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  1. Jay2

    Today I Received

    Do you pay spot price for this phase of yours? I grab them at spot whenever I can but don't go out of my way, not after getting one good example anyway.
  2. Wow. Are you going to be 'randomly selected' for some kind of audit soon? Jokes aside, amazing how these hauls are growing! What's the G/SR on this order?
  3. Jay2

    Today i sold

    This thread is definitely going to be educational and, for some people, sobering stuff. It puts a more human face to the alternative: searching eBay Sold Listings and hoping it's not dealers buying off themselves to help hype things. Thanks to all who contribute. Definitely following.
  4. Jay2

    Today I Received

    It would be huge! I'd love one of those silver saint George statues, though. They made two versions, I think? @RegalStacker was supposed to be [exclusively?] selling some in the UK.
  5. Jay2

    Today I Received

    Some coins from around the world came in from another junk auction. A few nice sharp examples. I'm really happy with the New Zealand half crown, the Innsbruck University 50 schillings, and the Rupees.
  6. Jay2

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    A seller saying 'no returns' on ebay doesn't override any statutory rights you have (EU and US may be different on that). If they send the wrong thing, or an old or broken thing they said was new - basically anything significantly not as described - then ebay's buyer protection kicks in regardless of 'no returns'. In fact if they really insist on no returns, for logistical reasons, that's still okay but they have to refund you and let you keep it, in genuine cases of not as described. It'd be a bit of hassle taking pics and escalating the case but don't believe 'no returns' means no recourse.
  7. Jay2

    Today I Received

    Some silver USA coinage from auctions. The boxed Kennedy has iridescent tones of purple, turquoise and burgundy on both sides, which is pleasing to turn in the light. Not so easily photographed. Another Kennedy is either polished or proof-like from some kind of set, not sure. The 1929 quarter is surprisingly sharp - pics don't quite show all the wing and tail feathers and the Liberty shield and legends have no wear. Nice surprise, for a junk sale.
  8. Jay2

    Today I Received

    I love shiny silver forks, spoons and napkin rings. I find it so hard to value knives that I don't bother with them unless it's a distinctly solid / decorative example, like might be found in Christening sets. Any tips on the kinds to look out for that aren't generally filled or hollow? Perhaps fish knives and butter knives are more likely to be silver on both ends.
  9. Jay2

    Royal Mint didn't waste any time with the new Royal Baby!!!

    £28 premium for a piece of folded paper entirely unrelated to the coin. Póg mo thóin. ☘️
  10. Jay2

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Who are HGM selling to these days, mostly? Walk-in / long-term customers perhaps? I assume the average online buyer is more likely to be looking at competitors.
  11. Jay2

    2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Proof

    Maximum Mintage for the 2017 PU is 1 Million. According to their own brochure. ( http://www.samint.co.za/wp-content/uploads/KR_SAMint_Brochure_FINAL.pdf ) Page 37. The number of proofs is 15,000. They're making the same amount of 2018 proofs. Not sure about the 2018 PU numbers, if any?
  12. Jay2

    Multitude of Fakes! Beware this Ebay seller!

    That 'About Us' page is a candidate for So-Bad-It's-Good award. I love how all the empowerment talk abruptly ended with "bring our babes". Totes Woke, yo.
  13. @Pete I had this exact issue a couple years ago. Paying Transferwise via Barclaycard. I got stung with a "cash-like transaction fee" and then interest started on day 1. I phoned Barclaycard, explained that Transferwise are providing a service specifically designed to avoid these kinds of fees, and not a recipient of cash or cash-like handlers. They said they understand the irony of charges on a charge-free service, and reversed all my fees and the interest that had accrued! But they did warn me this was a one-off reversal and in future to be careful of small print on payments that will register as cash-like. I will definitely use Debit or Bank wire in future for Transferwise! Still a great service, mind you. I hope they grow and grow, to the point where other financial services see the folly in their fees.
  14. Jay2

    John A -- Give-Away -- OVER --

    Extended? Count me in then, please.