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  1. Haha
    kimchi reacted to AlphaBeast in Sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne.   
    I got one and all I bought was a second hand scalextric car.. 
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    kimchi reacted to Paul in The robots are here...   
    Once the robot has done its risk assessments, completed its LGBT diversity & sensitivity training, once it can find hate crimes on twitter, once it has sympathised with the criminals human rights and once it has sued the local force for £100k from tripping over a loose paving slab, it will be ready to hit the beat im sure & kick some criminal a$$
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    kimchi reacted to Paul in The robots are here...   
    Just my bleak outlook and mistrust of the world but whats the bets they will be used for war, nefarious & evil doings first before they are used for Good ?
    Anyone seen Robocop ? Terminator ? 
    HollyWierd planting the seeds of this being normal & whats to come back in the 80s ?
  4. Haha
    kimchi got a reaction from Argentknight in Sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne.   
    Their 'package' is one of each modern Proof Sov - complete collection of year dates for 27k. Which they tell you you can split immediately and make 40k. At least that was what I was told in their upsell, before I had to make my excuses and finish the conversation, as I was choking with laughter by that point 🤣
    I am sorry I am not currently available! 
  5. Thanks
    kimchi reacted to Auricsstash in Sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne.   
    Anyone else had one of these arrive today attached to your latest H&B offers?? Get the feeling Royal Mail think this stuff is in some way interesting enough to warrant scrutiny...

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    kimchi reacted to Auricsstash in Sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne.   
    It’s not, it’s attached to the offers letter they send through. I have to say I don’t like how they have  who the sender is on all the postage they use.
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    kimchi got a reaction from Auricsstash in Sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne.   
    That seems rather odd...don't think I'd be filling it in telling them it was a delivery of gold somehow...
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    kimchi reacted to jonrms in This explains middle lane road hogs   
    As a retired Paramedic,  and often in a fast response car, the idiots I encountered were mind boggling!!! We eventually had cameras installed before my own RTC. And everytime we encountered dangerous driving,  we would mark it for the police later, before that we just took a number plate and called it in. 👹👹👹👹👹👹
  9. Haha
    kimchi reacted to Bullionaire in This explains middle lane road hogs   
    With rifles hopefully??
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    kimchi reacted to CoinStruck in Coin Stuck - Queen Victoria SOTD Sovereign   
    Hello fellow SilverForum members. 
    Just received a a package from the Royal Mint with the stike on the day sovereign celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria. What a great coin! 
    Have just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel showing the unboxings. 
    Here is the link to my channel. I hope you take a look and enjoy. As always it would be great to hear what you think. 
    Thanks for reading.
    Coin Struck 

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    kimchi reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Jo Brand   
    BEEB is corrupt to the core. Non competitive and use license fee for overpaying the top brass. A lady I knew used to take taxis home from White City in London to Birmingham. I mean that is just bull bad. 
    Constantly taking outside benefits without declaring them too https://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/9435016/BBC-boss-in-secret-champagne-dinner-paid-for-by-KPMG.html
    the senior staff screw the low paid workers, under the guise of budget cuts and eff off to their own jollies https://www.theguardian.com/media/2012/nov/27/bbc-meal-job-losses-george-entwistle
    there so many exposes of their disgusting behaviour but nothing is ever done to them. 
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    kimchi reacted to Kookaburracollector in Jo Brand   
    Let me tell you something about the BBC..and this is FACT.
    In 1989 I was on an industrial placement as part of my degree course, and I worked for Central Television In Portman Square. Six of my fellow students went to work for the BBC. On Day 1, the girls were all warned NOT to get into a lift, or be in a situation where they are on there own with JIMMY SAVILLE!!..The feckers at the BEEB all knew what he was up to and did nothing about it...they absolutely disgust me ...make your own mind up, and I’m sure the culture has changed etc etc..but for me their failure to act on what they knew is unforgivable...I would do away with the license fee and make them enter the real world..
    Another little story from the past and the BBC...they liked to look after their favourites...apparently when filming outside London, to ensure they all got home on time, they used to get the taxis to wait from drop off in the morning to when filming ended, to ensure they got home on time..with the meter running all day..they just charged it to the BBC’s taxis account..which we all paid for..NICE!
    As I said..a long time ago and I hope those idiots from the past have long since departed...
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    kimchi reacted to AgD in Coin Ring Giveaway   
    Well done @Jay2 and nice draw and brilliant coin ring @PansPurse
  14. Thanks
    kimchi reacted to PansPurse in Coin Ring Giveaway   
    Unsurprisingly technical gremlins a plenty
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    kimchi reacted to jonrms in No into, but alot of thanks.   
    To @rob6 & @mr-dead & @PansPurse
    Firstly sorry for the delay,  your items Gifts, other, and Trades are being posted tomorrow.  
    Just doing the finishing touches. 
  16. Thanks
    kimchi got a reaction from goldmember44 in Complete Germania Set   
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    kimchi reacted to jonrms in Complete Germania Set   
    Yep, but it's ok. I am not in need or desperate for money. I have alot of pieces which I will list. 
    The Proof cost me over £120,
    Space red was about £140
    Multi metals £140
    Blue £140
    Anx finally the BU £25.
    Total= £565.00
    Not to mention the hassle to get them, or the waiting etc. 
    So happily withdrawn. 
  18. Haha
    kimchi got a reaction from jonrms in Complete Germania Set   
    Tough crowd on here at times...
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    kimchi reacted to Fastnick in Sovereigns from the Buckingham Collection   
    Just had a text to say that mine is being delivered tomorrow, so all good 
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    kimchi reacted to jonrms in Complete Germania Set   
    Closing this down, going on flea bay. 
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    kimchi reacted to jonrms in What a review!!😱😱😱   
    I was blown away by another amazing review that I had to share it. 
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    kimchi reacted to ChardsCoinandBullionDealer in How to spot a fake.   
    This weeks video is now available. Featuring a fake 1918 Sovereign.
    No exciting background story this time, we received it in a batch from a european dealer - who offered to replace it when we found it.
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    kimchi reacted to augur in How to spot a fake.   
    That was actually quite scary and shows that prior to buying a "premium" coin from anywhere else than a trusted and knowledgeable source, one should really know what you are looking for. 
    This fake was produced with technology available 50 years ago, today's technology will allow for much more sophisticated forgeries.
    The right (fake) portrait features quite often on eBay, in particular silver crowns. What is noticeable without any magnification is that it looks "uglier" with fallen in cheeks, a more hooked nose; unless this is a variant and copied from a genuine coin?
  24. Thanks
    kimchi reacted to ChardsCoinandBullionDealer in How to spot a fake.   
    Our second episode is now available.
    Much shorter ( 9 minutes ), with much better audio than the first video.
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    kimchi reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in How to spot a fake.   
    To be fair I am contemplating buying if I can get them reasonably, all 5 known fake varieties. 
    MOM 22, 22 ONLY, M only, Arabic stamp die, no stamp die. Be interesting to have all displayed with a genuine one.