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  1. Talk to @SilverStan he imports them at a reasonable cost, I know as i've just ordered one from him..
  2. Are there any marks on the coin? pics are a little blurred so can't see.. do you have any better pics?
  3. Wow, dont think i've seen coins that badly marked. i've always been put off ordering from them due to having to pay in Euros and having to pay the courier separately, although i'm sure most orders probably dont have issues but its just pain when it happens to you. I've spent over £25k with over the past 3 years, you pay in £'s (inc delivery) into their uk bank account, usually delivered within 2-3 days, prices are as good too. I've never had any issues with coins.. I had one heavy box that had a split in it which i rejected (as they tell you to) it went back to Germany, was opened checked, repacked and was redelivered within a week. I hope they sort this out for you.
  4. Thanks for the info, we have an ex council house which is well built so not paper thin like the new ones.. will have to look in to it 🙂
  5. Thanks for the info @MikeG1978 wanted one for ages but trying to persuade the wife to have it changed as we have a nice marble fireplace etc..
  6. Been thinking of changing my gas fire to a wood burner for a while, how much do you guys that have them, save on your gas bills? assuming that when using these you open the internal doors to warm the whole house..
  7. Do you have to pay import duty when they arrive in the UK?
  8. I agree, the numbers on the debt clock are staggering (shame theres not a British version), not selling any of my stack, buying more as its only a matter of time before the system resets and when it does you'll be thankful for your stack, you dont want your money in the bank either when it does as there wont be any coming out of the cash machines.. think Cyprus.
  9. Keep the gold mate, with the amount of debt in the world, with banks struggling worldwide, its wealth insurance. The P2P sounds good but if it works like a bank then any money in the bank is not yours, its an unsecured loan to the bank, you might say its insured up to £85000, but consider this.. last year Barclays bank had nearly 490 Billion of deposits, how much cash reserves to pay people if they wanted their money 90 Billion, the FSCS does not have that sort of money to bail out a failing bank, its there to instil confidence in the banking ponzi scheme, then there's bail in's laws introduced a few years ago🤔... If you dont hold it you dont own it.
  10. I've just been stacking and have not sold anything as i've not had the need so can't comment on selling problems, I have over 300 Queen's beasts covering most of the series, i went through them all the other week after i saw comments about spotting but didn't find any. I have gold coins in tubes (bought direct from mint) so have just left them in there..
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