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  1. It's from the list of what they stock, if they wanted the easy (but less profitable) life, they could list monster boxes of a limited supply silver only. I know the margins are tight, especially for the cheapest in town but they have set their business model!
  2. Pay, with a paltry amount like that it's a wonder GS.be bother to honour the sale at all. It's a wonder they even bother with yodel for a meagre amount😂😂
  3. Grown ups, if you stick around you may realise.
  4. Have a good evening and happy stacking mate, I have tried to point you in the right direction but you seem to not appreciate any guidance. All the best, if you are here this Time next year I will be very surprised.
  5. If this is how you treat established members, draw your own conclusions. I think I know who the site owner and mods views will lay, it's up to you.
  6. Most folks would do a bit of sussing out before shooting from the hip. This is an easy going community but can't be doing with ********. If you have a genuine interest in contributing please do so, if you are here for you and you alone, it will soon become apparent!
  7. You are a Jonny come come lately, with an attitude. Backyard bullion has built up a trusted following, has a reputation for being very helpful and has put a lot into the silver forum community. Who do you think the majority will side with? Amazing?
  8. It's amazing how people can have that attitude when you are providing a favour service to members. I'm surprised you bother if you get that attitude much.
  9. If an opportunity presents itself to be able to pay more tax, I will always be at the front of the q.
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    Hi from NH

    Hello and welcome.
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  12. No TVs for the past 2 years, don't miss it.
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    Precious Metal Themed Songs

    You got the silver(but I got the gold) the stones silverr machine, hawkwind
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    Hello Everyone!!

    Hi and welcome