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  1. offie

    Queen's Beasts (Gold & Silver) Photo Thread

    Queens beats Falcon 2oz BU silver coin.
  2. offie

    World coins & medals

    As time go's by.......................
  3. offie

    Libertad Photo Thread...

    Time goes by......
  4. offie

    World coins & medals

    2018 Tiger and dragon coin 9999 silver. Little fun with balancing coin on a Emerald rock.
  5. offie

    World coins & medals

    Rare 10 year safe driving medal from 1939 with bars to 1943 and a combo Silver and gold medal hallmarked 9ct gold and sterling silver.
  6. offie

    World coins & medals

    The Niue Double Dragon Silver coin. 1oz 999.
  7. offie

    World coins & medals

    Two Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Medals small silver and large bronze, There low grade but cant go wrong for 4 quid.
  8. Thought I'd post some videos here.
  9. Thought I'd post some videos here.
  10. offie

    World coins & medals

    Rare Silver King's Medal 1911 1912, hole marked.
  11. offie

    World coins & medals

    Edit: its a Double silver Florins.
  12. offie

    World coins & medals

    Old silver 5 francs 1875.
  13. offie

    World coins & medals

    1887 silver Florin.
  14. offie

    World coins & medals

    Another Shipwreck coin, Sister toned, Silver Pillow dollar or 8 reales 1737 coin from Rooswijk wreck with c.o.a. 25.93g. Shows sea curation like cracks around and on the E.