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  1. Coinan

    Today I Received

    I receieved these lovely swedish silver coins yesterday. Last picture only show how to use your protein shaker when you don´t use it anymore It fits almost 250 coins. The batch I got yesterday were about 125 coins x 12g silver.
  2. Coinan

    What's your reason for stacking/collecting?!?

    Both parts. That´s because I only buy old swedish silver/gold coins. I have a few goals I want to reach. Gold - Want to have 500 swedish crowns. The value of the coins are 5, 10, 20 swedish crowns. At least a few years before I reach that Silver - 1000 swedish crowns, only in 2 swedish crowns. I need 500 of them or I got 120 so far. Almost there! Of course I am buying bullions and other bargains I can´t resist when I see them. Something to trade or sell.
  3. Coinan

    Today I Received

    Today I recieved these beautiful Swedish 10 kronor coins. Aren't they pretty? these are about 4gram gold each.
  4. Coinan

    Today I Received

    Today I got 1kg of these lovely coins. Swedish 2 kronor - with Oscar II as our king back then. They are 80/100 Silver. 31mm, 15g silver each.
  5. Coinan

    Hello, all!

    Hello and welcome! as Agpanda wrote, feel free to post some pictures of your collection.
  6. Coinan

    New Here

    Hello and welcome! I am also collecting Morgans - a beautiful serie and so much history behind it. As someone above mentioned, there are lots of fakes unfortunately. There are lots of genuine also
  7. Coinan

    au ag augur

    Welcome! You are going to get tons of information and exciting stories here!
  8. Coinan

    Today I Received

    First time with goldsilver.be. It took 4 days from Belgium to Sweden. Impressive! Thank you!
  9. Coinan

    Today I Received

    Well, I won this coin on Tradera, an swedish version of EBay. Actually if I wanted to buy as much Gold as possible, I would never buy these. I buy these only for personal value and I really like the feeling of coins that are more than 100 years old Sometimes I really buy things with my heart than by my brain
  10. Coinan

    Today I Received

    One of the finest Swedish 20kr I received so far. Very shiny.
  11. Coinan

    Hi from Stockholm

    Välkommen till forumet! Welcome!
  12. Coinan

    Today I bought.....

    5 of each coin. Mickey for the children - and others for me. Just wanted to check out the company before I order something bigger next time. It seems that I could put images quite easy here - let´s see if it really worked?
  13. Coinan

    Hello from Sweden

    Hej och välkommen! Hello and welcome! Soon we can start a swedish section right here with all of us from Sweden.
  14. Coinan

    Hello from Sweden!

    Hello there! Been stacking silver and our royal swedish gold coins since 6 months back. I recently discovered my childhood collection, and found it quite interesting. Been selling off the most of it and started to buy bullions like philharmonics, Eagles and buy collections as 1,2 oz Kookaburra and Gold coins. Right now I am looking for coin tubes to Eagles and Philharmonics. See you!