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  1. In my own experience, 9 out of 10 would prefer to pay a small premium for 90% than pay spot for 40%, so selling when needed maybe an issue but I am in the UK and prices vary across the pond
  2. wow, I have but dozens of sovs and half sovs from there, that is quite a shocker
  3. Received a fake Morgan dollar today, the weight was spot on 26.7g but other tests and observations identified it to be a fake
  4. A couple more Morgan dollar's arrived today, unfortunately one of them was a fake, but the weight was spot on 26.7g!
  5. The seller of my recent Morgan Dollar purchase also included a complimentary Dansco album, little comparison side by side makes me want to source the second part of the Dansco album, the size difference is crazy, the Dansco is a lot more professional looking too
  6. 12 Morgan's added to the stack, 5 added to the album
  7. Another 12 for the stack, 5 for the album
  8. Was that regal stacker? I remember watching a video of his doing a similar thing
  9. I have been sorted with the box, now just need some empty tubes
  10. excellent I will take it please, you dont have any spare ASE tubes do you?
  11. cheers bud, I have just asked him if there are any left
  12. @morezone Hi mate, do you have anymore of the U.S Mint boxes left? cheers.
  13. Just wondering if anyone has an empty official U.S Mint American Silver Eagle monster box with some tubes available? cheers