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  1. Not sure which one is correct? Can you post a picture?
  2. Maybe lock in the profits then on the coins. Never know what the future holds, and its not everyday that PM collectors realize a profit.
  3. Which would realize the greatest profit (or loss?) from selling?
  4. Hmmm. I'd probably try letting it sit in hot water with a bit of baby bottle soap (maybe 30 minutes), then try pealing off. If that doesn't work, let it sit a while in pure Acetone maybe?
  5. Do you have a link? Their Oversize holders are/were 45-120 in range. This must be something new. Thanks!
  6. The bigger question is what will you do if in 15-20 years silver is still at $17/oz ? For me, I have a small core position of silver that I'll probably hold until it hits $50/oz or I die. The rest of my PM money is in gold for the long haul. But thats just me.
  7. tbone

    Welsh Gold Rush?

    Sounds like they are trying to turn the gold market into the diamond (or wine) market. What a scam!
  8. The limited mintage game only goes so far. Look at RCM , they put out limited mintage whatever almost daily. Doesn't make it that much more valuable necessarily. But again, maybe I got it all wrong and this will be actually selling on the bay for 10k soon..
  9. Or maybe a Trebuchet? Its even better than Santa!
  10. Yeah, but do you have one of these? When you really get serious about security!
  11. I understand that feeling, lately Apmex has been acting more like MCM or GovMint, or worse. I guess I'm still a bit conflicted. There are still good values to be had if you look hard (and check their ebay site). I found graded ms62 Liberty double eagles on Apmex ebay for close to melt. I still shop at Apmex, but they are burning up their goodwill by doing slimeball stuff like this. But hey, who am I to criticize? I am noticing their competitors more. Discovered Liberty Coin on the bay, good selection and good prices. Recently picked up a gold panda from Provident metals at near spot. Atlas numismatics for more premium stuff. There are good alternatives out there, so Apmex is getting less of my business lately.
  12. Looks like $4200 now! For 1 ounce of gold? Bahahahaha, right! Ridiculous.
  13. tbone

    Devil's Advocate

    The fact the world's central banks aren't using a gold standard (at least not for the citizens) is because central banks don't want pesky restrictions on how much debt they can create. They don't want honest money in the hands of the people (they hoard it themselves though). Also, getting everyone in debt or using debt based currencies is necessary for real control (and if some get their way, the eventual end game of 1 world government and monetary system ). So...no, gold hasn't "failed" as a standard or as real money. Just ask anyone in Venezuela right now if they'd prefer to be paid in gold or more fiat. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess, but I do believe gold and silver will eventually come back in fashion during the next big financial crisis. But right now, its much easier to print and pretend nothings wrong.
  14. Cool. Great potential for a series. Fight!
  15. Right, but if I'm buying on ebay, I don't know that it stayed in the capsule. I assume the worse actually, especially because pictures can be misleading. I guess seller feedback comes into play too. Still, if its a flip, I wouldn't go through the cost and time to slab.