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  1. I’m confused about the VAT thing. Is it supposed to be £416 or £500 for non-UK buyers?
  2. It’s totally unfair, isn’t it? 😡
  3. Greed unfolding in real time 😆 Can’t blame ‘em though. They are a business.
  4. If I knew it was £416, I would have totally got one. The £500 psyched me out 😐
  5. This is what good marketing can achieve. The “closed registration” aspect was just a way to create a sense of FOMO. It worked. Looks like a lot of us who registered (I admit I did too just to see what it was all about!) got in at 7 am assuming this is a winner. And turned out it became like a self fulfilling prophecy 😆
  6. Insane... not sure what to make of it all 🤷🏽‍♂️
  7. I think they’re just hyping this one up because the 2019 Proof and BU Matte finish are still not sold out, and after the last few years of specials, they needed something to make 2019 “special”. Hence the combination of matte plus plain edge plus privy 😐 There’s no limit to the variations they could come up with.
  8. Makes sense. It really depends on one’s individual circumstances. I just thought I’d put out the idea because I had a friend who was in a similar situation and regretted his decision to part with his old coin after he got the new one. Good luck. Great to ask for opinions. But make the decision that is best and feels right to you. Cheers
  9. Maybe you’re not the sentimental type... I would have held on to the coin. Can you not afford to buy a Half Sov without parting with this coin?
  10. I don’t see how it is going to be popular. It may seem “sold out” immediately after going on sale, but that may be because of pre-allocations to dealers. You’ll probably find it for a lower price, with some patience, after a few weeks. This is my speculation anyway 😀
  11. Yes I am aware of that (thanks in part to my interest in fantasy 😬) but I think certain things translate better in certain formats. The way the yale’s horns are depicted, as symmetric tendrils, makes it seem the beast is having a bad hair day. 😬
  12. Agreed. The cameo coin is very pretty but the latest Queen’s portrait on Aussie coins isn’t the best. Would you believe it if I told you good ol’ Jody Clark designed it? 😑
  13. Indeed! It looks more like a medal than a coin to me.
  14. I had the gold in my basket and then *poof* Oh well! 😑
  15. Yes I know that. But the 1957 isn’t rare, and it’s being sold by the RM at £395. So the statement that they’ve acquired a key year date at an attractive price seems like marketing hype. Regarding your other question... I would think it will depend on when HM passes and Charles crowned king. Of course he will accede to the throne immediately, but there is usually a one year “mourning” and “preparatory” period before the coronation of the next monarch. If HM passes before the following year’s Sovereigns are struck (they are usually struck around October/November), then there’s no reason why the RM would do two designs for the following. They could, but probably there are laws that govern when a monarch’s effigy needs to be replaced. I have no idea but would be a good research project, or maybe someone who knows people at the Mint can ask what the laws are or where we can find them.