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  1. Haha
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    Ansel reacted to creative in RM 2018 Paddington Bear 50p Spotted   
    I’d imagine it would be something like this 😂

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    Ansel reacted to richatthecroft in Good investment or not?   
    Thank you to all who have replied/reacted to this thread, you have helped me out with my decision making here.  I bought the Half Sovereign😀. 
    Thanks to @Roy and @KevinJam as always, for sound advice and support.
    Thanks @SILVERFINGER.  I kind of changed the question to it being about my indecision, so no misunderstanding.   Your advice of not rushing in and perhaps regretting the decision was taken on board, and I took a couple of hours shut eye this afternoon before my night shift, and the rest allowed me to be more divisive.  Thank you. 
     As you say Roy, it will be a damn fine addition to my collection.  The extremely favourable counter offer of £270+ £7 special delivery postage by the eBay seller, in response to my ridiculously low initial offer will make this purchase over time, a sound decision.   Taking it down a further fiver with a Nectar voucher to £272 makes it even better😉
    I am in no doubt, that without the help of this Forum, I wouldn't be where I am now in my investment journey in such a short space of time.  
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  8. Haha
  9. Haha
    Ansel reacted to Roy in Good investment or not?   
    Yes if you don't have one.
    Yes to the full proof too 😀
    (you can't beat spending someone else's money 🤣)
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    Ansel reacted to Jay2 in Today i sold   
    This thread is definitely going to be educational and, for some people, sobering stuff.
    It puts a more human face to the alternative: searching eBay Sold Listings and hoping it's not dealers buying off themselves to help hype things.
    Thanks to all who contribute. Definitely following. 
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    Ansel reacted to PansPurse in Coin Rings   
    Quick couple of pics after antiquing:

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    Ansel reacted to PansPurse in Coin Rings   
    Quick update (video to follow... Eventually)

    It ain't perfect but for my first go I am extremely proud of this. More pictures once I've antiqued it.
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    Ansel reacted to silversurf in Today I Received   
    Something big and shiny arrived this morning. It's not something I normally collect but I think the design is one of the prettiest around so I couldn't resist when I saw this. 

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    Ansel reacted to Amazing in Today I Received   
    Just retrieved this today. Japan vs America. Just under 4 oz.


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    Ansel reacted to Provvidenza in Today I Received   
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    Ansel reacted to tallthinkev in Today I Received   
    From @morezone the before and after!

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    Ansel reacted to engire in Today I Received   
    I just got my lastest order from @BackyardBullion It started with the silver globe, one of which I managed to get hold of. Really love how it looks, with the finish and the base (props to BYB senior). Added another silver forum bar, a ripple square and some copper coins (because of the dragon design 😊) to my order. I really love the ripples on the square. It's a bit difficult to properly photograph, but it's a cool effect in the lighting.

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    Ansel reacted to CadmiumGreen in Today I Received   
    Also received some gold...
    Added a first to the gold sovereign collection. An 1866 Sydney Branch Mint Queen Victoria Australia One Sov.

    An 1887 Jubilee Head (London Mint) Gold Sovereign from an eBay auction...
    And a “lucky dip” 1957 Gold Sovereign from APMEX.
    Overall a good spread of sovs added to the collection!
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    Ansel reacted to CadmiumGreen in Today I Received   
    2017 Palau “Great Micromosaic Passion” Series Birth Of Venus 3 Oz Silver $20 Coin. This coin features more than 5,000 minted tiles thanks to the Smartminting technology and comes in a mosaic tile shaped case, along with the Certificate of Authenticity. Limited mintage of only 499 pieces. Really like this design!

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    Ansel reacted to JunkBond in Today I bought.....   
    Done the deal on an 1852 half sov this morning. It did not sell on ebay so did some negotiating.
     The seller is local and will deliver monday.
    Not the best but cheap as early YHs go.
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    Ansel reacted to shawy2510 in Today I bought.....   
    Just ordered a 2005 Half Sovereign NGC PF70
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    Ansel reacted to MickB in Today I bought.....   
    Just bought a George V sovereign from Sharps Pixley and 3 x silver Bitcoin rounds from Arshi.
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    Ansel reacted to SilverTanner in Today I bought.....   
    At the DNW auction yesterday - a tiny 1.69g bit of very low grade silver. Hopefully get a full Fine grade so it will be going to @Numistacker

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    Ansel got a reaction from PansPurse in My Visit to the London Coin Fair   
    Very enjoyable, thank you.