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  1. Would be an enormous loss if they did though ha ha, If I worked in a store or something even I would accept this as legal tender and I am in the UK, just slip the £0.36 into the till from my own pocket 😎
  2. was about to make a cheeky offer immediately after this post was made, some fecker got it, my own fault for being a tight arse, now I am sad
  3. 1oz Engelhard wide E (1981) 400,000 mintage £25 1oz JM TD Bank (1982) 18,000 mintage £30 1oz Silvertowne Eagle (1982) £25 1/2oz PAMP SUISSE FORTUNA (1984) with sterling silver bezel stamped [416VI] [925] £30 1oz Mount Everest Mint "MEM" The Tom Thumb (1974) £25 1oz Simmons sheet bar (70's-80's) £30 1oz Jelenko (80's) £25 Plus post of choice Payment by paypal or bank transfer Cheers
  4. Oh no I couldn't do that, that would be selfish of me, I would rather you "spread the love around" 🥰
  5. I do sir! I was a little drunk when writing that 😂
  6. Making some room for other stuff 1821 Crown - £75 1887 Jubilee head Half Crown- £30 1928 Half Crown - £15 1946 Half Crown - £7 1925 Half Crown - £7 Plus post of choice, paypal or bank transfer Cheers.
  7. Welcome @InvestInCoins888, had a little look at your website, its a little pricey, your VAT FREE silver has a very high premium, some prices higher than VAT charged bullion, will you be selling lower than your website prices? both silver and gold bullion is bought and sold with very low premium on the forum, silver as low as £3 over spot/troy oz and sometimes lower if less than desirable condition, gold is average 5% premium literally anywhere, including postage, lower for people with contacts. I am not going hard on you, just an observation
  8. Got to be the Morgan silver dollar for me, don't make me settle on one year though! but if I had to choose, it would have to be were it all began, 1978 Philadelphia, unfortunately don't have that date yet!
  9. sometimes you just have to accept you can get lucky paying under spot a few times, it doesn't change the market price, or we would all be paying under spot right? then the market value wouldn't mean anything, dealers don't buy for too much under spot themselves so they cant sell under spot, you would need to find your own contacts, I doubt you will get any gold here under spot, people need to make money
  10. I will accept that, although I don't recommend using 1st class signed postage as you are not covered, this method will be at your own risk should anything go wrong