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  1. I hear this 'transition' phrase daily on the BBC, I think it is something to do with changing genders and/or giving up being a Prince?
  2. So did I - that's the problem! 🤣
  3. I think I got confused around the time of Deadpool and Black Panther and missed maybe one of those as well as the one after (Hulk?). Green Goblin has always been my fave
  4. Nice coins! Great series but I got a bit lost around release four or five unfortunately as I don't know some of the characters so forget if I need to backdate to Deadpool or the one after So glad I managed to snag that beautiful loaf bar for the GAW, she's an absolute cracker Jon thanks!
  5. I have never done this but I know some who have some expertise here and I'd suggest (apart from not doing it on expensive coins if you have no experience!) using pure distilled water only with a final rinse again in distilled water and then let air dry.
  6. It's not a coin, it's a round and I'm very surprised to hear that the Royal Mint can/will strike stuff that is linked to 'Queen' and shows a crown but isn't authorised by The Crown! I've watched a video with Brian May talking about his red guitar (named Red Special I think - ?) and his sixpences as picks. I think he said that he goes for certain years only due to the make up of the metal alloy, though I don't remember which. No criticism at all (again thank you for the info!) I just find this all very very interesting! To have modern 'icons' on a 'medal' or 'round' is one thing, but now there's this coin!
  7. Many thanks for the info, but that's not a sixpence is it? It's a sixpence sized/weighted (presumably?) round with Brian May on it instead of the Queen! I'm amazed the Royal Mint would not only/be allowed to let him put his image on it but have a crown on it too! 'Back to the light' and that 'star' at the bottom are 'interesting'. Didn't he play God Save the Queen on the roof of the Palace at the 2002 Jubilee concert? I'm reminded for some reason of the nursery rhyme 'Sing a Song of Sixpence'. All very strange!
  8. @augur who would have guessed such a coin coin eh? 🤣 Why/how did Brian May mint sixpences? So a musical legends series! Surely the Beatles, Pink Floyd , maybe Bowie, who else - U2? The Stones would be a bit dodgy as Their Satanic Majesties and there's quite a few that they'd have to be careful on and could send the series down the Gary Glitter.
  9. Ah you mean Shylock. I saw Al Pacino (I think, might have been Dustin Hoffman) play him in a theater production in London many years ago. All I remember really was him waving a knife around demanding money (or else!). That might be because of all the whiskys we'd had in the bar (it was a school trip after all). Still it was better than when Gandalf played Richard the Third, walked out at the interval on that one! Anyway, hope you get some more input on the potential value of your coin and that it's good news for you
  10. Do you mean Shylok Holmes? I would have thought that was a very good name indeed for rooting out foul play and bringing any despicable charlatans to the attention of the incompetent bunglers at Scotland Yard
  11. They generally stopped the SD last year when folk on here were suddenly ordering (between us) hundreds, I know last year's thread was long but it's all on there. Including, of course, that when you get the heavy sales call they will tell you they are doing you a favour only letting you buy three of each 'useless bullion' a year, when you could be buying a complete Sovereign proof set for £30k odd (or was it more, I forget) and immediately split it up for tens of thousands of pounds of profit 🤣
  12. Why will you send it for grading out of interest?
  13. It's not hard to say - this looks like shill bidding to me. The very unwelcome element for me here is that this coin doesn't need it. I don't have one so have absolutely nothing to gain or lose. <edit> Edited to reflect opinion not fact.
  14. A real shame to suspect shill bidding on this. I'm sure we all expect this happens on ebay and Youtube all the time, sad to say, but it's not like this coin 'needs' it I was thinking about this the other day and that if I had one I would have it up already for £30k (best offer). But very easy for me to say as I don't, so please don't listen to me and I am certainly not recommending any course of action! He used to be a member here, he very much knows his onions and certainly doesn't hold back when he has a strong point of view (which is usually!). Better to be a cynic than lose a lot of money in my book. I don't always agree with him, and reasonably often strongly disagree, but I find his opinions very useful in that he challenges my own to the point where I really have to be sure about an expensive coin. It goes without saying, but is worth repeating I think, that it's not monopoly money we are playing with here!