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  1. in response to a request for a 1/4 proof lion of England arcglide very kindly sold me this to complete the collection so far in proof boxed form thank you arcglide dean.m
  2. I would like a boxed/ cert one in mint condition if there any still around for sale ? thanks dean.m
  3. as a totally amateur investor , I too feel sorry for the people but "you pays your money and you takes your choice" all I would say is "passive passive passive" has worked for me . dean.m
  4. Augustus1

    Collecting gold?

    1/4 OZ queens beasts in gold proof is my only "collection/ collecting" series now to which I am committed to see to the end ( 3 more), I did have a little run on silver 1 oz pandas ( about 12 years & bullion) other than that I have some one off years sovereigns, 2005, 2012 (need a 2002). the rest of my small stack is mainly bullion gold sovereigns of various years , only exception is a 1887 11 coin collection I inherited which jump started my interest in precious metals and lead me here dean.m
  5. frenchie is right , there was with me , , I am collecting proofs so knew there were still 3 , and I did not process all the information from the op before adding the post, in other words , I should have engaged brain before opening my gob dean.m
  6. I thought there are another 3 to come ? dean.m VIII/X The White Horse of Hanover IX/X The White Greyhound of Richmond X/X The Griffin of Edward III
  7. the art of being a good thief is covering your tracks & knowing when to stop! dean.m
  8. secrecy is key . no matter were you store your stash/wealth, as far as I am concerned, mind I may strictly not follow my own advice being on a gold/ silver forum, and a watch forum showing pictures of purchases dean.m
  9. landed today, the collection goes on dean.m
  10. Augustus1

    White Lion

    well I am not particular impressed if I am honest, but then again seen what's to come and I am no more impressed, I mean a greyhound what's beastly about a greyhound ?, now " hound of the Baskerville" yes , but I am in for the long hall in /4 proof so it has been bought/ reserved. dean.m
  11. well I am in for the long haul with 1/4 oz proofs so I am in again & ordered. dean.m
  12. I think because of its odd ness and one off design, 2005 wish I could afford more than the couple I have ! dean.m
  13. don't know about a 2 nd series , would that de value / dilute this series of collections? dean.m
  14. i wish , nooo i did say" collect this series in 1/4 gold proof ". but it would be a sight if anybody wants to step forward ? dean.m