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  1. I’m sure they’ll be available in next year’s Spring Sale 🙂 Or Black Friday 😏
  2. That’s my fear - not that I have anything to lose but I hate when stuff like this happens to collectors in general.
  3. Well I’m curious what date they will use on this 2 oz silver proof. If they use MMXIX then I’m with you. But if they use MMXX then it sets a precedent that the coin can be an annual series.
  4. No matter the hype, I would personally hate for Una and the Lion to become another mundane annual release with just a change of date 😑 I just checked and the price of a 1 kilo silver proof is about £2,000 so we’re looking at around £4,000 for the 2 kilo coin.
  5. Oh my goodness... are they going to make Una and the Lion an annual series!? That would just ruin the uniqueness of the design, wouldn’t it? 😦
  6. For his official effigy as King he will be facing left. It’s therefore no coincidence this portrait has him facing right.
  7. Indeed. I didn’t find anything worth buying even at 50% off 🙁
  8. What is SHTF even? I mean, if there is a shortage of essentials, who would care to exchange whatever essentials they have stockpiled for gold or silver? I’ve always wondered and I still do 🤔
  9. I’m holding out for a Tolkien coin. But I’m glad they haven’t released one just yet as I’m not in a position to splurge right now 😬
  10. I suppose you could buy from the Royal Mint? They have a coin finder service advertised on the website.
  11. Indeed. About £5,000 (at least) I’d reckon given the original prices of the coins, which actually isn’t too much for someone who had missed out and would want the entire set. I admit I liked the initial designs but lost interest after the Falcon which imo changed stylistically. Good luck to whoever acquires a complete set one way or another if all 10 designs appeal to them 🙂
  12. That would be one bloody expensive set 😬 My guess is the extra ones are used for things like the Trial of the Pyx, stored in the Royal Mint Museum Collection, given to dignitaries (Mint directors, Royal folk maybe) in special sets, stuff like that.
  13. Indeed I do collect stamps - thanks for alerting me @Kookaburracollector @AndrewSL76 - Firstly, I’m sorry for your loss. Regarding your situation, it is not dissimilar to one I found myself in many many years back. I will admit I initially started out with the hope of finding a treasure (what do you expect from a school kid?) 😃. However, I soon realized I was enjoying the trip back into history so much more fun than trying to research valuations of the stamps. My interest had always been in British and Portuguese Colonial history. Philately was a treasure trove of delight for me. I eventually found out my stamp collection was worth nothing more than the sentimental value I attributed to it. Unfortunately, that is the case of most inherited collections. But the years of fun I had poring over minute details of my own stamps during college days (when I had time to spare for such leisures) was the greatest reward. If you search for “bulk lots” on eBay, you will find people selling hundreds of stamps in cartons (I’m not exaggerating) for almost throwaway prices. If you have the time to go through the FDCs and older individual stamps, go for it. You may be one of the few lucky ones who actually finds a gem. If not, most dealers will offer you a fixed amount for the lot, or they would charge you a fee for going over the collection and valuing it. Stanley Gibbons is indeed the authority on stamps but as with anything collectible, the value comes from what people are willing to pay. Except in the case of the famous rarities (like the Penny Black), it’s hit or miss. You may actually have more luck with the newer FDCs like the Harry Potter issues because of the fan following. I do have a bunch of Lord of the Rings and Hobbit issues because I’m a Tolkien fan, but I knew when I bought them they wouldn’t ever have much of a resale value above what I paid for them, if even that. As with other collectibles, the last two decades have seen an explosion of material which has saturated the markets. You can PM me if you want to talk some more (if you have pics of any colonial issues, I’d be happy to see them too) 😀
  14. I love this series of posts because I love coins and I love history (and I like you) 😎
  15. You’re a good fellow @Kman 🙂
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