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  1. super stress, but fedex will pay peanuts wages and that only pays for ape like monkeys so no surprise they were unable to read ( mm this maybe slanderous to monkeys ) dean.m
  2. god I wish I had such a defined plan, as to what if sh*t happens, when & how things will pan out as I approach retirement . I buy what I like & when I can afford it , bit like everything I collect, have a interest in , e.g watches, collectables etc ( not having a mortgage for the last 15 years have helped a lot! paid off with redundancies, bonus payments in my younger years) . dean.m
  3. possibly like a lot of people today? the yale arrived , no problem's I can see, the collection continues dean.m
  4. well in my 1/4s, order would be lion, dragon, griffin, can take or leave the other two and I am not keen on the yale, but I don't have that in the hand yet dean.m
  5. well I did wonder, as I said it was private bids, but there is another one on there different seller starting bids £1275.00 !see what that fetches. dean.m
  6. ok this finished @ £1,617.58 [ 56 bids I definatley am missing something here, wish I had got two mow dean.m
  7. but beware it may be a one off , if not wish I had bought more , ah hindsight is a wonderful thing dean.m
  8. so, as you may know I missed the first issue from the mint of the The Yale of Beaufort 2019 UK Quarter-Ounce Gold Proof Coin , but was lucky enough with a bit of help for here to get one from the mint @ £480 + delivery, in the mean time I had found one but at a bit of a premium (480+£50 inc) which I thought was high but I wanted to maintain the set so ordered it but subsequently cancelled from germany, But I had also seen one on e bay , which was £300 when I first noted it and have been watching it price rise ever since , as of now its £719 with two days to go, am I missing something or is someone desperate or the seller cashing in or some sort of frenzy I don't know about ?? dean.m p.s noted the bidders are private!.
  9. I would be checking e bay sold auctions , to see what they generally go for , either as a set or individually as a bit of pre purchase research . dean.m
  10. no idea on the coins, but wouldn't it be fascinating to know how she came by them, the story's they could tell . just how my mind works, belated sorry for your loss. dean.m
  11. hello, BIG thanks to mike on here told me they were back up on RM site , got one ordered dean.m
  12. would like to know just in case I get it and its faulty dean.m
  13. for fecks sake , I was watch for this and completely missed it , anyone got a spare ? dean.m