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  1. Lovely 'loaf bars' @jonrms! Is the next consignment to the assay office including my bee piece (number 3!)?
  2. I find it interesting they mention the Draco at all. Prince Charles has been very open about his reverence for his descendance from Dracul and his great love for, and estates in, Romania. Fascinating stuff for me
  3. I found this interesting regarding the supposed history of the dragon lineage/motif on our fair isles. It's the BBC so I take some of it it with a pinch of salt myself, but I did feel I learned things from it I never knew. Hope it's of interest https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-47389680
  4. Five pounds sounds interesting, wonder what's different! That's one series I wish I'd bought into when I started, a bit late (for me, not for others necessarily!) alas. The Piedfort continues to mystify but as I have the previous ones I'm very glad to see it continue (though hope the Mint doesn't thoroughly mess it up with some contrived privy or finish or whatnot). I'm still very keen on the first two and think they will do OK in the longer-term. Lower mintage is good. I'm thinking 1250, something like that, I'd be (perhaps very nicely) surprised at 1000. I won't be buying though as this time there's no real reason apart from the 'set'. Both Pistrucci anniversary and the Sapphire Coronation fit into a few sets each, and cover mine - depending on what they do here (if it's a gimmick) it may only fall into one or two. Interesting!
  5. You've got great advice already but don't even consider it imvho. You want recognisable and easily tested (specific gravity test etc) coins/rounds for bullion. Silver is cheap enough not to mess around with such silly fractionals at such a premium, ever, unless they are for pure pleasure.
  6. I'm so far from an 'expert' it's ridiculous, but the scenario intuitively strikes me as 'larger' forces at play behind the scenes that a humble individual would not even be able to begin to fathom. Basically, big and unknown moves afoot. We'll probably see it in hindsight when the likes of Soros or the Rothschilds (the latter being desperate for currency right now) manipulate it to make their blood money via a crash. Soros made a billion I believe crashing the pound out of the ERM on Black Wednesday. Even as a fledgling politics and economics student at the time at secondary school we all (well some of us) smelled that one coming from a mile away, and things haven't got any better since.
  7. Not sure what happened with that last post, the editing on here can be 'fussy'. I'll try again: 'All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, ...' Extract - Shakespeare (supposedly).
  8. However and whoever is pulling his strings he is just a puppet (and a pretty poor one at that, but perhaps that's the point - just to shove it in your face even more), and yet few see it. You have to give him credit I suppose for his amdram, he's pretty good at it, it keeps the Westminster circus cycling. The marionettes' string has been pulled at the right time however and 'Brexit' is going exactly as expected/predicted by some wise ones before the referendum took place. Lordships and whatnots don't mean a thing, he'll get one eventually, of course he will. That's just the icing on the cake. The material and other gains in the meantime are far more important to the bloodsucker. And n in his time plays many parts,
  9. Might be worth checking the bits I've bolded here if it's of interest. I may have been misinformed but I've been told (and subsequently successfully had delivered) letters and parcels that only have the head of the current monarch on, and that includes 1ps stuck to the front where the stamp should be. It's the Royal Mail still so that's why they do it is the theory, and it hasn't let me down, but I'm far from an expert and maybe it's just because the posties so far have been good sorts - no idea, but it has worked so far.
  10. Gold proof Libertads for key/valuable years yes, absolutely (and if you get 69s think about resubmitting, perhaps with conservation, perhaps break out the slab and just send 'nude' if you see no imperfections under 6x loupe) - I'd leave the rest myself, can't see much uplift, but I really don't know the market so I am shooting blind there (i.e. don't listen to me!).
  11. £700 for one I was quoted today!!! Even those are £400+ round here!
  12. So any time in the next few weeks/months to send yo you is OK? And basically ring pulls from tins of food or soft drinks or beer etc will help the charity make kids with cancer and their families slightly happier/perhaps even have a bit of hope?
  13. When is the next Hugs for Brady package of ring pulls going out to the US please @jonrms?
  14. A very hard call, but those are the best in the series by far imvho and it's still pretty 'hot'. I'm thinking of moving on my MS69 Lion and Griffin and PF69 Dragon and buying some bullion, but it's a tough one to judge.
  15. Wow, looks fantastic, lovely presentation, you are one talented lady! Nice clean and detailed pours from the looks of it, great design on the box If you ever design quite a challenging puzzle you should contact Mr Puzzle on Youtube, he has many thousands of subscribers. Good luck and keep on with the updates!