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  1. How is this even still for sale??? If I had the fiat I’d have taken it now 😢
  2. Huge shortfall in property numbers so unless all of a sudden thousands of new homes get built overnight I can’t see a 35% drop happening. I can’t see thousands of houses coming into the market over night on exit either. A discretionary fund manager told me that if we stay in Europe interest rates will go up quicker than if we exited. If we exit they’d likely stay lower for longer to help the economy. Lower rates mean higher demand for mortgages and make buying more affordable. It depends on what the BOE do with interest rates upon exit really.
  3. This is the problem with AI or Algorithms. Probably why Stephen Hawking and others warned against developing AI. The Terminator movie is not far away.
  4. Nazi diary 'reveals ELEVEN secret treasure hauls hidden in Poland' https://mol.im/a/6786621
  5. Sad story.... Essex coin enthusiast, 33, faces life in prison for stabbing https://mol.im/a/6787357 apologies if covered in another topic!!
  6. New generation ERNIE machine draws winning numbers within 12 minutes https://mol.im/a/6760741 odds 24,500:1 of winning a prize. The minimum prize being £25 I just won 2 x £25 today on separate bond numbers. It is averaging a 1.4% return
  7. Just saw this and was about to post it!
  8. Might experiment with the cutlery tray in my dishwasher and my household steam cleaner 😉
  9. I buy a regular amount each month. It returns around 1.25% a year for mwI’ve never sold them and debouching because they don’t get eneterwdt into the next draw immediately so you’d probably lose more chances of winning than what you’d benefit from. I dont think buying longer runs would statistically increase your chances. It’s as simple as the more tickets you buy the more you have in the “raffle”. Added 0 minutes later... ^ what he said!
  10. He looks better on the coin than in real life (believe it or not).
  11. Bargain!!! Free bump! Wish I had £2k 😢
  12. My daughter was born in 2016. Would love this for her but I can’t spend £145. The wife would kill me
  13. Sorry just meant the dealer could have used an electronic tester on this beauty.
  14. It was nice before the hole. 😞
  15. Maybe should be selling gold and buying silver?