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  1. Ansel

    Today I bought.....

    2007 Proof Sovereign from Atkinsons. @Numistacker's videos have a lot to answer for!! 😀
  2. Ansel

    Bought my first Sovereign

    Congratulations. The same year as my first one. Be careful though they are very addictive. 🙂
  3. Ansel

    My Visit to the London Coin Fair

    Very enjoyable, thank you.
  4. Ansel

    Today I Received

    Absolutely stunning, a real looker for sure. Definitely on my list right near the top.
  5. Ansel

    Today I bought.....

    Looking forward to seeing this. I have been umming and erring for a while on exactly this. It is an absolute stunner.
  6. Ansel

    Krugerrands on e-bay

    It's a silver Krug, so not the same risk but always worth pointing out.
  7. Ansel

    Krugerrands on e-bay

    They both look like stock images to me. Maybe ask for an actual photo of the one you would receive?
  8. Ansel

    Coin Rings

    Please be careful, that scared me a bit. Plus was there some morse code at the end of the video?
  9. Ansel

    Today I Received

    It was sold as a "Pre-Owned 1994 UK Maklouf Head Full Sovereign Gold Coin", but mentioned proof finish in the description. It was pretty much bullion price. I certainly wasn't expecting a perfect coin for the price https://atkinsonsbullion.com/gold/gold-coins/sovereign-gold-coins/pre-owned-1994-uk-maklouf-head-full-sovereign-gold Can you completely polish the proof finish off like this? Wouldn't there be traces left?
  10. Ansel

    Today I Received

    I received this today. It came from a well known dealer. Size and weight is ok. The rest seems all wrong. Opinions, please? I know the photos aren't great, I shall attempt to take more if needed.
  11. Ansel

    Junk, Gold and Hand Poured

    @GrahamDiamond You have hit the nail on the head and that is what I was trying to say but failed in my original post. Thanks fella.
  12. A very nice collection. I wonder how long they will continue the series for, I guess the answer is as long as they continue to sell. The presentation of the coins is wonderful and really adds to the product. I think the rest of the RM's silver proof circulation coins are quite lacking in comparison. I recently purchased one of the RAF £2 silver proofs and as well as getting two damaged coins in a row, the presentation wasn't even close to this. I know that realistically you are purchasing the coin, however packaging such as this goes toward justifying the price tag in my mind. Anyway, back to Beatrix Potter, do you have the entire collection thus far?
  13. Ansel

    Coin Rings

    If you do give it a go, please video it, I would love to see. Or if that seems like too much trouble please take lots of photos.
  14. I haven't made a video for a while due to, well life being a bit crumby and not really having the inclination or time. I really do take my hat off to the regular content creators such as @Numistacker @BackyardBullion @PansPurse @GrahamDiamond (He loves coins btw) and @Lea79,amongst others who make such wonderful and insightful videos. Anyway, I thought i would do a quick catch up of my recent pickups, I hope you enjoy it.