepared if gold hits your target. I was under this impression that dealers always pay under spot, but decided to call around and was paid $1,600 for bullion gold lions, and $1,700 for griffins a few months ago. Granted the same dealer sold them each (even back then) for over $2,000. Another dealer offered me spot 1% under spot for each, so it's worth shopping around. This was a US based dealer, so it could be that UK dealers always pay spot. I would also list on the forum. Interestingly, I also asked for a bid on a 1oz gold lion proof, and they offered spot (I kept it). So less than the bullion! Even though supply is high for the BU, demand must be higher, at least in their opinion 😊 (if anyone is interested in more details, please PM me. I'm hesitant to disclose full deal terms on a public forum)
  2. A Holland Dubbele Wapenstuiver. Thank you very much to @FFkook for this coin, as well as for some of the history behind it! 🇳🇱 This coin is from 1780 is made of 0.583 silver, and the 2 S stands for two Stuivers. Back then the Netherlands were a republic of seven provinces, and each provence made their own double stuiver with the shield of the province (similar to the lion dollars). This one is from Holland, which was the largest and wealthiest province.
  3. Great to have you back!! I do miss the “We’re All Mad Here” thumbnail image though 😊
  4. ....but it does get subtracted from otherwise VATable items such as silver proofs.
  5. Nobody "runs" bitcoin, just as nobody "runs" gold. The analogy to investing in a company cannot be made (just as with gold). Companies use capital to earn a profit for shareholders. If they are successful, they will generate free cash flow that can be paid out as dividends, or reinvested for growth. Gold and bitcoin are non-productive stores of value that will either increase or decrease based on supply and demand. There is no centralized authority that runs bitcoin. Somebody created it, now it exists and trades. If you buy bitcoin, your money goes to the person or business that sold it to you.
  6. When you create your eBay listing, you have the option to either not accept offers, or set a threshold below which offers will not be accepted. I sell coins on eBay occasionally, but I always set a threshold to eliminate the low ball offers. I would also encourage you to give selling on the forum a shot. It's as easy for you as creating this thread you started...you just do it in the "Buy, Sell & Trade" section under "USA & Canada". It's nice to not pay eBay fees 😊
  7. @Elements is correct as stated above. You are only obligated to sell if a buyer pays your full “Buy it now” price. You can reject any and all offers below your full price.
  8. 2011 Proof Sovereign with all original Royal Mint packaging. $340 via PayPal F&F with delivery included via USPS Priority Mail. Add $20 for International postage.
  9. I thought this was interesting, and I enjoyed learning about how this business works, so thank you for taking the time to share it! The one thing that stood out to me, was that unless I missing something (could very well be the case 😊), it would seem that given such high interest rates, assuming one has a gold coin to pawn, it would be a better deal to sell it and then buy it back in the future, rather than borrow against it and then pay back a loan. Even with the frictional costs such as dealer spreads and postage, it would take an enormous move in spot to make up for the cost of interest. And that's not even accounting for the possibility of gold declining during the time you need the cash.
  10. I'm not sure how much interest there will be in something like this, but it's unusual so I thought I'd post here for a few day prior to an eBay listing😊 2018 Coca-Cola Bottle Cap Proof PF70 with OGP and COA. $100 plus your choice of shipping, and I'll post internationally. This "coin" only contains 6g of silver, so it's definitely more of a collectable! All original packaging including the outer box are included. The presentation is high quality, and the original container that holds the coin is all metal with raised lettering. The NGC holder has an officially licensed Coca-Cola label. Edit: I also have one extra in non-graded form...PM me if interested in that one.
  11. The lions look great, and I’m glad you were able to find them!
  12. I do like this coin (I'm partial to dragons on coins I think), and have some of them. However at this point my assumption is that it's not selling well, at least in the US market. APMEX currently has them on sale, marked down from a lower premium than when I purchased them. Also, I recently submitted a group of coins for purchase bids to a US dealer, and this was the only silver coin where the bid came in below spot (the others above spot were QB lions and griffins, and the first 2 Landmarks coins). I kept them of course, and also have one of the gold.