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  1. It'll be a gold, colourised silver proof and the BUNC packs. Gold should be the same price as the Gruff and Snowman (and Hawking I think - didn't look at that?). Silver they can't go higher than £70, probably £65 as they already put it up for the Gruff. Only question is the mintage for gold and silver (BUNC will be unlimited, but no doubt initial stock will sell out at some point). A hectic time at the mint recently so it'll be interesting to see the 'QC' on these.
  2. Very 'good' of them to email you beforehand instead of after it's sold out!
  3. kimchi

    Red spots and slabs?

    I've got a batch of red-spotted silver here too (Niue stuff from Goldsilver) that I keep meaning to have a proper look at when I have time (I'd thought they might be fakes) so will follow this thread with interest.
  4. Just get a diplomatic passport and you can take anything in or out of more or less any country without any checks whatsoever.
  5. Wow, no interest in this coin? Or are folk just keeping schtum for the time being...
  6. Right any guesses as to the mintage of the gold proof? I'm thinking LEP 700~800 and maximum mintage 1250, any more will be a disappointment (in fact that mintage would be imho).
  7. Hopefully the payment to secure mine has gone through OK
  8. Crikey... Any idea what the diamond is worth?
  9. kimchi

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    Good examples of these in gold will be rare as hen's teeth and imo could do very well indeed, I hope all those with disappointing coins get great replacements from the mint Apart from a quick flip, these kinds of coins should only be bought by folks who are confident they will not have to sell in a hurry imo and are happy to keep and enjoy the coins. At such a tiny mintage there will not be an established market for these for many years, if a truly representative one at all. If you're forced to sell quick then yes you may have to take what you are offered, but find the right buyer and stick to expecting a premium and it should turn out to be a decent investment imvho.
  10. I should say that is only four or five coins. But they have all had the same problems to the naked eye. It must be a hard coin to mint. This is where the Coin Connection come into their own - they QC the coins themselves. Given the quality I've seen so far from the Mint, if they have been happy to sell them then that £100 premium for a chance of a perfect coin (as it should be) is looking rather reasonable now imvho.
  11. Not seen a good example yet of the gold
  12. There is indeed! Though it's gone a bit off-topic, some absolute loon is now whinging about the money we give Nigeria for its 'space program' :
  13. kimchi

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    Oh there will be a deal I'm sure...just not an official one we'll be privy to. No doubt very many millions will be 'lost' somewhere in the process once the politicos involved agree how they can divvy it up. A bit like the £70m odd we give to the Nigerian Space Program every year etc.