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  1. Ahh, the bad old days of 'trucking' an interesting topic in itself, where company 'employees where forced to take tokens that could only be exchanged for good in the co. store usually at vastly inflated prices. I shouldn't think anyone would what to recycle that idea. Then again the tories thought it would be a good idea to re-invent the polltax and with predictable outcomes on both occasions! However getting back on topic I am sure that facebook tokens would be convertable just like steemit.
  2. It is possible that an xrf tester might work through the plastic encapsulate, well worth asking in your local pawnshop/goldbroker. However I am not an expert on such kit so I defer to anyone with greater knowledge.
  3. Is this offer still on....... The link comes up page not found. The best 'deal' I could find on BC is £239? https://buckinghamcollection.co.uk/product/2019-gold-bullion-sovereign/
  4. Is this your 2nd order? I got a similar messege when I tried a repeat order however I checked my bank balance to find they had refund my account, hence cancelled order. Worth checking if you havnt already done so.
  5. Just searched for their below spot deal... looks like its been withdrawn?
  6. Sounds like a listing error, if you trawl some of the gold deal posts on the forum its not unknown for dealers to make mistakes. Buying the item for the listed deep discount can be a problem.
  7. You could try a non invasive approach with involves daily eye exerecises and change in diet. There is a famous book by Bengamin Gayelord Hauser, 'Better Eyes without Glasses' Aside from the funny name, (rotfl) he was the first well known advocate of this approach although I am sure there are many others.
  8. Is there a limit on the number of 2019 sovs you can buy, not that Im a big spender just curious how there deal compares with H&B?
  9. Yep, perhaps time to stop digging, with all those metal signals he might find some ww2 munitions! Or maybe Ive been watching too much 'deepdiggerdan' on youtube...
  10. Well done, who says there arnt bargains to be had on ebay! @jonrms have you tried independent pawnshops? I managed to haggle a deal on 20 assorted silver rounds for £2 over spot each. Incidently in my case I found it easier to haggle on rounds compared to bars. Good hunting.
  11. True, in europe bars tend to attract more of a premium over spot, however I am pretty sure the reverse is true in the US and possible Australia. Also the legal tender/capital gains tend to favour government minted coins when it comes to sell. From my personal experience in the UK I have occasionally picked up a load of 1 oz silver rounds (various government mints) for a few £'s each over spot at a pawn shop. I also bought a 250g silver bar but the premium wasn't really worth it. As for fractionals keep a close look out for 2nd hand at a low premium over spot. I remember seeing a youtube video of a grocery store in the states that excepted silver as payment so smaller weight silver could have a practical use as well if your low on cash or shtf situation!
  12. Well the data might not be representative of the total population as the survey was only conducted on 2000 people, extrapolating the data and infering that it represents the whole population seems a jump to far imho.
  13. Who knows perhaps h&b have prepared a blacklist for savvy clients such as us silverforum members...🤣
  14. Same thing happened to me when I tried to re-order more sovereigns, they did refund me. I cant recall how long it took to refund perhaps 2-3 days certainly no longer than a week. I didnt use a credit card so I dont think you will have any probs getting your money back. Incidently did you use a new email and or address? I think certain other members slipped through the radar as they had ordered other items eg fractional qb's or britannias.
  15. Could be a flip opportunity, however not knowing aus $ to £ exchange it could be expensive....