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  1. it was taken off suicide watch 2 days prior I was told, and the 2 guards fell asleep.
  2. that greyhound looks like ronald macdonalds dog.
  3. Thats pretty much it, Easy liquidity for brits, gonna throw in a QB or two and a bunch of sovs
  4. Just buy a gold ring/bracelet/necklace?
  5. Hi guys and Gals, Today I get some gold and it came sealed as seen below, I usually put in capsules but I don't know if I am making it harder to sell in a later date? Does the mint sealed coin work better in this or should I put in capsule with the rest?
  6. Mark10110

    White Lion

    I don't know I mean, its almost as ugly as the pig coin they released this year. Looks more like a werewolf with knuckle dusters.
  7. I watched this last night, its amazing on how the gold rush started and ended. Enjoy!
  8. I may get hate for this but, My best experience in the last 2 years has been in Crypto, not because of gains but the experience. When you have spent time in that kind of volatility where you are down £2000 then up £6000 then back down and up again it makes you better at making decisions and takes a lot of emotions out of the equation. (not at first though) When silver hit £16 I felt like... Meh Gold hit £1300 and I feel indifferent, not because of any reason other than I have spent 2 years on a wild ride and these growths in gold/silver have been numbed down, in my opinion that's a good thing because I don't have any emotion attached, if tomorrow the bell rings and silver is £30 an oz then i would be excited but at the moment I feel like the thrill of gains has been dulled.
  9. can you link the site for me to look in to?
  10. I am into Crypto, 40% crypto 40% silver 20% gold at this moment. I am waiting for a gold/silver backed crypto that I have confidence in..... well as much confidence as I have in bitcoin/litecoin
  11. Hey guys and Gals, For anyone who knows my videos and me know that I like to hold my silver but with Brexit I have gotten into gold and Wondered. Does anyone here buy a % of his/her Silverfrom UK and keep in in the dealers "Storage"? If you sell back to them do you get a good deal as they have held it the whole time? Before anyone says "if you don't hold it you don't own it", That is not what I asked. I am thinking of having a certain amount in storage for easy liquidity to exchange for gold at a later date and want to know the benefits of storage rather than the mantra everyone repeats when someone asks. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers with knowledge on this subject.
  12. you may struggle to sell them due to being new and posting in the wrong area. A reputation goes a long way.