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  1. I recently opened a broker account and have been researching a variety of miners to buy, or trade shorter term. The hardest bit is being comfortable with buying something which has already doubled in the last year as most of them have
  2. I picked this up back in the days when I was collecting random unusual coins. Venezuelan Urimare, 1.5g 0.9 fineness.
  3. I've never held stocks before but just signed up with Degiro. Seems an easy platform to use and as others have said, tiny fees. I'm only thinking of putting in about £2k at the moment, and adding more as I go. I'm bullish on the miners so will have to spend some time reading up on some options. Thinking a mix of a couple of speculative ones and 'safer' bets like Barrick Gold etc.
  4. Today I received a lovely shiny 1kg bar from @DarthGareth
  5. Looks like you've started off with a sensible strategy. I was pretty much the same when my stacking adventure started in 2014, with a budget of £300 a month and splitting it roughly 66/33% between gold & silver. As others have said, the UK & Europe trading subforum here is where many of us find the best deals, as well as the European dealers, although postage can be expensive for smaller individual purchases (£24.95 from for example). Good luck and happy stacking
  6. I believe the 2018 had a mintage of 25,000. There was a 2019 run of 20,000 bars too. It's a beauty
  7. Today I bought a Umicore 1kg silver bar... my first kilo piece
  8. Or since strictly it's the silver subforum... I'll second the earlier 5 onza
  9. I went through a spell buying .500 & .925 silver coins, and found that on ebay I could pick it up for pretty much spot price plus postage. I went with a scatter gun approach, putting max bids in on lots of small quantities and usually winning a few of them. I haven't looked at this market for a couple of years though so not sure if much has changed.
  10. Today I received my Perth Mint 1oz gold dragon coin bar. Beautiful piece
  11. I've had a pot of money sitting from the saving scheme that some of us on the forum did a while back, and finally splashed it today on a Perth Mint 1oz gold rectangular dragon coin. Looking forward to this one, which is by far the most I've spent in one go on PMs. Looks a beauty
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