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  1. I went through a spell buying .500 & .925 silver coins, and found that on ebay I could pick it up for pretty much spot price plus postage. I went with a scatter gun approach, putting max bids in on lots of small quantities and usually winning a few of them. I haven't looked at this market for a couple of years though so not sure if much has changed.
  2. Today I received my Perth Mint 1oz gold dragon coin bar. Beautiful piece
  3. I've had a pot of money sitting from the saving scheme that some of us on the forum did a while back, and finally splashed it today on a Perth Mint 1oz gold rectangular dragon coin. Looking forward to this one, which is by far the most I've spent in one go on PMs. Looks a beauty
  4. Cheap pre-owned Maples at Akinsons. I just bought a tube's worth and still loads left at the moment. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/silver/pre-owned-silver-coins/pre-owned-canadian-maple-1oz-silver-coin-vat-fre
  5. Today I bought a pile of pre-owned Maples from Atkinsons. I had an empty tube which was looking lonely
  6. My BT package claims up to 45MB and it has tested around that figure every time I've tried, so no complaints. It's great for streaming services etc, but for general browsing I see little difference from the old days of 1MB, 2MB, 8MB etc due to the ever-increasing bandwidth demands of general web content - plugins, adverts etc. It can still be frustrating on some sites waiting for the page to load fully before it becomes functional.
  7. My wife and I have been saving into a shared pot and just counted it all out last weekend, coming in at £1900. I had always planned to buy gold with my half and was leaning toward a Mexican 50 peso, however since starting this scheme we decided to put an extension on the house which is now complete and we're about £35k lighter So looking at my savings account makes my eyes water at the moment and I'm not sure if I can splash cash on gold right now... I keep looking though.
  8. Bear in mind that a currency being the 'strongest in 2018' just means that its inexorable descent toward worthlessness is temporarily moving at a slower pace than some others
  9. I have a little BTC but PM's are the much safer bet long term. Two different things entirely I think. You know PM's will always have a floor price as it costs labour and resources to dig them up. Cryptos may well have their uses into the future but fundamentally as an investment I don't see them as any better than fiat money. Each coin may be limited but new ones can come and go and drop in and out of fashion.
  10. I'm no fan of Labour, but Theresa May and the Tories are in no position to use the 'terrorist sympathiser' narrative against Corbyn given May's record as Home Sec during the Libyan conflict. British Libyans, including the recent Manchester bomber, were given a free pass to go and fight against Gaddafi despite the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group they were part of being a recognised al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist organisation. This goes beyond 'terrorist sympathies', and indeed is nothing short of direct complicity in acts of international terrorism. It should be one of the biggest political scandals of our generation. May said on the doorstep of no10 after the London attack that we are too tolerant of extremism. Yes we are Theresa, at government and diplomatic level. We all know where this ideology comes from and who funds the preaching of it around the world. But until we have a government with radically different foreign policy, we will continue to ignore it and prioritise lucrative alliances over the safety of our own people.
  11. Today I received my 2 lucky dip 5g gold bars from HGM.
  12. I scratched my itch the other day for 10g... could've saved £2 if I'd waited. Strange times at the moment. With everything going on in the world you wonder what it would take for gold to shift up a gear.
  13. Yeah it did seem to remain the same regardless of spot for a few days. I've got a tube of roos in my basket and noticed it had dropped about 16 euros this morning.
  14. Prices at goldsilver.be seem to have dropped significantly today for no apparent reason. Currently a tube of kangaroos works out at £15.48/oz delivered. http://goldsilver.be/en/home/270-1-oz-silver-kangaroo-2017.html