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  1. Marko

    New Bullion Series Austria

    @FFkook once you have paid on their site, they will send you an email confirming your order. The email adds that they will contact you again once the coin is ready for dispatch along with the shipping costs at that time. A bit of a fuss but a nice coin all the same
  2. Box and images courtesy of muenzdachs.de
  3. Marko

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    No problem I will PM @Deputydog
  4. Marko

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    @Bullionbilly could you please confirm if day 5 draw 2 is @marco or @Marko the first name is a new member, but I can not see their name on the prize list on page 1
  5. Marko

    Hello from Germany

    Hi Dirk welcome to the forum @RubleFan
  6. Marko

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    @Bullionbilly confirmed
  7. Marko


    Welcome to the forum
  8. Marko

    The most beautiful thing I’ve ever owned!!

    Posted by Kman above @Trumar
  9. Marko

    Today I Received.....

    Another example of quality workmanship, The privateer series collectors box. Thanks once again @Alun
  10. Marko

    sigma metal verifier

    All of the coins failed the magnet test, with an obvious fake being the Theresia taler. The Taler, with an expected silver content of 0.833 was an obvious fake due to its size, weight and lack of distinguishing features. I have many in my collection and have done a lot of research, however these coins are very often copied and loaded up to eBay. I don’t rely on the magnet test entirely as, in my opinion, it is not reliable. It is of course better than carrying out an intrusive “acid test”, but really only shows that the coin is not made of Iron, Nickel or steel. A Neodymium magnet would identify the diamagnetic properties of a silver content coin, but unfortunately similar properties are found in copper (widely used in faking of coins) The Sigma PMV basic set in essence checks the resistivity of a sample, and would confirm that your sample falls within the expected parameters of the details you inputted (silver 0.999 as an example). The problem here is that copper has similar resistivity properties, so the coin may still be fake. The PMV pro goes one step further and allows you to check the expected density of the sample (a copper coin would need to be physically larger to match the equivalent density of a silver coin of a certain purity). The PMV database however is only calibrated for certain purities, which does not include 0.833 or 0.835 silver, so I still have to use other methods to eradicate fakes for my Theresia Talers ☹️ Sorry for the long winded answer
  11. Marko

    sigma metal verifier

    This is the photo I posted on the “today I received” thread, not sure if you can clearly make out the coins
  12. Marko

    sigma metal verifier

    The PMV has a refiners wand and a micro wand to test large precious metal bars (as they do not fit under the sensors), but the Sigma Metalytics verifiers are unfortunately not suitable for testing precious metal in other forms than coins and bars.
  13. Marko

    sigma metal verifier

    The fakes were commemorative silver 1 ounce coins from eBay, and also from a local coin dealer. I haven’t detected any fake gold, yet !, but there are many horror stories out there.
  14. Marko

    sigma metal verifier

    @fiveshotdonI bought one recently through an american seller on eBay. I waited for the eBay 10% discount offer, and ended up paying £1242 delivered. I like the machine and it has already weeded out some surprising fakes. I would recommend saving up to get the PMV Pro version (SM2601S4) as they overcame previous problems encountered with the “bullion” version. A lot of money to spend, so Check out their web site to make sure it suits your needs https://www.sigmametalytics.com/instructions/pmv-pro-videos.html
  15. Marko

    Next coin in the Ghana series?

    @Sal this was a quote from AgAuNews and was posted in response to questions from two forum members above. http://agaunews.com/scottsdale-releases-then-sells-out-of-its-new-ghanaian-leopard-silver-bullion-coin-in-a-day/