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  1. Could be, according to numista they value a VF at $56, which is what this is condition wise. Although there are links to ebay (wishful thinking) slabbed examples for a lot more. Going slightly off topic I sold a straights settlement banknote for a fare premium, not quite in this ballpark figure, so maybe there is some nostalgia amonst Malaysian collectors...
  2. Found this on ebay by chance, which I am not bidding on. Having done a little homework it turns out that over 20,000,000 of these coins were minted so why the bidding war over less than an oz of .900 silver? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323935207918?_trksid=p2471758.m4703
  3. Yes they are very straight forward dealers, I have bought from them in the past, however just like any other merchant sometimes their deals are very competitive and other times not so much. I did have a small complication with my bank transfer, for which I had to go to the bank in person as my bank froze the payment. It was all sorted in the end my bank wanted the exact address of the receiving bank which I think was not originally supplied on metalmarket.eu I would recommend getting in touch with the seller and possibly getting in touch with your bank to check they have released payment. The service with MM was faultless I think I chose a 2 week shipping option which saved me £15 and the sent it in a week also they take sterling which makes things very straightforward. I even got a lovely cardboard custom presentation box for a bu perthmint gold emu, much better than slips that some dealers have used!😀
  4. If your really feed up of junk mail from H&B you could use the freepost mailers to send them a brick or anything else you might take down the tip! 🤣
  5. You could go on the the british coin forum: www.predecimal.com They specialise in numismatic coins especially non precious metal coins, Im sure you will find some very knowledgeable collectors. Its a tricky subject to clean or not on the one hand you can ruin any collector value, however some coins may have been stored in less than archival storage eg pvc slips/ coin pages which can excelorate the decay of your coins.
  6. According to the Mail the metal the 'co conspirators' didn't tell the landowner or tenant farmer, so I guess there lies there downfall. Or could have been someone from the auctioneer who was suspicious of the provenance? So the question is if one of us forum users mislays there hard earned stack in the garden, does it belong to the state when it is eventually dug up in say a century or 2?
  7. I cant remember if my order was registered or not, however I was a bit concerned about the logo-ed packaging. As others have commented it wouldn't take much for a canny dishonest postal worker to find out what was in the package with a quick google search or if they recognised the logo from their marketing add in the press. If you are worried about it perhaps its a company best avoided in future if you want peace of mind.
  8. It raises an interesting question, I don't think you could argue that sovereigns are only £1 in value as they never had a nominal value marked on them unlike say 1 oz britannias which have £100 marked on them. The last time they were valued at a pound was probable when the UK was on the gold standard pre 1931. If there is no paper trail then the inheritance value is surely at the desecration of whoever is administrating the will, make of that what you will I am not giving legal advice. As an aside I have heard of people crossing borders and only declaring the nominal value marked on the coins. 😀
  9. Yep, I think you hit the nail on the head silverfinger, women are pretty much attached to their phones from birth. 🤣
  10. Hi Anyone have any expertise with Iranian silver coins? I think these are Iranian silver dinars other than that I know very little....
  11. I think BYB had good substitute cutting up the cheapest silver rounds he could find, I think he posted a video, if thats any help. @BackyardBullion
  12. If there is a secret of alchemy, I am sure that many vested interests would want it to remain hidden on pain of death!
  13. It would happen just as ebay's got got a £1 max sale offer! Grrrr🤨