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  1. A nice and early mail call today, more 1oz varieties
  2. That's my way of thinking, I'd rather have something with 100+ years history attached to it for the around the same price as a bullion sov, beautiful!
  3. oh i see, is there a special link to buy them at this price? when i go directly to the website they are £249
  4. How can they afford to sell that cheap especially with the recent increase in the price of gold
  5. For gold, pre Elizabeth Sovereign's, for silver Morgan dollar's.
  6. Only a little mail call today, not so common bit of vintage
  7. My pre Elizabeth sovereigns have now only cost £2 each under spot posted
  8. Gold normally starts declining when I buy some, makes a change 😁
  9. Little fractional arrived today, bezel is also johnson matthey