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  1. hooria

    10p Coins

    is it worth buying the proof ones at all?
  2. do they ship to UK ? I want one but all seem to be in America
  3. hooria

    Loupe recommendations?

    Bausch + Lomb has a wonderful reputation for top-of-the-line loupes. There are also high-quality loupes made by Nikon and Zeiss but they can exceed $100. I don’t know that you need to spend that kind of money. Bausch + Lomb offers a very fine, optically-correct gemological loupe for about $50 which is, in my opinion, the best value for the money. Because it has a smaller diameter in the loupe area, some people complain that you have to move it around to take everything in. But you’re looking at – or for – microscopic things inside or on the surface of a stone. A smaller diameter is actually better for gemological purposes because it helps you focus more critically and precisely. At the most affordable end, the BelOMO triplet loupe is worth considering as well. Like the Bausch & Lomb, it has a reputation for accuracy and retails for less than $50. BelOMO is made of steel and is a bit larger and heavier than the tiny B&L. This loupe possible suited more for coins.
  4. hooria

    New Irish Member

    Hello and Welcome
  5. hooria

    Hello from Wales

    Thankyou for all the Welcomes I will check that out definatley Thanks @Jay2
  6. hooria

    Has anyone ever bought from coin portfolio

    Can still get from there sister company Westminster Collection for £125
  7. hooria

    Hello from Wales

    they WILL lol
  8. hooria

    Hello from Wales

    me to, too many kids hahah take up all time, but planning to take the kids to royal mint something different for them to learn make them early stackers and collectors lol
  9. hooria

    Hello from Wales

    From South Wales
  10. hooria

    The Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars!

    can i have number 77 please
  11. hooria

    Hello from Wales

    Hello Everyone, new member here, Have just got into the shiny shiny world of Silver Being from Wales I love the Royal Mint Dragon my fav. But sooooooooo many coins out there, I think this is the best place to be for knowledge and people in the Silver World. Take care