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  1. DaveWheat89

    for sale NCM 1, 2 and 3oz old silver bars

    2oz sold, reduced to £30/oz plus post
  2. 1887 half crown £30 1914,1916 & 1918 half crown £12 each 1912 threepence £8 1875 threepence £15 1902 shilling £30 Plus post of choice Bank trans or ppff
  3. DaveWheat89

    eBay scam video

    ebay customer service is rediculous, same happened to me only i was the seller, buyer made a false counterfeit claim and returned the coin to an address (we hadnt got that far yet, to give my address, it was 4 days into the request to return and i didnt have a return address registered) in my town, not even my signature, they said it was in your town so its good enough, 2 months i argued, paypal wouldnt help but they hound me for the money I now owe
  4. DaveWheat89

    for sale NCM 1, 2 and 3oz old silver bars

    bump, offers welcome
  5. DaveWheat89

    for sale or exchange Rare Engelhard & Johnson Matthey pieces

    JM sold, Engelhard reduced to £60, less than 500 produced, none on the current market
  6. DaveWheat89

    Order has been stolen

    with the original post edited, i cannot see what was missing, i read that they are re sending the order, how much was actually missing?
  7. SOLD cheers @matrawr
  8. DaveWheat89

    for sale 1oz 1981 A-Mark Chunky stacker bars

  9. DaveWheat89

    for sale 1oz 1981 A-Mark Chunky stacker bars

    bump 8 left
  10. price drop £230 posted special del
  11. Made by Nevada Coin Mart, I believe these were made in the 1960's, looking for £40/oz individually or £200 for all 6oz posted special delivery
  12. DaveWheat89

    wanted Silver U.S dollars

    not fussed on grade but no less than VG, cheers
  13. DaveWheat89

    for sale Emirates Gold mint sealed 10g Silver bars

    SOLD, @Scorey23 cheers bud