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  1. Augustus1

    Social Media Warning!!!

    not sure if anybody else mentioned this, I was at a presentation last week re connected cars, a trial stats this year on the m40 were 5g is run next to the motorway, with emitters in gantries ,crash barriers etc, its able to be done with high voltage batteries ( small) running every thing from cig lighter to a electric supercharger only leaving the engine to move the vehicle thus increasing its efficiency 10 fold ( not full electric cars ) however this will also power the "connected car" , with eventually the ability to monitor the car remotely, so you will get a speeding fine in the post as the car will be recording speeds , they will be able to control your speed in stead of warning signs above the lanes and I suppose ultimately control your movement in a car in full . its being sold at the moment as safety related, you know car breaks down the car calls the AA for you. and it will not be able to be switched off! dean.m
  2. Augustus1

    Bought Silver, and now Gold?

    hello, my I suggest , and this is from someone who is also fairly new to precious metal /stacking too with a fraction of your investment fund to make/made ,you don't rush into any purchase until you are more familiar to what constitutes a good investment in gold in what ever form that takes for either for wealth protection or future gains. being here will help a lot but I feel you need to know more especially in your comment about the silver purchase "Now afterwards I wondering if I did something right" the oracle here called Numistacker has lots of videos on you tube which are worth a watch , in regards coins , etc ,. anyway hope you don't mind the advice , I am still learning too so know your dilemma dean.m
  3. Augustus1

    Today I Received

    well it arrived yesterday but thanks to Skelator88 for the sale and service dean.m
  4. Augustus1

    Today I bought.....

    not supposed to be buying other commitments, but gave into temptation for the 1/4oz unicorn proof on the sales corner awaiting delivery dean.m
  5. not at all sure what mine is, or would be as I have yet to sell any of my Pm, be it coins, bars, to realise any profit, might find out in three years time when I plan to retire and liquidate some , but I can see things like the 2005 proofs I own have increased in value , may be the best is the 11 coin 1887 set, which stands me at £0 but that's because in inherited that so may not count, i think the next step i must take is getting into my first grading to maximize some of the values . dean.m
  6. Augustus1


    I am a very late comer to the party, however I think I was a stacker without knowing it before I stumbled on numistacker videos and subsequently this very forum , as I had a number of sovereigns and gold bars that I had amassed from over 10 years , but a inheritance of a 1888 coin set peaked my interest and from there I ended up here , which has increased my hoard significantly ! however I am in a lull at the moment with funds having to be diverted else were on my other interests and hobbies, and am missing the anticipation of a new arrival, how do you guys fill the time between purchases? dean.m
  7. I know some dray horses who would be proud to wear that harness dean.m
  8. Augustus1

    Renting out a home?

    with interest so low interest rates and able to be fixed for five years+, would a BTL mortgage be better?, and hold onto your cash just put a big deposit down say 30% , spend free/ well low cost money rather than yours, BUT this Do some research into additional stamp duty & new taxes being phased in over the next three years and this think you're about 10 years too late to be getting into the BTL game. are things worth thinking about dean.m
  9. was considering this but glad thought about it now with more wiser heads than mine saying its over sold dean.m
  10. ta not known about , one for the save list dean.m
  11. Augustus1

    Welsh Gold Rush?

    I would have though like most items alleged to be "OF" e.g welsh gold it is its provenance that gives it its value " a rolex is a rolex unless Paul Newman owned it! dean.m
  12. Augustus1

    Today I Received

    got this today, things on the metal front has slowed due to purchase of the new watch! but was at the pc ( off this week) and thought this 1/4 dragon was cheaper than any of the ones advertised and at the usual suspect dealers by £20 ish upon a quick search as it was ending , put in a last min bid and won. dean.m came in the capsule too
  13. Augustus1

    Royal Mint offering a 1 oz gold bar in a free competition!

    I am in they have my e mail address anyway so nowt to lose dean.m
  14. further to the thread about are watchs a investment ,latest addition to the fleet japans finest , every bit as good as a Rolex IMO obviously , , dean.m
  15. I like watches an have a few ( well now down to 12 ) its like anything else get to know about a subject and you can maximise the interest and with luck profit from it if necessary, pateks & rolex aren't the only ones to make money on, like precious metals, buy the right ones & buy them right and you will not lose money get enjoyment in owning/ using them and may in some cases come out on top, just a point on Rolexes now, the ADs are now under instructions to with hold the warranty card for up wards of two years only releasing them to the original buyers and removing all covering stickers ! to get round the quick profiteers & grey dealers cashing in , theory being you cant now advertise it being a "Full set" with stickers which always gave the watches a bit more value & credibility as being "new & unworn". dean.m