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  1. 1oz generic bar ser# B484238 1oz "SOOTERS" bar ser# S21308 estimated mintage of 15,000 but the availability is scarce Only selling as a pair £80 posted first class signed
  2. DaveWheat89

    Today I Received

    Some more oz's added to my newest collection of old poured/cast silver bars
  3. DaveWheat89

    for sale or exchange Silver bracelets

    925 silver Square curb bracelet 29.6g (top) £40 925 silver Curb bracelet 33.6g IBB makers mark £45 Both show signs of use +£2.50 1st class signed post
  4. DaveWheat89

    Maybe Fake silver coins

    Eagles are supposed to be upside down to the other side, DO NOT acid test it, instant scrapping of a coin right there, if the magnet slides with resistance down the coin at an angle and the weight is 31.1g with +0.2g of tolerance it is fine, fake generic coins tend to be low quality and off weight by the gram or grams, looks fine to me
  5. Not to be confused with the more common blank back with "FINE" and "SILVER" on seperate lines. This shows "FINE SILVER" on the same line which makes it the rarer of the two, not only by mintage number at 50,000 to 20,000 but by availability Serial # 091843 Price is £250, free special delivery.
  6. DaveWheat89

    completed Johnson Matthey 1oz silver bars

  7. JM TD Bank (low mintage) serial # 039697 £25 JM unsealed serial # 360435 £20 JM sealed serial # 734353 £30 1st class signed post £2.50 Special delivery £7.50
  8. DaveWheat89

    completed 4.6 troy oz silver £14/oz posted

  9. DaveWheat89

    completed 4.6 troy oz silver £14/oz posted

  10. DaveWheat89

    Get your vintage out

    Thats a beauty! Natural and raw, do you have an estimated year for these?
  11. DaveWheat89

    Get your vintage out

    Hi all, looking to begin a collection of vintage poured bars starting with 1oz, looking for some inspiration as i am only aware of a few varities, any of you have any to show off? Cheers.
  12. DaveWheat89

    Potential eBay scam please help

    They wouldnt leave a card and sign for package on the recipients behalf, doesnt make sense, ive had postmen sign on ny behalf if it fits in letter box, which beats going up to depot, if theres a signature and you can prove package was addressed to buyer, you will be fine, hower, scammers will try all tricks kn the book, like box was empty, it was just a brick, this is when ebay really fails the seller and favours the buyer...
  13. Beautiful variety here, serial number 000100 of an estimated 100 mintage Looking for £500 considering offers I understand there are a few in the forum who stand by "an oz is an oz" but this is a true rare piece so please keep opinions of price to yourself. Payment by bank transfer, ppff or gold/silver Posted special delivery
  14. 10 franc 1965 8,051,000 mintage 10 franc 1972 915,000 mintage 10 franc 1973 207,000 mintage Ccm 1oz silver round 1898 5 peseta 4 x u.s quarters £65 Posted 1st class signed Bank transfer preferred, thank you.