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    Collecting and Investing in UK Tax Free Proofs, graded by PCGS

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  1. MancunianStacker

    RM 2018 Paddington Bear 50p Spotted

    I just checked the RM specification on this page, 60k in limited presentation but Unlimited in any other format: https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/paddington/paddington-silver-proof-2-coin-series/ I wouldn’t touch this with yours! Thet can just release th silver proofs again and again in any packaging they want. I’ll pick up a cheap one on eBay next year!
  2. When you wish you had some Fiat leftover 😥
  3. MancunianStacker

    Do you buy new or secondhand gold?

    I like sovereigns and quarter oz sizes because if you are not selling back to a dealer, someone (e.g on this Forum) can usually afford to buy them back. Should gold double in price (you never know), less people will have £2,000 to hand than £500. Just a thought! 😉 You want a smaller coin / bar with the lowest % over spot possible I think.
  4. MancunianStacker

    for sale Gold coins

    Or a very happy one??? They made loads of these, could be one in a million 😉 well 941,000 anyway
  5. MancunianStacker

    for sale Gold Sovereign

    PMd you!
  6. MancunianStacker

    Monthly Goals?

    10% of monthly disposable income.
  7. MancunianStacker

    for sale 1/40 Fortieth-Ounce (50p) Gold Proof Britannia x 10 FOR SALE

    I’ve tried to mark this thread as completed but unable to edit it now. Admin help please (sorry!).
  8. MancunianStacker

    for sale 1/40 Fortieth-Ounce (50p) Gold Proof Britannia x 10 FOR SALE

    All sold!
  9. MancunianStacker

    for sale Gold proof graded coins

    PM’d you.
  10. MancunianStacker

    End Game

    I think there will be a price correction and I’m saving in gold for the next 27 years until retirement too so I have more of a chance of seeing this correction than those in it only for the short term.
  11. Would take bullion sovereigns in full or part exchange + direct bank transfer if that helps anyone wanting one of these?
  12. End of month bump! PF70 Piedfort Sovereign £999 inc Special Delivery UK 🇬🇧
  13. MancunianStacker

    for sale 1/40 Fortieth-Ounce (50p) Gold Proof Britannia x 10 FOR SALE

  14. MancunianStacker


    Good to be low/no debt. I hear rumors of some Germans buying city blocks for an ounce of gold back in the Weimar Republic days but had a hard time finding any solid evidence I.e how much was the average house price then V the price of an ounce of golf in the Marks at the time.