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  1. My wife got the same red one last week. Nice pages on the inside with all the Great British achievements and innovators 👍🏻
  2. So “Brexit” will happen but it won’t be the Brexit the leave voters wanted because that would be far too extreme for the remain voters - so it’s a nice soft Brexit which will basically be remain in disguise, allowed by almost everyone because most are just sick to death of it all and feel the country will grind to a halt if it doesn’t end soon. Meaning we will be stuck in a never ending no-mans-land in a worse position than when we started. ^ and I bet Parliament vote for it!!! 😤
  3. Dividends are usually only paid if the corporation is making a profit! Seen our debt?? Also we are the employees (mainly).
  4. I searched the forum first, well at least I thought I had!!! 😂
  5. I really don’t want my daughter drafted into a EU conscription army in the near future. I’m worried mainly about that possibility. Eek 😬
  6. I thought the same. It could reduce IHT by 300 times etc. They'll probably want to get rid of gold once they have got rid of cash. Very hard to trace and tax!!!
  7. Not totally lost their sense of humours at least
  8. Hi @AgD Congratulations on the baby daughter. It’s great being a parent and their smiles make everything worthwhile when you come home from work even after the worse days. Just a quick thought, if you work for a company that provides private medical insurance, your daughter may also be covered, worth checking. In addition, if you took out some critical illness cover (usually with a mortgage) children are usually covered up to a maximum of £25,000 or 50% of the cover amount whichever is the higher. It depends on the conditions listed but worth calling your insurance company to see what they say. Just call the claims line and see if there is any cover. Best wishes!
  9. Musical chairs! Hopefully we take the first chair, run off with it, chop it up into tiny, tiny pieces, make them into matches and sell it back to the EU to set itself on fire!🔥
  10. On another matter the ECB will start quantitative easing at a rate of (wait for it) €20 Billion per month from November this year. They are loosening their belt buying more bonds after they stopped in 2016. That puts our £38 Billion divorce bill into perspective a little doesn’t it. Interest rates are getting a shave too from minus 0.4% to minus 0.5%. Yeah, EU looks great 👍🏻 Would you like to join? No thanks! After what they did to Greece and it’s peiple. I’m glad we aren’t in the Euro and tied into their future inflation. Let’s leave Germany, France and a few others to bail out the rest when shtf. Is it just me or has the mainstream totally forgotten the bail-in. They are blowing up this balloon rope to pop. We will be lucky to escape.
  11. All the best for the 17th mate. Keep us updated and yes PMA is a massive factor. Take care buddy