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  1. Shinie

    2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign

    Thanks I knew where to look ! Same story here, returned one for a replacement it arrives this week with same marking on the "F" and also slight scratch beside "2017", was promised a brand new minted coin but who knows?. It's going straight back have not decided to try again or just get a refund to spend elsewhere. As others mention packaging was greatly improved on request but still disappointed yet again courtesy of The Royal Mint and ending up out pocket at the end of the day considering shipping, visa charges, currency rates\charges etc. So another trip to post office for me!.
  2. Shinie

    BNT - Do not use - Bunch of cowboys - Please read

    Wondering is BNT any relation to MDM of Germany or is it just very similar websites https://www.mdm.de
  3. Shinie

    Unicorn of Scotland, send it back?

    Mine was not near as bad as this and was sent back last week, they mentioned It may of been down to bad luck, seems to me theirs a good few unlucky people out there so. It's a pity but I give up cannot to do this for another 8 releases if you have to get lucky every single time.
  4. Shinie

    Greetings All

    Hello everyone, I found myself here again and again while also watching some of the bigger guns on youtube, so it was time to officially join like to say the more experienced sharing there knowledge, information and opinions found here is a great help and much appreciated. many thanks and best of luck to all