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    ally5727 got a reaction from Cking83 in Scottsdale tombstone nuggets   
    Wouldn’t the only issue with that be we would still get stung with the import duty and vat? Which if is the case wouldn’t it be easier to order directly from the mint? 
    Genuine questions as never imported from outside EU.
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    ally5727 got a reaction from Cking83 in Scottsdale tombstone nuggets   
    watching as id be intrested to know as well but to be honest think we will just have to bite the bullet and take the hit on the vat lol.
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    ally5727 reacted to mr-dead in 'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread   
    Novichok supplier to the Russians and the super villain that orchestrated Brexit.
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    ally5727 reacted to Cking83 in Scottsdale tombstone nuggets   
    Hello fellow silver lovers.
    I already have a 10oz Scottsdale tombstone nugget but really want to get a 1kg. I have searched goldsilver.be and euromint but can’t see that they do the tombstones. Does anyone know where you can get them less the vat!
    Any hints would be greatly appreciated.
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    ally5727 reacted to Pete in 10oz QB Unicorn   
    Buying a single coin or up to about 10 ounces doesn't always make sense buying overseas once you factor in the shipping.
    I once placed a decent order on Apmex in the USA offering low priced silver but when the VAT, shipping and fees kicked in I didn't really save a great deal compared to Atkinsons.
    Bulk buying from CoinInvest, STG, Aurinum and GS.be however is a whole different matter.
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    ally5727 reacted to StackerNoob in 10oz QB Unicorn   
    Order from eldoradocoins.de It’s around 145-150£ plus 5-6 postage
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    ally5727 got a reaction from NumisNewbie in The most beautiful thing I’ve ever owned!!   
    I believe there was 4 or 5 of the 1million dollar gold coins made, the mint still have the 1st one. If i can find the link ill post it

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    ally5727 got a reaction from Mike in Greetings from Shropshire   
    hi and welcome to TSF
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    ally5727 reacted to STONE in 10oz QB Unicorn   
    Yeah I am waiting on this one to come out. Anybody know the actual release date?
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    ally5727 reacted to Attilio in 10oz QB Unicorn   
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    ally5727 reacted to Bullionaire in 10oz QB Unicorn   
    The falcon has 2019 on and is out now so it could be later this year the unicorn comes out. Hopefully anyway! 
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    ally5727 got a reaction from Tn21 in 10oz QB Unicorn   
    I dont I have been wondering for a while was just looking at a few sites and seen it, coin is stamped with 2019 so would assume its early 2019 i may be wrong tho
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    ally5727 reacted to JunkBond in FREE SILVER - DRAW NOW CLOSED   
    In the spirit of the forum community, I am running a FREE OUNCE OF SILVER giveaway for Members with a UK address.
    To win your FREE MILKY MAPLE all you have to do is like this post any you will be entered into the draw.
    The draw will be made Friday 21st September (This Friday) and every "LIKE" received before noon on the Friday will be eligible.
    The winner will be posted up here and I will PM you asking where you would like the coin sent.
    There is no catch, you don't have to subscribe to anything, postage is free. UK address only.
    Good luck everyone!!

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    ally5727 reacted to Skelator88 in 1988 Double Sovereign   
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    ally5727 reacted to kimchi in Uneven edges on 10oz Griffins - poor quality   
    I've never seen anything like that, how on earth did that blank get through QC?
    You could keep it, get another one, and then pretend to be the Uri Geller of the coin world
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    ally5727 got a reaction from BoredGit in First silver buy damn you guys are a bad influence!   
    maybe you would like this little bar for you collection? lol

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    ally5727 reacted to SILVERFINGER in First silver buy damn you guys are a bad influence!   
    I just did a little rude wee.
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    ally5727 reacted to vand in mispriced or just rediculass?   
    Currently on GS.be:
    Lion: £50.63
    Griffin: £44.90
    Dragon: £32.20
    Unicorn: £29.99
    Bull: £29.64
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    ally5727 reacted to vand in mispriced or just rediculass?   
    yes, the older QB coins have quite a premium now. It's think its just supply and demand. When the Lion launched, the premium was exorbitant so I avoided it, but then it seemed to crash through the floor and so I started stacking them... very glad I have a few now. According to my spreadsheet the QB series makes up 7.6% of my stack 
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    ally5727 reacted to Pete in mispriced or just rediculass?   
    Some good news at last for us QB collectors - bring it on and fingers crossed for further increases !!
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    ally5727 reacted to FoolzGold in mispriced or just rediculass?   
    If you were looking to buy at this point I can't see any point in going for the lion. Mintage of the lion is around 30 to 40% higher than subsequent releases so the supply is always going to be lower for the newer stuff. Current margins (at GSBe) for the two out-of-productions coins (lion and griffin) are not so different at 83% and 106%.
    The dragon is at 31% and will soon go out of production, at which point I'd expect the margin to climb to similar levels fairly quickly. The same thing is true of the unicorn, currently at 22.4%, only you'll have to wait longer for the production to cease. Some people think the bull might sell poorly due to a less appealing design and become in short supply later so maybe this is the one to buy...
    None of us can really see the future but it seems to me that any of the last three 2oz silver coins have plenty of potential upside in them (40 to 50% if they reach the same margin as the griffin currently).
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    ally5727 reacted to StackerNoob in mispriced or just rediculass?   
    I pointed this out yesterday on the other thread that talks about QB prices suddenly rocketing. Apmex and STG/Coininvest have all raised prices hugely. Somethings going on.
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    ally5727 reacted to AgD in mispriced or just rediculass?   
    Yes they do ?but apart from there over priced lion they are not to bad seen else were for about £60
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    ally5727 reacted to UkSilverStacker in mispriced or just rediculass?   
    That’s insane, why has it got such high premium? Quite glad I brought mine for 40£?
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    ally5727 reacted to RoughDog in mispriced or just rediculass?   
    Anyone who purchased a monster box of them must be smiling.