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  1. brixtonh24

    2019 Tower of London - Legend of the Ravens

    Loved the Shetland Raven, such a shame they folded. I had five, but only have one left now and they command a heavy premium. Will definately buy the Tower one.
  2. Will only ship to France, Belgium and Luxembourg.
  3. Has anyone noticed the premium on this coin now they are available? Silver to go is mid thirties and fleabay is over forty both sides of the pond. Crazy surely ?
  4. brixtonh24

    Chad Mandala Rhino

    Second of the Chad Mandala series showing on GS.be ...... no price yet. Nice looking coin I think, if its as cheap as the Lion its worth starting yet another series for me.
  5. brixtonh24

    QB Falcon BU

    https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/queens-beasts/the-falcon-of-the-plantagenets/ This is the picture I saw
  6. brixtonh24

    QB Falcon BU

    Strange thing is there was a picture yesterday. I saw it on Facebook first then went to GSBE and it was there too. I must admit I wasn't impressed and it seemed very large compared with previous releases, but I suppose being a bird it is shorter.
  7. brixtonh24

    Good Alternative to Transferwise?

    Can also pay in sterling now via ebury
  8. brixtonh24

    Good Alternative to Transferwise?

    Does anyone know if GSBE have offered an alternative provider on their website or are they still linking to transferwise ?
  9. brixtonh24

    New Vera Silver Gibraltar one ounce

    Where can it be bought ?
  10. Presently €20.96
  11. Ordered some today from Aurinium.de
  12. brixtonh24

    Coins you want to bid on but current funds just don't allow it

    Thanks Murph I checked out those Shetland Ravens you mentioned and bought one. What a lovely design- my new favourite. I contacted them to find out if there is a new design for 2015, was told its out in March so I think i'll start stacking these whilst i can get in at the beginning. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-oz-Silver-Raven-Tarnished-Spotted-/161558814502?pt=UK_Coins_Bullion_Bars_SM&hash=item259da7df26 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-oz-Silver-Raven-Proof-Round-/161558789437?pt=UK_Coins_Bullion_Bars_SM&hash=item259da77d3d
  13. brixtonh24

    2015 Rwanda Cape Buffalo 1oz Silver Coin

    I just received one from Dios along with some Somalian elephants, current price listed is 23.95 euro