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  1. Jewel in the Kookaburra collection crown
  2. Received mine also. Thank you very much for your efforts over the ast few months BYB, now time to enjoy a well earned break! Thanks again.
  3. How terribly childish. What a floppy, flimsy, boring set of points this individual is using to argue against what is widely acknowledged as a very successful and popular service.
  4. I'm onboard for the final pre Brexit order. Thanks for facilitating again BYB.
  5. I haven't observed any member bashing on this thread? What exactly do you mean?
  6. If silver60 was just a single step away from the cliff edge of unfriendliness and from exhibiting a negative reaction to anyone who mistook her for a bloke, (even if done in innocence and by friendly people), she ought to have prewarned folk in her opening post.
  7. Sorry to hear of your situation, hope you manage to get a reasonable price at short notice. Is it an emergency operation or have you been on a waiting list here in the UK?