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  1. The retailer sold the Jean's to Mrs Smith for £25, if they didn't arrive at Mrs Smith's, the retailer can only claim what they paid, £15
  2. Glad to hear, either you got lucky or there policy has changed since
  3. No, they don't pay for the sale price, royal mail will only pay what it cost you, they wont cover the loss of profit, and only pay you if you have proof of purchase, it's a really disgusting way to work when you sit down and look at it, in most cases though, the seller will lose out and be insulted with 6 stamps and a half arsed apology, which I have experienced
  4. They give you 6 stamps and an apology, rm insured post is a big farce, you are never actually insured, special delivery you need proof of purchase, so if you bought a coin which increases in value over the years and sell it for 10 times what you paid, if you are lucky enough to have your receipt you will get 10% back and still have to give 90% out of your own pocket to the buyer
  5. Happened to me on many occasions, usually on none signed packages, one time, postman avoided knocking like the plague and tried to shove a larger package through the letterbox with the empty packet twice the size of the letterbox, I heard the ruckus and opened the door, I noticed it was empty when I'd closed the door and chased him up the street, they walk fast they do, tried blaming the machines but I couldn't prove anything, not had a package missing since then though
  6. My first Carson City Morgan Dollar 😁 and an 1878S
  7. will take the peace dollars please
  8. 5x 2019 royal coat of arms 3x 2018 Britannia with a dog privy? 2x 2019 valiant 2015 Canadian wildlife owl milk spots 2014 perth mint crocodile toned 1oz sm bullion bar £221 plus post of choice and risk
  9. current spot price is 45p/g 10g of fine silver content per coin, £202.50 plus post of choice