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  1. kimchi

    Silver Forum bar.

    Great vid, really showed off the piece and highlighted the progression of the silver forum bars! At the same time, the first year ones are quite special to me because, while not as 'polished' as later issues perhaps, they are all 'characters' in their own unique way, and while the ripples might not be quite as fantastic as they are now I appreciate the individuality of each one a great deal (along with the memories and excitement of first getting involved soon after I joined here) In fact, this video has prompted me to take a retrospective look at all BYB's forum efforts as I've been lucky enough to be involved with them all, and poured silver is all I keep to hand. Thanks Jon!
  2. kimchi

    9 year old stacker

    Wonderful, thanks so much for joining and sharing!
  3. kimchi

    Security when buying in person

    You can say something like 'metal samples'. At the POs I use when they ask what it is I ask them back what I'm not 'allowed' to send, and then confirm that no such items are included - that seems to be all they want, confirmation that nothing on the 'banned' list is in there. Anything further is none of their business. Some do get arsey but stuff them.
  4. kimchi

    Unboxing with EXCITEMENT

    Great video about your pours Jon, super excited for you bud! The ACE round is absolutely lovely and to a layman like me looks like super progression, very quickly. Not that I'm superstitious at all or anything lol but it was shown off at 3:33, and I am hoping to at least be in with a chance at nabbing one of your first ACE pieces stamped 3, please keep me posted before these beauties drop and are up for grabs!!!
  5. kimchi

    Drones at Gatwick

    We are in a magnetic/electric 'universe', Tesla knew that. Magnetism (mother, in a sense) is the first step from Source (neutral), electricity (father and mother, leading to birth, creation) is the second. Tesla wasn't alone, there were others just as knowledgeable, some preceded him (e.g. his mentor - but there were independent others, and still are). I haven't got a good handle on it yet (in fact I'm not sure at this point in 'time' - which doesn't exist in any conventional 'sense' anyway) but it seems the moon is not functioning as it did for so long (I have seen this first hand by naked eye), and as a result the Saturn control grid is partly down. We are at an absolutely unique opportunity to break free of the prison 'matrix', such as we have not had for tens of thousands of years. There may no longer be any trick soul recycling going on as a result. We possibly have a window of enormous opportunity
  6. kimchi

    Drones at Gatwick

    100% staged for me. The 'fake news' being pumped out is now reaching or outdoing Monty Python levels of ridicule. We are being laughed at. The other day I caught some BBC 'News' and it involved a Russian military squad singing 'Sex Bomb' and (probably, might have been my imagination) a deep debate about whether cucumbers should be afforded human rights and given their own sexual identity. Licences (tax and control!), tracking and restrictions for civilians for drones should be a rather a big giveaway. Just look at the timing with the Ally Law business.They let him get big and now they've taken him down. It's probably for a number of reasons (not least keeping folk in fear and anxiety, and only the heavens know what is happening behind the scenes that this Brexit false narrative and sh1te such as this are covering up, imho). Well, I have an inkling, but we'll see. The worse this nonsense gets the more positive I am that they are desperate and things are about to change BIG time
  7. kimchi

    Merry Christmas

    Good wishes to all
  8. kimchi

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    I've only just noticed the link at the top of the page is to 'Find the Christopher Prize Draw results topic here' I wouldn't mind winning a Christopher, the others are always pleased to see a new 'resident' in the basement
  9. kimchi

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    I have a 100kg Scottish cougar, she was only 90 when I met her, but she has somehow plumped up her pillows, so to speak
  10. kimchi


    Lovely stuff Jon
  11. kimchi

    NGC is FAILING - where is the quality control???

    Any pics? Would be useful
  12. kimchi

    Silver Forum Prize + MORE!!!

    Beautiful Elephant, let me know if want some silver bullion versions Jon, such lovely coins, just shame about the milking on the silver! Great shout out to the big man I never knew him but I know how highly he was regarded ❤️ Much love eh to his family, I'm sure we are all thinking of them. Huge props to @StackingItAll
  13. kimchi

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    I have three of the 'full fat' version I haven't bothered to ebay because of a family crisis. More than happy to hold these long-term as I think they are going to do well, but if anyone is interested in one (maybe two at a push - I only have three) PM me, cheers
  14. kimchi

    Westminster collection jokers

    I completely agree it's not acceptable. Is this in any way linked to their 'sending coins on approval' system of operating though (which I think is ridiculous, to put it politely)? If so, luckily, I never accidentally agreed to that in their T&Cs. The only other problem I had with them was the junk mail, but after sending it all back to them after a year or so they got the message it seems and I don't get it anymore. I think @fehk2001 has recommended deleting your address details and payment details after a successful delivery to avoid all that (?), but at the time I was happy to send it back to them (at their expense) as I had the time and energy and thought it made more of a point