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  1. I thought we had a thread for articles but can't find it, thought we could use this one for general reading about PM's. To kick thing things off, an older article about the house price to gold ratio which I found interesting. https://moneyweek.com/3465/gold-price-and-uk-house-prices-04909/
  2. Stu


    I had a very unprofessional reply to an email enquiry from them. Problems was resolved in the end however I will not be placing any more orders with them due to this. Hope thus helps😀
  3. Stu


    I can understand why you are in favour of gold silver.be. Your post is very similar in style to their customer service!
  4. Stu

    Found Silver Coins

    I'm liking this thread already. Hang on to your good fortune mate. There are sharks everywhere who would give you the minimum they could get away with.
  5. Not sold any PM's yet, just not organised enough I guess. I could do with converting it all into Brits and sovs. Will probably get round to it when I retire.
  6. I got annoyed when my taxi driver took me 3 laps of Dublin when I was pissed, pales into insignificance in comparison. 😜
  7. Welcome to the forum, wait until you start buying tubes of them. 😀 First piece of advice, stay away from eBay unless you're 100% confident of the seller.
  8. Sorry to hear that mate. eBay if full of vipers and I would not buy any metal from there. Well done to you for not trying to pass it on to the next unsuspecting person, I do hope you get a refund.
  9. Yes. I had exactly the same thing. All coins were bought from HGM so I dud not do any further tests. Also have lighthouse caps so possibly could be them that are slightly undersized?
  10. Do you have yodel in the states? I believe that is their business model😀 Anyways Merry Christmas mate, we significantly trimmed down our outgoing S this year and actually feel a lot better for it.
  11. Wells Bananabread beer. Someone gave me it one Christmas and I thought it would be rotten, how wrong I was.
  12. Hi and welcome to the forum.