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  1. I agree, the numbers on the debt clock are staggering (shame theres not a British version), not selling any of my stack, buying more as its only a matter of time before the system resets and when it does you'll be thankful for your stack, you dont want your money in the bank either when it does as there wont be any coming out of the cash machines.. think Cyprus.
  2. Keep the gold mate, with the amount of debt in the world, with banks struggling worldwide, its wealth insurance. The P2P sounds good but if it works like a bank then any money in the bank is not yours, its an unsecured loan to the bank, you might say its insured up to £85000, but consider this.. last year Barclays bank had nearly 490 Billion of deposits, how much cash reserves to pay people if they wanted their money 90 Billion, the FSCS does not have that sort of money to bail out a failing bank, its there to instil confidence in the banking ponzi scheme, then there's bail in's laws introduced a few years ago🤔... If you dont hold it you dont own it.
  3. I've just been stacking and have not sold anything as i've not had the need so can't comment on selling problems, I have over 300 Queen's beasts covering most of the series, i went through them all the other week after i saw comments about spotting but didn't find any. I have gold coins in tubes (bought direct from mint) so have just left them in there..
  4. @Howie Thanks for the reply, I've still not decided what to invest in yet, but have looked at proof coins before and thought they were expensive (£1850) for what is essentially 1oz of gold, although they do look beautiful and with only 400 produced should be a good investment My main reason for buying PMs is to protect my wealth and if gold & silver increase overtime all the better. We all know if we leave it in the bank what that money can buy will diminish overtime where as gold will alway buy the same amount whether it was in 1930 or 2018. Will have another look at the proof coins..
  5. I suspect your are right about gold being easier to sell and with nothing happening to the coins when storing, that said i went through most of my silver a few days ago and found no milk spots (must be lucky). Ohh i agree that silver is the better buy and i dont think it will ever be as cheap as it is now.
  6. if it was a case of just buying as i had the money then yes the 1/4 oz gold are ideal as are the 2oz, i was thinking of getting some 10oz simply because the prices, once out of production seem to have rocketed..
  7. I personally dont think gold is overvalued, i think its silver that has consistently been pushed down by the big banks dumping EFTs, silver is be far the best buy right now being at or below cost, although that said i already have over 1500 oz of silver so i think i'm going to go down the gold route although still not 100% decided yet. I have seen the platinum but prefer to stick to the monetary metals. I always buy my silver from Silver-to-go.com, great customer services & great prices and normally delivered in 2-3 days after paying..
  8. Wouldn't have any issues fitting the gold in the safe but might struggle to get 10 more tubes in never mind 20.. so looks like gold it is..
  9. @BackyardBullion that is very true, maybe i go down the gold route then as i already have a hell of a lot of silver..
  10. Lol one minute i'm thinking of going down the silver route then your post comes along and i start thinking hmm maybe gold then.. i think i must have been lucky as i've not had any spotting on my silver beasts last time i looked.. Appreciate the wise words 🙂
  11. Thanks for the info BYB, i suppose you are right about the dealer prices being optimistic, but i suppose being an investment/insurance against inflation i'm not going to loose and maybe if the silver price fixing ever ends who know.. I always by from Europe...unless there's a coin i cant get. I suspect i will go for the silver and a few 10oz beasts which i love and will definitely share a photo once they're here.
  12. Hi Guys, I've been left some money which i plan to spend on metals but am torn between getting 10x Queens Beasts Falcons or a monster box of 2oz Falcons & various 10 oz Beasts, these are for long term investment, the reason i'm torn is because most of the beasts series seem to increasing nicely in price once out of production, already have 20 gold Lions & Griffins bought around £1000 and selling for around £1500 where available and about 200 mixture of 2oz silver Lions, Griffins, Dragons, Bulls & Falcons, Currently Lions £82 & Griffins £57 @ Blayer Bullion. I'm tempted to go for the Monster box of falcons... 1, Due to the cost £6000 ish and can also buy a few 10oz Beasts as well 2, I think there is a better chance of my investment increasing more in a few years should i need to sell. Comments/advice would be appreciated. Cheers
  13. I just assumed that because there is no VAT on the invoices that they are VAT free, but it seems that i maybe wrong assuming this!! maybe i will check with Silver to go
  14. its a shame i didn't look at what i was typing "videos videos" lol