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  1. kimchi

    Red Spot Gone

    I don't think so - baking soda is used generically (as you say can cover them both) and bicarb is used specifically by those in the know.
  2. I am no expert at all, by any stretch of the imagination, so I shall only say that something has not seemed 'quite right' to me here with these shares for the last six months or so, in this case perhaps what it says on the tin is 'not quite' what is actually inside. @KDave I agree, anyone looking to use their home as equity their home etc to 'support the project' is nuts, imvho. It certainly did bring the dream to the local people, and it's so close now (just a couple of VERY strange moves imo making it look like it may fail). Anyone cashing out now (unless they absolutely need to feed their families) at such a low price is mad imo. I am holding. I'm happy to hold. I have little choice pretty much at what I bought in at, but I still remain positive given the 'unlikely' events (or perhaps to an extent because of them) recently that have crashed the price down.
  3. kimchi

    Red Spot Gone

    Baking soda and Bicarb are slightly different here in the UK. Much better advice Bit confused as to your change though! I would only use distilled/de-ionised water myself, and no straight kitchen products. If you want to achieve results that e.g. allow you to grade then you also need an ultrasonic bath imvho.
  4. A ceremonial ice cream, love your style buddy!!! @jonrms Peach melba?
  5. @Oystonousted is the expert when it comes to visiting Blackpool Great to see you had a good trip @5huggy! Have you seen the vid (Ally Law I think it was) where the lads climbed all the way (at night) to the first deck level before (I think) the lift suddenly came up heading directly for them, forcing them down and sideways, QUICK! I may be getting that one a bit mixed with their 'Parisian adventure' when they tried to do the Eiffel Tower, and the same thing happened only with armed police that time chasing them up and down the structure as they tried to climb down/up/sideways - basically get out and escape without being arrested, crushed to death, or shot Big parkour/urban exploring vid fan here, but I wince a lot, crazy stuff, and people do die or get brain damaged etc doing that stuff when they 'miss' Dom Tomato on Youtube is an absolute beast, but I'd urge anyone who's interested to watch his vids sooner rather than later. He fell the equivalent of two stories high onto his head and somehow managed to walk away with 'just' some facial reconstruction, but the things he does, constantly, are absolutely nuts Call me old-fashioned (or an old, unable git lol) but I prefer a gentle card game of an evening, maybe an Irish coffee if I'm feeling particularly adventurous 😎
  6. Do we have a Geiger Count on that? 🤣 (Sorry! )
  7. I will wait for the Panda privy
  8. It was a good point well made imo, I'm sure no offense was taken
  9. As I say, last time it was just Visa I thought but perhaps it was the entire network (?). Whatever it was last time there were an awful lot of angry people in the supermarket who couldn't buy anything at all without cash (so possibly the latter). Silly supermarket should have put a sign on the door really, so people didn't have full trolleys they had to end up abandoning at the checkout. I guess that's what happens though when you employ staff who can't work out change in their head I would save an extra hour or so per month I reckon, it's really not hard for me, but I live a simple life
  10. I be absolutely fascinated by your experience If there is no change in your thinking at all I will find that just as instructive/useful as anything else. I am quite prepared that I may be an 'oddity'! Do you think friends, colleagues etc are likely to ask why you're only using cash, or won't they notice? I think you are spot on about spending digitally, an excellent point. A sibling never deals with cash and is often in financial trouble/struggling, despite their partner earning good multiples of the the national average. They just put everything on cards, buy what the kids nags for - if they only had a tenner on them they couldn't overspend that, with the kids seeing just anything they want 'acquired' magically by a bit of plastic they have not grown up with any idea of spending beyond that. When I was a kid families budgeted for Christmas, now they seem to perhaps try not to spend as much in the lead up but rather deal with the fall out of the debt afterwards. I think a stash is essential for all sorts of reasons. Imagine if Visa goes down for more than a day next time and the car has no fuel and the 'monthly shop' is due!
  11. You are a very discerning gentleman indeed and please feel free to send me ounces of that rubbish gold stuff instead of beautiful silver anytime, I owe you a favour and always happy to help out if I can
  12. Soz should have checked, missed that - good to hear he's in the know now and super helpful to the OP - a very good contrast between the before/after identification distinction I think it also shows how careful we have to be with some issues when this only came to light after some months when even the experts missed this for a long time!
  13. Thanks @terakris but the last I read a few weeks back Numi wasn't aware of the difference, I watched that first video and he thought they were still regarded as the same - ? The original info was on here six months ago or more iirc, so should be on the relevant threads in the latest comments with the right search
  14. If it's the two I'm thinking of (only distinguishable by the difference of the reeded edge) the first one graded fine as it was (at the time) unique. Then the second came along, none of the experts noticed the reeding was different, so they then only accepted Mint-sealed parcels for grading. So, for a time, it was thought 'raw' coins could not be differentiated, but some had already been graded, and Mint-sealed stuff was still OK. Then the difference in edge was spotted, published in a magazine, and now it's possible to do - you just need to make clear the variety when you submit. There are posts on here about the difference but sorry I don't have an idea how to search for that. Possibly by the Sov's title, looking for the most recent posts?
  15. I remember what it was now! It's a tube of either: 1) silver Perth Dragon bars 2) gold Perth Dragon bars sent in error instead of silver 3) full of random metal designed to fool someone into thinking it's a tube of some kind of Perth Dragon bars Given that it's been up to about six months and I still can't break into your 'secure packaging' to check obviously the most likely outcome is 2) 🤣