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  1. U.K. Companies whack on 20% vat on platinum mate, not a consideration if a stacker or just a savvy buyer.
  2. No Im Mr Byrne ans so is my wife!
  3. Hi and welcome.
  4. No tangible power, this was a European "Parliament" election after all😀 The salient points are it sent a strong signal to TPTB that there iremains a strong wish to leave the EU. This will be ignored again however I fear. People decided to vote on this issue as the only factor and many didn't vote along traditional party lines I.e perhaps voted for the Brexit party (Newly formed single issue party) rather than usual conservative/labour vote. As an aside is it just me or has any else noticed people in the media pronouncing the word issue like they are having a stroke? Drives me feckin mad. Also folk who start ever sentence with "so" , grow up. I'm a tolerant guy but capital ,punishment is worth reinstating for some things.
  5. Stu

    £11 per oz

    32.15 Troy Oz in a kg, more like £12 a toz but not too shabby.
  6. Depends what your goal is a suppose. I am assuming you hope it would add value to the piece opposed to any thing else? For me grading is not a cosideration unless the above applies when selling and would make a significant difference. Some people have used these services to give piece of mind as proves a piece is genuine or not if in doubt. To me it remains a US marketing ploy but good luck.
  7. Stu

    Paper vs Physical

    Paper every time, who can be bothered with skanky old metal,taking up valuable space and paying vat on it for the privilege.
  8. Must be great to know it all. The tories in pole position with 9%, share of the vote! To quote Blackadder, this has more twists and turns than a twisty turney thing.
  9. Stu

    New member

    If I could be a***d I would sell all my random pieces and consolidate with silver Brits and sovs, however I can't, so I won't. You may be different. I have been stacking for around a similar time and happy to sit on my core stack and add the odd piece here and there. Welcome to the forum.
  10. Stu

    WW1 propaganda

    Stumbled across this, give up your gold to "invest" in war. Never mind 1971, I believe it was this period that we truly and unfortunately came of the gold standard!