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  1. Rhyseyson

    Cleaning coins

    cheers mate il give that a go see what happens
  2. Alright guys, Just raided an old coin jar and found a load of the old style £1 coins. All seem to be in pretty good nick but just sitting in the loft has discolored them. Any tips on cleaning them or just a bit of fairy liquid and Cilit bang?
  3. Rhyseyson

    any help with this new site?

    Yeah the hacking is well known as far as I'm aware. Never heard of a wallet being hacked? However can't say I've researched into that too much so happy to be proved wrong. i think in this day an age nothing's safe from being hacked. Even normal fiat currency isn't it something ridiculous like 3% of physical cash is all that's actually held? (Don't quote me on the figures). yes pms have to be traced, safes broken into and stolen so I guess they are hacker proof. But the conspiricist inside me thinks why is everyone making such a big deal out of crypto being hack able, criminal, unregulated etc is there a bigger picture and the government and central banks I.e. Rothschilds wanting to stop it or hide something 🤔 Could also swap it and say why is there not such a big deal about pm's does no one want us to preserve our wealth for a shtf. Also very unlikely any time soon. Probably crap but it intrigues me and whilst I haven't invested thousands I see potential so have dipped my toes in the water. Won't be buying a house with my returns but got a nice deposit on a car sorted or a big holiday.
  4. Rhyseyson

    any help with this new site?

    Hmm see I'm behind btc and other alt coins. people keep saying it's not regulated etc but that's the point of it. It's not meant to be a controlled currency it's meant to be the people taking back control. criminals use money for crime drugs war terrorism etc and no one bats an eye lid. People use btc for it a new currency that the people control and banks have no control over it at all and its in the press and everyone kicks up a fuss. Sometimes it's nice to have control. thats my two cents any ways. By no means am I a crypto expert but from the research I've done that's what I've come to the conclusion of so I'll keep investing in both pm and crypto
  5. Rhyseyson

    Venezuela Bank notes

    50 twenty trillion Zimbabwe notes selling for £835
  6. Search Venezuela bank notes it was started by cornish farmer
  7. Believe the same happened venezuela bank notes. If i remember right there was a topic about on here
  8. Rhyseyson

    Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    Yeah true. Defo wanna pick some up but like you said 42 for a 6gram coin is a bit steep
  9. Rhyseyson

    2018 proof Sovereign - 65th coronation "crown privy"

    Glad i got mine from westminster just in time. First sovereign purchase too! Lets hope its worth it
  10. Rhyseyson

    Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    Anyone going to be picking some of these up?
  11. Rhyseyson

    Too late to get bitcoin?

    Yeah thats what im thinking. Way i see it i first heard about btc on 2012 and thought ah wish i invested 3 years ago. Ships sailed now. 2015 thought wish i invested in 2012 etc and thought to myself i dont wanna be saying thay again so get involved. Everyone has good prejections for btc and i cant see the other alt coins getting anywhere close. Not to say there is not a proft to ve made with alt coins but from what i can see btc controls everything in the crypto world. If btc goes i wouldnt be surprised if everything shortly followed
  12. Rhyseyson

    Too late to get bitcoin?

    Yeah defo. But i mean the type of return the coins offer would take me 15 years to get in a bank. My bank account probably isnt as healthy as some of yoy guys but although a risk seems like a no brainer to me. Heard china is thinking of removing btc ban so that should increase it i guess. Ive got a few alt coins but tend to dabble in the cheap cheap ones. Way i see it £15 doesnt hurt and it gets me say 10000 dogecoin. Although unlikely if it ever hit say 50p or even 25p a coin that 2500 or 5k profit.
  13. Rhyseyson

    Too late to get bitcoin?

    Fair enough thanjs mate Bought 500quids worth today then might do 250 a week for the next 2 weeks and leave it and hope for tje best. Risky but never gonna get this kind of return at a bank so guess its worth it
  14. Rhyseyson

    Too late to get bitcoin?

    Was looking for some advice. Not sure if this is the right post or if there is a more up to date thread but basically ive got £1000 to throw into crypto. Thinking kf going all in btc but i was wondering if you think i should go in all at once or maybe 250 a week etc. Your advice is appreciated
  15. Rhyseyson

    Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    Nah never came back to me Chased them a few times but to be honest first time ive ever requested the info could be doing it completely wrong