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  1. Hmmm, no change on sales, very surprised! I haven't had my own order from @TheCoinConnection yet, must send them an email.
  2. Been reading that the press have known much worse stuff about Randy for decades (will be pretty obvious to some here), but obviously couldn't publish. Now I know a little bit about Hislop and he does very well out of his establishment gig, thank you very much indeed,.Private Eye cover from 2011: https://www.private-eye.co.uk/issue-1477/covers/cover-1284 This Epstein nonsense has been dragging on all year, so my question is: 'why would the Queen's favourite choose NOW to so spectacularly shoot himself in the foot?'. The Succession ritual is a huge part of it I'm sure, it must be for Queenie to let son number 1 face such flak. We also concurrently face (imo) the ultimate democratic crisis, that this is only deflecting from. Namely that we face a supposedly 'one issue' election, where every conceivable outcome can only be Remain/Remoan in all but name. The best magicians make you look exactly where they want you to look... 'Which way do you prefer your kipper to be stitched up, sir?' <edit> All roads lead to Rome.
  3. I think that's the 'plan' myself - a totally streamlined monarchy, a revolution of sorts (have tracked back the symbolism to the times of Charles I, II, and far beyond). It'll be the only way he can successfully succeed (the phoenix from the ashes, the order out of chaos). This was the 'play' when the Commonwealth agreed that only Charles and his heirs could take the throne a few years back imo. It was sold as being about a first-born female succeeding - that was the distraction. It is all about Charles and his line (who are all boys ofc, when other 'pretenders' can quite possibly claim more legitimacy).
  4. He did say he couldn't sweat (due to some very rare 'condition' that he got after having too much adrenaline in the Falklands). He also said he didn't give public displays of affection. Iirc he said he wasn't a 'partier'. Cue video emerging of him the last few days of him sweating profusely and planting kisses on all and sundry at a right riotous party 🤣
  5. Yep in my opinion (though I haven't used them for while) they were always fairly fast to ship/deliver and with very good customer service
  6. 100% agree, cannot endorse this point enough (disagree with other elements).
  7. Oh Christ on a Bike not another one, I bet I win this 🤣
  8. It's very likely that MI5 would have been 'happy' with any dodgy behaviour. He doesn't remember the photo, his team of analysts can't tell how it's been doctored if at all (Photoshop users can find out in minutes, I wish I could be bothered!), but he remembers where he was on that exact evening, yes with his daughter at a 'pizza place' (I almost choked on my food at that point!). In Woking no less! Are you woking, or are you still asleep? Unbelievable. The narrative is very similar to Jimmy Savile and his cohorts here - all focused on post-pubescent girls/groupies (there were other things said about Jimmy but that was the main thrust). Don't mention the pre-pubescent boys until they've departed (Mountbatten, Heath, Brittan, etc). I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it!
  9. To add to the above, and it may simply be me, I don't get a great 'vibe' from The Buckingham Collection, and they did join here and I was not particularly impressed by their posts/attitude before they deleted their membership. The delay between orders and delivery worries me, I suspected from the first delays posted on here (could be wrong) that they might have been getting orders in before even having the coins in stock. Personally I would not buy from either company. I didn't much enjoy Harrington & Byrne phoning me to tell me I was an idiot (not in so many words, but that was the gist) for buying gold bullion from them, and that they were doing me a 'favour' limiting it to three per household (!). This was back when members were buying 10+ at £224 on the same account at their supposed 'three per year' limit. The chap I spoke to when my second order was declined (my own fault for setting up a second account rather than just re-ordering via the first - new accounts = new sales leads) lied to me as well, saying it was illegal for them to sell more than 3 or they would need some sort of 'bullion licence' which other dealers have since told me is absolute horse poop. For the sake of a few quid I would say don't risk it.
  10. I wouldn't myself for all the reasons stated including BYB's excellent vid, better to get good deals on older Sovs from trusted members on here imo
  11. Hope the European Mint address this. I had something similar but arguably a bit worse from a very famous British dealer. Before I found this forum some of my first purchases were from Bullion by Post. I bought four tubes of 'Grade A - Best Value (Mixed Years)' Brits which arrived mostly scratched and milked. I gave them a call and rather than one of the very polite and helpful staff I'd encountered before I got some shirty chap tell me 'it's just bullion'. I should have followed it up (I forget why I didn't) as their 'Grade A' coins were something like 80p more each than 'Grade B' and what I received was Grade M for melt. That's lot of money across 100 coins! It may have been a one off or a mix up by them, and I should have complained further, but I did give them the chance to resolve it on the phone only to get a rude and unreasonable reply. I simply haven't used them since and never will.
  12. Just seen Andy Pandy's interview...I shall just be slightly 'coy' for once rather than spell it all out in big capital letters. Not 'very convincing' imvho.
  13. Great stuff once again @Bullionbilly, thanks so much for organising
  14. Many thanks for clearing that up! It's even quite a thing that they would send it to you for a critical review in the first place (and shows the level of trust you already command in the industry), I think it's a great 'look' for both yourself and them, with the proviso that you were paid to feature the coin I think that's where the debate lays - is it a coin at all (hence my other questions, or maybe I am being lazy by not visiting their site to find out?)? Certainly an exceptional work of art though!
  15. The close up shot at the end (of all four) looks stunning, can't wait to receive the set