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  1. I would guess plus postage both ways if you are not submitting yourself, but happy to be corrected there (And in fact I would love to know!) And NGC UK submissions are insured posted to the US grading centre I think, which is the only way to get that insurance, and anything else is at the sender's own risk? Hence why NGC UK are more expensive - ?
  2. The tier fee was $8 wasn't it, wow have prices gone up that much? Also when you share a tier with other members the prices should be reduced/shared out anyway.
  3. Ooh what was this once in a lifetime offer? Amazing how they come around twice a week with this company!!! 🤣
  4. Yes the Sapphire Jubilee and the Platinum Wedding in 2017, though some were graded as varieties either before the second one came out or afterwards if submitted in unopened mint packaging. I wonder if some small difference was also later found to tell them apart, I think I vaguely remember hearing, but may be imagining it. The 2018 had the crown privy yes so makes a 'set' for me with the proofs and piedfort, the plain edge being the difference. This one is an absolutely unique thing unto itself, will be fascinating to see how it does! I also wonder what the next matt will be now it's clearly a thing at the mint!
  5. A relative has near the maximum and usually gets £25 to max £75 a month - with the latter being a rare/good month! It was quite often £50 to £100 most months until they reduced the prizes.
  6. I don't touch the birthday or wedding ones either, though no doubt perhaps wiser (?) folk than me do (?). Unique Pistrucci anniversary SotD, unique Sapphire Coronation (never to be repeated in our grandkids history at least probably) of the current monarch, and to a lesser extent unique Piedforts of a monarch who may not reign much longer, yes please! Also, I thought: 1) You are not a modern Sov collector. 2) You already said on this thread you don't like the BU version at all. Maybe I have mixed you up with someone else? If so I apologise in advance
  7. I would flip these quick myself for that kind of money, definitely. The most profit imo. I don't see them ever going that low though as they are rare enough that once in collections they won't be leaving! There is no reason to sell low unless it's a fire sale and you can't find the right buyer in a hurry, it will be a seller's market. However there are so many of these coming now and it's clearly the course the Mint are taking. Someone already mentioned it but how many gimmicks before they start to become rather meaningless? As a modern Sovereign collector I draw the line somewhere, and this is way over that and thus had no interest at all for my collection. Surely the most contrived and pointless modern issue ever? (?) However I do hope it continues to do very well as it should further increase the value of imvho far more notable, desirable, and actually interesting unique coins such as the Pistrucci SotD (plain edge. proof error cert) and Sapphire Coronation (privy, plain edge) - both prooflike. Matte with a VC privy? Not for me, but no doubt there are way more than the mintage limit worldwide who will be wanting these, so the price should do well, if not at FOMO present levels. Long-term, with the inevitable mattes to come, who knows?!! @richatthecroft posted a very interesting reply on another thread recently about how the 1989 Sov was received at the time, well worth a read imo (I forget where, maybe it was this thread, if so apologies!). Perhaps the mattes will do similar great things, my hunch is the Piedforts though, far closer relationship to the main collection most would want imo, as are the two SotDs I've mentioned. All imvho!
  8. Welcome, great to have you on board!
  9. Where was the breakdown of the periodic table? Shocking customer service there!
  10. A key topic rightly highlighted and all very worrying. I had a similar problem recently with a company called Harrington and Byrne which has been talked about on the forum. I opted out of everything possible with my online order for some bullion, but still got direct marketing emails (which did cease when I clicked through to unsubscribe) and mail (which took three or four written replies to stop - dare I say 'for now'?). I think I need to both check their terms and conditions and remove all my info from my online account with them. My confidence in them is not good as in an unsolicited sales call their sales rep imvho (and from advice from a bullion company on here) actually lied to me on the phone about their business and the legal side of it, as well as selling very hard indeed for a huge investment. Many of us on here are canny enough in general to use 'front addresses' or PO Boxes etc but not everyone is. Very concerning. Also there was a company that had a data breach recently wasn't there?
  11. This is the most random question I have ever seen in my time here on a sales thread, but to be fair it was also the most random selling point I've ever seen!
  12. Some real bargains to be had there with your own pieces delivery included and the Germanias as per your sales thread (I don't know much about the medals but if you say that's a good deal too I trust you ). Can't you simply 3D scan the mold and 'clean up' the damaged area in the software to then have a template? I'm sure folks on here might be able to advise on that, @mr-dead posted some lovely 3D scans and then 3D prints on here iirc? Nice to see the Fat Ace featured alongside the Pronounced! I think everyone goes for the Pronounced first and I can see why (because of the 'pop'), but actually having both in hand I was pleasantly surprised how close it was to call a favourite, they both have their lovely aspects, but in some ways Fat wins for me because of the 'balance' of the design
  13. Great stuff Pan, keep us posted please!
  14. Blimey, so the aunt was innocent after all? And the company weren't planning on melting it down? I have to admit the story could only have been bettered if they'd only offered him spot so he destroyed it in front of them 🤣 Talk about twists!