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  1. Stu

    Platinum - who's buying?

    I think other uses will be found if it stays this low or goes even lower. Also heard that the Japanese like platinum jewlery so this may pick up. A reasonable punt at this level I would think.
  2. I feel sorry for the employees themselves, poor enough country as it is. From what I understand miners tend to operate at a loss for as long as they can as the cost of mothballing then reopening mines is prohibitive. When this happens at least we know we are close to cost of production as figures can be subjective from company to company.
  3. Stu

    Today I Received.....

    Received these from metal market Europe (Poland) today, I have to say I'm impressed. 3 x tenth Platy Brits, came supplied in qua drum type capsule. 10. X 2019 silver Brits, came in tube and packed with peanuts to stop rattling. Quality appears better for these than orevious efforts. delivery was via UPS for about £8 and I live in a generally high shipping cost area. General prices for bullion are good , decent stock and can pay in sterling. Sorry about the picture quality.
  4. Stu

    Year of the Pig 1/4oz

    I think the quarters are only minted for the US market but a few make their way back here. They dud the 1/10oz for a short period of time.
  5. Hi and welcome to the forum. Sounds like buying in gradually is a good strategy. When I first started buying I would check the market price everyday but now I don't bother. Some people stacki continually, for me, I now have a core stack and only add occasionally. I have just added a few frectiojal platinum Britannias as I feel they are well priced at the moment. Good luck and don't get carried away, despite what the doom mongers say there is plenty time to build up a little insurance pot.
  6. Stu

    Brand new member

    Hi and welcome.
  7. Stu

    My backstory and first experience buying silver

    Hi and welcome. I buy no metal whatsoever from flea bay.,You are right, eBay won't give a damn, I would request refund and state you are taking the coins to trading standards as they are counterfeit.
  8. Stu

    New and Learning!

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Best bet would be to bide your time and wait for Scottsdales in the sales section, they do come up and occasionally. Get a premium membership and you will see new post immediately.
  9. Stu

    Gold Price prjection - what do you think?

    The fiat value of gold and silver is only irrelevant if you don't want or need to sell or buy any more metals. Try going to any company and buy goods or services with your metal, ain't going to happen.
  10. Stu

    Metal Market Europe

    Must be out of stock now as not listing anymore.
  11. https://www.metalmarket.eu/ Has anyone had any dealings with this dealer? Prices look good and shipping is very reasonable. They have a max of 3 per customer on 1/10 platinum Brits however there is a waiting time. Also can pay in GBP
  12. Good luck with the hunt, that's about the only the average person benefits, that or moving to a less expensive area. I am concerned for my kids and future generations, will they ever be able afford anything (decent)
  13. Stu

    New to the forum

    Hi and welcome.
  14. I think the if this happened in France there would be another revolution and the politicians would be queuing at the gulliotin this time. Here in the UK we would give them a very stern talking to. In the US anything seams do go and the political scene is complete madness. It highlights the fact that there is no point in engaging with the process when it's all a charade,