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  1. kimchi


    You got a good coin you are happy with, what are you apologizing for?
  2. I hear Tesco etc are hiring But I think they are looking for folks able to put things properly into bags etc without damaging them
  3. I am slow - I only became aware of this today This came in well before the 'emergency powers' that have no 'sunset' shutdown, they simply need to be 'debated' if they can continue every six months. Going to be hard to repeal if Parliament can't meet or vote (and even if they can all votes go the Government's way anyway). I think we can all see where this is going now folks... Protect yourselves and key (imvho) is (wherever you can) to try to laugh, share, meet, love, and have fun. They have taken away everything else from us but they can take none of our love or enjoyment of LIFE ❤️
  4. Sounds about right apart from the do know his mentor and supposed 'marriage counsellor' was Sir James Savile OBE, KBE, Papal Knight, addresser to the Israeli Knesset etc?
  5. I hear George Soros is planning to buy the world for £5000. I am thinking of outbidding by a penny or two
  6. Yep I saw that on my (all I can stand) brief look at the BBC leading 'news' headlines from today (lunchtime). I turned to my housemate in disbelief and asked 'why the eff are they showing pictures of 'bonnie' prince Charlie being swarmed by mobs of royalists when us plebs can not gather in groups of more than two without risking arrest, forced medication, and possibly death by 'Coronavirus' being signed off a Coroner who has not even seen the body?'. Ah, the answer from the BBC was clear pretty soon after - Charlie has the 'pox'. Whoever could have predicted that it would hit the royal family (though pretty sure I 'hinted' at it a few pages back)? (I also posted on another website a week or two ago how I see this maybe panning out for the royals, but am not saying anything on here out of respect for the monarchists. I am a republican but wish no harm, ever, only healing - on everyone.)
  7. I would hope that most 'thinkers' would consider the sudden reason for not only Greta staying on the front pages, but also her (forthcoming) immediate a time she should surely be deighted that all global activity has stopped (even though her fake 'school strike' will not attract news as...there is no school). All these 'famous' people getting sick, it's all almost like there is a narrative planned for this...
  8. Sorry about the doggie I shall hereon add a disclaimer that if your dog pisses itself if I am not liable for cleaning up etc... Would you let us know if you do try it 2/3 times a day (listen, not clear up the pooch mess!) - if all is correct it should get easier with time I would guess. Cheers!
  9. The Soundcloud one was the February release, I'm not sure if the more recent one is altered (to cover more possible frequencies - it should be imo as more work has been put into this). I right click the latest link and open it with VLC rather than downloading myself. I'm usually on a laptop which doesn't have very loud speakers so can't hear it at all unless I turn the volume up to 100% or hook up a sound system (but my hearing is not great). I really need to update my software for my RIFE hardware and check out the forum for the latest info...all the COVID 'sweep' frequencies found so far are listed in the last update...I will update here when I can for anyone interested, I can just take a screenshot (or you can download the software for yourself and search the database even if you don't have the kit it actually runs). Yes it's very high pitched when turned up to audible level, and the first time I used it it stayed with me for a half hour or so, quite disconcerting. But subsequent sessions it was far less, so I try to be hopeful for a good sign there. I trust these people (John White is on Youtube). I'm not sure it needs to be audible at all actually, surely the frequency is 'there' even if at sub-audible levels? (?)
  10. Delay sending out the latest group order from the European Mint to individuals (whenever it arrives). 'Save lives.' Put your money where your mouth is.
  11. Telling people what to do??? 🤣 That was only the second time I've even mentioned that on here. Other forums once so far. You can lead a horse to water, etc... No feedback despite it being developed by a cutting-edge team of absolute experts in healing frequencies around the world. I get that many people either don't understand or believe in healing frequencies so will dismiss it, that's fine. I cannot promise it works (I was told I have the virus but have recovered, possibly at least partially using this audio file) but I trust these people who have released it (free) to everyone. So, 'keep plugging away' LOL. Yes I will keep plugging away at being alive and keeping my family fit and healthy with what I know/have seen work. Good wishes and I will post the link for only the second time ever on here (there's a link for the audio halfway down that says 'here'):
  12. Is this in reply to me? If so - no I don't mind you saying so at all I specifically referred to forums and have not had one single reply across any of them that anyone has even bothered to try it, even from those who say they have the virus. At 9 minutes (total - 3x3) per day running time one might think that given the utter hysteria folk would use it to kill any bugs 'just in case'.
  13. Or you could just try a steam head 'bath' (water no hotter than 60 degrees C, but not much less) with a towel over your head, using the likes of Vicks x3 a day for three days or so and be fine.
  14. I posted on here a week or two ago a healing/killing frequency/sound link for COVID-19 and had zero replies, developed by dedicated scientists (based in, of all places, China). OK, I get that many folk think or are sure that sound/frequency cannot 'fix' anything. But the only advice was to listen two or three times a day (it's only 3 minutes long ffs) to kill this virus if you have it, or to prevent it if it's coming on. I am beyond shocked by the apathy and sense of helplessness of people who are posting on forums and not even bothering to try this or even simple remedies like oregano.
  15. Vanessa Feltz? She was sat on the table behind us at an awards ceremony once (nothing to do with acting @Roy!) . We were nominated for an award and she'd just bought a table for a night out. Looked as miserable as sin once the food had been and gone!
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