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  1. I had the gold in my basket and then *poof* Oh well! 😑
  2. Yes I know that. But the 1957 isn’t rare, and it’s being sold by the RM at £395. So the statement that they’ve acquired a key year date at an attractive price seems like marketing hype. Regarding your other question... I would think it will depend on when HM passes and Charles crowned king. Of course he will accede to the throne immediately, but there is usually a one year “mourning” and “preparatory” period before the coronation of the next monarch. If HM passes before the following year’s Sovereigns are struck (they are usually struck around October/November), then there’s no reason why the RM would do two designs for the following. They could, but probably there are laws that govern when a monarch’s effigy needs to be replaced. I have no idea but would be a good research project, or maybe someone who knows people at the Mint can ask what the laws are or where we can find them.
  3. Apparently it’s the 1957 Sovereign. A lot of hype for nothing.
  4. Pistrucci’s St. George and the Dragon is timeless, classic, and iconic. I wouldn’t be averse to Jody Clark being commissioned for a one-off special occasion like the Queen’s 95th Birthday; I do think he’s among the best out there, but even then I’d be wary - a few of his designs have been misses even though they shouldn’t.
  5. I was aware of the difference between the edges of the 1957 and 1958 onwards Sovereigns. You’re right that this wasn’t publicised. It’s probably not something most people care about anyway. The 1957 isn’t any more special compared to the 1958 because of this aspect at any rate (as far as I know).
  6. Thanks! This makes it clear what the difference is. Good grief! It must’ve taken some time and patience for Dr. Gilbert to discover this 😬
  7. As someone who isn’t knowledgeable about these aspects, is it common for the edge reeding to change from one year to the next? I mean, I always assumed they used the same “everything” except for changing the year, at least for the normal Sovereign years.
  8. Thank you @CadmiumGreen and @drakesterling. At least I know I wasn’t imagining something. Question for the knowledgeable... it’d be interesting to know what exactly is different about the “edge milling”. It would be great if the Coin News article with the images can be shared.
  9. Thanks @*tada* This makes sense. However, the Drake Sterling page seemed to imply there is some difference between these coins. Unless they were mistaken and that could be the reason they removed that page.
  10. I know these two Sovereigns seem to be the exact same, but I’m pretty sure there was a statement on the Drake Sterling website that said there was some difference; however, that page seems to have been taken down now. So, is there a difference? Or did the Drake Sterling website make a mistake and therefore took down that page?
  11. Yes, the Proof are now on sale too.
  12. That’s partly my point... why would anyone buy this coin from a flipper? Because the buyer in this case isn’t the one profiting. They need to do their homework that’s all. But I agree with you that if you visit, get a couple coins, and also find a few suckers to sell to at a neat profit, then that’s your good luck 😉 I was just telling people here my opinion which is not to fall for a marketing gimmick.
  13. Oh gee! Please don’t fall so easily for a marketing gimmick guys. There is literally nothing special about striking one’s own coin other than that it serves as a memento of one’s actual visit to the Royal Mint. Maybe it is worth the little extra bit for that reason. Otherwise there is literally no logical reason to pay extra for a coin struck by someone else simply to get a piece of paper that states this. Just my thoughts.