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  1. I’ve not read all this thread but they could easily phase out the state pension. Pick a year e.g 2020 and state that anyone born after 01/01/20 will not be entitled to a state pension (nobody born yet can complain about it). The new citizen will still be charged N.I for the NHS (make it look like it’s actually compartmentalised). They then make a private pension scheme compulsory at a rate of x% of all income. This might work better than the ponzi scheme it currently relies upon.
  2. Who’d sell for a load of cash they printed out of thin air??? Hmm, yeah we (our politicians) probably would!
  3. Lived in Cumbria aged 9-10 but spent many weekends there from being 6. Best years of my life!!!
  4. Yeah, you can’t even deposit £500 in a bank these days without where did the money come from. One day I might give them a lecture on fractional reserve lending and try to explain all the hands the cash has been through. Wait for the queue to build up behind me etc. Then give a boring answer like went on holiday and took too much spending cash with me, so putting it back. Hate banks!
  5. Plenty of long-standing members of the forum you can buy a gold coin from too. Those with lots of feedback obviously easier to trust
  6. Sorry I was too slow on the replies! Nice work @S2G the new coins added are really useful!!
  7. Hi J, A fellow silver forum member has put this website together this week. It is awesome for finding the lowest premium coins: https://ukgoldcompare.herokuapp.com/ Enjoy!!! MS Added 0 minutes later... Sovereigns are quite low premium and not too big so easy to buy and sell at current gold prices.
  8. I think the OP is asking why it’s selling for less than spot
  9. I think they have new (2019s) and beat value (Random years) if a dealer does both
  10. Thanks @AndrewSL76 Still a bit concerning. There might be one bank that will do this???? Barclays may be different to say HSBC on standing orders? Who knows. The whole video may just be a big pile of BS too!
  11. This is referring to a Direct Debit. I’m pretty sure Direct Debits are safe, they come with a “guarantee” too. Again, companies set up Direct Debits. The guy in the video uses DD and Standing Order interchangeably and there is a difference. I might try cancelling a Standing Order on my 2nd account on Monday. It won’t work over weekend, it wouldn’t let me send it today.
  12. If a standing order for a 1st transaction the same day shows as cleared at the other end and the sender cancels before midnight maybe it gets reversed? It would be an interesting test. If you have two current accounts with different backs you could test it yourself.
  13. Great idea! I like it. When I use it I’ll donate!! Well done 👍🏿