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  1. offie

    World coins & medals

    Mexican Iberoamerica silver coin proof 2010.
  2. Found in my money jar today. Thought it was time to clear out all the old pound coins in jar from this and last year and had a lucky find with 2 rare coins I don't yet have.
  3. offie

    World coins & medals

    Proof silver Mexican coin medal 2. No date.
  4. offie

    Is peak oil a myth?

    Well in uk we have up to 2040 then all cars that take diesel and petrol will be banned, So there is some truth in it as all cars soon will be electric in one way or another cos demand around world will be to much for oil. China use to be 70% peddle bikes 30 to 40 years ago and now its all cars and moped or motor bikes. Also reserves worn last long once bigger country's start to take there share from it and then the metal exchange with gold or silver will start all over once things start drying up.
  5. offie

    World coins & medals

    1993 proof Mexican coin medal.
  6. Reddish coloured pound coin 2016. And other 50p's and a 20p found in change.
  7. offie

    Libertad Photo Thread...

    5 Eagle heads.
  8. offie

    New Member from Saudi

    hi there welcome
  9. offie

    UK Pre-Decimal Silver Thread...

    Queens and Kings from the past.
  10. offie

    European Coins Thread

    Dragon of wales round pound proof.
  11. offie

    Libertad Photo Thread...

    A "2 Reale" 1850.
  12. offie

    World coins & medals

    Another 8 Reale with lustre and die cracks.
  13. offie

    Bars Photo Thread...

    Very rare fully hallmarked Sheffield 1977 silver jubilee ingot RC-"JS Jack Spencer" One of 50 that was given away as a gift from Sheffield foragemasters to my granddad when he worked there.
  14. Better introduce myself before I forget again. Names Offi from UK. I'm new ish to silver and gold collecting as I'm just carrying on a small predation of my granddads small coin stack hobby hes horded over years but sadly he died in 90's he pasted on to my dad and aunty his collection that split which now from my dad he's handed to me to look after and maybe add to his collection more coins in time. The detail in silver and gold coins has got me interested in them and the history. I'm not good with long texts so will leave it there for now. Regards Offi.
  15. offie

    'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread

    My City stamped, 1977 Queens jubilee sterling silver bar
  16. offie

    Hello hello From UK here.

    Thanks, I'll post videos of them when I can or pitchers. Here's a video of 3 of them, but it seems my granddad may have cleaned some at one stage :/.
  17. offie

    Another stacker from Sweden

    hi welcome
  18. offie

    European Coins Thread

    UK currency of today. My Pocket change of today In a pot on a old wall..
  19. offie

    World coins & medals

    Old but silver, Mexican 8 Reale.