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  1. canUKstacker


    Update from Last Video, Unboxing 10 oz Silver Gold Bull
  2. canUKstacker


    Hey Everyone, Silver Gold Bull is selling their own Silver 10 Ounce bars at Spot!
  3. canUKstacker

    Hello hello From UK here.

    Welcome offie
  4. canUKstacker

    First gold purchase

    That is a Great Question Dan My first Gold 1/4 oz was a Canadian Maple leaf and their highly recognized bullion coins, But looking at the 3 coins you've narrowed it down to, You really can't go wrong with any other them. But its good you are taking in to count what they will be worth in the long run. Looking at it from that point then, you'd be narrowing it down to either Queens Beast or the Lunar Monkey, And its funny just the other day I was looking to purchase one off the same coins you have mentioned and before I made my decision i looked into what sort of mintage was made, Sorry but don't think you mentioned which Queens Beast but I'm assuming either The Lion or the Dragon, I didn't find any mintage numbers for the Queens Beast, but I do know the Perth mint officially declared a mintage for the 2016 1/4 oz Gold Monkey of 12,833 coins. In which I'm assuming the Royal Mint would have produced a lot more than 13k, so I personally bought the 1/4 oz gold Lunar Monkey, My apologies for the long winded personal recommendation. But good luck, can't wait to hear what you picked! CS
  5. canUKstacker

    Another stacker from Sweden

    Hello & Welcome Sent from my SM-N920W8 using The Silver Forum mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  6. Hey Everyone Please check out my first video since returning back to the stacking scene... A Big shout out to the Silver Forum. Sent from my SM-N920W8 using The Silver Forum mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  7. canUKstacker

    A small gold coin unboxing vid.

    Nice Video, thanks for sharing Sent from my SM-N920W8 using The Silver Forum mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  8. canUKstacker

    Hello From Canada!

    Hello everyone on the Silver Forum! Wow its been like nearly 2 years since I've been off the scene from posting videos on youtube etc, and I'm so amazed by the amount fellow precious metal stackers that started around the same time as me, have progressed sooooooo much in the last couple of years , I've seen so many great videos and some serious stacks guys & gals. Well done! but in my absence I continued to stack Gold & Silver, and will try and catch up on making some more videos. If I can still remember how to do it that is, so if I may I will leave a link to my channel below, please feel free to check it out and stay tuned for some more videos on current pick ups, and questions etc..... Keep up the great work everyone CaNuK StAcKeR You Tube Channel >> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkxMQvub16M5ewM4lBvix9w/feed