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  1. Silver 1734 8 reales Shipwreck coin with coa. 25.9grams (41 mm diameter instead of 38mm) as there was first larger milled coins from 1732 to 1735 then was 38mm and little thicker to corrected the edge around coin.
  2. Part silver, Rare Grand Decoration medal of honor for services to Austria 1952 boxed.
  3. George the 3d and 4th and William the 4th half crowns and a Victoria gothic florin.
  4. As time go's by.......................
  5. 2018 Tiger and dragon coin 9999 silver. Little fun with balancing coin on a Emerald rock.
  6. Rare 10 year safe driving medal from 1939 with bars to 1943 and a combo Silver and gold medal hallmarked 9ct gold and sterling silver.
  7. The Niue Double Dragon Silver coin. 1oz 999.
  8. Two Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Medals small silver and large bronze, There low grade but cant go wrong for 4 quid.
  9. Thought I'd post some videos here.
  10. Thought I'd post some videos here.
  11. Rare Silver King's Medal 1911 1912, hole marked.