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  1. European mint is better in my opinion, search for backyard bullions post for the 50% off shipping. Added 0 minutes later... European mint is better in my opinion, search for backyard bullions post for the 50% off shipping.
  2. how much was the cost in materials for that arm?
  3. Quick Question, Can I buy and keep it stored with them till after xmas then pay for delivery or is it instant shipping only?
  4. I don't know whats going on in the world of politics, I have never voted with the belief that voting is just an illusion of choice, I may be wrong. I try to avoid getting involved with talking about it as it tends to get heated quickly with a "Us vs Them" mentality. but one thing we can all agree on is..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABGiqizwCso
  5. I am hoping for it so much that I made this thumbnail for a youtube video update...... I hope I get to use it. I am willing to donate this to @BackyardBullion as he has a hugely bigger audience and the meme would get more appreciation than if I used it for mine.
  6. Everyone on my facebook friends list is hoping for brexit and im sat there all silent and selfish hoping its delayed at least till Feb 2020.
  7. I don't like advertising my channel but my 1st 1oz gold coin is an achievment I would like to share
  8. Mark10110


    No one can tell you what to do with your savings. As long as you are happy with what you get and are not hurting anyone then enjoy the ride. take comfort in that you own more gold than most people in the world.
  9. it is ever changing, when it was good to buy from the EU I would spend about £800-£1300 on silver but due to Brexit I am now going into gold, my first purchase plan was half oz per month but this month I just ordered a 1oz QB white lion. If i have cash in the bank I will waste it on bad so I just put it into gold or silver (if i can get tax free) as a form of saving and also saving me from wasting money. When I was getting silver my plan was aboput 100oz per year but due to brexit i just went mad and got a total of 300+ oz
  10. my advice don't base your own budget on others budgets or you will feel you arn't part of the group. Its the same with unboxing videos, When i do an unboxing I worry people look at what i get and feel like i am showing off and then theres unboxings I watch where I wish I could get what they want.