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    Collecting and Investing in UK Tax Free Proofs, graded by PCGS

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  1. MancunianStacker


    Silver looks cheap at the moment compared to Gold!
  2. MancunianStacker

    Sold all my gold, got stung

    5% is nothing. I’m waiting for it to go down 20-25%. You can lose 3% in a day.
  3. Brilliant!!! I got a US 25c in my change instead of a 10p the other day. I suppose I made a good profit on a % basis. Commission on exchange may crush my dreams of early retirement however 😂
  4. If the £ will really be worth less than a $ then surely our heavy industries and manufacturing would do quite well??
  5. RIP Big Lorry 🚛 So was to here this news.
  6. MancunianStacker


    Between ages 8-10 I lived in an old cottage in Cumbria, my bedroom too had I’ve on the inside of the windows, no central heating and just one fire downstairs in the living room. The wind used to howl too.
  7. MancunianStacker


    Went for a nice 30 walk at lunch today! It was crisp! Speed kept we warm. (Not that kind of speed tho).
  8. MancunianStacker

    Brexit status ...

    ^ again, couldn’t agree more!! 👍
  9. MancunianStacker

    Brexit status ...

    ^ I couldn’t agree more!!! What I was trying to say 👍
  10. MancunianStacker

    Treasure Hunt, X marks the Spot

    He wrote and sold a book about this. I wonder if he hid the treasure before or after the book sold thousands of copies 😉
  11. MancunianStacker

    Brexit status ...

    I voted leave but maybe if the question specified it would be a “no discussion” Brexit then we wouldn’t be in this mess. Who insisted we had to try to make a deal anyway? I bet Nigel Farage wouldn’t even have tried to negotiate as he knows what it would’ve looked like. Oh well 😔
  12. MancunianStacker

    Brexit status ...

    Just a thought. Let’s say we remain, what’s to stop UKIP or any other party in power allowing another referendum on Leaving Europe in a few years time etc? With the referendum question being: Remain or Hard Brexit? If the referendum was worded a little more specifically in the first instance then maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess??
  13. How would NGC or PCGS grade this? Like @sovereignsteve says collectors are an interesting bunch.
  14. MancunianStacker

    Brexit status ...

    And old enough to work and pay tax
  15. MancunianStacker

    Brexit status ...

    I’m borderline never voting again. The only option was hard brexit 2 years ago! We should have ripped off the plaster quickly and left them in total shock and despair instead they have had two years! Spineless politicians! I feel we need a totally new kind of political system but unless we get a hard brexit we probably won’t be able to make such a change. This is that important!