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  1. More sorry for the pandas, 67&66 , that’s embarrassing , should never cut them out from OMP
  2. I was bit upset when Spurs knockout city , but after this game , i have to give them the credit , well done
  3. Well done Liverpool 👍 from a Man City fan
  4. Found another 5 fakes out of a small collection of 32, what’s the odds , picked them up over the years only because they seems good condition but never pay much attention to them until now 😂
  5. But l had to say it’s a pretty good one
  6. Thanks for the reply, now I can see it’s a fake
  7. Sorting some old £1 out , then found this 1995 £1 oak tree, on RM website says only Welsh dragon minted in 1995 , can’t find any information about 1995 oak tree , the coin looks genuine to me , but could be a really good fake , any ideals? Thanks
  8. Wish more and more panda collectors 🐼👍
  9. Well , at least you got your parcel, me , not that lucky, had to make my way down to Stansted to pick it up myself 😂
  10. The rarest Chinese dragon and Phoenix is 1989, if you luck enough to have one , never let it go
  11. Hope that Chinese dragon can achieve a good grade, really nice coin , pretty rare as well
  12. When is the next submission, thanks @Numistacker