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  1. Hi and you are are very welcome dispite diluting my chances of winning the silver hoard 😀
  2. https://www.kitco.com/commentaries/2017-02-07/The-46-Year-Record-of-Platinum-Gold-Ratios.html market sentiment I suppose. It's not that long ago that platinum spot price was 2+ the price of gold. Then there's the vat in top in this country. i understand that the Japanese were into platinum jewelery in fairly recent times, I don't know if this has tailed off recently.
  3. Hi and welcome to the forum.
  4. Again 30 minutes from where we live to the nearest permanent chippy. I work in town so not so bad for me There is a good chippy van which sells massive fish suppers for £5.50 on the weekend and 10 minutes drive. I like the weekends. 😀
  5. Buy from legitamite sources , I.e. Reputable dealers , rep forum members. Pay market price , a few % around spot but don't be put off buying a piece you like for a bit more, and don't be a slave to spot price either. Proofs are generally collectors coins but can be bought for bullion prices. Bars are more faked but again if bought from a dealer you should be fine. If selling to Joe public, they may be reluctant to buy bars dud to a lot if faked.
  6. I'm not sure on any of the collector stuff, however do also have the 2017 proof sov myself. If you have any other gold coins, bear in mind market price for gold is £1200 a Troy Oz, half £600 , 1/4oz £300 etc. A standard sovereign is nearly a quarter Oz. This will be minimum price. If you have any special proofs, etc may be worth considerably more. As they say, keep the photos coming and folks will give you an idea on market price.
  7. Stu


    Hi and welcome .
  8. Stu


    Hi and welcome
  9. Good old Grandad and his double obverse Krug.
  10. Stu


    Hi and welcome.
  11. I thought we had a thread for articles but can't find it, thought we could use this one for general reading about PM's. To kick thing things off, an older article about the house price to gold ratio which I found interesting. https://moneyweek.com/3465/gold-price-and-uk-house-prices-04909/
  12. Stu


    I had a very unprofessional reply to an email enquiry from them. Problems was resolved in the end however I will not be placing any more orders with them due to this. Hope thus helps😀