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  1. vangbacgiabao

    Richard Rock's Trading and Chart Analysis

    hic! For every political turmoil y is that the price of gold has risen, as if there is money to buy gold now
  2. vangbacgiabao

    Richard Rock's Trading and Chart Analysis

    Oh well i want to find out about how to calculate the chart that predicts the price of silver and gold, you have the guide details, i am currently working on Vàng Bạc Gia Bảo and i think i need it in the job mine
  3. vangbacgiabao

    Gold down

    Yes i am a jeweler but if you are i would you like to exchange jewelry gold price with people? You do not self-inflicted, who participate in the forum to exchange information in the forum so I think I ask people nothing wrong. In Vietnam people are small businesses and I'm not a big company that says multinational co-operation, that story made me really feel like b created so I just came to the forum For fun, want to exchange experience with everyone in the world and including you
  4. vangbacgiabao

    Gold and silver do not fluctuate?

    Why after the US event shot down Syrian aircraft, the price of gold silver price does not fluctuate?
  5. vangbacgiabao

    Gold down

    @morezoneYes indeed this is a hot topic, i come to this topic also wish to exchange with everyone for us to grow together, I also like silver and i will write this silver topic
  6. vangbacgiabao

    Gold down

    @morezone yes, i understand
  7. vangbacgiabao

    Gold down

    Real gold prices have fallen but tend to go up
  8. vangbacgiabao

    Gold down

    @morezone I thought it would go down a bit during the week because of the political situation in the hot spots and with that the Fed's policy was to make the price go down.
  9. vangbacgiabao

    Gold down

    @Roy Oh that's really great! You probably love it. I think so!
  10. vangbacgiabao

    Gold down

    @morezone Ah ok I just want to refer to everyone's evaluation of the gold and silver market next week, if you can help me please, your evaluation will also help you and everyone.
  11. vangbacgiabao

    Gold down

    @shortstack68 Haha I think your words will come true if world politics is stable and volatile
  12. vangbacgiabao

    Gold down

    I just hope the price of gold will increase
  13. vangbacgiabao

    Gold down

    I think you will be right
  14. vangbacgiabao

    Gold down

    Oh indeed, gold investment is not rich
  15. vangbacgiabao

    Need a silver jewelry business partner

    Need a silver jewelry business partner, I am a jewelry maker looking for partners to distribute jewelry