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  1. It was on Sky News last night! Flash mob social media gangs in Sicily (of all places) raiding their local Lidl. They also had South African townships on Sky News. Everyone stood 1ft away from each other and one old cop telling them to stand 1 metre apart. This virus is going to spread like wildfire in densely populated areas with poor education and poor people who can’t get food. There will be riots etc. It’s coming to Italy shortly. Two parents out in the streets begging police to go see there house as they have no food. In desperate times people do desperate things and there are not enough police or even army to cover everywhere!!!
  2. Used to live near Penrith. Lovely place. Our local was 3 miles away. 1 copper in the village. In the late 80s you’d drive to the pub have 6 scoops and drive home without seeing another car. Never mind a cop (he was still in the pub). Good times
  3. Definitely more pain to come I’m afraid. Thanks, makes good sense to me 😉
  4. Ooh 😮 they have an app! I’ll get that!! Great for screenshots 👍🏻 Edit: Maybe not they charge £1.99 😂
  5. Well done, yes you could have made a bit more by staying invested (as could my brother) but at all time highs it’s pretty prudent to sell high and wait!!! I told him to do the same as you. He did and he’s very happy. He’s just holding out before buying back in. Even he thinks it has further to fall. Big opportunity to buy into a simple FTSE tracker fund (HSBC have a 250 fund I believe) and again leave it for years. Always good to split your pot maybe buy back in with 50% of your fund and hold back the other 50% in case it falls more, simple averaging! Buying the dips 👍🏻
  6. Treasuries of all countries removing their Central Banks was talked about in this Bill Holter discussion: Government will never have to pay interest on their debts again (part of their problem) and will be able to “print” themselves (move to a cashless society too, to reduce virus infection). Have world leaders already agreed to get rid of the 250Trillion of debt and set up a new foreign exchange based on their own crypto’s, backed by their own physical gold. Even Russia and China would be ok with this! It would mean an audit of the Fed would be required in a “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” proof of gold deposits. Sounds like they are printing the money now so they can get a boost in advance, then reset and “jubilee” it all. It’s the best opportunity they will have to do this for another 100 years don’t you think?? The interest payments needed are too large to make it possible repay the total world debt, so this is a “solution” for every Government in debt (every country except for five I believe). If they can’t pay the interest and run their country it will all fail. Income must exceed outgoings it’s basic! Check out the world debt and consider how long this debt based system can last for!
  7. Gerald Celente’s latest rant. Less of an interview. I think Greg Hunter only managed to get 2 questions in.
  8. Set aside £x Billion and divide it by all active non-retired N.I numbers. Send cheques to self-employed and reverse pay employers accounts for PAYE to be paid to the employee by the employer maybe. Is that fair and quick enough?
  9. Yep! Whereas those who can’t work and lost their last 3 months pipeline can’t get a penny.
  10. So only the self-employed of less than a year should use their savings? How about nobody gets anything from Govt then? No that wouldn’t work because they’d be riots. Plenty of workers, S/E and Directors out there with savings too. Wonder how many will hand their wages or financial support back and say they didn’t need it?? Hopefully some will gift it to charity.
  11. Not getting where I’m coming from here are you? I’ll be using my savings.
  12. I could use my savings but why should I? Great for everyone else who just needs to find 20% from savings. I know they say they can’t help everyone but in this grand scheme of things they bloody well could. Banks covered, employees covered, self-employed over 1 year covered, pensioners (still) covered. Who isn’t covered? I can get some temporary work so I can earn and reduce the amount I’ll have to dip into said savings. I’ve worked since being 16 and paper jobs etc before that. I’ve never claimed benefits so I’m pretty happy with how I’ve done. I’m happy to be a delivery driver, Uber cyclist or stack shelves. No way I’m sitting on my arzzz! I suppose it’s the fact that had I set up a Ltd Co. and paid myself a small salary to cover my basic expenditure, I’d have payslips and lower taxed dividends, plus I’d get 80% of my PAYE salary during this lockdown. How is it right? I chose wrongly to actually just be self-employed and pay more tax than I needed to. So I’ve already decided to form a Ltd company and do so from April, pay myself a salary to cover all the basics etc. Leason learned. 🤷‍♂️
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