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    Manchester, England, UK.
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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Collecting and Investing in UK Tax Free Proofs, graded by PCGS

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  1. MancunianStacker

    completed 2017 Silver Lunar Roosters 5oz & 10oz

  2. MancunianStacker

    completed 2017 Silver Lunar Roosters 5oz & 10oz

    Bump. Still for sale. Not sure why it was marked as completed????
  3. MancunianStacker

    PM’s and ???

    Split your purchases into more “buys” so you have something to buy each week. Unless your gonna spend it other shite? How about some sterling silver jewelry or nice 18k gold chains etc
  4. MancunianStacker

    for sale Sterling curb necklace and bracelet (Refurbished!)

    Great value for money as Jewelery pieces.
  5. MancunianStacker

    Silver jewellery

    Same, just have white gold but can get a chunkier heavier piece in silver for a much better price.
  6. MancunianStacker

    Silver jewellery

    Anyone got a contact for best price bullion content jewelry?
  7. Month end bump! Will full exchange or part exchange for Sovereigns or other gold bullion to the value of £999.
  8. MancunianStacker


    2,000g of 999 Silver
  9. Pay Day Bump!!! Will take bullion sovereigns in full or part exchange + direct bank transfer if that helps anyone wanting one of these? 
  10. MancunianStacker

    completed 1/40 Fortieth-Ounce (50p) Gold Proof Britannia x 10 FOR SALE

    Sorry Mark, all sold to one Chinese investor. They show up on eBay from time to time just keep an eye for them on eBay once a week. Best of luck. MS
  11. MancunianStacker

    Virginity lost, Piedfort sovereign

    The Piedfort sovereigns really are stunning!! Just st look at the thickness!
  12. MancunianStacker

    for sale 3 Sovereigns, 1 1/2 Sovereign

    No worries! Free bump 🙂