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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Collecting and Investing in UK Tax Free Proofs, graded by PCGS

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  1. MancunianStacker

    why is this 1oz item so expensive

    He looks better on the coin than in real life (believe it or not).
  2. MancunianStacker

    withdrawn 1989 proof Sovereign 3 coin set

    Bargain!!! Free bump! Wish I had £2k 😢
  3. MancunianStacker

    completed Royal Mint - 2016 Annual Coin Set

    My daughter was born in 2016. Would love this for her but I can’t spend £145. The wife would kill me
  4. MancunianStacker

    completed all done

    Sorry just meant the dealer could have used an electronic tester on this beauty.
  5. MancunianStacker

    completed all done

    It was nice before the hole. 😞
  6. MancunianStacker

    completed Sterling silver ingots

    Maybe should be selling gold and buying silver?
  7. MancunianStacker

    Brexit status ...

    Army and NHS preparing for hard deal Brexit stocking up on food, water etc. This is their warning to us I suppose.
  8. MancunianStacker

    Security when buying in person

    I say a circular metal disk! I’m not lying!!
  9. MancunianStacker

    Brexit status ...

    Some chap said people voted to Leave. They didn’t vote for a deal. Well said that man! I agree, someone like Nigel Faragr understands the E U mentality and would have got us a great “deal” by not asking for one.
  10. MancunianStacker

    Brexit status ...

    He reminded me of Davros, you know, the leader of the Daleks!!!
  11. MancunianStacker

    Brexit status ...

    He reminded me of Davros, you know, the leader of the Daleks!!!
  12. MancunianStacker

    Pricing Gold Britannia's for sale

    Maybe try again after pay day. We’ve all just had Christmas and not everyone has that kind of money ready to spend until they get paid their PM “spends”.
  13. MancunianStacker

    Thinking of selling stack

    Am I right in thinking that because P2P is not a bank then you won’t even get the basic FSCS compensation if the lending company disappeared etc (never mind the borrowers defaulting). A few payday loan companies have folded already so P2P could be next???
  14. Anybody want to swap for a Full Sov and lives near Manchester let me know!!! 👍😉😀