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  1. Marko

    Silver Collectables From Lesser Known Mints

    An older series of coins by CHAUTAUQUA SILVER WORKS in New York. A small mint known for their "Different" designs. Limited series for collectors interested in their styles. Import charges may apply dependent on where you live. This is the T.I.M.E. series, Also amongst their offerings are the CRYPTIC series, TOXICITY series (2 series now available) Chautauqua Silver Works (2016 - present). 1oz Silver Proof like. (Approx. US$ 32 + shipping + applicable import charges, at time of posting). Available through the following link, or on ebay. As far as I know there is no direct link to the company https://www.phelimint.com/collections/all-products/products/t-i-m-e-e-m-i-t-t-i-m-e-series-by-chautauqua-silver-works-1oz-999-fine-silver-round
  2. Marko

    New and Learning!

    @Rugbyplayer welcome to the forum, there are a lot of knowledgable and helpful people on here so enjoy the journey
  3. Marko

    Silver Collectables From Lesser Known Mints

    Apologies, here is the short cut to their site https://www.phelimint.com/collections/all-products
  4. Marko

    Silver Collectables From Lesser Known Mints

    A current series, not cheap, but interesting coins all the same. As these are from Canada, import charges may apply dependent on where you live. This is the Temptation of the Succubus collection. Pheli Mint Canada (2016 - present). Different design each year. 2oz Silver in BU, Antiqued or Proof. (Approx. US$ 70 - 75 + shipping + applicable import charges, at time of posting).
  5. Marko

    Silver Collectables From Lesser Known Mints

    @EdNug that is great news, there are a few genuine sellers on fleabay and you have found one of them. When it works out that way it is all worth while 👍
  6. Marko

    Silver Collectables From Lesser Known Mints

    @EdNug good on you, and why not. Anything that helps out the forum is all good 👍
  7. Marko

    Silver Collectables From Lesser Known Mints

    @EdNug fingers crossed that he has the BU versions, and I hope that he helps out with the paperwork. I haven’t dealt with this mint before, and when I ordered the full set today it led me to posting this topic. Luckily they are in the EU so no need for further paperwork. I have bought from many smaller mints overseas, and hope that this thread leads to other forum members posting their “obscure” finds on here. I have bought many coins and bars after seeing other members posts on the forum, £ wise not always a good thing 😫 I will upload some other coins (that I already have), over the weekend, some a bit strange, but they caught my eye, and hopefully it gives out some ideas. I hope you manage to get sorted
  8. Marko

    Silver Collectables From Lesser Known Mints

    @EdNug also keep in mind that Switzerland is outside the EU, so customs charges will apply.
  9. For those of you that have the time (and money) to collect obscure silver coins, I thought I would add a thread to show the coins out there that are not so well publicized. Great to see the coins that can slip under the radar. I will start it off with the Chronos Series 1oz BU silver coins Pressburg Mint Slovakia (2015 – present). Different design each year (APPROX 28 EUROS EACH + SHIPPING AT TIME OF POSTING) http://www.pressburgmint.com/products
  10. Marko

    2018 Christmas Draw Results Thread.

    Prize arrived safe and sound. Thanks for all your hard work @Bullionbilly
  11. @MickD I would advise you to go for the verifier pro as it gives you a second vital check, density. The original units check resistivity, the downside being that copper and silver are so close to each other, and forgeries can slip through the net. Check out these videos before purchasing https://www.sigmametalytics.com/instructions/pmv-pro-videos.html I bought mine on eBay when the 15% discount was available, expensive but worth the investment
  12. Marko

    Maria Theresien Taler

    I am working on 3 chests, they have coins, silver items, original flintlock pistol, spyglass, gemstones etc. This is an older photo in the early stages but you can’t see too much of the contents, some silver, a 6oz skeleton hand and the occasional jewel. Fun but time consuming and potentially expensive 🤨
  13. Marko

    Maria Theresien Taler

    @KevinFlynn I started collecting these Talers to help fill a pirates chest for my children, cheap enough re strikes, and usually 833 silver. I then found this web site http://www.theresia.name/en/ After reading it, I purchased a few books and unfortunately got hooked on the history behind the coins. Possibly the best place to buy a one off “older and original” coin is by registering on one of the auction tracking sites. I use numisbids https://www.numisbids.com/ where you can search upcoming auctions throughout Europe for coins of your choice, place bids to your limits, and hopefully win the coins for your collection. A different world to stacking bullion, and a lot more expensive, but set your limit and don’t be tempted to go higher. There is a UK seller currently on eBay with three older coins for auction, check him out, a good genuine seller, but the bids may take it over the price you want to pay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AUSTRIA-MARIA-THERESA-THALER-1771-I-C-S-K-VIENNA-MINT-SILVER-COIN-VF/362506843583?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Even higher in price you can buy from MA shops https://www.ma-shops.com/?lang=en but prices here can be crazy Let me know how you get on, and if need be, send me a PM with an idea of what you want to spend, and I will forward on any deals I come across within your budget I hope this helps a bit, not only with Talers but also with Deutsche Marks etc
  14. Marko

    Maria Theresien Taler

    Thank you for your help @KevinFlynn there are not many collectors, that I know of in the UK, who look for these specific coins. Every bit of help is appreciated