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  1. Sad
    Nick reacted to fehk2001 in 20% off eBay today   
    He used to called Kareem with a devil head as profile pic on eBay ( and that’s why I never bought anything from him ), coz he also had a bad feedback 
    gold + devil gave me an impression that’s a kid or con master devil 
    I better delete the last part coz he haven’t post my sovereign purchase yet 
  2. Like
    Nick reacted to Keenstacker in 20% off eBay today   
    Thanks everyone for sharing you links and purchases, I made my first gold purchase (didn’t want miss out) bought two 2018 Gold FULL Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II fifth portrait. For £490 after applying the £75 discount. Price includes special delivery. Something to look forward to in the new year. 
  3. Haha
    Nick reacted to Sovereign in 20% off eBay today   
    no no lol
    sold 1987 not 1984 ma bad 
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    Nick reacted to Sal in I'm in love with   
    Buy a non slabbed for about $2200 and pocket the $1500 worth of slab hype in the coin. 
  5. Like
    Nick got a reaction from tbone in Royal Mint - Crypto Gold   
    I like to hold all my bullion. I have a safety deposit box where I store a fair amount but it's not with a banking institution and I have access Monday - Saturdays. I don't trust banks. I trust the government a little more than banks but still not fully.
    The offering from RMG is a much better offering than other cryptos. I'd be willing to accept RMG in trades and it's the sort of crypto that I could see being accepted by most.
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    Nick got a reaction from PansPurse in 1st year of stacking   
    I'm not a financial adviser but this is how I would do it If I were saving for a deposit on a house. I would buy some gold and put the rest into a hard to touch bank account.
    If I have available cash in my day to day bank account I spend it. I am awful at holding onto cash and gold mixed with other investments works very well for me. I have a share account which takes an age to get money from, I have a silver and gold stack for long term wealth preservation (which also satisfies the collector in me) and I have easier to access savings account for the occasional shortfall/unexpected bill.
    That strategy allows me to purchase property which I either renovate and sell or renovate and rent.
    I buy almost entirely bullion coins - sovereigns and Britannias. I tend to purchase at a rate of 85-90% gold with remainder in silver.
    Silver is very volatile and for the term you are looking at investing I personally would look at all gold instead. Gold is much easier to sell on in the quantities you're looking at and takes less space/easier to hide.
    EDIT: With regard to the bank asking where the cash came from when you do sell your stack. Its easy to explain if you keep a record of your purchases. Either hold onto receipts or keep a record of the paypal/bank transfer records. If you purchase through paypal put a note on the transfer stating 2x Sovereigns etc. If through bank transfer again use reference field. Ask people for a receipt. A simple email or a screenshot of the post you bought from will suffice. Banks are only checking its not money laundering or undeclared income. They aren't too fussy if you can show a trail.
    Please remember all of that is said as a personal opinion. I have absolutely no financial qualifications and I could be doing it entirely wrong!
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    Nick reacted to Argentknight in Merry Christmas   
    Merry Xmas, Dixiesilvergirl and a happy new year. Or as we say in Wales: Nadolig Llawen ac Blwyddyn Newydd Dda
  8. Thanks
    Nick reacted to kimchi in And just like that 2017 draws to a close!   
    It's been a very memorable year indeed for me having joined the forum in the Spring, not least through making the good acquaintance of BYB (thank you for this thread) and too many others to name - I have learned so much from you all already
    It's been an abolsute pleasure, and the forum bars are magnificent and a wonderful thing to witness and take part in (and delivery of) from start to finish
    Other memorable moments have been The Coin That Must Not be Named (and I won one in the Xmas raffle - yay!) and the 2017 Britannia,  but there are so many more!
    Thanks to all and wishing everyoneall the best for happy holidays and a wonderful 2018
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    Nick reacted to BackyardBullion in And just like that 2017 draws to a close!   
    Wow, 2017 was a quick one!? Anyone else feel that?
    It has been a whirlwind last month or so with a huge group order and the Christmas rush too and I am looking forward to a well earned week off! 
    But 2017 has been a really fun year, and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone on the forum (and beyond!) who has supported directly and indirectly the growth of both Backyard Bullion and my YouTube channel! 2017 has seen the growth of my YouTube channel from 650 subs to 2200 in one year as well as getting my Hallmark registered and building my own Website! I have also had the privilege to work on a couple of great projects for independent shops and of course this forum!
    There would be too many people to mention by name but I think a special thank you to @ChrisSIlver for the opportunity to create some forum branded silver bars.
    We made 200 of the 1oz bars and they are all completely sold out!
    Then we made 150 of the 100g bars, of which we have 35 left (so if you want one just let me know!)
    These were amazing projects for me to do and to have the ability to support this forum is also a very good thing indeed!
    We also have spent a whopping £20,000+ on group orders from GoldSilver.be this year and made some simply AMAZING unboxing videos!
    So, 2018 beckons and I hope to bring you all many new exciting YouTube videos, Hand poured silver, Group orders and more!
    But for now I am going to enjoy a well earned week off at home, so all that is left to say is...
  10. Thanks
    Nick reacted to Mark43 in And just like that 2017 draws to a close!   
    I agree 2017 has flashed by .....................it must be an age thing 
    Without sounding too OTT  I'm glad I found this forum a few months ago. I absolutely love it for the knowledge its imparted and the great people on here.
    My life is richer for being here .........in more ways than one.
    Have a great Christmas everyone and a PM filled 2018.
  11. Thanks
    Nick got a reaction from etm42 in What If....?   
    The idea is that PMs have throughout history been used as currency across the world.
    Immediately following the collapse of civilisation PMs are going to be of very little, if any, use. You'd want supplies of food, water, hunting gear etc etc to survive that period.
    Time would go on and civilisation would rebuild. 
    At that point trade would most likely resort to some sort of currency and judging by history PMs will be the preferred worldwide currency. 
    As you stacked a lot of PMs before the apocalypse you are now an incredibly wealthy individual.
    I do believe that is the Armageddon angle that you talk of.
    It's a nice story. Here's what will happen to me with my luck:
    Civilization collapses
    I somehow manage to survive the period of rebuilding; I'm finally incredibly wealthy!
    The new government or king or tribal leader wants/needs PMs to fund armies etc
    The new government / king forcibly removes all my PMs 
    I'm back to square one
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    Nick reacted to Paul in eBay prices vs current Silver price   
    Things are all relative, I have a chunk of change held within silver, and its currently at a loss.  
    But it is only relative when i come to cash it in which i dont intend to do for 20 years plus.  
    Today's paper price, although bothers me slightly and nursing a big loss other things i have bought since 2011 have got my average costs down.  
    Parking my cash into something you cant easily spend works well for me, as i was fond of a gamble in my younger years & frivolous spending.  
    If the cash isn't there, i cant make that casino visit after a night out in town.  
    Precious metals have helped me very well the past 10 years plus and helped me turn from a a spender into a saver.  I have saved far more in the past ten years than i have in the past
  13. Haha
    Nick reacted to HawkHybrid in How low can we go?   
    for sovereigns now is a decent enough time to buy. if history
    rhymes then prices are likely to strengthen once january
  14. Thanks
    Nick reacted to Kman in The most beautiful thing I’ve ever owned!!