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  1. Marko

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    Just to throw something different into the equation, a life long season ticket for Newcastle United 😤 This is obviously a joke and would not stand up in a court of law ! My contribution, if accepted is a “Muenzdachs” coin box for 10oz bullion queens beasts coins. The supplier being a great forum member https://www.muenzdachs.de/epages/63784639.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/63784639/Products/3215
  2. I have had several dealings with him, nice guy and very reliable
  3. Marko

    Best accessories for 2 Oz Queen's beasts

    My suggestion is to PM @Alun to see if he is making any more boxes for the 2oz range. His products are brilliant quality, and he is an outstanding forum member. Box is supplied with capsules so “2 birds with one stone” Check out this link first to see if it is what you want
  4. Marko

    Today I Received

    @FFkook Now that is a bit scary, whilst posting my message there was a knock at the door. Maybe the Austrian mint has my house bugged 🙂
  5. Marko

    Today I Received

    @FFkook The modern restrikes can be picked up for a quite reasonable price on eBay, between £10-20, but the older coins 1741-1779 can go for prices up to £1500, some nearly impossible to find. There are less than 15 original 1780 coins that have been found, but collecting the different variants of restrikes (detailed quite well by Walter Hafner in his Lexicon) is quite popular among collectors. Check out that link and try not to catch the bug, fun but addictive.
  6. Marko

    Today I Received

    @FFkook I have collected Maria Theresia Talers for quite some time now and have over 200 specimens varying from 1741 to 1779 along with many many 1780 restrikes. The historical story about Maria Theresia is very interesting and collecting them is addictive, be warned 😀 The Restrike coins have been stamped with the date 1780 since the year of her death, and as you can see, are still minted by the Austrian mint today. If you need any more info don’t hesitate to drop me a line, but for the time being check out this site below. The site has been criticised a bit by modern numismatist but it gives you a great feel for the coin http://www.theresia.name/en/
  7. Marko

    Announcement 10oz Queens beast boxes

    @Alun I have bought a lot of your boxes already and love the quality and service you provide so consistently What size inserts are you planning for the 10oz boxes ? The reason I ask is that I have already bought 3 x 10oz queens beasts boxes from Europe without doing the obvious research. 10oz bullion coins have a diameter of 89mm and capsules are sized to suit. My collection 10oz coins are proof with a diameter of 65mm (same as the 5oz proof coins. If you are planning the internals with differing capsule sizes this would open the door to cover 5oz and 10oz proof sets. I am just being selfish here but hope that it gives you more options
  8. Marko

    Hi from Canada!

    ChrisBerg welcome to the forum, I am sure that you will enjoy the expertise and choices available here. Good luck with your collecting/stacking
  9. Marko

    Today I Received

    These three all look from early to mid 20th Century. More inspection would cut this down to 20-30 years and identify the mints responsible. Maria Theresia Taler are great coins to collect and range from 1741 to 1780. After the death of Maria Theresia in 1780 all subsequent Talers with her image were dated 1780 and are still minted today with this date at the Austrian mint. Subtle differences identify the different mints that produced them and original non restricted 1780 coins are few and far between. There is a tremendous amount of history linked with this coin that is thought to be the fore runner to the dollar, used for trading throughout the world, and minted in Vienna, London, Birmingham, Paris, Milan, Bombay to name but a few. Check out this site but be prepared for an addiction. Sorry for the rant http://www.theresia.name/en/
  10. Marko


    I just bought 3 from a forum member at 59.95€ plus postage. https://www.muenzdachs.de/epages/63784639.sf/de_DE/?ObjectID=43212127&ViewAction=FacetedSearchProducts&SearchString=10oz+queens+beasts+box
  11. Marko

    Today I Received

    New acquisition arrived today, great asset but a bit costly. Easy to use and I have already weeded out some of those fake commemorative gems. Luckily the few I had doubts about proved to be genuine
  12. Marko

    Should I buy a tube of QB Falcon now?

    Atkinson’s have an offer on, a tube of 10 for £286.20 https://atkinsonsbullion.com/special-offers/silver-special-offers
  13. Marko

    A .999 fine hallo

    Hi DanishStacker, enjoy the forum
  14. So I usually work overseas and on my return to the UK I noticed the craze of starting sentences with the word SO. Does anyone else find this annoying and which cheeky so and so started off the craze? Ever since I was a children I could speak a good England but maybe now I am behind the times 😀
  15. Marko

    Royal mint 10oz Valiant silver coin out soon

    Pre orders available at https://www.preciousgoldandsilver.co.uk/. SilverStan is a forum member, well known and very reliable