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  1. westminstrel

    American express card

    I’m not in the UK, but in general I believe you’d have to pay some percentage (like 1.5%) of the total amount if using a credit card right? Which may be a lot if you’re purchasing expensive items. The one way to get around this is to use PayPal, because retailers sometimes charge a smaller fee for using PayPal versus a credit card. I don’t know why, but I’ve experienced it. Anyway, I’m sure someone from UK or Europe will chime in with better advice.
  2. That’s very kind of you, Numi. It’s nice to see such consideration among fellow collectors.
  3. Can’t wait for the in-hand reviews
  4. Has anyone received this, and if so, what’s their review of it?
  5. westminstrel

    Western Australia - Metal Detecting For Gold

    Whatever you do, be careful of spiders and snakes Here’s hoping you find a cool nugget (or two).
  6. Ebay deals usually exclude Coins, Bullion, etc., although it seems the latter may be eligible this time around. Anyway, cashback is one way of saving a *teensy* bit off eBay purchases.
  7. westminstrel

    New series of Piedfort Sovereigns

    Exactly. The 65th coronation jubilee actually is a remarkable milestone worthy of celebration. The others are like whatever.
  8. westminstrel

    New series of Piedfort Sovereigns

    Some time in November. I feel like his may be a regular Sovereign- meaning without the 65 privy mark and having the reeded edge, similar to what they’ll do for Prince George’s birthday next month. I sense they’ll do the same thing they did last year with the Sapphire Jubilee and the Platinum Wedding Anniversary Sovereigns, where they released like 750 first and then another 750 with the same design later. Yes I was referring to the single Sovereigns having the plain edge. I’ve said before (and I stick to my words) that the plain edge on the regular Sovereign will become an annual thing. I hope they don’t. And then next year another piedfort without the privy. There’s no end to the madness In three years they can celebrate QE II’s 95th birthday with another obverse 🙄
  9. westminstrel

    **Updated** Forum Back Up

    Yayyyyy!!! I was so frustrated. I even tried messaging someone through the “contact us” link but I just couldn’t get the editor to work.
  10. westminstrel

    New series of Piedfort Sovereigns

    Same here. Seems like they do something special and then dilute its uniqueness by repeating it :-/
  11. westminstrel

    New series of Piedfort Sovereigns

    Link: https://m.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3034947 Well we saw this coming didn’t we! Looks like the piedfort Sovereign is going to be an annual thing. I’ve also called it on the plain edge. Anyone willing to wager against? Seriously though, with the regular 2018 Proof, the Sapphire Coronation SOTD, the upcoming Prince George’s 5th Birthday Sovereign and now the Piedfort, followed by the inevitable Prince Charles’ 70th Birthday SOTD, we’re looking at another ridiculous year. Oh, and they’ll do the Five Piece BU too. That’s already an annual thing. I feel like the Sovereign is moving over from being a special annual coin to becoming an annual joke.
  12. Cutest post under this topic 😬
  13. Actually I take that back... I think what I saw was the 5 Oz gold proof coin which has the design of QEII in the carriage. That coin had disappeared for a while but now seems to be back on the page. Apologies for the confusion.
  14. @Lr103and @augur - I’m pretty sure I saw it on the website that very first day these coins were released. I think it had the design of QEII in her carriage. It disappeared later that day (meaning the coin :D) @augur - No way you did! That is so cool.
  15. Who can tell! But a couple come to mind... 1. Prince Louis’ 1st birthday. 2. Harry and Meghan’s firstborn. Anything’s possible.