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  1. Mark10110

    1 kilo in 1oz coins or a 1 kilo coin?

    In my head I have committed to every pretty shiny coin online. They just look so good. I love the Somalian Elephants more than anything.
  2. Mark10110

    first 1oz gold purchase, coin or bar

    I LOVE the Somolian silver coins so much and I really do look at the gold version about 3 times a day on websites.
  3. Mark10110

    1 kilo in 1oz coins or a 1 kilo coin?

    I spend hours looking at youtube stackers in envy, shadow stacker, noobstackeruk, BYB and loads of others. I dont care much about what they say I just sit there and look at the coins in a trance. I was thinking of starting a channel for videos/unboxings just because I enjoy watching them. Does this make me weird?
  4. Mark10110

    1 kilo in 1oz coins or a 1 kilo coin?

    I only started stacking to stop me spending on stupid stuff that I resent. I spent a year buying stuff like the Oculus Rift and fancy gadgets that I ended up resenting. I was told to put money in a bank that I can't touch for 10 years but I don't like the idea of someone holding my money hostage and I figure buying gold and silver is a wise way of spending without spending. I don't go for high premiums and i am hoping if I stack for a good few years I will see a price increase where I can just sell at spot or in parts to people online. I don't have a set path I am free falling but trying to somehow make it that I have a nice landing.
  5. Mark10110

    first 1oz gold purchase, coin or bar

    Stick with gold coins, coins make you a collector not a Stacker. Here in the United States if the government were to recall gold, coins would be exempt because they hold a numismatic value as wear bars would be considered stacking and qualify for confiscation I had no idea they wouldn't take coins. Any idea if its the same in the UK? I'm going to look into sovereigns as I don't know much about them.
  6. Mark10110

    1 kilo in 1oz coins or a 1 kilo coin?

    hi guys, im new to stacking kind of and I have 30 oz of silver and I am hoping to boost that stack dramatically this year. In your experience whats the Pros and Cons of a 1 kilo bar compared to 1 kilo in 1oz coins? other than the obvious space management.
  7. Mark10110

    first 1oz gold purchase, coin or bar

    Hi guys and fellas, I am looking to buy 1oz gold bar or coin but after watching about 10 hours of videos on youtube from people like shadow stacker I still have no idea what path to take. what are your opinions on whats best for what reasons as £1000 is a big commitment for me and I want to listen to all sides. If I buy a 1oz coin theres a chance it will gain premium over time but a Bar stays the same as far as I understand. I don't know why I am stacking I only have 30 oz of silver but I really wanna put 1k into gold before i move forwards and hope you kind people can help shine some light on gold. thank you in advance, Mark
  8. Mark10110

    Starting a new series

    Yea I am thinking both Koalas and Pandas, 2 maybe buy 2 of each every year for a good few years, sell in like 10
  9. Mark10110

    Starting a new series

    I just stack but while doing it I figures I already have 1 foot in the door I may aswell start a collection from this year and flip them in like 10 years maybe. I was looking at pandas, I won't go back years collecting just collect from today moving forwards on a series
  10. Mark10110

    Starting a new series

    None, I just have 12 Britannia 2 maples 2017, 2 koalas 2017, 1 somalia elephant 2017, 1 nue owl 2017. 1 5oz bar 2 100g bars
  11. Mark10110

    Zip lock bags for slabbed Coins

    can't you put a silicone pack in the same box to stop any moisture? you know those packets you get in large electronics that say "Do Not Eat" yet taste delightful? Disclaimer: Do not eat those packets
  12. You all know that feeling when you get that package and your walking to your desk to open it...
  13. Mark10110

    Starting a new series

    Hi gals and fellas, I think i want to buy a series but unsure which ones are good to jump on, wheres best to buy (i am in the UK) and if there is a new series starting anytime soon? Anyone got any pointers on this subject?
  14. Mark10110

    stacking goals 2018

    Dude I am right there with you, going through the rabbit hole of youtube videos looking at the same item online 2+ times a day. 2018 is gonna be an interesting year.
  15. Mark10110

    1st year of stacking

    Silver coins are tax free if you buy them from Germany and have them sent to you, for this reason i only buy coins, I just purchased 2 bars from someone on this forum because I really wanted 2 bars in my stack and they was selling them not too much over spot price compared to online dealers to the UK.