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  1. It would seem so from the following?
  2. We really enjoyed your video and the final bar is a beauty to behold. Great pouring dude.
  3. @BackyardBullion Package beautifully wrapped and received safely. As always, thank you very much for the huge amount of energy both you and Mrs BYB put into these orders. It is very much appreciated.
  4. Thank you for sharing your wonderful video. I want to go to Costa Rica now. 😃
  5. @sovereignsteve, should I grade this one? 😉
  6. For anyone without a confirmation email etc, it might be worth checking your junk mail. That is where all mine went initially.
  7. Ordered three of these on Thursday and they arrived today. Great price and presentation. I'm really not a fan of these new shiny bullion sovereigns but at this price I am happy to turn a blind eye. I had seen the adverts in the Meteo newspaper a few times recently, but it was other SF members positive experiences that made up my mind. So, thank you.
  8. The matte finish looks far nice than the bullion issues. I’m tempted but then you can buy a pre-decimal far cheaper than this. Admittedly those are not BU. Wait and see for me too, hmmmm..
  9. With Brexit imminent, or not - who knows, I thought I had better get in on the action for the first time in a while. Dragon bar tube 😃
  10. No email for me. I last got one about something else on 12 Sept so I am definitely signed up. 😐
  11. My cat’s name. He liked to think it was his gold.
  12. Ansel

    Gold Bubble ?

    Is that not the whole point, to a degree? Build up what you are comfortable with then stash it away and forget about it until the time it is needed? To me it isn’t an investment, I am not expecting it to shoot to the moon and if it does there are probably a bunch of other problems to deal with (see Venezuela). However I sleep better knowing it is there providing me some security should that day come. For me, it provides an excellent way to save whilst still getting the little buzz you get from buying something new. Is gold in a bubble? Who knows for certain. I don’t think so but I may very well be wrong. If I am, oh well, I will still have my precious!
  13. I get a signal on my street, curvature a-ok here.