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  1. You have been busy - super stuff, they look great! I'd like the same number bars as last year please
  2. kimchi


    Definitely vintage lol. My late uncle was a photo buff in the 50s and 60s...he was always trying to give them to me but I couldn't accept them with a clear conscience, they were worth a small fortune and part of his life (he had a darkroom and whatnot). Unfortunately when he had early-onset Alzheimers he offered them to someone else on a whim and they bit his hand off! I still have a Leica and a Polaroid (which was like magic when I was a kid) which you can get very interesting results with actually if you mess around with them (I guess it's a good one) and one or two others. I think the darkroom is in the loft. Nice thread, going to enjoy this one
  3. kimchi


    Pfft you lot with your fancy digital doodahs! I shall have to have a look for my vintage cameras tomorrow and then ye all shall weep (probably in laughter because I can't get the film stock anymore )
  4. kimchi

    Airsoft/air pistols

    That's great info, but in a country where a guy was shot dead for carrying a replacement table leg in a plastic bag home from the pub I'd suggest things are seriously wrong here, and if they want to they will shoot you lifeless, and then maybe say 'sorry' afterwards
  5. kimchi

    CGT free in the future?

    They will change the rules as long as they see 'fit' imo. I don't see the present system lasting ten years more myself so a more pressing concern would be confiscation.
  6. His real name isn't Zuckerberg...everything else you need to work out what's what comes from that and certain members of his family...
  7. kimchi

    Japanese Edo period coins

    Not to spoil anyone's fun, but I bet that's how Prince was pretty much just before before they slapped that extra Fentonyl patch on him
  8. kimchi

    Japanese Edo period coins

    Steven Seagal, that was the chappy! Used to live down the road, was funny seeing him doing Aikido without his wig (he was quite a big star at the time). I was hassling my mate to get me a blind date with his daughter (his jogging partner) but he said I'd have to get to know her through training with them...much too much hard work so the poor lass missed out
  9. kimchi

    Japanese Edo period coins

    A guy I worked with trained with that 80s/90s action star who was mates with the Dalai Llama...oh what's his name? Pony-tailed chap, big fella. Anyway back to the 90s I don't think he watched enough 'marital arts' films himself, certainly hasn't been keeping up according to recent news
  10. kimchi

    Airsoft/air pistols

    I think we got as far as cannons and tanks recently (though not sure any were actually bought or sold via the forum ). @SILVERFINGER?
  11. kimchi

    Japanese Edo period coins

    Very nice to go there for work! First time? Did you manage to get much sightseeing done? Religion in Japan is more of a custom, albeit one strongly entrenched for such a 'superstitious' people (don't stick your chopsticks standing up in your food!). Shinto is an 'equal player' with Buddhism over the course of a lifetime - fascinating stuff for me. Kyoto and Nara are the must-sees imo, amazing places - particularly the often overlooked latter. I should have done more business-wise in my time there, I had some very good and unique contacts culturally, unfortunately I was a youngster more interested in the nightlife I moved back in the middle of the last decade so quite a bit ago but if anyone has any questions or needs advice I'd be happy to try and help
  12. kimchi

    Japanese Edo period coins

    I wish I'd been into coins when I lived in Japan, and antiques in general. I was at one point considering importing UK garden ornaments etc as they were so popular but hard to get hold of, but I would have made a killing on British antiques, including coins, and also modern coins. Interesting vid and good to see these coins, something very different and unique Bit dodgy on the history and language though Pan! Kanji was adopted/adapted from Chinese calligraphy yes, but definitely not phonetically. That's why Japanese can mostly read Chinese without speaking a word of it, though the reverse isn't always as true as Japanese also has Hiragana and Katakana (plus arguably romaji to a much lesser extent). A Japanese Vlog would have been interesting! Where did you visit outside Tokyo?
  13. kimchi

    What's the point of capsules?

    The 'special' Brits like Orientals come in caps already, like the more premium coins. The only stuff I cap are coins for the kids to help them keep them nice/look more appealing as a gift, like the Nieu Star Wars and Steamboat Willie. If I was buying tubes to flip individually on ebay I'd get cheap caps as they're better presented as singles. If in doubt you can always cap later, just store stuff properly