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  1. 1969 Lunar landing medal set. 1oz .958 Silver by Slade Hampton and son
  2. I'd like 3 silver Chinese dragons and 3 x 1 oz calendar rounds please
  3. I notice Scottsdale have started a series two of the ec8 coins with a new Antigua and Barbuda rum runner as the first coin
  4. Bump - now available as singles £35 ea plus postage of choice PayPal f+f or BT
  5. Hi, I have for sale one set of the three released dragon dollars: £100 plus postage of choice. PayPal f+f or BT (Sorry won't be splitting these) Regards Bob Fisher brixtonh24
  6. Hi, Selling my doubles of these 2 oz kookaburra coins, I have one each of the following : 1994 1996 1997 1998 1999 2001 All at £50 each plus postage of choice. PayPal f+f or BT. Thanks for your consideration. Regards Bob Fisher brixtonh24
  7. Hi, Clearing these as I'll never collect a full set. 10 x 2oz Niue turtles in the tube £350.00 plus £8.60 special delivery. PayPal f+f or BT Thanks for your consideration. Bob Fisher brixtonh24
  8. Hi All, I have for sale a full boxed set of Zombucks by Provident Metals. The set consists all 10 1 oz silver Zombucks and a further set of 10 1 oz copper Zombucks all .999 in their respective metal. Set comes with the mint box. This is thick card and has slight creases in two corners. £290.00 including postage. PayPal f+f or BT Thanks for your consideration. Regards Bob brixtonh24
  9. Does anybody have any experience or advice regarding buying from this German company? Thanks
  10. Now up on pre-order aurinum just under € 35 . Delivery end of March
  11. Scrofa still available at aurinum as a pack of five ( 4 plus 1 ghost ) €119
  12. These arrived today..... Was worried when I saw the goldsilver picture, but thankfully not as bad as I thought.... Quite happy.