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  1. brixtonh24

    for sale SILVER .999 BARS 1 OZ,100G & 250G

  2. brixtonh24

    2018 South Korea 1 Oz Silver ZI:SIN Canis (BU)

    Scrofa still available at aurinum as a pack of five ( 4 plus 1 ghost ) €119
  3. brixtonh24

    New Bullion Series Austria

    These arrived today..... Was worried when I saw the goldsilver picture, but thankfully not as bad as I thought.... Quite happy.
  4. brixtonh24

    completed Aztec Calendar - Gold Mexican 20 Peso

    Received my silver rounds - stunning detail ! Thank you
  5. I am selling a 2015 Gabon - Chinese panda smick ounce complete with coa, magnetic perspex holder and box. Holder has a couple of machining marks on one side, everything else perfect. £125 including special delivery to UK address. BT only
  6. brixtonh24

    completed 10x RMC 1oz bars

    PM ed
  7. brixtonh24

    Can’t believe these prices...

    I honestly think this round has been a quite brilliant marketing exercise by the mint. First of all a release date which was delayed by rumours the round would be withdrawn. At the same time pre-release auctions on ebay at over €40 per round. Dealers were able to increase prices daily whilst no - one was shipping or even held stock. When stock became available prices ranged from €25 to £46 and so buyers had no idea of its true retail value, but had to have one. Now the coloured editions are repeating the cycle.
  8. brixtonh24

    2019 Tower of London - Legend of the Ravens

    Loved the Shetland Raven, such a shame they folded. I had five, but only have one left now and they command a heavy premium. Will definately buy the Tower one.
  9. Will only ship to France, Belgium and Luxembourg.
  10. Has anyone noticed the premium on this coin now they are available? Silver to go is mid thirties and fleabay is over forty both sides of the pond. Crazy surely ?