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  1. gavinfry

    what do you make to this

    the 20 pound note in my pocket will still be 20 pound in 30 years it will buy me a packet of crisps the 20 pound in silver will buy me a nice holiday
  2. gavinfry

    SBSS, coin question

    i dont them myself but will give you the links to any i find
  3. gavinfry

    gold sovs

    forgot to put link sorry guys
  4. gavinfry

    gold sovs

    found these on a ebay some 1800s sov do you guys think they are over priced the sellers name is gawrytenkosalvage let me know youre thoughts
  5. gavinfry


    leave well alone this site is just trying to sell its domain name my security programs tell me its a false site trying to fish bank details
  6. gavinfry

    SBSS, coin question

    Just found the one in your pics on sd bullion price is £42.82 in dollars I've seen them resell on eBay for up to £ 80 dollars in the uk so if you can get these cheap enough there is some profit to be made.
  7. gavinfry

    SBSS, coin question

    This series began in 2012 you can find more info on sd bullion.com they have the complete series
  8. gavinfry

    SBSS, coin question

    hi mate this is a silver trivium bullet shield 1 ounce round best sold price on ebay 80 dollars hope this helps you out
  9. gavinfry

    Worth grading?

    check these sort of coins some are 0.500 some 925 and others .999
  10. gavinfry

    Worth grading?

    found these on ebay today if thats the sort of silver coins you collect sellers name is natalieeland2012 seem pretty good thought i would give you a heads up on this
  11. gavinfry

    Silver Deals.....

    hi guys found this on ebay today looks genuine to me but i dont collect old coins i thought a silver forum member who collects old coins could pick up a bargain the sellers name is oakfurniture1978 the last one i checked out sold for £400 but iam not a expert in coins so i wont bid
  12. gavinfry

    Cash Back on Royal Mint and other Purchases

    sound like the gloves are off lads come on calm down calm down lads
  13. gavinfry

    Cash Back on Royal Mint and other Purchases

    hi numi i watch youre vids om utube but dont have a account on there i would like to say thanks on here the info you give has as pointed me in the right direction when i was travelling in the wrong
  14. gavinfry

    Hello everybody !

    hi man sounds like youre in this for the long haul
  15. gavinfry

    Today I bought this good. Buy or Bad ???

    take a decent mag glass with you some markings are so rubbed the naked eye cant pick them up so some sellers dont know what the have got got also look out for diffrent silver and gold marks that are not uk