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  1. Mark10110

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    they turned me into a NEWT!........ I got better
  2. Mark10110

    completed 2015 Britannia coins price drop SOLD OUT

    I would but i am looking to get 2 more 10oz Valiant coins and a few tubes of QB in the group order... I WISH you was selling these a few weeks ago
  3. Mark10110

    **NOVEMBER** Group order

    Sorry if this has been answered already, the QB coins like the black bull of clarance, unicorn of scottland are £28 and £29 on goldsilver and they are £32 on Euromint, how do we get around to getting them at goldsilvers price? do we message you with the coins we want and the price they are on goldsilver?
  4. Do the 10oz coins come with capsules? I am thinking of getting a few in group order of the QB and 10oz 2018 Silver Valiant but I need to know if these come with capsules or not. Thanks to anyone who knows the answer to this.
  5. Mark10110

    Is it just me, or.....

    Buy high sell low, thats the way its done
  6. I noticed in the video you said there was a few problems but Euro mint is aware of it but you didn't say anything more. What happened?
  7. Mark10110


  8. Mark10110

    Silver is for collecting, Golds for stacking!

    I don't feel I am educated enough to give advice on what to stack and why, but I do advice to always... Wear sunscreen
  9. Mark10110

    completed 2 x Scottsdale 5oz Prey Silver bars

    Cancel that, rent goes out midnight and i can't. I really wanted one
  10. Lets set a challenge to break BYBs table with silver next order.
  11. Mark10110

    completed 2 x Scottsdale 5oz Prey Silver bars

    do you have receipts for these?
  12. Mark10110

    Why do you buy silver?

  13. Mark10110

    Why do you buy silver?

    I have a few pensions going along side of my metals, I throw a bit into crypto and I am always looking for something new, I put myself through college to get Gas safe so my best investment is in myself.