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  1. kimchi

    Grading costs

    It would depend on whether the coin falls into 'Modern' or not, coins from beyond their cut-off date cost more. I do it direct via Heritage London for less than £20 a coin (including postage both ways). That's for 4+ modern coins For just one coin yes maybe you're looking at more like £30.
  2. kimchi

    Dealer visit and Interview - Powercoin.it

    Yes! Also, how are they applied to the 'coin' (both in manufacture and/or adhesively)? I say 'coin' because I know it's denominated but let's be honest it's not really is it? On a side note I have an oil painting copy of the Mona Lisa that is rather well done (having seen the original they are not poles apart imvho, and you don't have to queue up for hours to look at mine). If anyone knows how to get a valuation on this I'd be very grateful
  3. kimchi

    Dealer visit and Interview - Powercoin.it

    Absolutely! I would be fascinated though to find out how they are done, even with tooling, they must have some incredible equipment and manufacturing process!
  4. Something on your mind Mr Silverfinger perchance?
  5. kimchi

    Chinese Panda 2019 release date(s)?

    Usually late October/early November for the silver isn't it? @Agpanda?
  6. kimchi

    Dealer visit and Interview - Powercoin.it

    I'd like to know the whole process! It seems like an almost impossible piece to put together!
  7. Good to see them caught but '...they may have even been made in China'. Thank god deep investigative reporting is not dead!
  8. kimchi

    My group order unboxing video is live!

    Good vid again, shocking thickness difference on the 10oz'ers though
  9. He's taken a very low profile refusing to comment much on the mess since, but as far as I'm concerned this all started well before Terry Mayhem 'took charge'.
  10. kimchi

    Is there a coin worse than this ?

    Surely the 'missing link' has now been found!
  11. kimchi

    Is there a coin worse than this ?

    Some of us 'VIP customers' (well, the two of us who have stuck with the series so far) already have them all Wait until you see Spacepig!
  12. kimchi

    Is there a coin worse than this ?

    Is that future tense?
  13. kimchi

    Is there a coin worse than this ?

    Very interesting cheers! I've been chatting to @augur about these kinds of topics
  14. kimchi

    Is there a coin worse than this ?

    Spacedog is one of the best ever coins for me The one who's into women
  15. kimchi


    Congrats @Silvercarrott and many thanks @JunkBond for a tremendous community effort