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  1. A lovely set indeed! I am really torn between this and the Tetris when funds allow... I think that was a lovely first pour, looks really nice and 'clean' Maybe the 'back issues' are because the mold is too wide and not deep enough and/or there was not enough silver in the crucible, as it doesn't look like the mold was filled (no idea really as I've never poured, just a first thought ). Also I think it may be a little different here in the UK - I'm sure lots are, but I don't see quite the same trend for skulls and whatnot here. Looking forward to future vids!
  2. kimchi

    Alphabet 10p pieces

    I got the whole BUNC set too, three complete sets and some spare key letter BUNCs for certain special people. It was costly but I don't regret it, some of the (better designed) coins made some folks very happy and feel special, a really nice little 'customised' gift imo
  3. kimchi

    Alphabet 10p pieces

    Let's be honest, they're a tremendous circulation set/idea even if some of the designs are rubbish, but like you say that much for the proof set?!! One too many 'English Breakfasts' for old Tom Kitten eh? I only bought one 2018 Panda when I saw he was probably smoking more than his usual bamboo...didn't want to feed his habit
  4. kimchi

    YouTube Trolls Funny Comments

    In my experience they are usually just attention seekers (often rather desperate ones, and I don't mean that disparagingly, nor do I mean to suggest that what they do is in any way right) saying the most outrageous things they can think of to get a reaction (until they get banned, at which point they simply probably set up another account). I'm pretty sure most of them don't actually believe what they write, and so by reacting to them one might be part of perpetuating the problem. It's one of the major problems of the 'interwebs' imvho when mental health issues are on the increase (seemingly somewhat at the same time..!), and lonely/isolated people so often have just one 'outlet' to the wider 'world'. The internet has been brilliant in so many ways, but it's a double-edged sword imvho. Of course, none of this is intended as any criticism whatsoever of or even really talking about BYB's unpleasant experiences or very understandable reactions. It's meant as a general comment on society and the internet, that him raising this issue on here has allowed me to touch on. I think it's a point worth making and so am grateful for the opportunity, even though it's not in the spirit of the thread (sorry!). So, thanks for the chance to air that slightly different point of view, and I'll shut up now lol
  5. kimchi

    Alphabet 10p pieces

    Think was very 'cheeky' of the Mint to sell albums for these coins in Spring when they've only actually been in circulation for a few months as @h103efa says! I gave one to the kiddies and they've spent all year looking and found nothing yet, poor show from the Mint. But now they're 'wild' hopefully it should be exciting for the younger coinsters, inspiring the next generation! Some are better than others though imo, some are awful and some are nice. One of the kiddies is a vegetarian but her name means she gets some rubbish design with sausages and bacon of 'E is for English Breakfast' rather than the glowing tribute to late 80s acid house culture it should be
  6. kimchi

    Alphabet 10p pieces

    I'm pretty sure they've only just entered circulation as regular 10ps. 'BUNCS' were available from the Mint and elsewhere for £2 (!) each from early in the year along with the silver proofs. Depends on where you live but shop staff etc around here are getting pretty wise to these kinds of special coins and keeping them for themselves/to sell.
  7. Course it's a photoshop! Funny though (also probably nearer the truth than the official label!) There was loads of good ones when I lived in Japan. My favourite soft drink was Calpis (say it!). I was very disappointed at the regional post office HQ by the service at the Erectronic Mail desk though...
  8. kimchi

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    It was yesterday and most of the others were going for half the price max so it seems the COA, it's the only distinguishing feature. Ironically I think this is closer to what they'll finally achieve than they are presently going for, still more than happy to hold I think my three are in the last ten, I shouldn't think there's much extra value there but if they go to ebay worth a try I guess
  9. kimchi

    YouTube Trolls Funny Comments

    Blimey. Is this part of the forum members only BYB? I bet some of the trolls visit here looking for a reaction...
  10. kimchi

    3 oz silver forum rounds serial number reservation thread

    Thnak you so much @terakris
  11. kimchi

    3 oz silver forum rounds serial number reservation thread

    42 - the answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything. Not a bad number to have What is the question though?
  12. kimchi

    3 oz silver forum rounds serial number reservation thread

    @terakris has made a very kind offer indeed to switch
  13. kimchi

    3 oz silver forum rounds serial number reservation thread

    So kind, thank you my friend
  14. kimchi

    3 oz silver forum rounds serial number reservation thread

    Numbers 3, 13 and 33 please if possible! If one isn't could I please have 22 instead? Many thanks
  15. kimchi

    Interview and Podcast with Bleyer Bullion

    Look forward to this discussion between two forum members/sponsors and hope I don't miss it (I'll follow this thread, so BYB could you please post on here when the interview is up if it's in a separate thread? Many thanks!)