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  1. This is the most random question I have ever seen in my time here on a sales thread, but to be fair it was also the most random selling point I've ever seen!
  2. Some real bargains to be had there with your own pieces delivery included and the Germanias as per your sales thread (I don't know much about the medals but if you say that's a good deal too I trust you ). Can't you simply 3D scan the mold and 'clean up' the damaged area in the software to then have a template? I'm sure folks on here might be able to advise on that, @mr-dead posted some lovely 3D scans and then 3D prints on here iirc? Nice to see the Fat Ace featured alongside the Pronounced! I think everyone goes for the Pronounced first and I can see why (because of the 'pop'), but actually having both in hand I was pleasantly surprised how close it was to call a favourite, they both have their lovely aspects, but in some ways Fat wins for me because of the 'balance' of the design
  3. Great stuff Pan, keep us posted please!
  4. Blimey, so the aunt was innocent after all? And the company weren't planning on melting it down? I have to admit the story could only have been bettered if they'd only offered him spot so he destroyed it in front of them 🤣 Talk about twists!
  5. So I see all the time, but actually only on TV and it gives people stuff to argue about on the radio! People I know and meet out and about are sick of talking about it or hearing about it and just seem to have accepted that the politicians are all doing it for themselves and don't care about the people at all, which has been true for years of course, but with this one it really seems to have been bludgeoned into people who mostly just accept and ignore it, which I suspect was some of the point of the whole thing.
  6. Individual prices please and condition? Thanks
  7. Just seen the 'birth certificate' https://uk.style.yahoo.com/royal-baby-birth-certificate-143310375.html Fake father, fake mother, fake wedding, fake pregnancy, fake birth, fake baby with fake names, fake photos. Just find the whole thing utterly hilarious myself! The only concerning thing is that people (including any woman who has had a baby, and so knows that you don't still look pregnant days after a 'birth') fall for this nonsense, but this charade surely can't go on for much longer. Interesting times we live in!
  8. Only vulnerable, easily persuadable, and affluent repeat customers are wanted by some companies, and that would not include selling unlimited bullion gold at below spot. Just an observation, I am obviously in no way suggesting Harrington and Byrne are such a company
  9. You are Tyler Dyrdon you just don't know it yet. The good news is that although you're going to blow your brains out you will survive and get the hot chick at the end, and have a spectacular pyrotechnic display while some awesome music by the Pixies plays in the background, enjoy!
  10. Well the first most obvious problem with the photo is that Meghan looks just as pregnant as she did before giving birth 2 or 3 days before (even the father wasn't sure at the time so I make no apologies for being even more unsure myself 🤣). But there are at least four signs that this is a very poor Photoshop composite. Anyone? And does it matter?
  11. So sorry to hear the very sad news, a fitting and very kind gesture @jonrms, good man. I have my Lest We Forget here right with me, as per usual. As well as what I posted above I also use it to be thankful for what I have, but right now thinking of your friend.
  12. Very nice review, really enjoyed that! I was waiting with anticipation to see what you made of Jon's poured silver, and to hear someone so passionate about poured silver is lovely I couldn't make one of these types of videos as I'm not good at describing how pieces make me feel, so it's a pleasure to see others who can! Your point about feeling the temperament of the creator of a piece was spot on for me. It was also good to see a second reaction to an ACE 'Loaf' bar as I believe so far there are only two ever made (?) and none available as of now. @jonrms number 3, get to it, chop chop! 🤣
  13. Can't beat a Sov at that price and still easy just to use other addresses and whatnot like you say, I just gave up on them because I found them rude, incompetent, misleading and arrogant...I don't trust them personally.
  14. And they have a special deal to take your first born as part exchange (Joking!!!)
  15. First a couple of absolute beauties from top man @Oystonousted, many thanks pal!!! (Sorry for the poor pics, they really do not do these justice.)
  16. I don't think that email is genuine myself, it says 'lucky' to be able to buy more Sovs with no personal insult to the poster for buying bullion, nor effort to upsell thousands of pounds worth of 'once in a lifetime' proofs
  17. Sorry missed that in your earlier message, thanks
  18. The OP says one major flaw is seen by the naked eye.
  19. I wouldn't keep or accept this coin. Send it back, get the refund, and don't buy anything more from them. They have done you a favour imo showing you how they behave. It's so often only when something goes wrong that you find out what an individual (including on here) or company is really like. No second chances from me with this kind of stuff.
  20. I meant how have you got on with the PM investing book only? Not interested in crypto. Cheers!
  21. Wouldn't touch the Bitcoin or other stuff myself, but thanks for the heads up, what are you making of the book?