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    barney reacted to CosmikDebris in Today I Received   
    Recent acquisitions from Baird & Co and Hatton Garden Metals. 

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    barney reacted to richatthecroft in Metal Detecting   
    First outing for the metal detector, (I bought a second hand Golden Mask 5+) in my back garden.  Found an Edward Penny: 

    Well pleased. 
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    barney reacted to mr1030 in Today I Received   
    1908 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, 1904 and 1905 Sovereigns, and an 1897 French Lucky Angel 20 franc.

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    barney reacted to tallthinkev in Today I Received   
    Just a 1/10oz but it all adds up.

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    barney reacted to sg86 in Today I Received   
    This may well be the nicest coin I own, had to get it to match my BU version.
    These will be so sort after imho with a mintage of only 750, had to grab this PF70. This is only available in the 5 coin "long set", which were 3300 RRP and have sold for 5300 on ebay already, only a few for sale atm at 6-8k.

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    barney reacted to Silvergun in Today I Received   
    A few pieces to continue the series i am collecting from Goldsilver.be , the lunar dog is a 1/2 oz .

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    barney reacted to JohnAnsink in 1997 Britannia 4-Coin Box and COA -- Ended   
    Offered ended...a member has requested it
    I guess this should be technically in Buy/Sell ... but it's free and will get more views here.
    I am selling the coins from this set, so I have no need for the Box. I am selling it on eBay for $20.
    But if any forum member has this set and needs a replacement Box in perfect shape I will send it free if you pay shipping.  
    Message me.

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    barney reacted to onlyroadtoheaven in Today I Received   
    After over a decade of stacking I finally have a strategy! Sovereigns and 10oz Beasts only as I think these will be easier to sell when required.
    Anyway, 2 x 10oz dragons arrived today thanks to the @BackyardBullion group order which compliment the rest of my 10oz Beast collection - shown next to a 2oz Bull for perspective.

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    barney reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received   
    Thanks @arshimo2012. What a beauty. 

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    barney reacted to MickB in Today I bought.....   
    Today I bought a 2018 Perth BU swan plus a 1/4 gold Britannia from Sharps Pixley. As I proceeded through the payment, Sharps have a timer. I had to speed read the terms and conditions and accept before the timer ran out. Had to make sure I wasn't going to wait a while for my coin whilst they sourced it but all was fine in the small print
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    barney reacted to KevinG in Today I Received   
    A little bit of Gold nothing to fancy

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    barney reacted to swAgger in chard   
    Not sure i go along with complete removal. Moderate and chop certain content perhaps but the thread is valid, and so are a lot of the comments.
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    barney reacted to sixgun in chard   
    i find it interesting how these complaint topics drag on and excite heated emotions.
    We have had a number in the recent past. i remember GS.be, Atkinson's and now Chard. Those starting the threads have to some extent or other got a valid point to make. To alert other members to a problem is useful. Here Chard is forward selling coins. Selling coins they have not got, so if there is a big order comes in it can take time to fill pre-existing orders. The price is fixed but the delivery date is not. This needs to be borne in mind when placing orders.
    Those starting these threads however often have a real dig at the dealer. We then see some members agreeing with the OP. Then there are others who post a less sympathetic view, often supportive of the dealer, as i suspect they feel the original post(s) were unfair and too brutal. We quickly develop opposing sides and a scrap ensues. Not unusually this starts to get personal.
    In general it is unusual for the personal insults to go over the top. i can only remember one time in the recent past where members remarked on how OTT insults had become. i reported the thread as it did not present a good impression of the forum and this community. We should be able to have hearty discussions with strongly differing views - there should be no snowflake safe spaces, we are all grown ups here but vicious gutter language is beyond the pale.
    i have watched and enjoyed most of your videos - i cannot for the life of me think why hateful comments would be posted but there are some fiendish trolls on youtube. "and anti-Semitic comments" that is most mysterious.
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    barney reacted to Panda82 in Today I bought.....   
    It doesn’t really fit in the pandas collection, but still bought it , I blame numistacker for it 

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    barney reacted to Numistacker in Today I Received   
    Seriously guys you just left me totally speechless. Massive thanks to@backyardbullion for pulling this together and plotting this truly amazing surprise.

    I was so taken back and surprised tears flowed. I don’t deserve this. All of you guys are great and make this forum and the YouTube community the friendly and exceptional place it is.

    I guess you couldn’t get crown collector to make a contribution)))) if you haven’t read his comments on YouTube they are always a hoot to say the least ))

    So massive massive thanks it was amazing to see the end result and to get a preview of BYB’s brilliant video showing how these beautiful bars were made.
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    barney reacted to Quicksand005 in 2003 half sovereign   
    Hi all,
    I have this 2003 gold half sovereign for sale as I got sent two 2003 instead of a 03,04 run. Would return it but decided to sell for cost on here as its still sealed.
    I'm selling it for £120 plus postage of your choice.

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    barney reacted to Quicksilver in 100oz U.S Assay office silver bar   
    PM Sent
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    barney reacted to dixiesilvergirl in From our home to yours   
    Have a wonderful day

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    barney reacted to thebeginner in The chase is on: 1oz Gold Maple Leaf Collection   
    My latest acquisition this month  The GML 2001 Viking Privy
    Very pleased!

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    barney reacted to SilverSkipper in The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread   
    My modest effort so far....
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    barney reacted to austack in Hatton Garden price increases   
    Oh well, Atkinsons is my go-to now.
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    barney reacted to Lea79 in Sovereign stack additions vid   
    Hi guys 😃
    I haven’t posted a vid in awhile so I’ve started with some sov additions to my stack. 
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    barney reacted to Sovereign in Today I Received   
    1/4oz gold proof bull 
    top quality 👍

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    barney reacted to Goldmick in Today I bought.....   
    Just got back from London got this while I was there