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  1. MarkW

    BASHING on the forum

    I haven't observed any member bashing on this thread? What exactly do you mean?
  2. MarkW

    BASHING on the forum

    If silver60 was just a single step away from the cliff edge of unfriendliness and from exhibiting a negative reaction to anyone who mistook her for a bloke, (even if done in innocence and by friendly people), she ought to have prewarned folk in her opening post.
  3. MarkW

    Kookaburra photo thread...

    My new bird
  4. MarkW

    Koala Photo Thread...

    Koala Ring
  5. Ah good! I'm glad he managed it in the end.
  6. How did you get on selling the silver in the end?
  7. Sorry to hear of your situation, hope you manage to get a reasonable price at short notice. Is it an emergency operation or have you been on a waiting list here in the UK?
  8. MarkW

    Payment for online transaction

    The cases I read about where PayPal's seller protection failed to cover the seller involved the recipient of the item claiming that the item sent through was not as described. In one case, the buyer took delivery of a brand new phone, claimed the item was not as described and sent a knackered old phone back to the seller at which point his money was refunded. New phone, money in hand! Great deal. After a bit of reading about this scam it seems this seller was not alone, and others have also been left empty handed and unable to use Paypal seller protection to retrieve their money. A platform that requires the item and the money to be sent to a third party for inspection before exchange might be a way to avoid such scams but it would be difficult providing this kind of service for a reasonable fee.
  9. MarkW

    New Member Midlands

    Haha, get thee behind me Satan ?
  10. MarkW

    Payment for online transaction

    Well yes and no. PayPal is more of a platform for making a wide variety of payments directly into other people's accounts. I was thinking more along the lines of a very specific tool which would focus on a safer payment system for goods, (non reversible transactions etc) where money is paid into a holding account and sent to seller upon receipt of goods as opposed to being directly paid into a user's account. But perhaps if it were possible to set something up which meant it were impossible to perform chargebacks and bank transfer reversals etc, it would have been done already?
  11. MarkW

    Payment for online transaction

    Ah yes very true, it's transfer of risk currently. I see a gap in the market here for an online payment system that removes risk for both buyer and seller .... for a small (but increasingly inflating) fee ?
  12. MarkW

    Payment for online transaction

    I appreciate the information, thank you. I guess there will almost always be little loopholes that can be exploited by someone hell bent on operating online payment scams, but bank transfers do seem like the best option in terms of limiting exposure to a potential scam.
  13. MarkW

    Payment for online transaction

    Ah ok, but perhaps more difficult than say a standard charge back on a credit card?
  14. MarkW

    New Member Midlands

    Hah! Well my sister works for the Wing Wah so I'd have access to the CCTV footage, should be easy to spot a shady character with a silver glint in his eye ?
  15. MarkW

    New Member Midlands

    Thanks Roy, I'd like to say I did it on purpose to see how sharp the community was when faced with a potential scammer but sadly I just forgot my forum etiquette ?