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  1. Stu

    Viking-Saxon gold 'Stolen'

    I see someone survived a cardiac arrest for 6 hours! seaweed
  2. Compound that with the premium on Scottish gold also and I think you have your answer.
  3. FFS, just when you thought you saw the back of him, Mark Carnage saving the world now. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-50621625
  4. HGm used to display the % over spot on all coins before they changed their pricing structure. I haven't bought from them in a long time.
  5. What ever happened to @SilverPirate?
  6. Be careful what you choose. I set up child trust funds for my boys and both have been abismal. Don't mind naming either, Scottish friendly and RBS. They managed to lose money even when the stock market was roaring. Still took their 2% or whatever though. I seriously think they performed deliberately poor as they were too much hastle and wanted the accounts to transfer elsewhere.
  7. Paying interest on debt, an ever increasing ageing population and deficit spending drives the need for continual growth. It is not a model that can be sustained endefinately, there are a finite amount of resources in the world.
  8. Bairds used to have a place in Mitchell st GL but stopped operating a while back. Don't know anywhere else
  9. Apollo spacecraft and solar system. Can I have #1 yuri gargarin ?
  10. Stu

    Viking-Saxon gold 'Stolen'

    The elites have always put a greater emphasis on the crime of theft( unless it's the bankers in the city) As stated before they are not really concerned with the great unwashed assaulting, stabbing and killing each other. (Again, unless it is one of their own) This does have historical context however and ultimately they were a bit thick as could have gained more by received the finders fee which is 50% of the estimated value, more than they would get on the black market. They should have stabbed a peasant and hidden the bounty in their cavities for 20 years, no one a would have ever looked there.
  11. Hi and welcome to the silver forum.
  12. There was the lib lab pact in 1977 and also the coalition in the Scottish Parliament when they dropped their opposition to tuition fees for a few ministerial post. Like I said the mere whiff of power. There had been others in the past which Probably have no contemporary relevance.
  13. The libs have absolutely no credibility, they will jump into bed with anyone at the mear whiff of power and concede any key policiy pledges in doing so. They have proved so time and again. Ultimately I don't think this election is going to resolve anything and it may take SNP support to keep an opposition administration going. I can't see a clear cut outcome from this and the the entire country will remain peed off. Happy days!