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  1. You’re my wife now!!! 😂 Welcome 🙏
  2. Bargain !!! FREE BUMP I wish I had the fiat
  3. This would look very different before 2000
  4. I made up my daughters bottles using bottled water for the first year and a bit due to the fluoride in our drinking water being too strong for babies. Other chemicals too never mind the micro plastics.
  5. I agree do it for the pleasure not the investment. Anything extra when you sell is a bonus but cars are generally money pits (servicing, parts, breakdowns, insurance, space etc).
  6. Sovereigns have lots of liquidity and kind of the UK “Standard”. Maybe half-sovs?
  7. Probably yup! We will all freeze to death but as long as we hit the carbon target, that’s fine! Buy a 2nd home somewhere tropical guys just in case!
  8. Again, I think the seller would take £1,001. Doesn’t “offers over £x“ automatically mean that is the minimum asking price??
  9. If Cronyn (Corbyn - damn autocorrect) gets in I’ll be leaving the country. Who’s coming with me. Thailand is nice all time’s of year and cheap!
  10. I think the seller Is just trying to say he won’t take offers less than £2,075.
  11. MancunianStacker


    Jewellery is lest suspect to cross borders with too. Anyone else see Panaroma tonight (gold bars and Dubai & big money laundering).