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  1. Mark10110

    Brexit Coin

    I did a search and no one seems to have talked about this, On the news they said there will be a commemorative 50p coin but my question is will the royal mint create a gold or a silver coin as a landmark kind of coin? I don't know enough about the history of the royal mint to know if they do these kind of things and would there be a huge premium on these coins or would they be something like the royal arms/queens beasts with a possibility of a premium from a collector point of view?
  2. I like the 2018 version the best which makes me hope they never revert to that design, adds more of a premium.
  3. My Euro mint order was shipped out 2 hours ago, but with this news I may set up another couple months of storage. Thanks for the update
  4. I am sure they will update it I am not too worried.
  5. I enquired if my order was ready as the website still says the 10 oz canadian maple is on pre-order, they replied it is all ready and sent me an invoice for the order, I am currently waiting to see if they can change that invoice with the BYB50%OFF. they jumped the gun on me a bit
  6. In talks with Euro Mint atm trying to get my silver mailed out over the next few days. (131 oz of silver) My biggest order, nothing compared to shadowstack but to me this is masssive
  7. I don't usually share my videos out but I love these coins and what they stand for, I go into more detail on what this coin is about from information taken from the Royal Mint. Thanks to @5huggy for showing me that these coins exist. https://youtu.be/2AuPlhJi-jQ
  8. I dont have good experience with holding money, it burns a hole in my pocket. The main reason I buy gold silver and bitcoin is it takes a process to turn into fiat making it a pain in the ass to waste it buying the latest hammock/tent/amazon drunken purchase. this is my method of saving money up and it’s worked well for 3 years. Not sold a single oz or bitcoin.
  9. What I am doing is pretty much no different from the group orders, buying in a timeframe and having it sent out in one delivery saving money
  10. I dont think you understand what’s happening. When you order from the dealer you pay £25+ per delivery so if you are buying amounts over 2 months 4 orders you can pay £100 + in deliveries or have them reserved in a short period and have it all send out as 1 delivery at a largely discounted delivery. I am no so paranoid and into tinfoil hat theories that the global banks are gonna crumble in the last 2 months and the dealership running off with my stuff. I tend to live on the side of caution but not paranoia.
  11. so its true there is no rush on getting orders sent out?
  12. Hi guys and gals, Sorry if this has been asked but i tried to search and gave up after reading posts for about 30 mins. I was told that even though "Brexit" officially happens end of this month there is a cooldown time till October giving us a window till then? Can anyone confirm this or I should get my stored orders sent out tomorrow. Thank you in advance
  13. I never had any doubt you would get the items, Like everyone said its the xmas period this monday would have been the week everyones back to work plus the amount of people who got money for xmas who would be putting in orders not just in the UK but outside UK. Like I said no one knows what terms we are leaving the UK so they don't want to leave a bad taste in anyones mouth. Outside of brexit I would still be using them to buy gold with my crypto profits to avoid paying..... ummm.... you get the idea
  14. if you are so worried ring them, International: (+44) 20 3287 2999