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  1. MancunianStacker

    1 oz Gold - Testing Gold at home

    Could ask Jewelers if they have an XRF metal analyser machine/gun???
  2. MancunianStacker


    I guess the fact that the price is still going down and inflation is going up and money is still being printed around the world means that gold is really really cheap and even at £900 today just as good value as £700 3 years ago, maybe even better. It’s money insurance in my eyes.
  3. MancunianStacker

    Explain your Handle/Member Name

    I’m a Mancunian and Stacker but I’m also many things so Mancunian B45TARD would have worked too
  4. MancunianStacker

    Open Thread.

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lehman_Brothers This happened 10 years ago today! We are definitely over-due a correction.
  5. MancunianStacker

    2019 Sovereign

    Not sure but you could probably pick up a bargain by buying them two sovereigns in advance of their wedding,using the years they were both born in. Maybe even proof ones on the cheap! Who knows what the price of gold will be in 2019
  6. They’ll probably start a war with Russia and drag everyone else who’s neutral into it (sounds familiar). Had we done an immediate shock, hard-Brexit soon after the referendum; I would have thought the euro would have dropped instead and panic in the Eurozone would have ensued instead of all the fear being pushed by our media and giving Europe tim to think of ways to bully us around. We should have ripped off the plaster quickly! Either way there’s going to be chaos, the EU will make sure of it and after speaking to some of my remainer friends recently, they say they are sick of what the EU have been doing and would vote to leave in any 2nd referendum. I thought that was very interesting. They are also sick of it on the news every day for the last 2 years, wearing everyone down.
  7. MancunianStacker

    Has anyone ordered this week from GS.be?

    Maybe worth and email and ask for confirmation of order receipt
  8. MancunianStacker

    anyone just buy gold?

    Check the gold:silver ratio. Buy silver now and when it reverses buy gold. Tbh though I’ve stacked a lot of gold recently
  9. MancunianStacker

    Gold/Silver ratio?

    Almost at 10 year high! Backing up the truck yet? Intersting how last time it quickly dropped down to 40:1. Anything could happen though????
  10. MancunianStacker

    My experience with the Royal Mint Historics...

    No brainer then! Nice one ☝️
  11. MancunianStacker

    for sale Silver one ounce coins for sale.

    Free bump!! Same silver coin for less fiat peeps!!
  12. MancunianStacker

    Remember in your hearts, 9/11

    I’ll never forget!
  13. MancunianStacker

    My experience with the Royal Mint Historics...

    Lovely coin 😍 So do they just phone around a load of coin dealers asking if they have one in stock and then add a margin on it? What does source to order really mean? At least you know the mint have checked it to be genuine.
  14. What about the possibility of interest rates going up to encourage a flow of money into the UK, together with a sufficiently large reduction in corporation tax to make the UK a tax haven in Europe? As soon as I heard of the brexit referendum I thought this might happen. I’ve heard McDonalds are already moving their head off to the UK from the US. What do they know that we don’t? https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/mcdonalds-move-uk-sparks-fears-post-brexit-tax-avoidance-090612177.html?guccounter=1 Worth fixing your interest rates just in case. Yes you pay more than a discounted rate but you can fix for 7-10 years and limit your upside on this major expenditure