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  1. Hi Apologies if anyone has asked this before.... As silver seems to be going down (probably due to paper contract shorting) what spot price if any do you think that dealers might stop selling or increase there premiums considerably over spot? Being a newbie I have no idea of the cost of mining, refining, storage, above ground deposits etc, so presumably, dealers prices could uncouple in relation to the spot price?
  2. universalcurrency

    New to the forum and silver stacking.

    Hi Keenstacker Welcome to the community.
  3. universalcurrency

    Silver worse case senario: off world mining?

    I wondered what other members opinions are on silver price should off-world mining become feasible and cost effective... Personally I like to look at the potential down side of my investments should any one class go seriously south, such as the above or transmutation, (alchemy). In the latter it is already possible to turn base metal (eg lead) into gold though atomic physics, however the costs are uneconomical.
  4. universalcurrency

    Where to buy

    Has anyone used goldcore? I heard someone mention them on youtube but I havent seen any reviews... which is strange. I notice they have a very limited range but for plain rounds such as brittania's and maple leafs they seem pretty cheap.
  5. Has anyone noticed that there seems to be something of an inverse relationship between bitcoin (and other cryptos') and PM? Back in 2011 when silver and gold where at their peak gold at $1800 & silver at $49 bitcoin was trading around $10, now bitcoin is pushing above $2000 and gold and silver have dipped to $1260 & $17. My point is as many observers are saying that cryptos' are in a bubble, are we heading for a big up swing in silver and gold? I have the feeling that when silver and gold last plummeted many speculators switched into crypto currencies as the next big thing. So perhaps if bitcoin and other altcoins have a market correction then silver and gold will spike again. Let me know your thoughts.... Ps I mean no offence to anyone who owns bitcoin or other altcoins, I see their value as a useful currency and potential investment I just havent got my head around the risks and trading strategies.
  6. universalcurrency

    Hi to all the friendly people on tsf

    Hi Mancunianstacker I dont have a youtube channel yet, Im a bit of a luddit. Perhaps in the future. Thanks for the offer of support!
  7. universalcurrency

    Hi to all the friendly people on tsf

    Hi People I have been following the stacker / collector community for some time on youtube, and have now taken the plunge and made a few purchases myself. Previously I have traded shares and had a small coin collection in the past. My current focus is on silver rounds rather than strictly numismatics. Likewise I have lost interest in share dealing (high frequency trading and 2nd level market info putting too high a risk for my capital, imho). Looking forward to sharing sharing ideas with you all on the forum.