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  1. I take it you mean adblue? Always wondered what that stuff was for, shorly its nothing more than a water injection, in which case why cant you put deionised water in instead?
  2. It might be a good deal, however with modern diesels as overs have said they need to be worked hard to get up to operating temperature ie an hrs run. Other wise the engine tends to suffer with half burned fuel particularly the egr valve, (which sends the exhaust fumes to be burned a 2nd time). Also any diesel with a particulate filter can get clogged if it is used on short trips and these can cost more than a grand to replace + labour. Its well worth taking to a diesel emissions specialist to check any serious hidden problems. Best of luck
  3. As an interesting comparison the Empire State Building was hit by a WW2 Michel B25 bomber in 1945. The plane took out 2 floors and caused a serious fire but the structural integrety of the building was ok. Yet this was a petrol fire not kerosine as in modern jets. https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=92987873&t=1568402278550 Strangly the article mentions the B25 severing the lift cable thus the lift crashed to the ground, I was under the impression that all elavators of the time had safety breaks that engage in the event of a cable breakage?
  4. It seems highly probable that some manipulation of the gold & silver markets is going on as in a 'free market' traders would be going long to protect themselves form currency devaluation and potential slowdown / fall in the stock market, poor returns in the bond market etc. Where is gold going now.....
  5. Gold has just dipped below £1200, £1196 as of 5pm today. https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/gold-price/gold-price-per-ounce/ Seems a bit odd considering the latest news from the ECB on rate cuts and bond buying!
  6. I was working in bar at the time and a customer came in and asked to put on the telly... Completly shocked at what was going on. I had intended to visit a relative living in New York the week before, luckily for me I couldnt get the time off as I might have visited the twin towers that day!
  7. Good point @Roy, thats probably why I haven't bought any proofs... yet. However if the right deal came along than that may change.
  8. As @JackKlugman said put it in a capsule. A good general rule of thumb is that any gold coin is worth more to a buyer if it is in the best available condition, or to put it another way with as little scratches dents, nicks etc. A capsule will do this better than the vacuum slip supplied in this example. However if buying blister pack gold bars then the reverse is probably true because of the hologram anti-counterfeit measures. Re the 2019 date on the coin, I think I am correct in saying that it is not uncommon for the royal mint to keep producing undated runs after the date stamped.
  9. Must have been an expensive few nights if he needed that much dow to cover the bill!!
  10. I would say that the coins are worth mostly melt value. 3p weigh 1.4g & 6p 2.8g silver. However the pre 47's are 50% silver pre 20's 92.5% Spot price silver varies from day to day.
  11. Eaery time I see the reverse I keep thinking it 'in Gold we trust' Lol
  12. Last time I ordered from silvergoldbull.co.uk they shipped from the states, I'm not sure they hold any product in their uk office... Mind you I was ordering privateer rounds, so it would be a good idea to clarify as I got wacked for import duty!
  13. As a veteran bullion dealer once said to me gold (spot) price is like inflating a tyre, it goes up and down and then settles for a while. So if you look at the charts observe the the periods when it settles into a range as an indicator to buy. This is not an infallible method but it might provide a rough indicator. In the long run over 5+ years gold is probably the best inflation hedge or to put it another way a preservation of wealth.
  14. It looks like a 125b, 13 pearls. I cant make out the j with my cheapo 10x lupe.
  15. I took some of my sovs to a local jeweller today to get a second opinion if they were genuine or not. He confirmed they were, however I was quite surprised when he said that the above jubilee head was worth more than some shieldbacks... Having only paid bullion for it at an antiques fair I'm slightly confused. I thought this sovereign was quite common? I also saw this on ebay:https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293176759432 Mine's not a minter so who's right?