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  1. Pun? Let me put it plainly then... they’ve driven us almost over the edge. Mark my words - I’ll have better proof by this time next year 😆
  2. The Piedfort is NOT matte. Just saving you disappointment in case you order it thinking that it is.
  3. The problem is the series hasn’t had time to properly become a “regular” series yet - it’s just been one special edition after another.
  4. At this point I am going to stay away from these releases as a matter of principle.
  5. Indeed. But does mintage really even matter at this point given the numerous variations of this poor coin? Where does the RM draw the line? What will we have next year - plain edge Piedfort and Five Sovereign? And the following year plain edge PLUS matte? And then 2021 to celebrate the Queen’s 95th birthday something else special? And what about 2022 to commemorate 70 years of HM’s accession? And then 2023 to commemorate 70 years of HM’s coronation? The last 5 years have had so many variations, and so can the next 5.
  6. I really should keep my mouth shut, shouldn’t I? 😰 Who’s biting?
  7. Thanks! That’s a lovely wooden box with felt trays. Though most of those 216 slots would be filled with circulating currency from different countries which I either keep as souvenirs when I travel, or which friends and family bring along for me since they know I collect coins (and I nag them not to forget!) 😬
  8. I’m assuming one will have to get those RM boxes from the secondary market? I will check them out, thanks
  9. Thanks Roy! I have only a handful of coins so that sort of box with a tray and slots for capsules would be perfect 😀
  10. Sorry if this is a silly question, but I wanted to ask how people store their coins which are in capsules (such as the RM capsules). Do you just stack them all together in a roll, or do you have a display box or something similar which allows you to store AND easily see the coins?
  11. I don’t think the portrait for the UK coins will change so fast. The previous Aussie portrait had been around for more than a decade if I am correct, which is why they updated it this year. But the UK coinage’s 5th portrait of HM was updated only 4 years back. Maybe they will commission a new one for HM’s 95th birthday or her 70th coronation anniversary (more appropriate, IMO). At which point I do hope they have a completely new portrait.
  12. The Sovereign usually in end November or early December I think. Don’t know about the Britannia.
  13. Shockingly (to me) that new portrait is by Jody Clark 😑