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  1. Its also worth checking your local pawn broker/cashconverter, sometimes they come up trumps on silver rounds. I picked up 30 oz a while back for £2 over spot! Make sure they get the XRF tester out. I probably wouldnt buy gold from a pawn broker though unless your very familer with what your buying.
  2. Speaking to a coin dealer at a local antiques market he was of the opinion thatt there are a lot of good fake hammered coins, eg english post roman. So I am not surprised that the scrap dealer sold them for spot. Lovely pieces by the way!
  3. Some scales have a calibration setting with a weight of known mass, even my Jap built scales can have 'wonky' measurements if not reset!
  4. Spinks (London) is having a banknote sale 'The Lou Manzi & A. J. Simms collections' on the 9th May viewing 7th & 8th if anyone is in London and at all curious about British banknote collecting. Btw i don't have any affiliation with Spinks, just putting the word out if anyone wants to familiarise themselves with some high quality examples of banknote collecting. Its not every day that you get the chance to view first hand the best known examples of certain varieties of note. https://spink.com/auction/19031 Some fascinating history contained in these lots, perhaps my favourate's are the Bernhard WW2 german forgeries of BOE white notes and the 1914 Treasury notes sometime called Bradbury's. The latter where released at the outbreak of WW1 to cover the shortage of Sovereigns. Incidently enough many early examples ie 1914 first and second edition Treasury notes would give sovereigns a run for their money!
  5. Ive often wondered about physical trading practicalities of scrap copper, would my local pub landlord accept a bucket full of scrap for a round of drinks... 🤣 Personally not tried it myself, but might have an edge over wheelbarrows of cash in a hyper inflation situation.
  6. According to Phoebe Phillips 'Collectors Encyclopedia of Antiques' the golden years for sheffield plate were from around 1750-1840. It died out in the 1850's due to advances in electroplating. Sheffield plate "is a method by which a thin sheet of sterling silver is fused to a core of copper." Early examples only one side was plated, however from 1763 double plating was perfected. Apparently sheffield plate rose in popularity due to the duty of 6 pence per Oz imposed on silverware and that the same sheffield platers were also skilled at silversmithing leading to some high quality pieces. That's about the sum total of my knowledge, however I anyone knows of any particular makers to look out for I'd be interested to hear more....
  7. universalcurrency


    Definatly a Marmite one, but not for me.
  8. I may be wrong, however I thought there was a difference between electroplate and sheffield plate in the means of application, the former electro-chemical and the latter mechanical? Eg this example: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/A-Fine-18thC-Old-Sheffield-Plate-Wine-Ewer-Wine-Jug-c1790/312366316009?hash=item48ba7bb9e9:g:FVAAAOSwdytayI8V Answers on a postcard to the usual address....
  9. Your right Mcgrimes, many dealers and some auction houses aren't signed up to the VAT margin scheme, (VAT on profit) which 2ndhand goods and in our case PM's. Most likely they don't want the extra paperwork compared to just charging VAT on the whole sale price.
  10. Reminds me of a local video rental business in my home town, (yes there are still working video/dvd rental shops). This business was situated in a very desirable historic part of the town in a small shop which also provided a cinama screening service. Apart from business rates which I am sure were high, not to mention competition from streaming services, the main issue was the landlord constantly raising the rent. The last time about 3 years ago the landlord called their bluff when the shop threatened to move. They successfully did and the end result is the property owner is sitting on an empty shell. 🤣 Moral of the story to landlords don't cook the golden goose!
  11. I was browsing the local charity shops and came across what looked liked a sweet bowl by James Dixon labelled marked as Sheffield plate. My question is are there any makers of Sheffield plate that are worth more that the melt value, eg for the craftmanship, collector value etc? The thought did cross my mind that many charity shops or junkshops might overlook the collector value just because it is not real silver hence a potential flipping opportunity? Sadly I didnt take a picture of the sweet bowl as an example, it didnt have any hallmarks I recognised, just a few letter stamps and a company crest soldered to the base.
  12. Personally I think most people would have been a fool to vote either way in the 2016 referendum based on the poor information given in the mainstream press. For me you had to do your own research to take a position. Having been a Europhile for years I gradually saw lots of anomalies in the story that the Treaty of Rome, EEC, EU was good for the UK and the ordinary man. For example the common market allows public services in an EU member state to be broken up and put in private hands. The French are just learning this with Macron trying to bring about a Thatcherite revolution. It just so happens that EU policy and UK policy on economic reform were largely the the same both supporting free market liberalism. The EU Commission has the real power to draft legislation based on the interests of big business, MEP's have little say on creating law and almost none on amending EU law. The film 'The Brussels Business' is a good point in case. Apart from 'taking back control' of UK parlimentary democracy many people forget that most of the EU 28 member states are run (domestically) on a version of 'Coded Law' not 'Common Law'. To my thinking if the UK stays in the union weather on TM's deal or artical 50 revocation we would be bound to take up a version of Coded Law to meet with further harmanision plans with the other EU 27 nations. In summery imho, democracy works better on a small (nation state) scale.... ask the Icelandic people.
  13. Having recently sold some paper money I inherited on a well known auction site, I am beginning to wonder if it is a more straight forward trade and or income then pm's and numismatics. For one assessing the grading (IBNS system) seems simpler if done yourself not 3rd party, 2ndly no fluctuating spot price as the underlying (paper) is essentially worthless, 3rdly storage deterioration and possible shipping damage seems less of an issue. On the last point how many times has one of us experienced damage in shipping.... Of coarse paper is not an absolute store of value, like pms though history, nor can you garantee which notes will rise in value. Let me know your views on paper money as a hobby, investment or side trade.
  14. Tried the same trick with h&b my payment was bounced. Perhaps it was because I used a different email. 😎
  15. Hi JCBullionandCoins Firstly welcome to the forum, As far as buying / 'investing' in gold I have generally bought 1oz gold coins due to the lower premiums rather than fractional amounts. I have generally steered clear of gold bars even 1 oz as they would be liable to uk capital gains tax. Also they may not be as easy to sell due to conserns over fake bars, and stiff competition from (semi-)numismatic coins eg the royal mint. Btw if you haven't seen the harringtonandbryne offer on gold deals disscussion page, then check it out. Provided other forum members haven't beaten you to it!😁 Personally I would stick to coins over bars as you have goldbugs and coin collectors to sell to. Good luck and happy stacking.