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  1. ally5727

    Scottsdale tombstone nuggets

    Wouldn’t the only issue with that be we would still get stung with the import duty and vat? Which if is the case wouldn’t it be easier to order directly from the mint? Genuine questions as never imported from outside EU.
  2. ally5727

    Scottsdale tombstone nuggets

    Ye I’ve looked on them when I was looking around but they don’t have any stock of the 20oz.
  3. ally5727

    Scottsdale tombstone nuggets

    I also like the look of the 20oz scottsdale bars as well but cant seem to find anywhere in uk or eu that have them. I know 2 got sold on here back in Aug i think it was.
  4. ally5727

    Scottsdale tombstone nuggets

    watching as id be intrested to know as well but to be honest think we will just have to bite the bullet and take the hit on the vat lol.
  5. ally5727

    Help on order Coin Invest site?

    it will be fine as others have stated 2 companies owed by the same people STG just sell silver, coin invest sell other PMs. ordered from both before and all has been well
  6. ally5727

    wanted 10oz QB Unicorn

    Thanks for info its ok ive ordered one now from the UK not saving on the vat but it was £9 more getting it from UK than it was from coin invest. Also less time to wait for it.
  7. ally5727

    wanted 10oz QB Unicorn

  8. ally5727

    wanted 10oz QB Unicorn

    Just seeing if anyone has a 10 Oz QB unicorn (bullion not proof) that they may want to get rid of, just asking on here before I order 1. Thanks
  9. ally5727

    The most beautiful thing I’ve ever owned!!

    I believe there was 4 or 5 of the 1million dollar gold coins made, the mint still have the 1st one. If i can find the link ill post it https://www.mint.ca/store/mint/about-the-mint/million-dollar-coin-1600006
  10. ally5727

    Silver to go....

    Hi yes I have also usd them and had no issue, you can also use coin invest (sister company that does other metals and items). Postage will be approx £15 on silver to go and think coin invest maybe a few £ more.
  11. ally5727

    Greetings from Shropshire

    hi and welcome to TSF
  12. ally5727

    10oz QB Unicorn

    I dont I have been wondering for a while was just looking at a few sites and seen it, coin is stamped with 2019 so would assume its early 2019 i may be wrong tho
  13. ally5727

    10oz QB Unicorn

    Just wondering if anyone is thinking about pre ordering the QB 10oz unicorn? Just had a look on coin invest and they are taking pre orders
  14. ally5727

    Hi all, much love from Serbia

    Hi and welcome to TSF
  15. ally5727

    Just signed up

    HI and welcome to TSF