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  1. Damn, too slow with my card details. Disappeared from my basket by 07:03.
  2. I have been itching to buy some shiny stuff recently but the spot price has been putting me off somewhat. Spotted this on Atkinsons’ website on Thursday for £365 delivered. I have quite liked this since release but not at £480 the Royal Mint are asking. It came complete with all packaging etc. Itch scratched... for now!
  3. I currently store mine in in takeaway containers but have been looking at these as a better, all be it more expensive, solution. I have my capsuled sovs in Airtite T tubes so would have to go up in size for those. They look very nice and rather more secure than my takeaway tubs! Could you test by driving over them multiple time, please? 😉
  4. Ansel

    Shieldback 1864

    It looks rather nice, I would likely buy that if the price was right. I'd be very interested to see the obverse and the details in the hair. The lions' faces has, what looks like, good detail.
  5. Very cool, thank you for sharing, great resource. I echo the above sentiments regarding including delivery and also adding Sharps Pixley.
  6. Very nice indeed, yum.
  7. £1086! Are we going £1100+ soon?
  8. Good evening! I would like some Quarters and Dimes if you have any left, please?
  9. Hi @Goldmick, which box do you have your younghead shields in, please?
  10. It would seem so from the following?
  11. We really enjoyed your video and the final bar is a beauty to behold. Great pouring dude.