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    MancunianStacker reacted to HighlandTiger in Brexit status ...   
    Turns out Michael Gove is a coke head. That won't go down well with the blue rinse brigade in the Tory Shires. 
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    MancunianStacker reacted to HelpingHands in Bringing 1kg of gold from overseas   
    Just buy one after they arrive in the UK.
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    MancunianStacker got a reaction from kimchi in Harrington and Byrne advert   
    I can’t see the advert properly but in the bottom right it has a * next to email and small print. I’m sure it will say something like “yes, please feel free to spam me for the next 50 years” or just call be every week with another amazing deal lol.
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    MancunianStacker got a reaction from vand in Investing in Irish Whiskey   
    This might be useful to someone:
    Last post on the subject I promise but £50 to £1,200 in 19 years for a single bottle of 18 year old Macallan sounds like a great side hobby! Might start drinking and collecting 🥃 
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    MancunianStacker reacted to AuricGoldfinger in Investing in Irish Whiskey   
    People have done it! @Madstacks has sold some on here I’m sure. If you do some research on good old google theres some good articles about which bottled whisky are good investments ie will be discontinued soon. Japanese whisky has done very well in recent years as it just doesn’t have enough to meet demands and it obviously takes 12/15/18/25 etc years to produces the aged whiskies.
    I drink but now collect also as keeps me happy lol. I tend to buy something i know i will like and would be willing to drink for the price purchased. I have regular poker nights and we all chip in on a couple of good bottles and its a good way to try different ones and share the cost
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    MancunianStacker reacted to AuricGoldfinger in Investing in Irish Whiskey   
    Whisky is probably the better investment in the bottle It can’t go bad unlike champagne. There is another thread called “let’s talk whisky” which covers some of this - it mostly involves buying whiskies that will be discontinued or are limited editions which are more desirable the rarer they become. There’s also some absolute bargains to be had at times. If it proves not to be a great investment you can always drink it 😬
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    MancunianStacker reacted to JunkBond in Brexit status ...   
    Next PM then...
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    MancunianStacker got a reaction from JunkBond in Brexit status ...   
    Rory Stewart is a clown 🤡 
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    MancunianStacker reacted to Guybrush in Investing in Irish Whiskey   
    Obviously you need to do your own research but if you have space to store you can invest in whiskey by the bottle.  I myself purchased the glenmorangie 25 year when I found out it was being discontinued some years ago and purchased a couple of glenmorangie midwinter dram to put away and several others.  I also purchased hibiki 12 and 17 but I ended up opening them and drinking
    You can invest in whiskey without such a large outlay.  With all that said I am a whiskey drinker so the worst that can happen is I drink the whiskey so for me its a risk free investment.
    Wine searcher is a good place to check whiskey prices by the bottle.
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    MancunianStacker reacted to blindguy in Another reason to question the use of bank deposit boxes   
    If you are in the U.S. read pages 90-103 of the Dot-Frank rules. The part about SIFI will make you not trust banks much anymore.
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    MancunianStacker reacted to HighlandTiger in Brexit status ...   
    Personally, I don't have a issue with American firms being able to tender for NHS contracts. Which is actually what the issue is about, NOT as the left would have you believe of a dismantling of the NHS and going to a system they have in the US. No UK party will ever countenance that. But what is the problem with a US company supplying cheaper services and drugs to the NHS, providing they adhere to our standards and regulations.
    The NHS wastes a huge amount of money through in-house purchasing departments, anything that can reduce this waste is a benefit to everyone.
    But hey, the left prefer soundbites to facts. It's a bit like the chlorinated chicken scares. According to the left, chicken washed in chlorine is bad, forgetting of course that we drink chlorinated water, we wash in chlorinated water and we swim in chlorinated water. EU farmers even wash vegetables in chlorinated water. EU scientists have even claimed there are no health risks from the chlorine. But still, it's a good headline to trot out. 
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    MancunianStacker reacted to Pipers in Brexit status ...   
    Anyone who wants to dismantle the NHS will lose the next general election and that party will probably be out of power for 15-20 years.  I think Labour want the conservatives to have negotiations to include the NHS, it would be the biggest gift to Labour ever.  
    Gove wanted out of the EU with a Deal, i remember him talking about the fisheries.  He has made more sense than most on leaving the EU.
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    MancunianStacker reacted to KitboyE17 in Brexit status ...   
    Americans already get free NHS.
    Everybody gets free NHS - polish lorry drivers, african care workers, middle east students, american bankers. 
    That’s the problem- and we’re paying for it. 
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    MancunianStacker reacted to Oldun in Brexit status ...   
    Pensions and the UK system of the nhs were designed to look after the people who were directly affected by WW2. It was not designed for anyone else and a massively larger (world) population and its inherent world movement of people. I do think that the nhs is absolutely worth maintaining and keeping as it is still the best form of access to health there is (if there is another system, do please post). It is struggling due to the above mentioned factors and rising costs and levels of higher technology/science but it is absolutely worth maintaining.
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    MancunianStacker reacted to motorbikez in Brexit status ...   
    You've got to love Trump lol.
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    MancunianStacker reacted to sovereignsteve in Brexit status ...   
    been saying this for years
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    MancunianStacker reacted to augur in Brexit status ...   
    Depends on the coins. Sometimes NGC is tighter on grades, sometimes PCGS. I have both and stopped being OCD since you can just put your Pedigree on all instead of a single format. 
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    MancunianStacker got a reaction from augur in Brexit status ...   
    I prefer PCGS but would have expected their head office to have been in London and not Paris in the first instance.
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    MancunianStacker reacted to augur in Brexit status ...   
    I can report the first impact of Brexit on the coin community: PCGS just told me that they cannot offer drop off or pick up of coins any more since they were stopped at customs due to changed laws; they were allowed to pass as a one off but will stop the service from now on.
    Time for a UK office for PCGS!
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    MancunianStacker reacted to sovereignsteve in Brexit status ...   
    and at least Farage has experience of real life outside North London and Westminster
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    MancunianStacker reacted to HighlandTiger in Brexit status ...   
    Bad Telegraph. Don't they know they should be pumping out project fear / amageddon / brexiteers are racists (delete as appropriate) instead 
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    MancunianStacker reacted to geordie66 in Hello from wigan   
    Just joined up to find tips and advice on buying gold and silver for a long term investment. I'm a total newbie to this but i'm interested in learning from the experts to help avoid making silly { and expesive } mistakes. Any advice will be very welcome.
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    MancunianStacker reacted to Nortypeter in Hello from wigan   
    Found this website a couple of days ago,and looking through some of the threads found good information as well as a couple of websites suggested on the forums for buying gold and silver coins at best prices.ive been buying small amounts of gold, silver and platinum coins for a couple of years now as a long term investment.yes I am 61 yrs old and still planning for the future of myself and family.Now I have joined this site.looking for best prices on 1/10 Britannia's and other 1/10th coins including platinum as well as half and full sovereigns and 5gm and 10gm gold bars,and 1oz silver coins / bars.im not after premium collectors pcs,just lowest prices available at any time.
    I look forward to any 'TRUSTED' leads
    PS : im located in East Manchester UK area
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    MancunianStacker reacted to Xander in Brexit status ...   
    One for the doom-mongers. 

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    MancunianStacker reacted to JunkBond in Brexit status ...   
    Light aircraft crash, must have been a plot to get rid of him. Pilot later "commited suicide"...