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  1. That's fantastic, @kerrste . I am going to give that a go in future for same-year examples and, where necessary or possible, same-die. Nicely done, thanks! Cheers everyone. The ebay seller has legit coins too but they seem to have gotten a dud on that crown. I let them know.
  2. Yeah pretty sure it's a dud now. The dot after the IMP is off too. And the proximity to the crown tip and GRA dot.
  3. For comparison, the tail is way off, isn't it?
  4. Thanks, both of you. Sadly there is no edge image. If it was tell-tale sharp as the day it was made, I would be certain it was fake. Usually that's the part they neglect to add fake wear on, I think.
  5. Opinions, please. At first glance I didn't like his face and that tail. Victoria seems far too well defined around the edges of her profile, but I'm no expert. EDIT: Thanks for input, folks. Looks like a blatant fake then. It's on ebay, along with the seller's many other legit looking half crowns and hundreds of stamps and post cards if that helps. Thanks for any input.
  6. Just reviving the thread to say the price has dropped a little more, and they are doing a 10% offer on top of that, for anyone on the mailing list. Also, The Gold Sovereign by Marsh has dropped down to £23.61 (£21.24 if you get that offer email). https://www.bookdepository.com/Gold-Sovereign-Michael-Marsh/9781908828361
  7. The money you save off the RRP (and postage) should get you half at spot, give or take.
  8. Thank you kindly! That was fast
  9. The new Spink volumes, Coins of England & The United Kingdom, 2019, are out now. Chards has it at RRP for £30, but my absolute favourite book site, The Book Depository, has it for £24.40 with Free Delivery (all their books are worldwide free delivery, so you can gift them to your stacker friends across the pond!) https://www.bookdepository.com/Coins-England-United-Kingdom-2019-Emma-Howard/9781907427930?ref=grid-view&qid=1547751338720&sr=1-2 This site has been my go-to for Christmas and birthday gifts for friends and family far afield for a while now. They also do occasional offers like 10% off via email updates, so if you are't in a hurry it could be worth sticking it in your Wishlist and waiting for the inevitable auto-reminder email with voucher code. This isn't an affiliate link, I just really rate them and it will save people a few quid for half an ounce of silver!
  10. Be careful when ordering with that site. As with Westminster Collection, many purchases there will sign you up to frequent 'preview' deliveries, charged at full price, until you cancel.
  11. Thanks for the offer, Trumar. I meant I'll probably pick one up in the next Goldsilver.be group order, I would only want 1 of them. They're 18.50 Euros at the moment over there.
  12. I love these. Hoping to pick one up in a Group Order some day. Your price is cheaper than ebay, by coincidence I just had a look earlier.
  13. There is no design yet, is there?
  14. I'm excited to see and own a legit Brexit coin. Might even get one in gold if it's not far off spot, but that seems unlikely. Silver may have to do.
  15. Saw this recently and just had to share. A re-engraved 'hobo' silver dollar, with a sword in the stone mechanism!