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  1. There was also one for sale at £2,500. He can ask £1Million for it. It doesn’t mean he will get it. Note the “make offer” button!!
  2. £850 or my wife keeps it for herself. Please help 😭 I have my eye on a flight to Thailand 🇹🇭
  3. Wish my wife won 2 iPhone 11 Pros 😞 even then I’m still short 😭
  4. I will consider offers of P.Ms. I’ll just have to give the wife the “equivalent” in cash
  5. No worries mate!! It reminds me of that classic scene in Only Fools and Horses where Trigger the road sweep tells Dellboy he’s had the same Brush for 20 years, only having needed 25 heads and 15 handles!! 😂
  6. I see the Corbynista mini-me Rebecca Long-Bailey has been given the support of “Momentum”. Hope she wins 😂