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  1. Looking for the following dates 1878-1883 78, 78CC 79, 79CC, 79O, 79S 80CC, 80O, 80S 81, 81CC, 81O 82O, 82S 83S I have to offer, 89, 85, 87 x2, 21, 78S, 83O, 98, 96
  2. Putting some more time into the collection, anyone doing the same and want to trade my spares for yours?
  3. 1g gold or £50 cash plus post, paypal or bank transfer
  4. So it seems with everything going on, regular silver dollars are being appreciated and back up to getting a price they deserve, the 1928-S is considered somewhat of a key date, low mintage, £50 plus post of choice, there are 2 on eBay right now £88-£89.99, paypal or bank transfer Cash or gold as payment
  5. @JunkBond Not sure if you are into the gold JM bud, a nice 2.5g at a good price
  6. Cheers, just been having a little look, I was thinking gloves will be good but they will add another complication, I will be sanitising anyway so a mask and waterproofs will do for now
  7. cheers guys, I only got a gas mask as they were the only thing available nitrile gloves? will have to look at them, what are they for?
  8. So, tougher measure have been put into place because of people not socially distancing, I have been doing this anyway for over a week. Shops are no doubt going to be more crowded than ever with the limited opening hours, are any of you taking precaution with protection? I will be the only one doing our shopping and I am considering a gas mask and waterproof clothing for easy decontamination, may be overkill but at this point, nothing seems too overkill, how are you protecting yourselves? P.S, please refrain from any political talk, this is just about protection in public
  9. Plus VAT!, you cant complain the prices are extraordinarily high when people have paid over 50% more than what I was asking here, this is how things work, I am not comparing in any way to but look at the most recent 2oz gold una & the lion, selling for crazy money above the already doubled spot price tag, because people wanted it but couldn't buy it for retail price, imagine that, yesterday it was £4k from the mint, today I have to pay upwards of £20k, and people did, not sure what they go for now but that was pretty much when it was first released so you cant come here and tell me what you paid almost a year ago, the dog privy has been out of stock since I can remember. As I said, I am all for criticism regarding pricing, but you are still lying about pricing, If you managed to get one last year, the price would have been roughly £26 including VAT IF they were in stock which is questionable now, below is a screenshot with time and date stamp of the current prices that still change with spot, you have proved you are not a worthy source of information so please don't bother spreading your lies on my thread, cheers
  10. Not touchy at all, I am all for criticism with pricing etc but when you lie about prices, that's an issue @MikeG1978 & @Pete thanks for the offers but I wouldn't take £30
  11. my previous sale prices say differently but thank you for your useless input EDIT: I doubt any 1oz silver coin was as low as £20 from bbp last year, please dont lie on my thread, thanks
  12. I don't believe mintage info is available, RM tend to only release mintage numbers on there own high premium coins lately (I am guessing to avoid people selling for premiums on coins they didn't sell at the same premium) but these are not available anywhere
  13. bumpy bumpy bump, these both sold on eBay within the hour of listing, buyers didn't bother making an offer, I have not listed any since and no others are available
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