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  1. @goldmember44 - That is a pretty good price 🙂
  2. Re the price of Matte BUs, yeah the original RM price of £365 or whatever seems like a steal in comparison to the updated £450. But the original price itself was too high and especially now given it is no longer a unique 2019 phenomenon, no one’s gonna fork out £450 on the secondary market to get these. The fact 2019 is a “first year” doesn’t really matter imo because every year has seen a “first” of something in recent years. 🙁
  3. Never mind the RM not having a clue, I don’t think they care. Because any long-term value of their coins, especially appreciation, does not benefit them. As an example, the fact that the 2 Oz gold Una is selling for almost £20,000 does nothing to their profit margins anymore. So the RM will keep churning out as many coins as they can and market them for immediate profit. And as long as there are takers, they’ll keep giving 🙂
  4. And then next year will celebrate the beginning of the reign of George IV with another privy and another SotD? There’s no end to this, is there!
  5. Happy New Year to one and all! May 2020 bring you good luck and good cheer in every aspect of your life 🥳 🎉 🎊 🥂 Also, a lot of financial success with change to spare, so that you can truly enjoy your coin collecting and stacking hobbies 🤗
  6. They could pick 4 engravers and do 2 designs from each of them, as an example. They could also go back to pre-1800 engravers and designs. Anything is possible.
  7. You do realize this would be impossible right? Because for a coin to be legal tender the reigning monarch’s effigy has to be on the obverse. So as cool as this looks, it is probably wishful thinking.
  8. Let’s have some fun... How much do people here think the auction will end at? Closest here will “win“ the satisfaction of being a good predictor 😅 I think people will stop short of the psychological £20,000 mark, so my guess is £19,975.
  9. @Heliopolis - I do not as I am in Australia, sorry. But I’m sure some of our European members here might be able to offer suggestions for private couriers, if indeed they will ship coins.
  10. Hmm that’s interesting. I am in Australia so have no clue about this. But is it the “national post” that refuses, or also private courier companies? Seems strange that you can’t ship coins out at all.
  11. Happy Christmas to one and all! 😊🎄🎅🏼 ⭐️
  12. Mine! MINEEE!!! The preciousss is mineeeeeee 😬
  13. I don’t think it matters as long as it is sent securely. Either way, it would be good to take pics of the coin’s condition before sending it off.
  14. It was completely coincidental that I got interested in collecting in 2016 and I had been reading up and learning for some months before the 2017 Sovereign was released. I guess that is why I get annoyed when the RM releases special something-or-the-other every year. The 2017 Sovereign truly felt special, universally, it was never up for debate, and it didn’t feel forced. Unfortunately that can’t be said for some subsequent “special” releases we’ve been handed out.
  15. Thanks @1817Karl and @sovereignsteve. I’ve never graded before, but I’ll be taking the help of good ol’ Numi. I’ll post here when I have significant updates to share. @1817Karl - Phew thanks, it’s good to know at least that this isn’t some strange thing that no one else has experienced, and importantly, that it is fixable. @sovereignsteve - I have a couple other coins but they don’t seem to be affected similarly - but I will now have to take a closer look to be sure. I’m quite a novice collector (started in 2017) and have only a few coins (due to finances) although I am pretty active on here and keep abreast of releases, so to answer your question, my intention is just to keep them and pass them on unless I have to sell them for some reason.