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  1. I wouldn't take it out of the slab. Lots of people pay extra for the slabs. I thought the whole point of slabbing was to preserve the coin...not much good if it still degrades?
  2. Thanks for the tip off. I managed to snag a 1984 proof sovereign. It's been on my want list for a very long time. Whenever I saw one I ended up buying 2 modern bullions instead. Now it's done. £320 inc postage. Good price I think...well good if genuine haha. First gold purchase from ebay I think. too cautious normally. Now to wait for another offer and snag the half.
  3. Nick

    I'm in love with

    Are you all missing the fact that the coin he's showing is an ms70 slabbed coin which attracts an unreasonable premium as always. (Unreasonable to me anyway). GS.be have them for €1969 which is a hefty premium however it's not unheard of. With a low mintage and what appears to be a growing market for the series it may not be entirely a bad idea. Personally I wouldn't spend that sort of premium on any coin but many people will and do....
  4. Nick

    I'm in love with

    Gs.be have them a little cheaper but they are not necessarily ms70 like the one you listed https://goldsilver.be/en/1-oz-30gr-gold/1500-1-oz-gold-rwanda-dog-2018.html
  5. Nick

    Royal Mint - Crypto Gold

    It erodes with time as they print more money. Yes £1 sterling is always worth £1 sterling but what you can buy with £1 sterling becomes less and less as the government prints more and more of it. It doesn't 'need' backing but if it were backed by something then it would stop the government simply printing more. They'd have to buy more of the underlying commodity before printing more money (be it salt, chocolate beans, coffee, gold or silver etc). Sterling has far more worth than BTC etc though because as you say it is needed by people to pay tax obligations and bills and so it will always have some value. BTC can drop to nothing as nobody needs it.
  6. Nick

    Royal Mint - Crypto Gold

    It seems to me that RMG would become the new and better way of owning vaulted gold. It would be easier to sell and you'd have no storage fees. I assume you could split it into subparts as you can with BTC which gives it the option of being used for everyday transactions. Isee it as a mini return to the gold standard which is something I would personally want to see. I hate fiat currencies and I hate fractional reserve banking. I understand the benefits of both to the economy but it all seems so false to me and allows governments to wrack up huge debts against future generations. The amount the government currently owes is mind boggling and I see no way out of it. Interest payments are crippling! For me it wouldn't substitute owning physical gold however it could well make its way into my portfolio assuming the premiums weren't ridiculous and the premiums held fairly steady. With regard to it being held by the royal mint. I personally have no issue with that. I'm not a doomsayer who thinks civilization will collapse tomorrow. If it does collapse there will be far more pressing issues than some gold being held in the royal mint vault. As with all things; don't place all your eggs in one basket. Have a diversified portfolio. Keep some physical gold and silver so if civilization did collapse (or far more likely if the monetary system collapses) then you have some means of trade. With blockchains you are far more likely to loose your asset from hacking or a complete meltdown of the internet than you are the royal mint stealing it. If Russia cuts those internet lines then cryptos won't do you much good. Not until the lines are restored anyway.
  7. Nick

    Royal Mint - Crypto Gold

    I like to hold all my bullion. I have a safety deposit box where I store a fair amount but it's not with a banking institution and I have access Monday - Saturdays. I don't trust banks. I trust the government a little more than banks but still not fully. The offering from RMG is a much better offering than other cryptos. I'd be willing to accept RMG in trades and it's the sort of crypto that I could see being accepted by most.
  8. I'm not a financial adviser but this is how I would do it If I were saving for a deposit on a house. I would buy some gold and put the rest into a hard to touch bank account. If I have available cash in my day to day bank account I spend it. I am awful at holding onto cash and gold mixed with other investments works very well for me. I have a share account which takes an age to get money from, I have a silver and gold stack for long term wealth preservation (which also satisfies the collector in me) and I have easier to access savings account for the occasional shortfall/unexpected bill. That strategy allows me to purchase property which I either renovate and sell or renovate and rent. I buy almost entirely bullion coins - sovereigns and Britannias. I tend to purchase at a rate of 85-90% gold with remainder in silver. Silver is very volatile and for the term you are looking at investing I personally would look at all gold instead. Gold is much easier to sell on in the quantities you're looking at and takes less space/easier to hide. EDIT: With regard to the bank asking where the cash came from when you do sell your stack. Its easy to explain if you keep a record of your purchases. Either hold onto receipts or keep a record of the paypal/bank transfer records. If you purchase through paypal put a note on the transfer stating 2x Sovereigns etc. If through bank transfer again use reference field. Ask people for a receipt. A simple email or a screenshot of the post you bought from will suffice. Banks are only checking its not money laundering or undeclared income. They aren't too fussy if you can show a trail. Please remember all of that is said as a personal opinion. I have absolutely no financial qualifications and I could be doing it entirely wrong!
  9. I stack as a store of wealth. In the longer term your silver should increase in value as the currency decreases in value. Your buying power should substantially remain the same. This is more true of gold than silver as silver is pretty volatile but it does generally prove to store wealth. Bullion bars tend to be more expensive as they are heavily sort after for collections. People collect certain bullion bars and seek changes of design. There are often some excellent value bars available on this forum at excellent premiums. @arshimo2012 generally sells bullion bars at fantastic prices. Britannia coins are a good way to go, especially in the UK as they are CGT free and very easy to sell on when the time comes. There are lower premium coins available however they are more difficult to sell. You may want to consider the group order that @BackyardBullion organizes a few times a year, it'll cut your postage rate and allow you to get very competitively priced silver from mainland Europe.
  10. Which tester do you have? Ive been thinking of buying one so I can stop acid testing.
  11. Pandas bring large premiums. I would say you did incredibly well with this deal. Shame it doesn't have box and COA but I would guess it'll sell for a decent profit. as Agpanda said, make sure it is genuine and silver and you should be on your way to profit.
  12. I've sent many parcels abroad to Denmark. More often than you'd think these parcels disappear for days on end. Eventually they do show up. If it's a tracked service they've always arrived with full contents (sometimes they have been opened by the mail companies and re-sealed with labels to indicate). I once sent via untracked and the parcel arrived but missing it's contents. Assuming you paid for/were given tracked shipping then your parcel is most likely just delayed and will arrive. I find UK customs can take an age to clear if it's been on a plane.
  13. The idea is that PMs have throughout history been used as currency across the world. Immediately following the collapse of civilisation PMs are going to be of very little, if any, use. You'd want supplies of food, water, hunting gear etc etc to survive that period. Time would go on and civilisation would rebuild. At that point trade would most likely resort to some sort of currency and judging by history PMs will be the preferred worldwide currency. As you stacked a lot of PMs before the apocalypse you are now an incredibly wealthy individual. I do believe that is the Armageddon angle that you talk of. It's a nice story. Here's what will happen to me with my luck: Civilization collapses I somehow manage to survive the period of rebuilding; I'm finally incredibly wealthy! The new government or king or tribal leader wants/needs PMs to fund armies etc The new government / king forcibly removes all my PMs I'm back to square one