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  1. I can't see it dipping below £1000 ever again, too much printy printy and debt going on. I mind Jim Rogers banging on about gold falling below a thousand dollars only a year or so ago and that was true value, but believe he is still buying the odd sov in relative terms today. Gold went up around x5 from its low around 2000, I can see the bull run this time doing x10. As they say though, will a loaf of hovis be £20 at this point? personally I am only adding the odd half sov currently, if it fell below 1k I would increase my purchases.
  2. Do you know much Udal law?
  3. Reminds me of the old joke, what's the difference between a lawyer and a hooker? A hooker stops f**king you when you're dead. 😀
  4. Indian festivals/ wedding seasons and the like I think he is referring to. Incidently, don't hear of too many "hippy" type lawyers as a rule, ( or have I confused two members?! ) There may be plenty but none on my radar.
  5. Picked up for "melt" I am guessing?
  6. Hang on @Tn21 I think that sigma verifier may be fake, have you checked out the inconsistencies in the lettering😀
  7. I have used them also, good range, good prices and very good shipping rates. I bought 1/10 platinum Brits amongst others and they popped them in quad capsules at no extra cost which was a nice touch.
  8. Stu

    Buying gold now

    Folks go daft at advising buy as close to spot as possible, which on the whole is not bad advice but very biased from my viewpoint. Buy this way by all means.. Don't let spot price be the guiding light however. Buy up and down in the market as long as you are happy with the price, if someone is charging way over spot then tell them wtg. When I first started stacking, I paid over the odds for a sovereign at £200 and folks said I was daft? Spot price is now around the all time high in 2011, I.e. £300 for a sov. I set myself a core position with gold and silver which i am now fortunate enough to have reached and only buy the odd piece here and there. Let folk guide you but not tell you what to do, they will invariably be wrong, much like myself😀
  9. What to deep for me, I've not had my breakfast yet. I may go down that avenue one day, but will leave the moment. I have no doubt what you say has foundations.
  10. We are going round in circles here, I put it to you what would stop the PM from suspending parliament for 9 years given the basis of your argument. You have not (cannot?) give a response to this. . What her maj has is a royal perogative, , no real powers in effect. If she acted independently against parliament or against her first minister there would rightly be a constitutional crisis. As said, I am sure you would be the first to comment. I have not read any memories or heard tale of the monarch forcing a modern day PM to change their position or she would do it for them. She did change the wording in the queens speech (written by PM as I'm sure you are aware, another perogative) in 1977 I think, the furthest she has stepped out of line. Johnson and his advisors put the queen in a n unsustainable position. I am a rupbublican, however it's democracy ar stake here. As I said we are going round in circle, you will not concede anything points I make and vice versa, it's the last il love say on the subject.
  11. You are know contradicting yourself. If the queen rejected a suspension for 9 years this would be ultimately be a political and constitutional crisis. Headline from sixgun, "monarchy returns to rule, what's new?"she would tell said pm to behave themselves. Ultimately if they tried to make her toe the line (imagine headlines if she did not, sound familiar) she would instigated proceedings via a third party.