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  1. Stu

    1/10 oz Silver Rounds?

    Just what I was thinking, nice coins and 90%
  2. Stu

    Buying Monthly....

    Any scammers big time will be noticed very quickly. Probably best to deal with established members with good trading scores initially. Group buys are good for smallish type orders.
  3. Stu

    Buying Monthly....

    Yep, welcome to the world of silver stacking. If your playing a long game silver should outstrip gold. If it's medium term , I.e. At least 5 years your better off with gold, lower spreads. F your want a quick punt, try something else.
  4. Stu


    Hi and welcome.Sorry to hear about your country. The U.K. too has had it fair share of bad leaders and we are in a volatile position currently. Paying down your debt is a wise move. Mexican coinage, both old and new in precious metals appears to have fans all around the world.
  5. Seeing a few billboards for shops wanting to buy used gold now, a very good sign. Didn't advertise the rate they were paying but I was reliable informed they were "top prices" 😀
  6. Gold is best measured in toz rather than fiat. That £12k could well be £10k or £14k next week but it will always be x toz.
  7. 100% genuine company, can even pay by credit card for extra protection I believe if memory serves. Also think they use dhl at reasonable cost.
  8. Gold on a tear again this am , £1196. Will we have 1200 before the morning is up?
  9. I have not read about this as it is sadly an all to familiar occurrence . I am however assuming the shooter was using an assault rifle or similar? I would imagine taking on a rifle with a handgun, you would still be at a big disadvantage.
  10. I gave up paying any attention to what M Keiser says after he lambasted a Brexit supporting guest on his show. Looks like he invited him on under false pretences and set him up, either that or was just having a bad day,/ after higher ratings. The man of the people defending an organisation such as the EU! I suspect he lost many viewers that episode.
  11. Ah, back to Gordon Brown again, the economic genius.
  12. Stu


    Hi and welcome. Platinum appears to sell fairly well here but they have to be priced well and not with vat equivalent prices. The dealers tend to take you the cleaners with this metal. Most folks think gold sovs, half and full are the way to go for stackers with some silver for the moonshot. Happy stacking.