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  1. universalcurrency

    Metal furnaces: Gas, Electric, or Charcoal?

    Hi BackyardBullion, what are the running costs of these electric units? Do you get palpitations at the thought of the next electric bill...... Seriously though wouldnt gas be more cost effective to run? I had thought of making a charcoal furnace on a shoestring just get me started.
  2. universalcurrency

    Privateer rounds - best place to get them please?

    You might want to check what finish they come in, I bought some in the past and if memory serves correct they come in satin or BU finish. Personally I prefer the BU. Lovely coins the high relief is great, I bought the Krakken and the Siran, however I was disappointed that they haven't really taken off in value so never completed the set.
  3. Ive been considering having a go at metal casting for a while, and was wondering which type would be most practical on a small budget... I would probable start off on copper and bronze and maybe have a go at silver. Does anyone know the pros and cons of gas, compared to electric and charcoal furnaces?
  4. universalcurrency

    A compiled List of bullion dealers

  5. universalcurrency

    Not so 'swift'?

    Makes you wonder what would happen if you bought a house sans mortgage....
  6. universalcurrency

    Anyone use metalmarket.eu?

    As an aside does anyone else think of catch 22 (MM) when you mention metalmarket?
  7. universalcurrency

    Not so 'swift'?

    Its possible, however does it matter whether you have the branch address or not, so long as you have the bank name, reference, iban recipient payee etc... I can understand your own bank wanting the recipients name/company and address, but the full local street address of a well known bank chain?
  8. universalcurrency

    Not so 'swift'?

    Made a purchase from metalmarket today and the experience was like pulling teath, my bank wanted soo much detail. Inside leg measurement, serial number off recipients forehead etc.....🤨 I was under the the impression that all I needed was an iban and sortcode equvilant, (cant remember the technical term). Luckily for me I had the time to go down to the bank and make the necessary emails. Anyone else had a bad experience with using swift and or personal bank red tape?
  9. I was recently thinking that Britannia's are over rated: as they are also suffer milk spot, dealers wont necessarily pay the premium over generic silver and lastly is the CGT advantage that much of an issue? If you take the silver pumpers view that Ag is set for at least 10X gains then the CGT exemption might come in handy. However if you expect silver to make only modest gains, perhaps it could be argued that most investors will be lucky to see gains within their tax allowance... Considering the grater quantity of silver you could hold in other generics such as philis, maple leaves, or kangaroos, isnt that a better alternative? Also in a prepper situation, eg buying your groceries goods directly with silver, who is going to care if its CGT free or not? I'm certainly not wishing for a Venezuala stile colapse any time soon btw. 😉
  10. universalcurrency

    Gold Emu verses 1oz gold Queens Beast?

    True capital gains is something to bear in mind, however I shouldn't think the revenue will be will be breaking down my door over a few quid profit! 🤣 Btw does anyone know the current CGT allowance, is it the same as income tax threshold?
  11. universalcurrency

    atkinsons have you noticed

    Surely most bullion dealers would hold paper shorts on gold and silver to protect themselves from declining spot prices? Holding onto pm stock in the hope it might go back up is a foolish as trying to catch a falling knife. Ive done that in the past with sharedealing, and lost a lot of money! 😮
  12. universalcurrency

    Gold Emu verses 1oz gold Queens Beast?

    I'm weighing up the relative merits of the 1oz gold queens beast bull verses perth mint gold emu? Does anyone have an opinion on which might appreciate better and the practicalities or holding one over the other? I know some of the queens beast series in 1oz have done really well eg the lion and griffin whilst others such as the dragon havent made much gains.
  13. universalcurrency

    Anyone use metalmarket.eu?

    They certainly give coininvest et al some stiff competition, best price Ive seen on silver britannias, just over £2 on spot when I last checked and say they accept sterling. Backyardbullion are you listening for a new group order? 🙂
  14. universalcurrency

    Silver Deals.....

    Ive used silvergoldbull.co.uk, be warned they dont have a uk storage depot so you will be hit with import duty unless they have wrapped up some prepayment deal. Mind you it was 2 years ago. I then bought some privateer rounds and they missed an item on my list however the customer service was first rate and sorted the problem fast. For anything hard to find this side of the pond I would certainly consider using them again.
  15. universalcurrency

    Anyone use metalmarket.eu?

    I came across these guys from the perth mint website they seem to have a few good deals on, has anyone used them before? Also, at least on gold purchases they seem to suggest that shipment is free, however I didnt submit any address details so I didn't take as gospal...😀