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  1. Ansel

    Chards Bonanza Week!

    No email for me. I last got one about something else on 12 Sept so I am definitely signed up. 😐
  2. My cat’s name. He liked to think it was his gold.
  3. Ansel

    Gold Bubble ?

    Is that not the whole point, to a degree? Build up what you are comfortable with then stash it away and forget about it until the time it is needed? To me it isn’t an investment, I am not expecting it to shoot to the moon and if it does there are probably a bunch of other problems to deal with (see Venezuela). However I sleep better knowing it is there providing me some security should that day come. For me, it provides an excellent way to save whilst still getting the little buzz you get from buying something new. Is gold in a bubble? Who knows for certain. I don’t think so but I may very well be wrong. If I am, oh well, I will still have my precious!
  4. Ansel

    Buying gold in the UK

    I get a signal on my street, curvature a-ok here.
  5. Ansel

    BNT - Do not use - Bunch of cowboys - Please read

    Absolutely shocking @kimchi. Thank you for sharing, I hope the finally make you whole, very soon.
  6. Ansel

    Today I Received.....

    A coin with stories to tell. I really like that coin, great pick up.
  7. Ansel

    The Attraction to Silver Unboxing videos

    @JunkBond Thanks for the shout out. RL has kept me very busy recently and I just haven't had enough spare time to make any videos. A new job and a few other things have sucked up all my time and I have fallen out of the habit as of late. I am still stacking though.
  8. Ansel

    completed Empty Royal Mint Full Sovereign Tube

    If you are in London, I have found Sharps Pixley usually have one spare which they will give you for free if you ask nicely when making a purchase.
  9. Ansel

    London coin fair

    I wouldn't say don't go if you are in London anyway, just don't expect too much from it. It is a light snack rather than a three course meal!
  10. Ansel

    London coin fair

    I have been a couple of times. It is quite small, just one room and a lot of the tables are ancients and the like. There are a few tables selling sovereigns and some slabbed coins as well as a bit of silver. Silver tended to be pretty expensive. The table I do like belongs a company called the coin cabinet. The dealer is very friendly and good for a chat. I think Numistacker has dealt with him a few times. £3 to get it in.
  11. Ansel

    first time gold purchase, £8000 budget, what to buy.

    Sharps Pixley is a really nice place to buy first time. Central London shop in St James's St, a short walk from Green Park tube station. https://www.sharpspixley.com/
  12. Ansel

    Today I bought.....

    2007 Proof Sovereign from Atkinsons. @Numistacker's videos have a lot to answer for!! ?
  13. Ansel

    Bought my first Sovereign

    Congratulations. The same year as my first one. Be careful though they are very addictive. ?
  14. Ansel

    My Visit to the London Coin Fair

    Very enjoyable, thank you.
  15. Ansel

    Today I Received.....

    Absolutely stunning, a real looker for sure. Definitely on my list right near the top.